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   link noticed 9 July 2004White Free Speech is a library and resource page for articles, pictures, movies, sound bites,
and other items that may be of interest to White Nationalists or other pro-White people.

   Liberty Forum: Thinking More About the Unthinkable: The White-Black IQ Gap

   Note from VonBluvens:
My show has been DOS attacked out of business (by the usual (censored) suspects).
With so little support I can't see digging in my pocket again to resurrect the site.
It has been my privilege to server my listening audience. I will never forget it.
I hope many whites will come to realize that unless we stick together ALL of our voices will be silenced.

   It's amusing that some self-styled "anti-racist" agent provocateurs have set up some fake "Nazi" sites
and posted infamatory 'racist' messages on some forums. It seems that at least this website does not fit their stereotype of a 'Neo-Nazi White-Supremacist Skinhead Klan Anti-Semitic Trailer-trash Genocidal Lynching" site
and they have to make up their own - in their own image - proving that they are better racists than anyone else.


   Israeli interrogators 'in Iraq' - (EURO)
The US officer at the heart of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal says she has evidence that Israelis helped to interrogate Iraqis at another facility. - EURO: Commentary on the News 7/5/04 by Charles Coughlin

  Anti-ZionismJews against Zionism: The Hidden Protest - Massive Media Cover-up! - (reader link)



   Message from VonBluvens

(BE SURE TO REFERENCE in your complaint)

   Link to NNN Dark Crime page from FOK!frontpage - "sick sick"


   HOW BILL CLINTON GAVE UP ON AMERICAN CITIZENS - by Anthony Fernandes - NNN correspondent



   The Passion of Saint Edmund, King and Martyr
"In the same year [870], Edmund, King of the East Angles, fought fiercely against that army [of Vikings]. But alas, he was killed there with a large number of his men, and the Vikings rejoiced triumphantly; the enemies were masters of the battlefield, and they subjected that entire province to their authority" - (Sniffy)

   THE DOOMSDAY DICTUM - by guest columnist and author Gerald James McManus

  • EURO: Bush Appears Delusional in Irish Interview by James Buchanan
    "A recent interview of President Bush by an Irish reporter confirmed his general detachment from reality and self righteous arrogance...
    ...First of all, nobody cares LESS about the lives of American troops than George W. Bush. We are accomplishing absolutely nothing positive in Iraq. We are making more enemies every day and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal (which Bush can't even pronounce) has irretrievably alienated the Iraqi population and ruined even the tiniest chance of "success" in Iraq. If Bush pulled out before the November election, he would be admitting a mistake. Bush would rather let our soldiers die for at least four more months so he can postpone the inevitable collapse until after the election..."

  • EURO: Commentary on the News 6/26/04 by Charles Couglin
    "The article below reports "U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has blurted out the 'F word' at Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont during a heated exchange on the Senate floor..."

   Link to NNN in response to article: "White Terror: Racist Terrorist Groups in the Heart of the USA"

  • EURO: Brilliant Aryan Inventor Outshines Multi-Racial NAS by Dr. Hans von Ohain"Jewish hackers"

  • Reader asks about expired link on New Nation News - European Prehistory News - here is an updated link
    The Ethnic Gap - A Rejoinder to Torrianni & Rienzi - Richard McCulloch
    "...I am an American of Northern European ancestry and race. I love my race and I want it to continue to exist. In normal times this would not need to be said. But these are not normal times. After over 5,000 years of existing without any danger to their existence the peoples of Northern Europe, and the populations of Northern European ancestry and race in America and Australia, are being destroyed. I do not want them to be destroyed, so my efforts have been directed toward their preservation..."

   Unfriendly link to NNN-Crime from Daily Discussions -> Forums -> Stereotypes/Images - "I am super negro!"






  • 630 mysterious links to NNN images from secret mailing list - including Namibia
   "Together, We Can Take Back America!" - by Edgar J. Steele - (reader list)
(Following is the full text of remarks prepared for my address to the Duke Unity Conference held in New Orleans, May 30, 2004.)

  • Letter to Editor from reader
    Maj. General William Dorsey Pender"The Confederate monument at the courthouse in Pender County, Burgaw, NC stands a spectacular monument to our Confederate heroes. Near the base on one side is the carved likeness of Gen. Dorsey Pender. Some low life has carved a swastika in the center of his forehead and stained his face with something the color of excrement. It appears to be permanent damage. Oh, Caucasian what now for thee is left?"Confed flag

   Link to NNN from News Links - World, U.S., Local, Financial, Weather, Newspapers, Tickers, Iraq War

   New VonBluvens Show - "BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY" (06/14/04)
Speedy Gonzalaz at the wheel of 18 wheelers on American highways will have Geico's little green lizard reeling...Slavery as a criminal defense...Border Patrol gets lesson in "Made in America" may contain profanity or 'racial slurs'may give the impression of 'anti-semitism'

   Press release from the Center for Public Safety and Justice re: Ranch Rescue, Nethercott & SPLC

   FORGED EMAIL FROM - NNN does not do spam/mass mailings.




  • [Reader link] The Christian Underground (forum)
    "Being a Christian in modern America is becoming more and more a dangerous thing."
    "In less than 3 weeks of starting they almost have 2,000 members. Christians are getting fed up." - Pastor Steve
  • UPDATE: an NNN reader said that he was banned from the "christian underground" forum
    after posting a link that was on yesterday's NNN frontpage.



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New website addres for "Coontact Tales"
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Coontact Tales: Proving The Negro Can Be Funny!"

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