evil darkness - dark lords
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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Once upon a time, an evil darkness spread over the lands of Europe and America and infected the minds of powerful men and made them do evil deeds against their own people. These powerful men became evil tyrants and they repressed the common people and robbed them of their human dignity and their freedoms.

Under the rule of these evildoers, everyone had to carefully weigh everything he or she said, lest something slip from their lips that would be heard by the evildoers. It was a time of tight lipped, grim people who had their vital life force sucked out of them by these tyrannical evildoers. And, as is so often the case, most of the common people failed to consciously see the evil that was being done against them. Still, the repression and lack of freedom had severe psychological impacts on the subconscious minds of the repressed people.

Many of these psychological problems were unseen, but they caused real changes in the people. Certain hormones were not secreted into the bloodstreams. Certain thoughts were not formed. People's minds became closed and decrepit. They lost their joy for life. They became their own censors. They were afraid to smile or shout or raise their arms the wrong way or read the wrong books or watch the wrong movies or talk to the wrong people. They were afraid to create and experiment with new ideas and things. A quiet depression and despondency grew in the souls of the people. Verve was gone. Gusto was gone. Vitality was gone. Lust for life was gone. The sparkle that you see in the eyes of free and alive people was gone. Young people seemed like old people. It was not a time of spring, but a time of winter. Birthrates dropped. Without the laughter and sounds of children, the depression and despondency increased, because, in truth, the people have a subtle need for these sounds of their children the way flowers in spring need the rain. The people were neutered. It was as though they had been lobotomized. They looked the same, but they lacked the spark they once had. Soon, the people started dying off. They just started withering away.

Without a constant new supply of young people, the evildoers didn't have enough workers. Soon, the evildoers feared they'd lose their own comfortable life styles that could only be maintained on the backs of low level workers. To keep themselves in luxury, the evildoers started importing wage slaves from other parts of the world to replace their own people who were dying off.

The evildoers--these vile tyrants--were afraid that their people would revolt against them and that the evildoers would lose their exalted place in society. To try to stop this, the evildoers acted to keep the common people low and in mental chains. These evildoers knew that humans need words to properly think about many things and that humans also have an intrinsic need to communicate the things that they think to others. Take away their words and their right to communicate and you take away the headwaters of human freedom and you keep the common people under your boots. Words and thoughts that the evildoers didn't like to hear, and which empowered people in their freedom, were banned. When people are not allowed to use words or to express their thoughts freely, they can never have other authentic freedoms. All freedoms are built on free thought and free expression. Without these freedoms, people can't think the thoughts and communicate the ideas that help renew civilizations. Without free thought and free expression, no other freedoms are true freedoms at all.

You may ask: When was that evil and dark time?

It is now.

Bruno GollnischIn France this week, the absolute absurdity of the repression by the evildoers was made obvious to all clear thinking freedom loving people when the French education ministry suspended a lawmaker named Bruno Gollnisch from his university job because Gollnisch said something that the evildoers didn't like about the new Holy of Holies--the thing that one must never question--the Holocaust. If you just read the preceding sentence, you might think that Gollnisch must have said something horrible and inflammatory to bring the evil doers down on him. You'd be wrong. Gollnisch simply said: "I do not deny the existence of deadly gas chambers. But I'm not a specialist on this issue, and I think we have to let the historians debate it. And this debate should be free and open." He also said that he did not contest the "hundreds of thousands, the millions of deaths" during the Holocaust but that he believed "a debate should take place" about how these people died. For these few words, these mild words, he is being persecuted by the evildoers.

History tells us that evildoers eventually overplay their hands when they repress the common people. This usually leads to an overthrow of the evildoers. One of the things to look for when the time is near for such an historic event is that potential leaders will bubble up from the people. These potential leaders will be seen as a danger to the evildoers, and the evildoers will try to destroy them. It won't take much effort to destroy those who are not true leaders. The evildoers may get rid of those who aren't true leaders by smearing them and by calling them names. If that doesn't work, the evildoers may write laws that are aimed at the potential leaders and the freedom that they want to bring. Many of these emerging potential leaders will not be psychologically strong enough to stand up to the smears and the evil laws and will melt back into the masses.

The evildoers' victory in such cases is usually short-lived, because while they are able to intimidate and defeat the weak ones who they thought were going to be the leaders, the real leaders will follow in the wake created by the weaker ones. These real leaders--the heroes--will be the hard ones. They will emerge and will have the intelligence, the courage and the resolve to lead others and rid their lands of the evildoers. It may be that we are reaching such a point in many nations. However, we are too close in time to know for sure who will emerge to lead our people to true freedom. Future history is being written in our day. Freedom is going to emerge from the darkness and repression created by the evildoers. If not today, then tomorrow. Count on it. For now, all freedom loving people should support those who do emerge and who are trying to free our people from the evildoers. These ones may not be the real or the final leaders--the heroes--but you can never know who is great and who is mediocre as you live history. And, those who are being attacked by the evildoers today will either decide it is not worth it to lead and stop trying to lead or they will be made stronger by the attacks. Even if they do not keep struggling to lead our people to freedom, they will have created--as I wrote above--a wake in which others can follow.

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