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Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #6
Question: What is the best solution for racial problems?
  * From Sunday 16 Jan 2000 - until next poll *

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Two Centuries of Race Riots in the USA 

Ref: Encyclopedia: List of riots

April 2001 - Cincinnati wracked by black riots - White bystanders and businesses attacked

February 2001 - Fat Tuesday Black Mardi Gras Riots in Seattle - White killed by black mob

Central Park gang rapes during Puerto Rican Festival New York, New York, June 16, 2000

Saturday, January 22, 2000 New Jersey: 15-year-old admits guilt in race riot.
The incident was sparked Dec. 16 when a group of African-American students from the city's Eastside High School went to Rosa Parks, looking for Dominican students to attack. The two ethnic groups had clashed earlier in the day at Eastside.

April 11, 1993 inmate rebellion (race riot) broke out at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

Backround image from Hyungwon's L.A. Riot photos of the 1992 Los Angeles Riot

August 1991: Crown Heights black race riots

May 1980 - Miami Race Riot resulted in the loss of eighteen lives and property damages in excess of $50 million. It was the worst race riot up to that time in American history.

Two Whites Charged in 1969 Pennsylvania Black Race Riot Slaying Pennsylvania National Guradsmen and State Police maintained a tight vigil around York, Pa., early the night of July 22,1969 after the city was wracked by six days of sporadic sniper fire.
SPECIAL REPORT, 1969 RIOTS UPDATES - York Pennsylvania
York Riot Murders - 1969 - THE PEOPLE INVOLVED

1968 Miami Race Riots

The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (the Kerner Commission) reported
130 separate race riots in the summer of 1967 alone now initiated by blacks

Chicago: 1966-1977: Riots

October 1967 a race riot at Cook County jail

On July 14, 1967, Newark, New Jersey

1966 Hough and Glenville Racial Riots It is customary to attribute the Hough riot to the fact that on Monday night July 18, 1966, a Hough bar owner refused to serve a black patron and the dispute set off the riot.

Cleveland 1966 Race Riots

The 1965 Watts Riots

July 18, 1964 - Race riot in Harlem, NY

Rochester, New York Race Riots 1964-1966

Race riot at the University of Mississippi in 1962

Sit-in demonstration held on February 15, 1960 in Chattanooga, led to a race riot

1946 race riot in Columbia, Tennessee (link fixed 4/26/2001)

World War II race riots: Mississippi, El Paso, Texas, Beaumont, Texas, Detroit

World War II: As blacks poured into industrial centers, north and south, racial antagonism intensified. Disorders first appeared on southern military posts, where white residents clashed with northern black soldiers, who did not proffer the customary subservience. But the most severe race riots occurred in the cities: Harlem; Philadelphia; Mobile, Alabama; El Paso and Port Arthur, Texas; Springfield, Massachusetts; Hubbard, Ohio. A two-day guerrilla war between blacks
and whites in Detroit during the summer of 1943
left twenty-five blacks and nine whites dead, seven hundred of both races injured, and $2 million property damage. The riot only ceased when six thousand troops occupied the city. Two weeks later, during the famous zoot- suit riots in Los Angeles, white servicemen terrorized the city's Mexican-American sections for four days as the city police, the Military Police, and the Shore Patrol all looked the other way. The only factor which kept violence against Japanese-Americans at such a low ebb was their forcible removal.

The 1943 Detroit race riots (pictures)

BEAUMONT RIOT OF 1943. On June 15 and 16, 1943, whites and blacks clashed in Beaumont, Texas, after workers at the Pennsylvania shipyard in Beaumont learned that a white woman had accused a black man of raping her

June 1943 - Zootsuit race riots in Los Angeles

Rosewood: Race Riot in Florida, 1923

The Tulsa Race Riot On the morning of May 30, 1921 - (link updated 9/18/02)

Scars Remain From 1920 Ocoee Florida Race Riot

Race Riot of 1919 in Washington DC

Chicago Historical Information 1919: Race Riots

Longview Texas Race Riot of 1919

Knoxville Race Riot of 1919

July 25th, 1918 Race riot in Chester Pennsylvania (3 blacks & 2 whites killed)

East St. Louis Race Riot of 1917

On August 23, 1917, a race riot erupted in Houston

The Springfield Race Riot of 1908

The Race Riot of 1906 in Atlanta

Evansville, Indiana's 1903 race riot

1898 Wilmington North Carolina race riot

1886: Anti-Chinese mobs in Seattle kill five and destroy parts of the city before forcing 200 Chinese aboard ships bound for San Francisco. Leaders of the race riot vow to sweep the city clean of Chinese within the month.

1885: Federal troops are called in to restore order in Rock Springs, Wyoming, after British
and Swedish miners go on a rampage against the Chinese,
killing 28 and driving hundreds more out of town. This "Rock Springs Massacre" follows a similar race riot in Tacoma, Washington, where whites force more than 700 Chinese immigrants to spend the night crowded onto open wagons, then ship them to Portland, Oregon, the next day.

1875 race riots relating to elections in Clinton, Mississippi

New Orleans: Race Riots "Battle Of Liberty Place" September 14, 1874

New Orleans Race Riot of 1866

August - December 1866 Mounting racial tensions over the place of the recently-freed slaves
in the post-war South came to a head July 30, 1866 in New Orleans

May, 1866 Race riot in Memphis

The New York City Draft Riots of 1863

Antislavery Violence: Sectional, Racial, and Cultural Conflict in Antebellum America

The Confessions of Nat Turner (1800-1831) * The Insurrestion * List of Persons Murdered

August 22, 1831, a band of eight black slaves, led by a lay preacher named Nat Turner,
entered the Travis house in Southampton County, Virginia and killed five members of the Travis family. This was the beginning of a slave uprising that was to become known as Nat Turner's rebellion. Over a thirty-six hour period, this band of slaves grew to sixty or seventy in number and slew fifty-eight white persons in and around Jerusalem, Virginia (seventy miles east of Richmond) before the local community could act to stop them. This rebellion raised southern fears of a general slave uprising and had a profound influence on the attitude of Southerners towards slavery.

1841 March 9: The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the freedom of the Amistad Africans.
November 7: African American slaves aboard the brig Creole revolt en route from Virginia to New Orleans. The rebels force the captain and crew to sail them to Nassau in the Bahamas

1834 An anti-abolitionist mob sacks the home of prominent New York abolitionist Lewis Tappan, part of a savage riot that also destroys the home and church of African-American Episcopal Reverend Peter Williams.

Providence Rhode Island Race Riot of October 1824

Vesey, Denmark (1767?-1822) In 1822 he began organizing an uprising among blacks in the area. The rebels were to seize arsenals in Charleston, annihilate the whites, and burn the city. The authorities learned of the plot, and arrested dozens of its leaders. Vessey and many others were hanged; some were exiled.

1802 Slave boatmen plot rebellion along Roanoke River in Virginia.

1800 Gabriel's Rebellion

1739 African slave uprising south of Charleston known as the Stono Rebellion,
the largest slave rebellion in Colonial American history,

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New Nation News * Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #6

 What is the best solution for racial problems? - [multiple choice]
There are no 'racial problems'
Are really symptom of class struggle
Education in tolerance and celebration of diversity
Forced integration of all public facilities
Affirmative action and minority preferences until proportional results
Government legislation and lawsuits forcing private integration
Encourage racial intermarriage to promote diversity
Force racial intermarriage to create a 'melting pot'
Remove children from racist parents and put in diversity camps
Abort fetuses that lack racial diversity
Artificial insemination of racially diverse clones
Return to separate but equal solution of 1950's South
Abolish all laws forcing integration and minority preferences
Encourage unlimited immigration until there is no racial majority
Break up the USA into White, 'Spanic', Black, Asian and Other sections
Create a Caucasian Homeland in part of the US and secede
Build an organization eventually able to ethnically cleanse the USA
Create a biological weapon such as AIDS that targets some races
No problem as Natural Selection will eventually find a balance
No problem as God will intervene as He did with Noah and family
No problem as Space Aliens will soon take over and eat everybody
Genetic Engineering Technology will soon make 'race' obsolete
Participate in an Internet Newsgroup with others that agree with you
None of the above
Other - use public comments

Current Results

Some leftover solutions that may be included in a future poll:

a. burn a cross
b. spray paint a swastika in a public place
c. start a bias lawsuit for racial discrimination
d. drown out the guest lecturer with chants of "racist, fascist, sexist, homophobe"
e. organize subscriptions for a privately funded racially compatible Martian colony
f. burn down the neighborhood to facilitate looting of local businesses
g. go after the person that insulted MLK with a meat cleaver
h. create a political caucus for your race in congress to lobby for racial benefits
i. subscribe to an academic periodical that proves racial differentiation
j. save up for a mountain retreat and stock it with guns, grain and gold
k. organize a sit-in at the local Cadillac dealer until he gives you one
l. rape and murder a member of the race that rescued an ancestor of yours from Africa
m. spend ten years in the rain forest of Bolivia bringing the Gospel to aborigines
n. get your city council to declare your town a 'hate-free zone'
o. leave copies of the 'Turner Diaries' on the back seats of public transportation
p. eat, drink, be merry and run up the credit cards'
q. write letters to your Congressperson and the Editor of the local Newspaper
r. wear a Confederate Flag T-shirt and see who looks at you funny
s. clone Hitler from a bone fragment obtained from the Russian Mafia
t. obtain a research grant from Bill Gates
u. promote an organic vegetarian diet that will lead to Peace and Understanding
v. promote a racial civil war in the USA so that the Chinese or UN can restore Order
w. organize an underground movement in the military that will seize power
x. more drugs, television, movies and professional sports
y. a solution that will really work but can not yet be publically revealed...
z. your solution...

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