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    It was brought to my attention that there is an 'expose' on the internet claiming that the editor of NNN is really 'H. Millard' (and/or vice-versa) and that he is an agent of the world-wide-jewish-conspiracy to co-opt the white nationalist movement.  I am not H. Millard nor any of the half-dozen others named in the slanderous article that includes lies, confusion and wild speculations.  I was not even sure that the 'expose' deserves this much response.

Pro 10:18
Pro 10:18 He that hideth hatred [with] lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, [is] a fool.

    "Before Regina Belser began going to a methadone clinic, she said her life revolved around her addiction.
The time was spent where and when she was going to get her next hit without getting caught, going to jail or getting killed."





    Link to NNN Norcal from "Brown Pride Forum" - Warning Mex-obscenity and brown hate....

    New Zealand National Front News
"New Zealand now stands at a juncture of crisis, the culmination of centuries of the decline and betrayal of Western Civilisation of which we are part."

    Link to H. Millard article by Captain Steel on Billy Milano forum
also link to A warning for Americans - Robbie Noel - (I was a big Robbie Noel fan when I started this website)

    Canada: N.I.M Broadcast - Canada Bans Negro Immigration 1911 - Let us know what you think!

    Reader suggests secret alliance between the radical womens rights organizations and the Klan....

    GEORGE BUSH's "GOOD" WORK - guest column by Anthony Fernandes - Mumbai , India.

    More letters to the NNN editor from Irate Blacks, Mad Mexicans and Bleating Sheeple

  'mexican' Letter to the editor of NNN Mexico: "un mexicano mas en el mundo ese soy yo"

    Letter To: - "Subject: (no subject)" from Simon Langridge - UK


    BlackPlanet member dretil420 - ripped off copyrighted image from NNN - (Andre from Foster City, CA)
One of his favorite links is "Oral Sex"


    Link to NNN from forum at "Replacing White Supremacy with Justice"
Topics include: "What Can I Do About White Supremacy" and "My White Friends"
Do you have white friends, if so, what makes them your friend? This forum talks about "friendship" with white people.

    Link from Free Kentucky: News for Kentuckians who love Liberty
(to Millard's Pouty whites and the white human vacuum)

    The Occidental Quarterly - A Statement of Principles


    "New Nation News-Best New Age Paper On The Net" - Tulku Silverstein
posted on Association for Global New Thought forum


Commander Schoep gives a report fresh from the rally at Valley Forge.'not kosher''seig heil'

    "Legion of Saints" - (from the Church of the Sons of YHVH)

    Response by Pastor Morris L Gulett to onepeoplesproject slander

    Skinzlist: How Not To Be a Skinhead - Exuberance no excuse for recklessness

    Link to GENE WARS by H. Millard (c) 2004 by Libertarian_Guard on

    Received pornographic interracial image apparently from

NNN does not send out any unsolicited email and does not have any email news list.

    Link to NNN American Worker Betrayed from Chippewa Snow Chasers (down the page)
"...As President of the United States I would, open all forestry roads up to snowmobilers. I would fire Governor Jennifer Granholm and send her back to Canada with all the trash that she is importing over here in Michigan.
I would take back all the jobs that we gave to Mexico and elsewhere. I would put a 1,000,000,000 watt electrical fence around our borders. I would give Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and all those other camel infested country's 100 nuclear war heads with a range of 500 miles per country and tell them to have fun and enjoy..."

    American Renaissance is now ranked 16,345 by

    new site "" - home of "Coontact Tales", AFN Faq and more...

    new 5 Sep 2004New Nation News forum section "Feminism and anti-feminism - How does this relate to 'white-nationalism'?

    Prison Skinhead-Ban Overturned - Iowa "outlawing" of Skinheads struck down - by Travis Golie - (skinzlist)


    Link to NNN frontpage from post on Tom Joyner's Black
"CAUTION WITH VIEWING: Informative, However is this a RACIST SITE?" - (the poster asks)


    Svejk takes up reponse to Ranger X response on IQ, race & crime

Ourselves Alone & Homeless Jack's Religion Ourselves Alone & Homeless Jack's Religion
messages of ennui and meaning in post-american america by H. Millard

In Ourselves Alone and Homeless Jack's Religion, H. Millard, the hard to pigeonhole author of The Outsider and Roaming the Wastelands, has put together some of his category bending commentaries on post-American America. The commentaries deal with politics, philosophy, free speech, genocide, religion and other topics in Millard's edgy style and lead up to Homeless Jack's Religion, in which Homeless Jack lays out revelations he found in a dumpster on skid row. Browse Before You Buy ISBN: 0-595-32646-3


  • Crosstarlist: Moore Meets Killen, Supports Constitution
    MERIDIAN - Edgar Ray Killen, the octogenarian who the Bush Administration wants to re-try for running Communists out of Neshoba County during the Sixties, has met with embattled Alabama Justice Roy Moore. Killen said that he asked Moore for "a moment of your time" in Meridian, but that Moore shot back, "You can have all night, if you want." Moore denounced "trampling on the Constitution."

    Are blacks genetically predisposed to crime? - (from exchange on an NNN message board)

    WALTER ULBRICHT IN STALINGRAD by Constantin von Hoffmeister

    THE ANTI-CHRISTIAN SONG OF LAUGHTER by Constantin von Hoffmeister

    The Antiabortion, Antiwar, Pro-Jesus Party - (James Brown, Jr.)

    Whitaker Online: Bob's Blog
"Outgoing Senator Fritz Hollings, with emphasis on the "outgoing,"
said that America's invasion of Iraq was for Israel. He said everybody in Washington knows that..."
You Want to Talk Catastrophes? Lemme Tell You About a Catastrophe

In 1865 we South Carolinians had lost the Civil War, big time. Our young manhood, a whole generation, had been decimated. Former Confederates were denied the right to vote. The majority of South Carolina's population was black and they had been given the vote.
more news

    "ARE YOU FED UP...
*with forced busing? *with deteriorating schools for your children? *with Black crime and violence?


    Giant Enron-like scandal ran in minority-business program - (link content will change)
World exclusive - must credit Alamance Independent

See the full story of how a minority-set-aside program imploded in an Enron-like insider theft.
Matt Maggio, Editor and Publisher, Alamance Independent, America's most politically-incorrect newspaper

    Last Hope - by Shiva the destroyess - and reponse by NNN Editor

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