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  Temporary change to backup NNN Reporters forum

  "Yamamanama" posts crap on NNN forums and uses Albanian swear words
he has also FORGED the posting names of Whitebear, Sophia, and other regular NNN forum posters.

This is the IP address that he has been posting from:
   Enemy of H. Millard vows to flood NNN forum - "Yamamanama" - or 'Yama'language
(NNN Editor note: has made some obscene posts re Millard on various NNN open forums)
  "And then, after a few hours of really weird and incoherent dreams, waking up at 10 and not being able to think properly. That's just lovely. I was coughing up phlegm for some reason. I feel better now...."
Look at me! I'm wasting bandwith! G'fa ha ha!
- (hotlinking to NNN image)

   Link to NNN invasion page from Makuemthial on the Gurtong Discussion Board
"the stories and photos of these brothers are online...
Peter Deng’s Story go to:
(Wanted: 100 Cows And A Ticket To Africa)

For Chol Deng Chol's Story go to:
Chol Deng Chol

May the Almighty God bless Southern Sudan,





   VDARE: ILLEGAL immigrants have more rights in America than Americans - (link updated)

  • LA Times commentary links to NNN H. Millard index - (free subnoscription required)
  • White woman kidnaped by Mexicans? - post on Mystic Snow Angel's Realm forum
  • Message Board « sorry » - post by No. 1965 Chain deleted by Moderator
    (The NNN) website reports on a lot of the rampant major and minor crimes in California - Chain

    I have visited that site in the past,and while the articles presented from various newspapers,etc may be credible,their forum seems to reveal their true nature. Sorry for the deletion of Your post,but those type of sites are not necessary. - CB
    Immigration into California

    "America was built by immigrants, but is immigration now killing California? Debate the issues on immigration. If you can't relay your feelings without racism, go find another board. Remember, "Illegal Alien" is not a race, it is a person breaking the law, thus forth a criminal, not a race." - Moderator: California Bloodlines


   VonBluvens reports

Kerry for President - - "Yes, you read that right. It is not a misprint or the work of hackers, either mischievous or malevolent. White Alert is, albeit with extreme reluctance and misgivings, endorsing the half-jew John (Kohn) Kerry for President..."

   Reader comments on use of 'racial slurs' on NNN forum
"I DO agree with the fact that minorities in this country are causing a plethora of problems for the white man, however, I am not into all the "niggers, spics, wetbacks, beaners, etc."
In my mind, this just makes us look ignorant, racist and violent. I think there are better ways to accomplish change, that's all."


   U.S. Military Logging into

   Link to NNN American Worker from Republican EXPORTING AMERICA page





   "white people are racist and suck at basketball" language

  • EURO: A Poison Gas Shell with No Markings by James Buchanan
    The Bush administration appears ready to cut and run from Iraq. Recent opinion polls show Bush trailing Kerry by a wide margin. Bush needs to erase the enormous blotch the unjustified war on Iraq, the bloody occupation and the torture scandal have left on his presidency.

  • EURO: Bush Prepares to Flee Iraq by James Buchanan
    George Bush appears to be setting the stage for a speedy departure from Iraq.
    The recent torture scandal may have been the last straw in convincing Bush that the situation is hopeless

  • American Sunday
    The day for pledging to erase Black Monday and reclaim the nation - by Richard Barrett

    Richard BarrettOn May 16, 1954, there was no "urban-blight." There were Negro quarters, in many places, but even descendants of slaves who went North following World War II tended to congregate among their own kind, as did every other ethnic group, from the Polish, to Germans to Indians. I attended Columbian School in East Orange, New Jersey, which was a vibrant, typical hub of the community and Negroes attended Ashland School, which was in the small, isolated colored section. I never had to deal with "shakedowns," "drive-bys," "gangstas" or "rappers," because there were none. Of course, there were no drugs or drug-dealers, no illegitimacy or bastardy and no "Ebonics" or "hip-hoppers."

  • Black Monday Must Yield to American Democracy
    The minority cannot continue to lord over the majority - by Richard Barrett

    To answer the question of whether the 1954 Black Monday decision of the Earl-Warren Supreme Court is "permanent," two sources must be consulted. First, Negroes, who Warren purported to shove in, where they were neither wanted nor belonged. Secondly, whites, upon whom has been imposed everything from forced bussing to forced housing to forced labor in a vain attempt to create a "diverse" country. Negroes, nowadays, use the mantra that "we still have a long way to go." Meaning, they do not consider the Brown v. Board decision satisfactory, because it does not go far enough. It is not enough to simply be allowed into a school with whites, but whites must be forced out. And, so long as there is a white mayor, Congressman, principal, police-chief, plant-manager, home-owner or cab-driver, anywhere, their "goal" has not been achieved. It is not enough that George Washington High School be taken over and its name changed to Martin Luther King High School. There must be Adhiambo schools, comprised entirely of descendants of African slaves, teaching only black-power and speaking only Ebonics. And, neither a so-called black-history day, nor week, nor month will suffice, until the entire year is Negro, nay, the entire millennium. - (more

16 May 2004 - archived
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Hot Topic: Brown v Board: 50 years of sucking up to negroes - by Tyrone N. Butts
"Brown v Board of Education Topeka is the worst Supreme Court decision ever inflicted on the United States of America. No enemy of the United States has ever done more damage to the country than the Supreme Court when it made its ruling on May 17th 1954. Starting at the beginning let's look at who is taking credit for this fiasco."

   Free Ernst Zundel, no imprisonment without trial - (Sniffy)
[Comment from Smedley Butler] "Thumbs up on the N.I.M. Broadcast for Ernst Zundel.. PROOF of evil govt."


New website addres for "Coontact Tales"
"If You Have Suffered Coontact (We All Have) Why Not Share The Experience With The Rest of The World?
Coontact Tales: Proving The Negro Can Be Funny!"


Resurrecting the Movement by PJ Kubicz - INSP
[NNN Editor note: This is just the introduction, or preface to a very long article or 'manifesto' of sorts
- that is too long to post on the forum - but I will try to upload it to the NNN website this weekend if I have time.]

  PETITION to Stop the Trojan Horse!
The biggest mosque in Europe is going to be built in the Netherlands - Rotterdam South...

  Prospects for Our Movement - Jared Taylor’s talk at the 2004 American Renaissance Conference - (Svejk)

New Novel: "A Fistful of Thorns" - by Michael A. Crane
Sherman - war criminal"Born with a hare lip and cleft pallet, he survives General Sherman's gratuitous destruction of his home. Like the rest of Georgia, he comes to loathe that murderous, red headed symbol of Yankee corruption and viciousness. After living through the rapacious carpetbag reconstruction...."
The author, Michael A. Crane is an attorney and former Oakland Police Officer.

 smiley faceOffshoring affirmative action. An idea who’s time has come - by Svejk

Confed flag  Welcome to - "Uniting the South thru Song!"
"Listening to the CD really made me homesick for Dixie and I appreciate the new sound. A cross between Alabama, Waylon, Charley Daniel's, Hank Williams Jr.& Johnny Paycheck".--Ron Holland Dixie Daily News.

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