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8 April 2005 archive
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    Time Has an End: A Biblical History of the World 11,013 B.C. - 2011 A.D. by Harold Camping comment: "The organized church in all of its many manifestations is now under the wrath of God and under the control of Satan."

    Letter From Glenn Miller to Federal Prosecutor - But first a word from Louis Beam

    Trial by Media by Edgar J. Steele - (link from Church of the Sons of YHVH email list)

  • Hateful 'anti-hate' ADL and Herald-Tribune reporter trying to put a woman's day-care out of business
    in an indirect personal attack against her husband - "Von Bluvens" that used to update a website no longer on-line that they found 'offensive'
    even though the woman herself has had nothing to do with the website or any 'National Socialist' group.
  • 2 children leave day care
    SARASOTA -- Parents have removed two of the four children at a Sarasota day-care home because of apparent concerns over a self-professed "white supremacist and neo-Nazi leader" who lives there. Anti-hate groups, including the head of the Anti-Defamation League condemned the child-care home and called on state and county authorities to protect children from racial bigotry.
    A Herald-Tribune reporter recently did an 'expose' that Michael Herbert Blevins, "a leader in the white supremacist movement and host of a nationally known Web site and Internet radio show", is living in a small Sarasota house where his wife of nine months, Bernadette, runs a state-licensed home day care. - (reader link) - (Editor note Von Bluvens website has been down for some time.)


    "Baby Center" forum links to NNN


    Welcome to the UEP Forum - An Allegiance to England, and England alone! 

    "Mommy, How come they can call us honkies but we can't say nigger?"

    "The Vonbluvens Show does not advocate any unlawful or criminal acts, nor should any statement made by anyone at ,The Vonbluvens Show, be taken as incitement, threat, or conspiracy to commit any unlawful or criminal acts."

    "Never bet on the White guy, yes or no?" - links to


Email to the NNN editor: re: AN EVIL AND REPRESSIVE AGE -by H. Millard
"If you are in contact with Mr Millard please tell him for me that his newest essay lifted me up from the depths of despair.
Millard may be one of the future's important philosopher's of the Movement.
Not that any of us really know what that will be like but he LIFTS us up." - an NNN reader
Editor note: H. Millard has requested that I not forward any email "pro or con" - but perhaps he will see this post.

Empire of Right
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2004, 2005



Freedom from the "Voting Rights Act" means freedom from "New Africa" - by Richard Barrett
"The dark-lining of the William L. Skinner tragedy is not only that a young policeman was killed by the so-called Republic of New Africa. But that the son never rose to the occasion, to redeem the fallen father and the cause of an all-American America. By his own admission, the son, Bill Skinner, "kept quiet" for thirty-three years. When the so-called Voting Rights Act was imposed, forcing Negroes over Jackson, Mississippi government, he said nothing. When citizens protested confiscatory taxes, murder, corruption and extortion, he kept his mouth shut. He never was seen at a pro-white meeting. Not even one pushing the Confederate flag. When the installation of a Negro Mayor was picketed, he did not join in. When Nationalists endorsed his election as a judge, he did not say thanks. When I offered my contact-list, insofar as I had run for the same post, he kept mum and went down in defeat. When I called him to offer a kind word, he abruptly cut me off..." . - (forum)

    Lisa Alarcon recently ran across H. Millard's 2001 article "ONE PERSON'S RACIST, IS ANOTHER PERSON'S FREEDOM FIGHTER"
and found his references to the Indian woman "Toypurina" offensive. - Her comments have been posted on the NNN forum in the Op-ed section.

    a powerful impetus toward ethnic conflict in the future
"...A society consisting of English-Bantu hybrids would be somewhere in between an advanced European civilization and the natural habitat of the black African, i.e., a jungle. Surely, the genetic interests of the White English are better served in a fitness-promoting advanced European civilization than in a society in between a jungle and modern civilization. In terms of allele frequencies (not cluster of alleles), it will help the Bantu greatly to reside in England and breed with the English, just as African-Americans (20-25% white genetic admixture) are way better off than their black African counterparts, but the benefits to the Bantus will come at a proportionately much greater loss to the White English, as should be evident from the disproportionately undesirable behaviors of those with substantial black African ancestry. (link to NNN front page - ed.)

Besides, even if hybridization is fitness-neutral, I wonder if David realizes that most White English do not look forward to their descendents acquiring more [racist trolls] facial features."

Edited By Siteowner
J. Richards

    Controversial Article by Millard spreading around Boxing (language)

    TOMORROW BELONGS TO NATIONAL FUTURISM - by Constantin von Hoffmeister

    PATRIOT ALERT! * Trumpet America Under Attack! - by William Breathitt Gray - (forum) - Current Audio from Trumpet America


    "They rob, rape and murder because they are poor - not because they are black"

    Special New Years Announcement from the Church of the Sons of YHVH and the "Legion of Saints"
"It has been a little over three months since we announced the forming of the political arm of the Church of the Sons of YHVH, the "Legion of Saints". In that past seven weeks we have also implemented a new feature to the church ministry, an internet radio broadcast. This broadcast is as far reaching as the internet will permit. And that reach is a global one. We experience listeners tuning in every week from as far away as Canada, Russia, Great Britain, South Africa and even China... (more at link)

    National SocialistThe VonBluvens Show - GLENN MILLER PROCLAIMS: "I HAVE A RIGHT TO PLEA BARGAIN!" (12/23/04)

    NATIONAL FUTURISTS TO THE FRONT! by Constantin von Hoffmeister
"National Futurism is in favor of the Aryan concept. It advocates
pan-European unity. The physical aspect of race is more important than the
spiritual one since we must fight on the material plane first. And we must
be strong and ruthless when dealing with the enemies of Europe..."

    MANIFESTO OF NATIONAL FUTURISM - by Constantin von Hoffmeister
"The power of the people is directly related to how it views its own place in
the cosmic scheme of all organisms. The select are not select for the mere
sake of glory and power that they themselves might want to gain, but they
are only representatives of the broad sheet that comprises the masses'
aspirations, goals and ultimate destiny..."

    EURO: New Orleans Conference 2005 Scheduled

    Forum member reports being censored/banned from commercial registration-only 'Micetrap' forum

    A Statement from Randy Evans - United States Penitentiary - (Pastor Gulett)
"I, Randall Evans, upon the blood of my ancestors and the Evans name do hereby state the following:.."



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