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12 June 2022


    Police search for BLACK man after alleged deliberate fire at Toronto house
suspect Police are searching for a man identified in an arson investigation in Toronto. In a press release, Toronto police said they needed the public’s assistance locating someone after a fire was “deliberately” started at a home in the area of Sentinel Road and Assiniboine Road.

On June 7, police responded to a fire that officers said was deliberately started by someone who then fled the scene. Police are looking for 23-year-old David Enoch Johnson who is wanted for arson endangering life and failure to comply with a release order.

Police said he is five-foot-seven-inches tall with a small build and short, black hair that has small braids. An image was released — the public has been told not to approach Johnson and to call 911 immediately.

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    believed to be armed, violent, and dangerous

🔥Hell Fire BLACK SUSPECT 🔥Hell Fire WHITE VICTIM MOUNTIE Toronto police have issued an arrest warrant for a 17-year-old boy after a taxi driver was killed in a shooting in Scarborough. Shortly before 9 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 22, a taxi driver was shot near Pharmacy and Eglinton avenues. The man was found with multiple gunshot wounds after the taxi crashed into a fence. He was rushed to hospital, where he died. He was later identified by police as 73-year-old Christopher Jung of Toronto.

On Friday, Oct. 29, police announced a suspect had been identified and a time-limited judicial authorization had been obtained to identify the suspect, who is under the age of 18. A Canada-wide arrest warrant for second-degree murder has been issued for Isaiah Twyman, 17, of Toronto.

Police said Twyman is believed to be armed, violent and dangerous, and advised anyone who locates him to immediately call 911 and not approach him. Anyone with information is asked to contact the homicide squad at 416-808-7400, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-8477 or online at 222tips.com.

Cab driver gunned down in Scarborough identified as 73-year-old White man

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    BLACK-ON-WHITE: [Canada] rapper arrested in Fort Erie Airbnb double murder
BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM An 'asspiring' Scarborough rapper has been arrested for the shooting murders of two young women at a Fort Erie Airbnb in January.

On Thursday, Niagara Regional Police confirmed that with the assistance of Toronto Police, 22-year-old Christopher Lucas — who cops said was also known as ‘El Plaga,’ was arrested and charged with the shocking deaths. He faces two counts of first-degree murder and was to appear for a video bail hearing in St. Catharines on Thursday. On Jan. 19, during a birthday bash at a chalet-styled home along the Niagara Parkway, 20-year-old Windsor resident Juliana Pannunzio and 18-year-old Christine Crooks, of Toronto, were shot.

Someone called 911 and police arrived to find the women dead. Detectives previously released video surveillance images of the party in an attempt to identify some of the unknown guests who attended.

A $100,0000 reward was also offered for information leading to the arrests of the perpetrator. “The Niagara Regional Police Service would like to thank the Pannunzio and Crooks families for their patience and understanding during this lengthy investigation,” cops said in a news release Thursday.

Investigators were unusually quiet in regards to the case. A Christopher Lucas, then 18, of Toronto, was arrested in early 2017 and charged with attempted murder in the Dec. 31, 2016 home invasion and shooting of a man in an apartment at Wakunda Place.

Lucas was hit with 23 charges including attempted murder, assault with a weapon, robbery with a firearm and possession of crack cocaine. In 2018, a man named Christopher Lucas was arrested along with and Quintin Richards for allegedly attacking guards at the Toronto South Detention Centre while both were in custody. The guards were “pretty seriously” assaulted as they tried to lock the inmates back into their cell. Both officers were taken to hospital.

more news coverage of satanspawn black rapper Christopher Lucas — 'El Plaga'

[NNN forum thread:]  2 WF's 21 & 18 shot dead birthday party Fort Erie, ON Airbnb by monkey rapper El Plaga


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  Toronto: Muslim strikes cop with his car, kills him in ‘intentional and deliberate act’
victim name A 31-year-old man faces a first-degree murder charge in Friday’s line-of-duty death of a veteran Toronto cop. Late Friday afternoon, Toronto Police said Umar Zameer was charged with murder in the death of Const. Jeffrey Northrup, who was run down by a vehicle early Friday in a parking garage at Toronto City Hall in what Chief James Ramer described as deliberate.

“It’s very early in the investigation, but based on the evidence we have at this time … it was a deliberate and intentional act,” Ramer said during a Friday morning press conference. A plainclothes officer with 52 Division, Northrup and his partner responded to a radio call concerning a priority robbery call in the parking garage sometime after midnight, Ramer said.

That was subsequently upgraded to a stabbing. Both officers were attached to the ongoing response to Canada Day events at City Hall, and were wearing their badges and identified themselves as police offices, Ramer said.

While details of what happened next are still scarce, the suspect allegedly entered a vehicle when confronted by the officers and drove at them. Northrup was treated at the scene by fellow officers and Toronto firefighters before paramedics rushed him to hospital where he later died. Northrup’s partner was also transported to hospital where she was treated and released for minor injuries.

HERE IS A WEBPAGE LABELED "UMAR ZAMEER" - same name as suspect

Umar was a companion and strong supporter of the Prophet Muhammad
who became the second caliph of the Muslims. He is considered to be one of the great founders of the Muslim state.

Zamir is both a given name and surname multiple origins in Jewish, Arabic, Albanian, and Russian culture.

[NNN forum thread:]  WM Toronto cop dead after intentionally ran over by Arab name



  Shock Video: Another Pastor Arrested In Canada Following Anti-Lockdown Church Service
Police arrested ANOTHER pastor following a church service on Sunday held in defiance of Canada’s lockdown orders.

Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary is seen on video being detained by Alberta Health Services and the Calgary police in front of his wife and crying children.

Calgary police had surrounded the parish before arresting Stephens.

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    (Black AFRICAN) Charged in multi-victim stabbing in North Vancouver that left one dead
black suspect black suspect SheloahKlausen SheloahKlausen North Vancouver RCMP have charged a 28-year-old man with second-degree murder after yesterday's stabbing spree outside the Lynn Valley library. Yannick Bandaogo is facing the charge after a woman in her late 20s died in the attack; the investigation into the attack continues. He is in police custody after undergoing surgery for self-inflicted wounds, according to the RCMP.

"His background, history in B.C. and relationship to the victims, if any, is still being determined," states the RCMP in a press release. The investigation is continuing as is support for the victims.

Six people were wounded in the attack.
The remaining victims were transported to hospital for non-life threatening emergency medical care. "IHIT investigators, supported by the North Vancouver RCMP Investigative Services Team, is managing priority tasks, processing the scene, conducting witness statements and completing an extensive video canvass of the area," state the RCMP.

They add that their top priority right now is the well-being of those affected by the attack. “We share the community’s grief and outrage,” says Supt. Ghalib Bhayani of the North Vancouver RCMP in the release. “Lynn Valley Library is a peaceful place. A place where our community comes to learn and our children come to explore, and the RCMP is committed to keeping you safe.”

The stabbings deeply shocked the community of North Vancouver. An impromptu memorial has formed outside the library. Expressions of sympathy have poured in from across Canada. Both B.C. Premier John Horgan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have offered their condolences. “This is a deeply profound and tragic incident that has shaken all of us,” says Inspector Michelle Tansey, Acting Officer-in-Charge of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, in a statement. “I commend our investigators and partners for the remarkable work they have done and continue to do under challenging circumstances. My sincere condolences to yesterday’s victims and their families and to all who have been affected by this crime.”

Police are expected to provide an update on the situation on Monday.

North Vancouver stabbing: (WHITE female) Teacher identified as victim, update expected
In a statement issued Sunday, Argyle Secondary School confirmed Sheloah Klausen was one of the people injured in the incident. She's expected to make a full recovery, the statement says.
Meantime, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up for Susanne Till, who friends and family have identified as another victim.

Yannick Bandaogo Boogaloo Monkey Killer-ape Facts, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Family Biography

[NNN forum thread:]  North Vancouver, BC library stabbing spree: Female in 20's dead, perp is negro from Ivory Coast

Bandaogo Surname - Most prevalent in Burkina Faso
(which is one of the arm-pits of AFRICA)

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Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

Might he be a 'devout' Muslim? - or just another demonic killer monkey?
killer ape

    Canada: Brown Monkey Police Officer (from INDIA) charged w/ gross sex harassment
mud suspect Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal is now facing two additional charges under the Police Services Act, this time stemming from complaints of sexual harassment from a sworn officer. (CBC)

  • Jaswal is now facing a sixth charge of misconduct from a third woman.
  • The Ontario Civilian Police Commission says the constable alleges Jaswal also sexually harassed her.
  • She says Jaswal texted her in 2008 about testing out a mattress she was having delivered.
  • Jaswal's lawyer said they would comment when.... (we can come up with some plausible excuse)

  • Jaswal Surname - Most prevalent in INDIA Uday Forename - Most prevalent in INDIA
    Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

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        Total cowardice’: Police show video of (White) Scarborough man fatally shot in back by black while waiting for ride to work
    black suspect WARNING: The video released by police depicts a disturbing sequence of events.
    Toronto (Canada) police are appealing for help in identifying the suspects wanted in connection with a “brazen” and “cowardly” murder that saw a Scarborough man fatally shot in the back as he waited for a ride to work earlier this week.

    “I’m looking for the public’s assistance in this. This was a horrific, cowardly and uncalled-for act,” Det. Sgt. Ted Lioumanis told reporters at a news conference Friday as he stood surrounded by members of the victim’s family.

    Lioumanis said by all accounts, the victim – 45-year-old John Wheeler – was a hard-working man who worked some 15 hours a day as a general contractor. There’s no apparent reason, Lioumanis said, to explain why anyone would come up to him in the middle of the night and shoot him in the back.

    According to Lioumanis, the suspect vehicle arrived at the apartment building in the area of Danforth Road and Eglinton Avenue East at around 3 a.m. on Aug. 12, its arrival captured on one of the videos released by police. Around 20-25 minutes later, Wheeler emerges from the building to wait for his ride, a lunch pail in hand along with two coffees – one for him and another for his friend. Police were called to the scene at around 3:36 a.m. and arrived to find Wheeler with a single gunshot wound. He was transported to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.
    Another video released by police captured the two suspects – one pointing a gun and another holding a duffel bag.
    The first suspect is described as a Black man in his 20s who is wearing dark clothing with white markings on the sleeves, and a mask. He was carrying a firearm.

    The second suspect is described as a white man in his 20s who was wearing dark clothing with white markings on the front, and a mask. He was carrying a black duffle bag.
    - (Black-on-White) - (Canada)

        Canada: Court documents detail repeated no-contact arrests leading up to 25-yr-old white woman’s murder by black sexfriend
    black suspectBefore Darian Hailey Henderson-Bellman was shot dead last week — allegedly by her on-and-off-again boyfriend Darnell Reid — a close friend says the 25-year-old had mustered the courage to end the abusive interracial relationship for good.

    “Darian was ready to leave and (Reid) knew that,” Henderson-Bellman’s long-time friend Rachael said Friday. Rachael said that on the day she was killed, Henderson-Bellman went to Reid’s home where he’d been on house arrest since May after being charged with possessing a loaded handgun, impaired driving and breaching a no-contact order after he allegedly assaulted Henderson-Bellman last summer. Reid, 27, is accused of shooting Henderson-Bellman and then shooting himself. [HE SHOULD HAVE SHOT HIMSELF FIRST - BEFORE KILLING HIS DEFILED BLONDE SEX POCKET]

    He has been charged with second-degree murder, possession of a loaded firearm and two counts of failure to comply with a release order. He remains in critical condition at a hospital, according to his mother. A series of court documents obtained by the Star this week show Reid was accused three times of violating court orders not to be in contact with Henderson-Bellman in the year before her death, including once around the time of his most recent arrest for possession of a loaded firearm in May 2020.

    Women are most at risk of being killed when they are leaving an abusive relationship. Of 329 cases reviewed by the committee between 2003 and 2018, two-thirds involved an actual or pending separation. In half the cases the perpetrator was depressed.
    About one-third of the cases reviewed were homicide-suicides.  - (Black-on-White) - (Canada)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (consensual) sex with a black is SUICIDAL
    So-called 'RESTRAINING ORDERS' are no protection - you need armed guards and/or handgun training....
    The best time to break up with a black 'boyfriend' is before you ever have degrading diseased sex with him

        BLACK AFRICAN MIGRANT KILLS WHITE AFRICAN MIGRANT in the once 'Great White North' of Canada

        'I'm sick. I need a doctor,' (black African) man charged with murder of (White) Red Deer physician tells court
    black suspect Red Deer, Alberta, Canada -- A man charged with killing a Red Deer doctor at a walk-in clinic told a judge Wednesday he is ill and doesn't recall details about the attack.

    Deng Mabiour spoke to the court by telephone from his cell at the Red Deer Remand Centre, where he is being held in quarantine due to the pandemic.  The court clerk read the charges and Judge W. Albert Skinner asked Mabiour if he understood them.  "I don't remember everything in detail," he said. "When I get healthy, I will remember everything."  Pressed by the judge, Mabiour said, "I didn't remember everything because I'm sick. I need a doctor."  He then laughed. .

    The matter was adjourned briefly to allow a defence lawyer to speak to Mabiour.  When Mabiour was back on the phone, the judge told him, "You have to understand what you are charged with."  Again the man repeated that he didn't understand because he is sick.  Skinner advised him to contact legal aid to obtain a lawyer before his next court appearance on Sept. 9.

    Walter Reynolds, 45, was attacked with a hammer and a machete on Monday morning inside the Village Mall Walk-in Clinic.
    He died later in hospital.  Mabiour, 54, was arrested at the scene and has been charged with first-degree murder, assault with a weapon and assaulting a police officer. He has no known criminal record.

    RCMP have described the attack as targeted and premeditated.
    Mabiour and Reynolds knew each other through the clinic.
    "In 27 years of policing, I've never seen a doctor attacked like that."
    Deng Wil Luol Deng, who lives in South Sudan but knows Mabiour from the South Sudanese community
    in Red Deer, said he is shocked by the allegations. - Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Dr. Peter Bouch, who works at another Red Deer clinic, said he and Reynolds were both part of a tight-knit community of doctors in the city who are originally from South Africa.

      - (Black-on-White) - (Canada)

        Hamilton police arrest (black) man in connection with shooting death of 17-year-old (white female)
    black suspectHamilton, Ontario, Canada --- A 21-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter in connection to the shooting death of a 17-year-old girl early Wednesday morning that police say appears to have been caused by “recklessness.”

    Police have identified the victim as Myah Larmond, a high school student in the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board who lived with her mother in the city.
    Shortly after 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning, police were responded to a 911 call at 16 St. Matthews Ave. When officers arrived at the home, they found a teenage girl suffering from a gunshot wound. She was taken to Hamilton General Hospital in life-threatening condition and died around 9:30 a.m., said Det. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk of the major crime unit.

    Larmond did not live in the home where she was shot but knew at least one person who did.
    The suspect was located near the scene by officers and was arrested at 2:35 a.m. on Thursday, according to a media release.
    Devante Skye-Davis, 21, who appeared at John Sopinka Courthouse by video Thursday, has been charged with manslaughter.
    “At this time, the evidence supports an element of carelessness and recklessness by the accused,” stated the release. “There is currently no evidence to suggest the victim was the intended target.” In the Criminal Code, manslaughter is a homicide committed without the intent to cause death. investigators believed there were as many as five people inside the main area of the home when the gun went off. Police were initially looking for two males in their early 20s that were said to have fled out the back door of the home.

    Police have not confirmed any relationship between Larmond and Skye-Davis but Vickers said the pair had “dated.” She could not confirm for how long and if they were still in a relationship at the time of the shooting.

    On Wednesday, a pool of blood could be seen on the sidewalk, with a trail of blood leading up the front stairs and further into the home. - (Black-on-White) - (Canada)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

        CANADA: Our Neighbor to the North: Toronto police release shocking video of brazen black daylight downtown triple shooting 
    DEATH OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION  - "It's getting very near the end"
    ADVANCED Heirs of European Culture Collapse into Tribal warfare

    Toronto police have released shocking surveillance video that captured a daylight gunfight on the sidewalk of a busy downtown street earlier this week that left a man dead and several others wounded.

    The images show a young family preparing to board a vehicle parked on Blue Jays Way thrown into “complete panic” when the shooters began exchanging gunfire at 4 p.m. Tuesday, homicide Det.-Sgt. Andy Singh said.

    The bullets landed inches from the feet of a six-year-old boy, and just missed his mother, who was standing by the door of the family vehicle. “It was a nice, beautiful day, it was 4 p.m. it was broad daylight, and a lot of peoples’ lives could have been put in jeopardy,” Singh told a news conference Thursday. He implored the public to come forward with information, especially after seeing this “heart-wrenching video.” Killed in the gun battle was 21-year-old Dimarjio Jenkins, a (black 'aspiring') rapper who performed under the name Houdini. Police believe he was the intended target. - (Canada)

        EXCLUSIVE TO NEW NATION NEWS - from NNN Canada volunteer Reporter
    Protest against Covid Lockdown, Toronto Canada

    Queens Park, Toronto, May 16
    Every Saturday about 500 people show up to protest the new Hitler way of doing things.
    Media do not show ID, they are there to snitch.
    Lots of speakers, bongo drums, and kids activities.
    Nice images attached of Canadian boys and girls.
    - (NNN Canada)

        Canada: Mud Monster Mix (First Nations Native) charged in slaying of retired (white) oral surgeon
    mud suspect A friend of murdered retired oral surgeon and philanthropist Dr. Paul Morgan called it “ironic” that the man who dedicated his life to helping others died while trying to assist a friend’s grandson.  "It’s ironic and tragic that his life ended this way.” Toronto Police announced Monday they had arrested Makoons Meawasige-Moore, 23, and charged him with second-degree murder.

    Morgan, 79. was acting as Meawasige-Moore’s surety for outstanding arson charges stemming from fires in the Junction and Little Italy areas of Toronto in 2017.  Both men lived at Morgan’s home. Meawasige-Moore appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice at 1000 Finch Ave. W. on Monday and was remanded to June 8. On April 14 at 8:15 a.m., officers responded to a sudden death call and found Morgan’s body. Morgan died of blunt force trauma and there were no obvious signs of forced entry into the house. - (Canada)

        Canada: Police name (black) attempted-murder suspect wanted after striking, beating of cyclist
    black suspect Toronto police are searching for a man suspected of striking a cyclist with a car before beating him with an object Saturday morning in Rexdale. Police say the victim was riding his bike in the area of Hinton Road and Harefield Drive around 7:15 a.m. when a man struck the cyclist with his car. 

    The man then beat the victim with an object before attempting to flee in a nearby TTC vehicle, police say. Police say the man fled on foot after a TTC driver prevented the man from boarding.
    The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. 

    David Pajon Ramos, 29, is wanted on warrant for attempted murder. He is described as 5 feet 6 inches and 175 lbs., with a dark complexion, short black hair and a receding hairline. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie with a white stripe on the right shoulder, and black pants with a white Puma logo.  - (Canada

        (black) Toronto man faces 18 charges following human-trafficking (pimp, sex-slaving) investigation
    LOW INTELLIGENCE, LOW MORALITY, LAZY PARASITE making 'easy money' by enslaving and degrading women

    black suspect A Toronto man is facing 18 charges following an investigation into human trafficking.
    Police allege that, in a short period of time, the man introduced the victim into the sex trade where he forcefully gave the victim drugs in an attempt to gain control and exploit them.
    Over an extended period of time, he assaulted, sexually assaulted, choked and forcibly confined the victim, police say. Police say with help from the public the victim was able to escape.

    Jamaal Koehler, 25, of Toronto, was arrested on Thursday, January 23. He faces 18 charges including, two counts of sexual assault, four counts of assault, two counts of assault with a weapon, trafficking in persons by recruiting, transporting and harbouring, forcible confinement. Police are concerned there may be more victims and urge anyone who has been a victim of Human Trafficking to come forward to police - (Canada)

        Canadian woman, 52, who sold her house to start new life in Cuba with her CUBAN musician boyfriend, 39,
    is found dead in a suitcase dumped on a garbage skip

    A 52-year-old Canadian woman who sold her house to start a new life in Cuba with her musician boyfriend who is 13 years her junior has been found dead in a suitcase in a garbage tip.

    Nathalie Fraser, who originally came from the Canadian city of Montreal, was reported missing on January 18, according to her relatives. She had moved to Cuba in December last year where she lived with her boyfriend, identified as 39-year-old musician Leonel Leon Nuviola, in the western Cuban province of Matanzas.  Fraser's sister told local media: 'We learned it was a violent murder, that she suffered a lot. Her body was found inside a suitcase on a garbage site.'  - NNN-Canada
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

        CANADA: (black) Man charged with 1st-degree murder after woman dies of assault in Weston and Lawrence area
    black suspectToronto police have arrested and charged a man with first degree murder after a woman died of an assault in a residential building in the Weston and Lawrence area.

    Karl Hoyes, 49, has been charged in the death of Margaret Cameron, 66. He was scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on Saturday. Police say Cameron, Toronto's 71st homicide victim of the year, was fatally assaulted in an elevator at 1765 Weston Rd., south of Lawrence Avenue West, on Friday night. Police were called to the address at about 6:45 p.m. Det. Rob North, spokesperson for Toronto police's homicide squad, told reporters at police headquarters that the incident had a "sexual assault component" that detectives are continuing to investigate.

    Dangers of having a black rapist-killer in your 'loose circle of friends'

        Halifax murder trial (of black man) postponed at request of defence
    black suspectA Cole Harbour man’s trial on a charge of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, which was to begin in January, has been postponed until late next year at the request of the defence. The charges against Markel Jason Downey, 24, stem from a triple-shooting home invasion in Cole Harbour in November 2014.

    Ashley MacLean Kearse died in July 2018, almost four years after she was paralyzed in the shooting. She was 22.

    Downey was originally supposed to stand trial in Nova Scotia Supreme Court last spring, but the hearing had to be adjourned after Patrick MacEwen withdrew as his lawyer because of a conflict of interest.  The hearing is now scheduled to begin Nov. 16, 2020.  - (Black-on-white)

        CANADA: 2 (black) AFRICANS wanted on human trafficking charges, 1 woman arrested: London Ontario, Canada
    black suspectsLondon (Ontario, Canada) police are seeking two black men from B.C. who face human trafficking-related charges.

    Police say a woman has already been arrested, in connection with a victim who was allegedly trafficked in London and other Ontario cities over a period of around three weeks.
    Officials identify the two wanted suspects as Elkan Vyizigiro, aka ‘Lavish,’ and Meaz Nour-Eldin, aka‘Streets.’ Both are from Surrey, B.C. (Canada)  and are 22 years of age.

    Vyizigiro is described as a black male
    , five-feet-six-inches tall and 160 pounds, with short black hair in braids and a muscular build.
    Nour-Eldin is described as a black male, six-feet-one-inch tall and 160 pounds, with short black hair, braids, crooked teeth, a small face and a thin build. - (Canada)

        Police arrest 4th person accused of forcing 17-year-old girl into sex trade after meeting her near Yonge-Dundas Square
     A fourth person has been charged with human trafficking charges after a Toronto police investigation found a 17-year-old girl was drugged, assaulted and forced into the sex trade late last year.

    In a press release on Tuesday, police said a total of three men and one woman have been arrested and charged since January. Police said the case began after a 17-year-old girl met two men near Yonge-Dundas Square on Dec. 30, 2018. Police said the two men befriended the girl and gave her drugs and alcohol before taking her to an address in Hamilton where they sexually assaulted her. While there, the girl was also sexually assaulted by a third man, police said. Police said the girl was then introduced to a woman and forced into the sex trade. 
    On Nov. 18, police arrested Troy Thornhill, 37, of Toronto
    Charlton Sealy, 35, of no fixed address, was arrested
    Shabaka Reid, 36, of Hamilton, was also charged
    On Feb. 15, police arrested Deanna Passera - (Canada)

      Canada: MUSLIM-named Sodomite buggered child under 14-years-of-age
    HomoSexual Assault Investigation,
    On Tuesday, October 29, 2019, the Toronto Police Service made an arrest as part of a sexual assault investigation.
    Mohammed Naufal Hadi Mohamed, 52, of Toronto, was charged with:
    1. Fourteen counts of Sexual Exploitation of Young Person
    2. Twelve counts of Sexual Interference With a Person Under 14
    3. Fourteen counts of Sexual Assault
    4. Six counts of Corrupt Child Through Sexual Immorality
    5. Three counts of Unlawfully Engage in Anal Intercourse
    6. Three counts of Invitation to Sexual Touching Under 14 years of age
    7. Two counts of Forcible Confinement
    - (Canada)

        Wexit: West Canada fed up with PM Shoe Polish & fag MSM


    Wexit making waves? Hundreds rally for western separation in Edmonton

    ‘We’re separating and that’s what’s going to happen,’ Wexit Alberta leader says
    About 700 people attended Saturday's rally and more than 262,000 people are members of the Vote Wexit Facebook group.

    Wexit leader Peter Downing said support for western separation exploded after the recent re-election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
    He cited carbon taxes, equalization formulas and a "direct attack on western Canadian industry" as a few of the main gripes separatists have with the federation.
    "We will not allow ourselves to be divided. We're going to make Alberta great again, and that is when we cut ourselves off from the leach that is eastern Canada," said Downing, sporting a blue Make Alberta Great Again ball cap.
    Downing said Wexit is often associated with conservative politics, but it's neither a left-wing nor right-wing movement.
    "It is for everybody except for eastern Canada," he said.
    The organization plans to register as a political party, and Wexit Alberta will start drafting the province's first constitution in the near future, he said.
    "We are not, as Albertans, going to sit around and wait on the government to give us a welfare cheque. It's not happening," he said.
    "We're separating and that's what's going to happen."
    But saying it's going to happen and making it happen are two very different things.
    Rally attendee Joan Bjornson said she wants to "take back the power."
    "Until people wake up and realize that you, the people, have the power [and] this land belongs to you, we are not going to go anywhere," she said.

        Canadian Reporter reports: " Nigger Escapes from the Nuthouse"
    black suspectPolice are looking for a man who disappeared from a psychiatric clinic in Toronto on Thursday morning.
    Ricardo Walters was last seen at ten in the morning at the intersection of Queen Street and Ossington Avenue.
    What kind of institution he disappeared from is not specified.
    A 35-year-old patient who has been familiar with the police in several past violent episodes.
    People who saw him are asked not to approach him and call 911.
    In Toronto, this is not the first case of the disappearance of dangerous patients from psychiatric clinics.

    black suspectGreat White North: 50 Shades of Gray - Africoon Shoots Def High Yellow Shine

    It is reported that: - the victim, who has been identified as Kiesingar Gunn, 26, of Toronto, was in the Liberty Street and Mowat Avenue area, - shots were fired and he was struck by a bullet, taken to hospital in serious condition, and succumbed to his injuries just before midnight on Sunday, September 11, 2016,
    - police do not believe he was the intended target of the shooting.

    The suspect is described as 18-22 year old black man, dark complexion, 5'11"-6', slim build, braided hair (possibly cornrows). He was last seen wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, with a black print or logo on it.

        I thought this must be stale 'recycled' news because I remember the story from 2015 - four years ago - JUSTICE DELAYED
    Silva Koshwal found criminally responsible in murder of ex-girlfriend
    Silva Koshwal will go to prison after an Edmonton court found him criminally responsible for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Thursday.  In August 2015, Koshwal stabbed Nadine Skow 101 times at her Edmonton apartment, then mutilated her body. He removed her uterus, ovaries and heart, then wrote the letter A in blood on the bedroom wall.

    Court of Queen's Bench Justice Sterling Sanderman convicted the 42-year old of second-degree murder and offering an indignity to a dead body on Monday.  Koshwal now faces an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 to 25 years.

    Canada: Yet another white female brutally stabbed to death by her soulless black beast 'boyfriend'
    Barbaric dark beast mutilated her body by removing her organs.
    Silva KoshwalNadine SkowLETHBRIDGE – Staff at the YWCA of Lethbridge and District are mourning the loss of a former coworker. Thirty-eight-year old Nadine Skow was found dead in her apartment Tuesday morning, with multiple stab wounds. She was discovered by coworkers after she failed to show up for work for several days. Edmonton police and homicide detectives have arrested and charged 38-year-old Silva Koshwal with second-degree murder and indignity to a human body. Investigators said Skow and Koshwal were involved in a common-law relationship that ended about a year ago. - (Canada) - (Black-on-white)

    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
    (Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

      Merde! Feces Smeared on Quebec Hijab Store
    Quebec City police investigate possible hate crime after excrement left at store selling hijabs
    The store owner, originally from Tunisia,
    said he has been the target of vandalism several times since opening his store in March.
    At first, he said, someone sprayed coffee on the window. Then the lock was damaged, and someone spread excrement on the storefront. Overnight Sunday, someone again spread excrement on the storefront. This time a security camera was also stolen and a used adult diaper tied to the door.  The store owner said he opened the store in part to sell items specific to Muslim women, such as hijabs, but they're not featured in the window and that's not all the store sells.  - (Canada)

        Canada: Man, 63, stabbed to death while confronting pack of black thieves on Brampton street: police
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspect White victimA 63-year-old man is dead and his adult son has been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after they were stabbed while confronting a group of young "men" seen breaking into cars outside their home, police said Friday. The incident occurred at around 2:20 a.m.

    Acting Supt. Martin Ottaway said the victim and a man believed to be his son witnessed a group of as many as five males engaging in petty theft from parked vehicles.   They confronted the group and both were stabbed. The 63-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. He was later identified by investigators as Glensbert Oliver.
    “This was a person trying to stop a minor property offence that escalated to the point of becoming a homicide,” Ottaway said. “Very tragic.”

    The suspects, who Ottaway described as black males in their late teens to early 20s, fled the scene in a dark coloured SUV.
    “I strongly encourage the people involved to contact legal counsel and turn themselves in,” he said.
    Police said the second victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries but has already been released from hospital.
    Investigators say they wish for residents who witness crimes happening near them to call 911 and not directly confront the suspects.
    “I would not suggest that anyone confront anyone involved in any type of offence like what happened last night,” Ottaway told reporters. “Property can be replaced, lives obviously cannot.”  - (Canada)

        Toronto: Second (black) suspect charged in violent sex assault at downtown condo building: police
    black suspectblack suspect A second suspect has been arrested in connection with a violent sexual assault at a downtown condo building. Toronto police have said that the incident occurred at a condo building near Bathurst and King streets at around 12:45 a.m. on July 10. A 19-year-old woman was followed into the building's elevator by two men, according to police.
     Police said one of the suspects tried to grab the teen’s cell phone and a struggle ensued.

    One of the suspects allegedly pulled out a gun and robbed the young woman after he wasn't able to wrest it away from her.
    Police said the woman was then violently dragged out of the elevator and sexually assaulted by both suspects in a nearby stairwell.
    The suspects then made their way to an underground parking garage and fled in a vehicle.
    On July 13, police announced that they arrested a suspect in the case.

    Shane Acton Codrington, 24, of Toronto has been charged with numerous offences, including two counts of sexual assault with a weapon, two counts of aggravated sexual assault and forcible confinement. On Wednesday, police said that they have now charged a second suspect in the case.

    Jevor Oshane Brown, 24, of Toronto was arrested on July 16. He has been charged with robbery with a firearm, forcible confinement, two counts of sexual assault with a weapon, two counts of aggravated sexual assault, assault, and gang sexual assault. He was scheduled to make a court appearance this morning. - (Canada)

        Canada: (BLACK) "Spider-Man" trapped by gun wounds and murder charge
    black suspectWhite victimShawn (Buck) Vassel was nicknamed the Spider-Man Killer after scaling down 11 floors of a North York highrise apartment in an unsuccessful bid to elude police bent on arresting him for murder.

    Now, Spider-Man won’t be rappelling down the side of buildings any time soon for two reasons. Facing charges of second-degree murder in connection with a deadly shooting in May, the 35-year-old Vassel’s in a Toronto hospital — paralyzed from the waist down — after Monday’s gun battle in the Queen St. and Ossington Ave. area.

    Shot three times, bullets pierced Vassel’s right lower back, upper thigh and left lower leg.
    It’s not yet known whether his paralysis is temporary or permanent.
    The shooters scattered 22 9-mm shell casings on the ground and wounded two others beside Vassel, said police.
    “It was an all out gun battle,” Det. Darren Worth of 14 Division said.
    “At this point, there is no known connection between the shooting and the murder.”
    Vassel was in his hospital bed on Wednesday when police charged him with second-degree murder, stemming from the May 3 shooting death of Justin Kyle Ezeard, 32, on Millwick Dr.

    Vassel spent more than seven years in jail for the cold-blooded shooting death of pot dealer Husam Dagheim in 2007 in the parking lot of the Coliseum movie theatre near Square One in Mississauga. Vassel received a "life sentence" with no parole for at least 16 years.

    - (Black-on-white) - (Canada)

        CANADA: Black Preacher on Toronto’s Queer Street arrested for disturbing the fags

    Man arrested after allegedly shouting derogatory comments in Church-Wellesley Village
    Toronto police say a man has been arrested for disturbing the peace after allegedly yelling derogatory comments in the Church-Wellesley Village Tuesday afternoon.

    Police said officers were called to Church Street and Wellesley Street East at around 5:50 p.m. with reports several people were gathered.

    “One person had a bullhorn and they started making comments that were derogatory towards the LGBTQ community … There was one gentleman in particular whose conduct we determined to be criminal and that we thought was causing a disturbance,” Insp. Jim Gotell told Global News Tuesday evening.

    “Obviously when comments were being made, it caused a commotion among the crowd that was in the area and people were obviously disturbed by the comments that were being made.”

    Gotell said the man was taken to 51 Division and is expected to be charged with the offence of disturbing the peace.

    In an update late Tuesday, police said the accused will remain in custody and appear in a Toronto court Wednesday morning.
    Gotell said divisional investigators are looking for any video captured during the incident and that they are consulting with the Crown Attorney’s office about potentially laying hate crime-related charges. “In order for us to lay a charge for a hate crime, we have to have the consent of the Attorney General,” he said, adding additional evidence would be needed.
    - (Canada)

        How criminals used Canada's casinos to launder millions
    The impacts of the Vancouver model – as the scheme came to be known – is linked to the opioid crisis and unaffordable real estate market
    Race and real estate: how hot Chinese money is making Vancouver unlivable
    Earlier this year, Eby’s office tasked a former police officer and money laundering expert with delving into the model. Peter German’s first report, made public in June, outlined how the scheme worked and linked the practice to wealthy Chinese citizens seeking to circumvent their own country’s currency controls. - (Canada)

        Canadian Monkey Business: Negro Charged w/ Pimping
    black suspectPatrick Raphael Duchard, 29, of Quebec, has been charged with:
    1. Trafficking in Persons
    2. Material Benefit Resulting from Trafficking in Persons
    3. Uttering Threats
    4. Material Benefit from Sexual Services
    5. Exercise Control
    6. Advertising Another Person's Sexual Services
    7. Procuring / Recruit Person to Provide Sexual Services for Consideration
    8. Uttering Threats
    9. Fail to Comply with Recognizance
    10. Fail to Comply with Probation
    He appeared in court at Toronto West Courts on Friday, May 10, 2019, at 10 a.m., in room 204.
    He has ties in Quebec and may be known by the nickname V12.
    - (Canada)

        CANADA: black gets 50 years of free room and board for brutal murders
    black suspectA man convicted of killing a Calgary mother and her young daughter will have to wait 50 years before he has a chance at parole. A jury found Edward Downey guilty last year of first-degree murder in the 2016 deaths of Sara Baillie, who was 34, and five-year-old Taliyah Marsman.
    The convictions carry an automatic life sentence, and Justice Beth Hughes has decided Downey must wait 50 years before he can ask the parole board for release. The Crown had sought 50 years before parole ineligibility, arguing the brutal and deliberate nature of the murders were aggravating factors. - (Canada)

        CANADA: Blond female & Monkey wanted  in "pick pocket" thefts, in downtown Toronto restaurants
    - (Canada)


        Canada: black Bonobo Wanted for thumping female police officer
    black suspectHe is to be considered violent. If seen, do not approach, call 9-1-1 immediately.
    The man has been identified as Dwayne Banfield, 31, of Toronto, he is wanted for:
    1. Assault Police Officer Causing Bodily Harm
    2. Escape Lawful Custody
    3. Obstruct Police
    4. Drive Motor Vehicle, no validation on plate   - (Canada)

        Canada: Three black pimps, one defiled white female whore arrested, suspect wanted after police say girl, 17, forced into sex trade
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspect Two men and a woman have been arrested following a police investigation after a 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and forced into the sex trade in Toronto and Hamilton. Police said two men met and befriended the girl in the area of Dundas and Yonge Sts. on Dec. 30 and gave her drugs and alcohol. Subsequently, the girl was taken to Hamilton where she was allegedly sexually assaulted by both men. There, a third man is also said to have sexually assaulted her. She later met a fourth man, who forced her into the sex trade, police said. Police said photos of the girl in various stages of undress were taken and posted to leolist.com, an online classifieds site. Multiple cases of human trafficking in recent months in southern Ontario have involved the website. According to police, the men controlled all communications with the customers and told the girl what sexual services to provide. The girl was later directed to turn all of the money to the men. She was forced to ingest drugs, deprived of food and sleep, and was physically assaulted during a four-day period, the police report.

    Charlton Sealy 35, was arrested on nine charges, and Shabaka Reid, 36, was arrested on six charges, including sexual assault, child pornography, and trafficking someone under 18 years-old.  On Feb. 15, police arrested Deanna Passera, 27, on similar charges. She appeared in court the next day. Troy Thornhill, 37, of Toronto, remains wanted as a suspect. - (Canada)
    Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS and ENSLAVES

        Canadian Police looking for (nappy-headed black sex) suspect in string of sex assaults near York University
    black suspectToronto police are asking or help locating a suspect wanted in an ongoing investigation into a string of sexual assaults near York University’s North York campus, including one involving a 14-year-old girl. The latest of three incidents happened Sunday, when a 17-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted and assaulted at a residence in the Finch Ave. W and Tobermory Dr. area. Last summer, on Aug. 8, 2018, police say a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted at a home near Four Winds Dr. and Keele St. A couple of months later, on Oct. 8 and 9, police say a 21-year-old woman was sexually assaulted at a home in the Sentinel Rd. and Cook Rd. area. Police are looking for 21-year-old Lamar Anthony Howe, of Toronto. He is wanted for two counts of sexual assault, two counts of assault, one court each of sexual interference, assault with a weapon and mischief under, and twelve counts of fail to comply probation order.  - (Canada)

    • EXCLUSIVE TO NEW NATION NEWS: Canada: Anti-FAG protest, NNN video
      Feb 20, 2019 Queen's Park, Toronto Canada
    • Queen's Park Rally: Doug Ford keep the promise to repeal the sex-curriculum
      The Canadian Families Alliance (CFA) will hold a rally at Queen's Park in Toronto, on February 20, 2019 from 11:30am to 1:30pm. The goal of the rally is to remind the Doug Ford government to listen to the will of the people and repeal the radical sex-curriculum, as promised during the 2018 election. Concerned parents should attend the rally in order to make a strong statement and be heard. We urge Ontarians to come to the rally and tell their friends and families about it. Ford must let the decision of the electorate prevail, not that of the courts and the activists. - (Canada)
      • REFERENCE: Benjamin Levin, pedophile
        Levin was born in 1952 into a Jewish family in West Kildonan, a suburb of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
        Benjamin "Ben" Levin (born 1952) is a convicted child pornographer and registered sex offender in Canada. He previously was the Canada Research Chair in Education Leadership and Policy at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto. As a civil servant he served for three years in the Ontario provincial government as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education after having held a similar post in Manitoba. He was also a former advisor to then-Premier Kathleen Wynne. On March 3, 2015, Levin pleaded guilty to three charges relating to making and distributing child pornography. He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment.
      • The Double Life of Ben Levin: His depraved online world, and the sting that brought him down

        Canada: Serial killer queer, Bruce McArthur: Gay village serial killer gets life sentence 

        Canada: High Yellow Arrest for Sex Assault; DeoxyriboNigger Acid (DNA) Genetic Problem
    black suspectA 59-year-old Toronto man is facing multiple charges after allegedly holding two women against their will in his St. James Town apartment on two separate occasions, just days apart. Toronto police say they became aware of what was the first of two incidents on Friday morning during a sexual assault call from a unit inside a residential building in the area of Bleecker and Earl streets. When officers arrived, they found a woman allegedly held against her will and unable to leave. Wallace Walter Pleasant was located later that day by authorities, arrested and charged with forcible confinement and sexual assault in relation to the incident. After a court appearance, Pleasant was released on a recognizance. Four days later, police responded to a call for ‘unknown trouble’ at the same address and located a woman being held against her will. Pleasant was once again arrested. - (Canada)

        Canada: (Black) Man arrested in vicious New Year’s Day assault of (white social activist) Toronto lawyer at Bathurst and Queen
    black suspectWhite victimPolice have arrested one man and are seeking another suspect following a vicious New Year’s Day assault in downtown Toronto that put a lawyer in a coma. At roughly 12:30 a.m. on Jan. 1, David Shellnutt and a woman were walking near Queen St. W. and Bathurst St. when a group of men in a passing car allegedly made a “lewd remark” at the female, police said.  Shellnutt threw a bag of garbage at the car in response and two men got out of the vehicle to confront him. Surveillance video showed one of the suspects punching Shellnutt, knocking him unconscious. The other suspect then punched Shellnutt while he was down on the ground. The two men then fled in the vehicle. Shellnutt was initially in a coma, and in critical condition but is recovering and walking and talking, police told reporters at a news conference on Jan. 17.

    Keron Alvarez, 35, of Toronto, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated assault.  Police are still seeking a second suspect. He is described as 25-35 years old, six-foot with a slim build, corn rows and a beard. - (Black-on-white)

        Canada: Negro Pimp (named 'Europe') arrested
    black suspectJustin Reuben Europe, 32, of Brampton, is charged with:
    1. Trafficking in Persons by Exercising Control
    2. Procuring
    3. Material Benefit from Trafficking in Persons
    4. Advertising another Person’s Sexual Service
    5. Material Benefit from Sexual Services
    6. Assault
    7. Assault causing Bodily Harm
    8. Two counts of Uttering Threats
    9. Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine
    10. Possession Proceeds of Crime
    11. Fail to Comply with Recognizance  - (Canada)

        Canada: Police arrest Brampton LGBTQ? woman wanted on sex assault, confinement charges
    black suspectA Brampton woman wanted on charges of sexual assault, forcible confinement and assault has been arrested, Peel Region police say. Latisha Edwards, 24, who was wanted in a Dec. 3 incident, was arrested Jan. 4. Police had issued an alert on Jan. 2 in their search for her. Police said someone reported being held involuntarily and forced to perform sexual acts for several hours inside a Brampton home in the area of Dixie Rd. and Queen St. E. No physical injuries were reported, but the individual was left traumatized, police said. Police did not reveal the gender of the victim, explaining it could identify the person. - (Canada)

        (black) Nig Nog Hoody's worst nightmare: Stolen Credit Card Don't Work
    black suspectblack suspect- on Saturday, November 24, 2018, at approximately 6:35 p.m., a man entered the Eglinton Subway station through the south entrance, which is located just south of the Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue intersection
    - at this point another male suspect bumped into him, causing him to stop walking
    - the suspect then threatened the man with death and told him to follow him
    - the man followed the instructions, and was led to an alleyway, where the suspect pointed a knife at him and made a demand for everything he had
    - the man then handed his wallet over to the suspect, who grabbed it and was last seen fleeing on foot, southbound towards Hillsdale Avenue West
    - Shortly after the suspect attempted to use the victim’s credit card at a nearby convenience store, which is located in close proximity to where the robbery took place, but was unsuccessful in his attempt

        Hot news from "the Great White North": Felix the NIGERIAN Negro shoots off his gun
    black suspectThe suspect has been identified as Felix Ajayi, 25, of Toronto. He is wanted for:
    1. Discharge Firearm with Intent endanger Life
    2. Point Firearm
    3. Possess Loaded Firearm
    4. two counts of Possess Firearm Without Holding a Licence
    5. two counts of Possess Firearm Knowingly Not Holding a Licence
    6. two counts of Contravene Section 117(H) Firearms Act
    7. Use Firearm in Commission of Indictable Offence
    8. Assault with a Weapon
    9. Forcible Confinement
    10. Carry Concealed Weapon
    11. Threaten Death
    He is believed to be violent, armed and dangerous. If located, do not approach. Call 9-1-1 immediately. - (Canada)

        Toronto Colored Boy Shoots Licorice Stick
    black suspectblack suspectOn Sunday, November 18, 2018, officers responded to a call for the sound of gunshots at 4175 Lawrence Avenue East. Officers arrived and searched the building. They located a man suffering from gunshot wounds in a building stairwell. He succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased on scene. The victim has been identified as Cardinal Licorish, 23, of Ajax.  - (Canada)

    • Arrest made in "Licorish Homicide"
      On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, a 17-year-old (colored) boy was arrested. He is charged with: Second Degree Murder
      He will appear in court on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at 1911 Eglinton Avenue East, at 10 a.m., in room 408.
      Young People cannot be named under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
      A second suspect remains outstanding.
      Raheem Moseley,
      18, of Toronto, is wanted on a warrant for: Second Degree Murder
      He is described as 6', 130 lbs., and light skinned.
    • Black Licorice Warning: Why FDA Says Don’t Eat Too Much on Halloween

        Pock-marked (IRAQI-named) Paki Pimp Arrested in Toronto ape-town
    mud suspect Kalib James Rahi, 31, of Milton, was arrested and charged with:
    1. Four counts of Sexual Assault
    2. Two counts of Procuring to Provide Sexual Services
    3. Two counts of Advertise Another Person Sexual Services
    4. Two counts of Trafficking in Persons by Recruiting, Transporting, and Harbouring
    5. Two counts of Exercise Control by Directing and Influencing Ones Movements
    6. Two counts of Financial and Material Benefit Resulting from Trafficking in Persons
    7. Two counts of Trafficking in a Controlled Substance Schedule I
    8. Use Imitation Firearm while Committing an Indictable Offence
    9. Threatening Bodily Harm
    10. Threatening Harm to an Animal
    11. Extortion
    12. Possession of Proceeds of Crime - (Canada)

        Canada: Toronto-Apetown Negro on a bicycle wanted for sex assault
    black suspect- a 25-year-old woman was walking on the street
    - a black negro nword African-Canadian colored gentleman riding a bicycle sexually assaulted her
    - the 25-year-old woman confronted the man
    - he punched her in the face and fled
    - (Canada)


        (Canada: rutting black negress) Ajax teacher accused of sexually assaulting 10-year-old boy
    black suspectAn Ajax elementary school teacher and sometime model has been accused of sex-related offences, involving a 10-year-old boy.
    Durham Regional Police say 31-year-old Krystal Wilson, also known to students at Krystal Clunis, of Whitby, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference with one of her male students. The incidents allegedly took place while Wilson was teaching at Da Vinci Public School in Ajax during the 2017-18 school year. - (Canada)

      Canada: (Pakistani-paki) goof charged w/ 78 counts of slashing car tires
    The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of an arrest made in an investigation into vehicles being vandalized in the Leslieville area.

    Since Sunday, July 1, 2018, 60 reports of damage to vehicles have been reported to police. In most of these reports, tires have been cut or punctured. These incidents have occurred in the evening to early morning. Many of these incidents, but not all, have occurred on Wednesday night to Thursday mornings.

    On Friday, September 28, at 9 p.m., Ahmad Zafar, 28, of Toronto was arrested by the Central South District - Major Crime Unit in Leslieville.  - (Canada)

        Alien from Outer Space runs for mayor of Toronto
    black suspectLawyer Saron Gebresellassi takes Tory, Keesmaat to task in first broadcast mayoral debate - (Canada)

        Canada: Toronto Police looking for killer-negro in 'ambush-type' fatal shooting of White man
    black suspectWhite victimPolice have released surveillance footage of a suspect in connection with what they are calling an "ambush type of situation" that left a 22-year-old man dead in Toronto's Corktown last month.  The incident happened around 2 a.m. on Aug. 19 on the fourth floor hallway of a residential building. Police were called to the area and on their arrival found Jesse Graham-Richter suffering from gunshot wounds. He later died at the scene. Graham-Richter was not a resident of the building but was visiting someone when he was shot and killed. "I've alluded to the fact that it was targeted," Choe said. "This was an ambush type of situation."  Police are looking for a male suspect who is described as black, under 5'10'', medium build, with twisted braided black hair. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a black jacket and dark pants and was seen headed westbound on foot from the building.  - (Black-on-white) - (Canada)

        CANADA: (black) Kevin Barreau, 21, wanted in ongoing Human Trafficking investigation, Faces 14 charges
    black suspect It is alleged that: - in June 2017, a man forced a 19-year-old woman to work in the sex trade and to turn over all the money earned to him - she was trafficked by him in Ontario and Quebec
    - she was forced to abide by rules he imposed
    - he gave her a quota that she was to meet each day
    Kevin Barreau, 21, of unknown city, is wanted on a warrant for:  (details at link...) - (Canada)

        CANADA: Black man that colored his black kinky afro hair 'blonde' raped young teen girls
    black suspect On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, Ronnice Giscombe, 30, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with:
    1. Three counts of Sexual Assault
    2. Two counts of Sexual Interference

    (dirty details at link) - (Canada)

        Poll: Canadians Don't want Nigaahs crossing the border
    black suspectsTwo-thirds call irregular border crossings a ‘crisis,’ more trust Scheer to handle issue than Trudeau
    Weeks of questions and criticism from opposition politicians and provincial leaders about asylum-seekers crossing the border – an issue already the source of heightened anxiety and concern for Canadians – have taken a further toll on the Trudeau government’s perceived ability to manage the situation.

    In the wake of emergency meetings of the Parliamentary Immigration Committee, and as Ontario Premier Doug Ford demands compensation from Ottawa for the cost of caring for those who cross the border irregularly, Canadians are growing increasingly concerned about the country’s ability to handle the flow.

    Despite the recent addition of Bill Blair to cabinet as Minister of Border Security, the latest survey from the Angus Reid Institute finds two-thirds of Canadians (67%) call the current situation a “crisis”.

    Further, about the same number (65%) are of the view that Canada has received “too many” irregular crossers for the country’s authorities and service providers to handle. - (Canada)

        Canada's Goof PM to Promo Queer Eye Homo Filth Sex Perversion
    Justin Trudeau and 'Queer Eye' star Antoni Porowski to have 'Pride-themed brunch'
        Canada: Queer Homo Faggot Pedophile Man Arrested for trying to bugger a young boy...
    - a man communicated through social media with a boy
    - the man engaged in multiple, sexually explicit conversations with the boy
    - the man sent the boy abusive images and directed the boy to send child pornography images of himself
    Blair Thomas Newton Evans, 68, Faces 14 charges - (Canada)

        Canada: Black boy drowns on field trip -  White teacher charged
    black suspectWhite victimCharging a teacher with criminal negligence causing death a year after Jeremiah Perry drowned during a field trip to Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park is an "important step in ensuring that a tragedy like this never happens again," the Toronto high school student's family says. The charge against Nicholas Mills, 54, of Caledon was announced Thursday by Ontario Provincial Police. Jeremiah's father, Joshua Anderson, released a statement through his lawyer that says the family is "relieved" by the news. It also says the family has been "living in a constant state of shock and sadness" since early July 2017. - (Black-on-white) - (Canada)

        (Dark-skinned) Woman allegedly bit, robbed 67-year-old man in Toronto
    black suspectToronto police are trying to track down a woman who investigators allege severely injured a 67-year-old man by biting him during a robbery near Mount Dennis last week. A 39-year-old Toronto woman attempted to rob a man on Sunday, July 15. During the robbery, police say the woman bit the man, resulting in severe injuries. The man was taken to hospital where he received 27 stitches. The suspect, who has been identified by investigators as Shanta Ramessar, is wanted for robbery and aggravated assault. - (Canada)

        O Canada: EGYPTIAN charged following alleged sexual assaults a home daycare
    mud suspect Karim Saad faces charges following an investigation into an alleged sexual assault at a home daycare in Richmond Hill, Ont.   A 23-year-old Richmond Hill man has been charged in connection with alleged sexual assaults against a child at a home daycare. Police say the daycare was operated at Karim Saad’s family home. Officers began their investigation in June after receiving reports of a child having been sexually assaulted between 2014 and 2018.  The accused is charged with five counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference. All the girls were under 16 years of age

        O Canada: Mud foreigner POS from India - truck driver slaughtered  16 (White) Canadians in hockey team bus
    Jaskirat Singh Sidhu Charges have been filed against the driver of a tractor-trailer that collided with a bus carrying members of a Canadian junior hockey team, killing 16 people, authorities in Canada's Saskatchewan province said Friday afternoon. The driver faces 16 counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death, and 13 counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily injury, said Curtis Zablocki, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner in Saskatchewan.  He was identified as Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, said Rob King, public information officer for the Saskatchewan RCMP.  Although Sidhu was not injured in the crash, he did receive trauma counselling in the aftermath.  Sidhu was a bachelor of commerce student at Panjab University in Chandigarh, India.   SEND THEM ALL BACK!  - (Canada)
    White victims
    White victims
    White victims
    White victims

        O Canada: Women stays over with Arabic Black Toad. Gets Raped
    black suspectToronto Police have charged a 52-year-old man in an ongoing sexual assault investigation. Police had responded to a call at 5:09 p.m. on June 29 in the area of Dundas St. E. and George St.  Police alleged that a 34-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in a man’s home that she was invited to stay in when she had no place to stay. The woman had met the man through friends. The alleged incident took place on June 28 between 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. after which the woman fled the home. In a second instance, police allege that a 21-year-old woman was also sexually assaulted when she spent the night [at] a friend’s house on June 30 around 3 a.m. Ahmed Rabah of Toronto was charged on two counts of sexual assault. He was arrested.  - (Canada)

        O Canada: (black) Dick Head Negroid Sex Assault on busy intersection.
    black suspectThe Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of an arrest in an ongoing Sexual Assault investigation. On Thursday, June 28, 2018, at approximately 10:30 a.m., officers responded to a call for a sexual assault in the Union Station area. It is alleged that: - a woman was walking on Front Street West towards Yonge Street - she was approached by a man - he sexually assaulted her - this was witnessed by a number of people
    Hugh Greg Walfall, 37, of Toronto, was arrested. He is charged with: 1) Sexual Assault  
     - (Canada)
    The only culturally interesting thing of note is that the hellbound negro did not have a 'negro' name.

        O Canada: Police charge Queer Toronto negro in online ‘child luring’ investigation
    black suspectPolice have charged a Toronto man in relation to an online sexual exploitation case. On Tuesday, June 26, the Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes Child Exploitation Section executed a search warrant in the Yonge St. and Finch Ave. West area. Police allege that from October 2015 to December 2017, a man communicated online with several children under the ages of 16 and 18, engaging them in sexually explicit chats and sending them sexually explicit images. Wesley States, 24, of Toronto, has been arrested and charged with six accounts, including luring a child (under 16), making child pornography, and making sexually explicit material available to a child. Police said States communicated with several other children using the online identity of “Cody.”   - (Canada)

        O Canada - Generous and compassionate immigration policy has led to the cancer of foreign non-white criminal gangs
    It took a military strike force of 800 'Mounties' to arrest 70 of these violent criminal anti-social drug-crazed killers
    Police arrest nearly 70 people in overnight raids targeting Five Point Generalz street gang
    - (Canada)
    Some 70 people allegedly affiliated with a violent west-end street gang were arrested in raids overnight Thursday, Toronto police said.  More than 800 police officers executed some 50 warrants targeting the Five Point Generalz, an alleged criminal group. The raids were the result of a nine-month investigation into the gang dubbed Project Patton, according to Chief Mark Saunders. Arrests were made in Toronto, Durham, York and Peel regions. During a news conference at Toronto police headquarters, Saunders said the group has been "operating as a highly co-ordinated criminal organization" that has ties to other criminal elements in the U.S. and Caribbean.

        Extra Nasty Canadian N1663*z Shoot Two Young Girls in Playground
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectA 21-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder after a shooting in a Scarborough playground in the east end of Toronto injured two young girls. Sheldon Eriya,  was arrested on Friday in Pickering, Ont., Toronto police said in a news release on Saturday. Two male suspects are still at large, police said. The younger girl was shot in the abdomen and the older girl was hit in the ankle. Both underwent surgery but are expected to recover. - (Canada)


    black suspect A 21-year-old man has been charged in connection with the alleged sexual assault of six women on the TTC last weekend. The first incident occurred at Jane Station on Friday, June 9. Police said a woman was at the subway station when she was grabbed around the waist from behind and sexually assaulted by an unknown man.
    On Saturday, June 10, police said another woman was on board a TTC bus on Jane Street when she was approached by a man and sexually assaulted. Later that same day, police allege a man approached four women on a subway train travelling between Wilson Station and Glencairn Station and sexually assaulted them. One suspect, identified as 21-year-old Toronto resident Biko Miguana, has been arrested in connection with the alleged incidents.
    The surname 'Miguana' comes from Darkest Africa near the "the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River between Kenya and Wakanda.  - (Canada)

        Ontario, Canada fag lesbian premier voted out by landslide
    Kathleen Wynne’s status as the first lesbian premier of Ontario worked against her this election, just as her sexuality has throughout her career. But we cannot stop at sexuality when asking tough questions. Wynne’s tenure as premier might be called feminist, but homophobia may be less of a factor in her defeat than misogyny.  
     - (Canada)

        Police arrest Canadian troop of negroid monkeys over beating that left 19-year-old in a coma
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectsToronto police have arrested seven people, one man and six minors, in connection with a mass beating in North York that left a 19-year-old in a coma for several days. Police are still looking for two men in connection with the attack that Toronto Police Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said appeared to be random. Police identified the two wanted men as Nakhari Henry-Robinson, 18, from Toronto, and Tajon James, 19, from Toronto. Henry-Robinson is wanted for aggravated assault and failing to comply with a court order. James is wanted for aggravated assault and robbery. Hassan Hassan, 36, from Toronto is charged with aggravated assault. He was scheduled to appear in court on Friday. Six feral fatherless darkies can not be named under Canadian law.  - (Canada

        O Canada: Vancouver Police deal huge blow to violent criminal terrorist group of migrants from Pakistan & India  - (Canada)

        O Canada: White man shot dead by black in Toronto 
    black suspectWhite victim Police have identified a 37-year-old Toronto man as the victim of a deadly shooting in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood overnight. Gunshots rang out near Yorkville Avenue and Bay Street at around 11:30 p.m. Police told CP24 that when officers arrived on scene, they located a man, who has now been identified as 37-year-old Matthew Staikos, suffering from gunshot wounds.  Staikos was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators say the gunman fled the area in what has been described as a silver or grey four-door Mercedes. The suspect vehicle was last seen heading southbound on Bay Street. The suspect has been described by police as a black male with a medium build who is approximately five-foot-ten. - (Black-on-white) - (Canada)

    • Far-right groups, counter-protesters rally over asylum seekers at Canada-U.S. border
      Mike Noble
      is a construction worker from Ottawa who believes that ISIS fighters are entering into Canada at Roxham Road, the country's busiest illegal border crossing. So on Saturday, he made the 2½ hour drive from his home to the Canada-U.S. border crossing at Lacolle, Que. There Noble, 35, joined around 100 other people, many of them affiliated with one of Quebec's growing number of far-right groups, to protest how governments are handling the flow of asylum seekers entering Canada outside official ports of entry.  
       - (Canada)

        Canada welcomes the scum of the earth as migrants - many of which demonstrate their uncivilized criminal propensities
    mud suspect Canada Immigrant Crime, SOMALIE Homo Rape + Knife Murder
    Abdi Dirie - an n-word black negro queer from Somalia
    It is alleged that: - a man placed an ad in the "personals" section of craigslist, an online classified advertisement site
    - the male victim responded to the ad and the two became acquainted
    - on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, the two were at the address of a short-term rental unit in the Liberty Village area
    - the victim was sexually assaulted by the man
    - the man subsequently extorted cash from the victim on more than one occasion
    - the incident was reported to police  
     - (Canada)

        Vancouver police arrest black suspect in Scarborough Junction homicide
    A 27-year-old man who had been wanted in connection with a fatal stabbing at an apartment building in the city’s Scarborough Junction neighbourhood last month has been arrested by police in Vancouver.

    Joel Newby, 23, was fatally stabbed inside a Toronto Community Housing building near Danforth Road and Midland Avenue on the morning of April 21. Following the homicide, police issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for Joshua Bewley.

    In a news release issued on Friday morning, police confirmed that Bewley was located and arrested on May 2 with the assistance of the Vancouver Police Department. They say that they are working with Vancouver police to facilitate Bewley’s return to Toronto to face charges. Police previously said that Bewley was wanted for first-degree murder.  
     - (Canada)

        Royal Canadian Mounties conducting a Canada-wide coon hunt for a black muslim SOMALI 'hookah killer'
    black suspect"MOUNTIES"Police in Peel Region have issued a Canada-wide warrant for a suspect wanted for first-degree murder in the death of a 17-year-old at a Mississauga hookah lounge last February. Investigators believe Mohamud Kheyre, 20, is actively evading arrest and may have fled the country, a police release said Monday. He is described as male, of Somali descent, 6' 5" with a heavy build. Police were called to the Habibi Lounge in the Airport Road and Derry Road East area in the early hours of Sunday, Feb. 6, 2016 after reports of several men fighting in a parking lot, hitting each other with bottles. It's there that Sharmarke Farah was found suffering a gunshot wound to the chest. He was rushed to hospital but died of his injuries. SEND THEM ALL BACK!

      (Most-likely muslim terrorist antichrist) Terror in Toronto: Van Driver Kills 9 People
    Around 10 people were injured when a van struck a crowd of people in Toronto on Monday afternoon, April 23, according to reports. A suspect was arrested. The Toronto Police said that between 8 and 10 people were struck around Yonge Street south of Finch Avenue when a white van went down the sidewalk. The driver was later arrested, CTV reported. Several media outlets have reported that as many as nine people were killed in the attack.
    “He started going down on the sidewalk and crumbling down people one by one,” witness Alex Shaker told CTV News. Shaker said that he saw the van hit someone with a stroller. - (Canada)

        O Canada: (berserk black) African from Eitheopia throwing stones at women in Toronto - one women got a concussion
    black suspect A 24-year-old man has been arrested following a series of “random and unprovoked” attacks in broad daylight on women in and near Toronto’s gay village, police say. The suspect is accused of assaulting five women over a span of four days earlier this month.   Police allege that the suspect threw a rock at two women, minutes apart, striking each of them in the back. The second incident occurred one day later on April 13 near Yonge and Dundas streets.
    Police say the same suspect approached a third woman at around 1:10 p.m. and proceeded to kick her in the back of her head. The woman sustained a concussion as a result.  Police allege that the same suspect approached a woman in the Church and Wood streets area at around 10:30 a.m. and kicked her in the back. It is further alleged that the suspect then approached a woman in the Church and Carlton streets area minutes later and kicked her in the chest. - (Canada)

        Police investigate alleged group sexual assault (gang-rape) in Niagara Falls - by four blacks and a 'beaner'
    black suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspectPolice in southern Ontario are investigating an alleged group sexual assault in Niagara Falls. Niagara Regional Police say it happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the city's busy downtown, near the tourist epicentre. Police say a woman was walking down a laneway in the area at about 3 a.m. when she was "accosted and sexually assaulted" by a group of five men. The woman did not suffer any life-threatening injuries, but she was treated at a local hospital.  Four are described as black and the fifth as "Hispanic." One of the suspects was wearing a black and red Toronto Raptors ball cap, while another wore a T-shirt with a logo resembling a horseshoe.  - (Canada)

        Wetback Terrorist Roams Across U.S.-Canada Border
    The 23 Division Warrant office is seeking the public's assistance locating (Mexican) Elias Alberto Becerra Rodriguez, 28, of Toronto. (of Mexico). He is wanted for: 1. Two counts of Assault 2. Two counts of Fail To Comply Recognizance
    3. Fail To Attend Court 4. Sexual Assault 5. Threatening Death 6. Theft Under $5000  - (Canada)
    Citizen of Mexico Sentenced For Illegal Entry into United States
    Elias Alberto Becerra-Rodriguez, age 27, of Mexico, was sentenced on August 10 to 25 days in jail for illegally entering

        Canada: Police release image of wanted negro pimp
    black suspectYork police have charged two people and are searching for a third in connection with a human trafficking investigation. Officers launched an investigation March 7 after a victim came forward to police with information and looking for assistance, police said in a news release. As a result of the probe, York Regional Police arrested and charged a 21-year-old Burlington woman a 22-year-old Brampton man. Marvin Bryan, 39, of Brampton is wanted by York Regional Police following a human trafficking investigation.  Deyshon 'Wednesday' Palmer, 22,  also charged.  
     - (Canada)


      O Canada: Islamic school teacher accused of homosexually molesting young male student in Scarborough
    A teacher at an Islamic school in northeast Scarborough faces accusations that he removed a young boy from class and molested the child. Toronto Police alleged Wednesday that the crime happened Feb. 16 and involved a 10-year-old at The Islamic Foundation of Toronto — located on Nugget Ave. near Markham Rd., just north of Sheppard Ave. E.

    The boy “was taken from school grounds …by a man who was a teacher at the school,” Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu alleged Wednesday. According to the accusations, a man drove the  victim to a location, near Neilson Rd. and McLevin Ave. — about two kilometres away. “The man HOMO sexually assaulted the boy and afterwards returned the boy to school,” Sidhu alleged.

    Saleh Momla, 24, of Toronto, is charged with one count each of sexual interference and sexual assault.   - (Canada)

        4 pimps (3 blacks and a mud foreigner) charged after 2 girls allegedly forced into the sex trade
    black suspectblack suspectFour men have been charged in connection with a human trafficking investigation. Toronto police say two girls, aged 15 and 16, were forced to work in the sex trade over a four-day period.
    It’s alleged that one of the victims, who is from Toronto, was contacted and coerced via social media. The other girl was allegedly recruited outside the city and brought back to Toronto. Police said that over the four-day period, the girls were forced into the sex trade and then forced to turn over their money to the men.Investigators were alerted to the incident by the family of one of the girls.

    The four suspects — Jahdine Desir, 19, Dane Cato-Simpson, 22, Tahje Tucker, 18, and Sukhminder Lota, 45 — were arrested and now face a total of 31 charges.  - (Canada)

        Canada: Female Officer Complains of Negro Sex harassment--gets docked 8-hrs pay
    black suspectWhite victimA veteran Toronto police sergeant who came forward with allegations of sexual harassment has been docked eight hours of pay for participating in a group chat that included the exchange of lewd messages. Sgt. Jessica McInnis said she was subject to ongoing harassment and discrimination from male colleagues over a three-year period that left her "intimidated, threatened and exhausted." In a transcription of the group chat acquired by CBC Toronto, McInnis appears to be a frequent target of lewd and suggestive messages from (black) Det. Mark Morris. On several occasions, Morris appears to make sexual offers to McInnis. Morris also refers to his penis as "the anaconda" eight times in the chat. - (Black-on-white)  - (Canada)

    • Alberta Holocaust denier reportedly arrested in Germany
      Monika Schaefer was reportedly arrested during a recess in the trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for Holocaust denial, according to a post on the right wing German blog deutsches-Maedchen.com according to the left wing B'nai Brith Canada.  - (Canada)

        Canada: Mud foreigner Uber driver charged with sexual assault, Syed Husain, 26
    mud suspect It is alleged that:  on Saturday, January 27, 2018, at 3 am, a 20-year-old woman was the Queen Street West and Peter Street area she was in an Uber and was sexually assaulted by the driver  Syed Husain, 26, of Toronto, surrendered to police at 52 Division.  He was arrested and charged with:  1) Sexual Assault
    2) Forcible Confinement 3) Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle. He is scheduled to appear in court.  
     - (Canada)
        Canada: VIOLENT demented and defiled white woman with black sex partner wanted for theft and fraud
    Stephanie Hussey, of Toronto, and Tyrell WilliamsStephanie Hussey, 34 is wanted on the strength of a Surety Warrant for: 1) Two counts of Theft Under $5000 2) Two counts of Possession Property Obtained By Crime Under 3) Three counts of Possess/Use Credit Card Obtained By Crime 4) Four counts of Fraud Under $5000 5) Robbery She is described as 5’8", 130 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes. Police warn that she is considered violent. If located, do not approach. Call 9-1-1. - (Canada)

    Dangers of interracial dating

        Canada: foreigner Mustafa Ururyar has rape charges dropped
    Mustafa UruryarMustafa Ururyar, whose conviction of sexually assaulting a fellow PhD student was overturned, signed a peace bond and professed his innocence as charges he lived with for almost three years were withdrawn in court Wednesday. In July 2016, Ururyar was convicted of sexually assaulting Mandi Gray in his apartment on Jan. 31, 2015. The controversial 179-page decision that quoted from academic studies and literature about sexual assault was overturned on appeal this past summer. - (Canada)

        Canada: University of Saskatchewan co-ed gang-raped for hours by NIGERian migrants - let loose on bail
    Timloh Nkem After the man convicted of raping her vanished, the victim says police in Saskatoon have done little to find him despite leads suggesting he is still in Canada. "I'm not waiting for a phone call I'm never going to get," said the woman CBC News is calling Sarah, to protect her identity. Sarah was raped for hours at the University of Saskatchewan's McEown Park dormitory in the early hours of New Year's Day 2012. She's not sure exactly how many attackers there were but DNA testing detected the presence of semen from two men. The second suspect, Nigerian-born Nkem, had come to Canada on a student visa in 2006 but was no longer a student at the time of the assault. Sarah is convinced Nkem is still in Canada, protected by the cousins who posted bail for him. - (Canada)

        Canadian Court Upholds Nigger Music as Evidence
    Lamar SkeeteA Toronto jury found the rapper Lamar Skeete killed Kenneth Mark on Dec. 29, 2009 to exact revenge for testifying that Skeete and his brother had shot him a year earlier. One of Skeete’s three grounds of appeal was that the trial judge wrongly allowed his rap lyrics to be entered into evidence. Skeete recorded his rap while in jail and posted it on a website. It included the lyric: “Real niggaz don’t crack to the coppers.” - (Canada)

        Extreme N*gger Violence in Small Canadian Town--66 Carjackings
    Black Brothers facing 66 charges in Ajax carjacking cases
    Trenell Ottley, 24, and his brother (left) Trevell OttleyAJAX — Two brothers, who live in the north Ajax neighbourhood where multiple carjackings occurred, are now facing a combined 66 charges for these and other violent incidents. Trenell Ottley, 24, and his brother Trevell Ottley, 21, both of Hesketh Road in Ajax, have been charged in connection with nine incidents, including: • Seven incidents involving carjacking, attempt carjackings and robberies of people in or near their vehicles in north Ajax, spanning from Oct. 12 to Nov. 16 • The robbery of a taxi driver near Ajax Downs Casino on Nov. 28 - (Canada)

        Canada Groid in Raincoat sprays bleach on subway riders
    Canadian groidA Toronto man is facing assault charges after he allegedly sprayed subway passengers with an unknown substance last week. The incident happened on a northbound train near Spadina station around 1:45 p.m. on Nov. 17, when an unknown man approached two passengers, police say. The man then sprayed the passengers, police allege. The liquid caused one of the passenger’s eyes to become red and irritated. The passenger was rushed to a hospital and was treated for exposure. Police released an image later that day of the man carrying a spray bottle and a green plastic bag. On Sunday, Tristan Anthony Miller, 26, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a weapon and two counts of administering a noxious substance.

        Canada: Asian Canadian woman - shot dead by her black monkey boyfriend
    Mark Joseph ChampagneNatasha ThompsonA 36-year-old Hamilton mother of two is dead after being gunned down, police say, during an argument with her boyfriend that spilled out of their east Hamilton townhouse and onto a neighbour's doorstep. Natasha Thompson was shot multiple times outside 17 Lang St., beside her own townhouse unit 15, around 5:15 p.m. Monday, said Hamilton police homicide unit Det. Sgt. Peter Thom. Police have described the shooting as a "domestic-related homicide." Her boyfriend, 41-year-old Mark Joseph Champagne, allegedly ran, but eventually turned himself in to Toronto police around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. He's charged with second-degree murder. Hamilton police arrived first on the scene and performed CPR on Thompson. Paramedics took over, but she died on the way to Hamilton General Hospital. - (Canada)

    Dangers of interracial dating

        8 more patients accuse (foreign pervert) Winnipeg Dr. Amir Ravesh of sexual assault - Ravesh is an INDIAN name
    Amir RaveshDr. Amir Ravesh faces another eight charges of sexual assault against eight women age 24 to 69 and Winnipeg police say they believe more people might come forward. Ravesh, who was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old patient on Oct. 19, was re-arrested on Thursday and charged with eight additional counts of sexual assault. He is being held in custody, Winnipeg police said Friday. - (Canada)

        Canada: Gay and faggot Shoplifters put pet shop owned by Asian out of business
    Diane MaiDiane Mai is fed up with shoplifters stealing from her pet store in the city’s Gay Village “on a daily basis.” So after more than 20 years in business at the corner of Church and Charles Sts. — just north of Wellesley St. — she is shutting the doors of Pets Wonderful. “Since June, there have been a lot of crimes and they haven’t been solved,” Dai said Tuesday. “It’s happening so often, so we decided we’re going to shut down for safety reasons.” Dai, who works alone in the shop daily, estimates she has endured about $20,000 in losses during the last five months. “It’s been devastating,” she said. “There’s no point to stay in business.” - (Canada)

        HUGE LIPPED SCUM NEGRO WITH AFRICAN NAME gets free room and board for life for murder of his white girlfriend
    Randy Tshilumba"Her name was Clémence, and we will remember her," said Quebec Superior Court Justice Hélène Di Salvo before turning to the 20-year-old woman's murderer, Randy Tshilumba, and sentencing him to life in prison. Di Salvo then addressed Clémence Beaulieu-Patry's parents. "The guilty verdict will not bring back Clémence, but I hope it will bring you a measure of peace," she said. Earlier in the sentencing hearing Wednesday, under a projected photo of a smiling Beaulieu-Patry, family members and friends spoke about the impact the young woman had had on their lives. Last week, a jury found Tshilumba, 21, guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Beaulieu-Patry. He stabbed her to death in the Maxi supermarket where she worked on April 10, 2016. Beaulieu-Patry's parents, Luc Patry and Nathalie Beaulieu, were the first to speak, saying they were the proudest parents in the world when Clémence was born. "During our walks, people would stop us and tell us how they found you beautiful and expressive," said Beaulieu. "Our travels were moments of bonding, discovery and pure happiness," said Patry, recalling his daughter's teen years. Since the murder, her parents told the court they've had to learn to live without their daughter, which has had physical and emotional repercussions. "We're consumed by sadness and anger every day, and that prevents us from working," said Beaulieu. She told the court that their inability to work has had a serious financial impact. The two say they're paralyzed by pain despite medical and psychological help, and despite taking anti-depressant medication. - (Black-on-white) - (Canada)

    Dangers of interracial dating

        Canada: BLACK named "YAG" accused of randomly stabbing Calgary mother and son will see psychiatrist
    John Garang Luka YagThere are concerns about the mental health of a young man accused of stabbing a mother and her six-year-old son on Friday in what police have called a random attack. John Garang Luka Yag, 20, is charged with two counts of attempted murder. His matter was dealt with in court Tuesday morning but Yag remains in hospital and was not able to appear in person or by closed-circuit TV. Prosecutor Achilles Grobler requested that Yag see a forensic psychiatrist at his court date next week. The doctor will assess his mental fitness and tell the judge if he needs further assessment or has no concerns. The mother and son were walking near a green space in the 100 block of Bearberry Crescent N.W. when they were attacked from behind. People in the area heard their cries for help, saw what was happening and called 911. The suspect fled the scene as one witness approached. Yag was arrested shortly after. Police said at the time that Yag was not known to the two victims but was in the area visiting a nearby home. - (Canada)


        Canada: Former scout leader facing child pornography charges
    Robert RatcliffeToronto police said a 54-year-old Ajax man allegedly sent images of child sexual abuse during online chats.
    An Ajax man, who previously worked as a volunteer in a scouts organization, is facing six child pornography charges. Toronto police said they executed a search warrant at a home near Westney Rd. S. and Ravenscroft Rd., north of Kingston Rd. W. on Oct. 19. Police allege that a man placed an online ad looking to initiate sexual acts with a person. He then allegedly chatted with someone to make arrangements to commit sexual acts on a child. Police further allege that in the chats, the man sent images of child sexual abuse. - (Canada) - (climatehoax.ca)

        Canada: Chinese Toronto doctor alleged client of 15-year-old human trafficking victim: Cops
    Ernest ChiuToronto Police sex crimes detectives were already targeting a human trafficking ring that was allegedly pimping out an underage girl through an online ad. But what Det.-Sgt. Nunzio Tramontozzi and his team stumbled upon shocked them. One of the alleged clients was a Toronto doctor. When the dust settled, they had a case in which a 15-year-old girl was allegedly hired out for sex, a kidney specialist and accusations that the victim received a prescription for birth control after she was violated at a Toronto hospital. Dr. Ernest Chiu, 32, has since been been charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, obtaining sexual services from a person under 18 and sexual assault.. - (Canada)

        O Canada: 4 (obscene racist black) teens charged in connection with videotaped attack on (apparently White) student
    pack of 4 niggers stomp (apparently White) boyFour teenagers have been charged after an English Montreal School Board student was attacked at a Rivière-des-Prairies park earlier this week. Three suspects are 15 and the other is 16. Police are still looking for one last person who they believe was involved. The group of teenagers was charged Friday with one count each of assault causing bodily harm and conspiracy to commit assault causing bodily harm. In the video, the victim falls to the ground, at which point he is repeatedly kicked by members of the group. As he covers his face, he is punched in the head and jumped on. EMSB spokesperson Michael Cohen confirmed that the victim was not seriously injured. "The student was checked out, he has some bruises but fortunately — and miraculously, for anyone who saw the video — he is OK and he'll be fine," Cohen said. - (Black-on-white) - (Canada)

    • Jewish Holocaust to be celebrated in Toronto Canada as 'Freedom Day' ("Arbeit macht frei") featuring a Canadian blacktivist footballer and
      with the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre and "Indigenous activist" Tracee Smith (Eskimo organizer?) There will also be a black-Canadian, (unknown) former CFL footballer and motivational speaker, "who was targeted by police and beaten up “It’s a great, positive, energizing (and) inspiring event ... really a celebration” - "CELEBRATING THE JEWISH HOLOCAUST"????? - (sounds like a neo-nazi event to me)
      - (Canada)



          BLACK MUSLIM SOMALI 'refugee' TERRORIST charged with five counts of attempted murder for Edmonton attacks
    Abdulahi Hasan Sharif EDMONTON, Alberta – Canadian prosecutors have filed charges including attempted murder against a man suspected of ramming his car into a policeman, stabbing him and then injuring four people while leading officers on a high-speed chase in a rental van. Abdulahi Hasan Sharif faces five counts of attempted murder, five counts of dangerous driving and one weapons charge in connection with the incident late Saturday in the western city of Edmonton. The 30-year-old suspect is a Somali refugee once investigated for allegedly espousing extremism. Police have said terrorism charges are expected, but none have been filed so far. He is in custody with a bail hearing scheduled for Tuesday. An Islamic State group flag was found in the car that hit the officer, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it a terror attack. - (Canada)

        Canada-wide warrant issued for BLACK man, 24, identified in point-blank shooting of Hamilton father
    Akil WhyteHomicide detectives have issued a Canada-wide warrant for a Toronto man, 24, identified in the point-blank shooting that led to the death of a man in a parking lot near Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue West last April. Akil Whyte is charged with first-degree murder of Leonard Pinnock, Det. Sgt. Joyce Schertzer said during a news conference Monday. Pinnock, a 33-year-old from Hamilton, was sitting in his car waiting for a friend in a parking lot at a strip mall on the night of April 21 when two suspects fired multiple shots into the driver's window. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Whyte was known to police prior to the shooting and is wanted for trafficking cocaine. - (Canada)

        Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl
    Hamid Mohaghegh Montazeri The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use. A photo of the accused – identified as Richmond Hill resident Hamid Mohaghegh Montazeri – has been released as investigators are asking the public to come forward with any information they may have. - (Canada)

        What Car(s) does Canada's Klimate Barbie Drive? - “Climate Barbie” Catherine McKenna goes on luxury car buying spree
    Catherine McKennaCanada’s Minister of Environment Catherine McKenna is often caught on camera striking one of her typical Climate Change Barbie poses. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s token female cabinet minister who, when she’s not mounting a bike in high heels, is typically caught on camera attending fancy international summits where she and her like-minded climate cultists plot ways to drain our pocketbooks through, say, a country-wide carbon tax on literally everything. To be sure, Climate Barbie’s eco-friendly image is a national priority. That’s why she absolutely had to spend over $17,000 taxpayer dollars to hire fancy French photographers to take candid shots: Photos on bikes, photos at climate conferences-- that’s the sort of look every Climate Change Barbie wannabe should aspire to. But, what about photos of our Environment Minister in, say, a gas guzzling Porsche? Or, a Mercedes Benz? - (Canada)


        O CANADA: Monkey police face drugs charges, sorry no pics of coloreds
    Durham police charge 2 of their own constables, after drug investigation linked to Ajax bar
    Two Durham Regional Police officers have been charged after a year-long investigation into activities at an Ajax bar. Const. Husen Aswat, 32, and Const. Amandeep Thakur, 30 — both of West Division — have been suspended from duty and are being held for bail hearings. Durham police said in a news release that the pair are among five people charged. They were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the sale of marijuana and cocaine. The charges were laid after police said officers began to investigate Black Bear Bar and Grill on Westney Rd. South in Ajax about a year ago when they became aware of "excessive serving of alcohol" and "illegal drug transactions." - (Canada)

        Canada: Many Witnesses to Mall Murder of Black Man - TORONTO POLICE SERVICES
    suspectsuspectsuspectsuspectJovane ClarkeHomicide investigators are seeking the public’s help identifying four men wanted in an afternoon shooting in a busy mall in the city’s west end. he deceased has been identified as Jovane Clarke, 22, of Toronto. Carbone said police are looking for four black males in their mid-20s who were wearing dark clothing. - (Canada)

    • Canada: Muslim terrorist's sister says: Homo acts are a sin, hijab is mandatory
      • Who is Zaynab Khadr? Zaynab Khadr is the eldest daughter and first child of Ahmed Khadr, a prominent Egyptian-Canadian citizen noted for charitable work among Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and suspected of being a terrorist and al-Qaeda member.
      • Who is omar Khadr? Omar Ahmed Sayid Khadr is a Canadian citizen who was detained by the United States at Guantanamo Bay for ten years, from the age of 16, during which he pleaded guilty to the murder of U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Christopher Speer and other charges. - (Canada)


    • SATANIC MUSLIMS WORSHIP DEATH AND MOON GOD: Toronto woman killed in Burkina Faso attack remembered by friends
      Tammy Chen first breezed into Tania Muller's restaurant in the bustling capital of Burkina Faso two years ago, just wanting a meal. Instead, she made a friend. Chen's visits became a daily occurrence in Muller's restaurant — she was all smiles, "always in a good mood," Muller recalled. The restaurateur, now in France, learned about the death of Chen and her husband in the news. The two were killed on Sunday night, in a shooting at a Turkish cafe that left 18 dead. The scene wasn't far from Muller's restaurant, where the two would often chat about Chen's upcoming wedding or Muller's young son. Muller says the obvious targets sell alcohol, serve pork, or attract large groups of tourists. But at this time of year, the sleepy rainy season, she says Chen likely wasn't concerned about violent extremism. - (Canada)

        NNN EXCLUSIVE: Canada: FAKE NEWS: 'massive' anti-hate rally by Professor Anne Rubenstein show less than two dozen cops & media
    Canadian fake news 'massive rally'(Toronto) Rally to protest racist violence Monday, August 14, 2017 Report by Sniffy Rally to protest racist violence The printed morning paper and the online version of metronews.ca are quite different. Media people slant the camera so that there seems to be a large crowd. My image shows about 20 people. The protest is organized by Professor Anne Rubenstein. She says, in the printed version, “As a historian, I see these events as part of a long history of white violence, white people protecting their place in a racial hierarchy by killing and terrorizing people.” Nobody showed up for this except for the cops and a bunch of media people. They are definitely not going to repeat that quote by Rubenstein. - (Canada)

        Toronto Police want YOUR HELP in identifying dark-skinned BLACK men in stabbing investigation
    black suspect- during the party, a fight broke out between several males, which spilled out onto Fraser Avenue - during the fight, one man was stabbed, another was struck on the head with a brick Police are looking to identify the two men involved. They may be from the Woodbridge or Vaughan area. A photograph of one of the men has been released. He may also wear glasses. The second man is described as dark-skinned, 19-21, slim build. He was wearing all-dark clothing and a dark baseball-style hat. - (Canada)

        BLACK AFRICAN 'Canadian' FROM NIGERia sentenced to 6 months in U.S. for illegal alien smuggling ring - fat 'wite wife' charged
    Victory Omoruyi’s wife, Michelle Omoruyi, is facing human smuggling charges in CanadaFARGO, N.D. — A U.S. federal court has sentenced a Regina man to six months in prison for his part in a human smuggling operation. Victory Omoruyi pleaded guilty in May to transport of illegal aliens. Authorities say he helped move nine Nigerian citizens and asylum seekers to the Saskatchewan border from North Dakota on April 14. Omoruyi’s attorney, David Dusek, asked for a sentence of time served. U.S. District Judge Ralph Erickson said during Wednesday’s sentencing hearing in Fargo that Omoruyi deserves prison time because it was a for-profit scheme to unlawfully move people across the border. After sentencing, Dusek said he tried to get Omoruyi a lighter sentence so he could return to Canada. Dusek had no further comment. Omoruyi’s wife, Michelle Omoruyi, is facing human smuggling charges in Canada. She is due in Estevan Provincial Court on Aug. 14. - (Canada)

        Director of legal clinic for Black Canadians charged diamond ring to company credit card
    Margaret ParsonsFunding for the African Canadian Legal Clinic could be withdrawn after audit also found that a clinic credit card was used to buy alcohol for on-site “Bacardi Friday” events. A Toronto legal clinic that has advocated for the Black community for over two decades is in jeopardy of having its funding cut amid allegations of financial mismanagement, Metro has learned. The African Canadian Legal Clinic has failed to address a number of issues, including misuse of public funds, since they first surfaced in 2009, according to a June 2016 decision from a committee of Legal Aid Ontario’s board of directors. The decision, obtained this summer by Metro, found the clinic was in "fundamental breach of its obligations" under its funding agreement with Legal Aid Ontario. The decision specifically cites an audit by independent auditors PwC, which names Margaret Parsons, the clinic’s executive director, and found she charged $754 for a diamond ring to a company credit card in 2007. Auditors found no evidence the money had been paid back. - (Canada)

        Canada: Middle-eastern (LGBT-Queer) migrant Omar Mbarak tries to kidnap young boy for perverted deviant homo-faggot sex
    Omar MbarakThe Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of a man charged in an ongoing Criminal Harassment investigation. It is alleged that: - on Monday, July 31, 2017, at approximately 12:30 p.m., a boy, 17, was walking in the Birmingham Street and Islington Avenue area. - the boy was approached by a man driving a small, dark, compact vehicle - the man made sexual gestures and offered to perform sexual acts on the boy - the driver continued to follow the boy, attempting to engage him in conversation - after a short time, he drove off Omar Mbarak, 34, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with: 1) two counts of Criminal Harassment - (Canada)

        Canada: Jordan B. Peterson’s YouTube account locked during biblical lecture series: ‘No explanation’
    Jordan B. PetersonThe University’s of Toronto’s Dr. Jordan B. Peterson turned to famous friends Tuesday after his YouTube account was locked “with no explanation.” The clinical psychologist who shot to fame in 2016 for opposition to Canada’s “C-16 bill” — critics called him “transphobic” for his refusal to use genderless pronouns — said Google is refusing give him access to his YouTube account. The timing coincides with attempts to upload a new installment of his biblical lecture series, which has garnered over 1 million views. “Google is refusing to reinstate my account. Violation of terms of service. No explanation given,” he began a series of tweets. “@joerogan @RubinReport @scrowder @SamHarrisOrg
    I’ve been locked out of YouTube & my personal account: violation of terms of service. I cannot post new YouTube videos, including last week’s Biblical lecture. No access. At least — for now — the videos are still up.” Mr. Peterson’s appearances on podcast star Joe Rogan’s channel, along with Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” and Steven Crowder’s “Louder with Crowder,” have also tallied millions of views. Mr. Rogan immediately shared the news with his 3.45 million followers and Mr. Rubin demanded YouTube “fix this ASAP.” The professor, who often speaks on the dangers of moral relativism, has a loyal following — particularly among young men — who cheer his calls to embrace personal responsibility, virtue and truth. - (Canada)

        Canada: (Black) Man and 17 year-old girl face numerous charges for human trafficking, child pornography
    Shamar ClarkeThe Toronto Police Human Trafficking Enforcement Team would like to make the public aware of an investigation into a Human Trafficking occurrence. • in May 2016, a then 16-year-old girl contacted a then 15-year-old girl through Facebook • the 16-year-old girl convinced the 15-year-old girl to come to Toronto with her so they could hang out • the 16-year-old girl brought the 15-year-old girl to an address in Toronto and introduced her to a then 25-year-old man • the 15-year-old girl was told by the man that she was going to work for him providing sexual services for money • the 16-year-old girl posted advertisements with pictures of the 15-year-old girl on the website Backpage.com • the 15-year-old girl was forced to work in the sex trade and hand over all the money she made to the man and the 16-year-old girl • the 15-year-old girl was assaulted, threatened, held against her will and sexually assaulted by the man • the 15-year-old girl was given a quantity of alcohol and drugs to consume in order to stay awake longer and work • after being held for two weeks, the 15-year-old girl managed to escape and contacted police. The Toronto Police Service began an investigation and on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, the man and 16-year-old girl were arrested. Shamar Clarke, 26, was arrested and charged with (more...) - (Canada)


        (Black) Man charged for not disclosing HIV status extradited to Canada
    George FlowersA man has been extradited to Canada after police issued a warrant for his arrest five years ago after he allegedly had unprotected sex with women and did not disclose that he was HIV-positive. The man allegedly had unprotected sex with women he met at various bars in Toronto between 1996 and 2002. Toronto police issued a warrant for his arrest in October 2012, but the man fled to Jamaica. On Thursday he was extradited to Canada where he faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault. George Flowers, 48, was initially facing 11 counts of aggravated sexual assault in 2012. - (Canada)

    4 July 2017 - Archived  
    (click at left for full coverage)
    New Nation News - Archives

        Canada: Black muslim male Nurse Mohamed Doudou Traoré (from Mali in Africa) guilty of 'Cosby' sexual assault - gives victim an STD
    Mohamed Doudou TraoréDescribing "improbable" the defense of Mohamed Doudou Traoré, Judge René de la Sablonnière convicted him of having sexually assaulted two young women. In one case, it is an aggression causing injury since the victim has contracted chlamydia. Mohamed Doudou Traoré, who kept his work at the Enfant-Jésus hospital during the judicial process, drugged the victims before taking action. Ketamine, an anesthetic, has been found in the system of one of the women. The two attacks occurred a few months apart, at the beginning of 2011. The man originally from Mali must also file his passport. - (Canada)

        Canadian Police name (black) suspect in stabbing, violent robbery
    Kevan AndersonKevan Anderson
    being sought in connection with two attacks in Toronto’s east end. Toronto police are searching for a man in connection with two violent incidents in the city’s east end this spring. In the first incident, police say a woman was attacked around 9 a.m. on May 29 in the area of Jones Ave. and Gerrard St. E. The 25-year-old victim had been followed by a man for some time before he confronted her, brandishing a knife. He slashed her, inflicting that police described as serious and life-altering, before fleeing. The second incident took place in the area of Blake St. and Boultbee Ave. on June 13. Police say a man approached a 25-year-old woman who was walking with her daughter and punched, kicked and choked her, then stole several items, including a necklace she was wearing. Police have identified the suspect in both cases as Kevan Anderson, 27, of Toronto. He is around 5’9”, with dark hair, and his distinguishing features include a scar on his lip and a tattoo that says “RIP Dylan” on his arm. - (Canada)



    • Canada: Violent Queers to get Hitched in the Joint * Luka Magnotta betrothed a killer, too - (Canada)
      Magnotta and Jolin will be now entitled to trailer visits.
      Cannibal killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is slated to get hitched to fellow inmate Anthony Jolin, 36, in a ceremony June 26. In a kindly twist of kismet, the betrothed shares Magnotta’s blood-drenched CV. Jolin - a native of Saint John, N.B. - was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a fellow inmate at the maximum security prison in Renous, N.B. According to the CBC, Jolin and fellow con Jonathan Hache, 21, stabbed Kevin Whynder to death in the prison shower in 2003. The violent 30-year-old pimp had executed Halifax teen Kelly Wilneff, 17, with 10 bullets in the head for planning to testify against him at his assault trial, according to CBC News archives. As for Magnotta, he’s serving a life sentence for the lurid murder of a Montreal student in 2012. The former low-rent porn actor killed and dismembered his Chinese victim.

    • Socialist Diversity Medical Care in Canada: Video shows woman demanding ‘English-speaking white doctor’ for her son in waiting-room
      As the woman stormed through the Canadian medical facility, she was adamant: She wanted a white doctor to treat her son — not a brown one and not one with an accent. “So you're telling me that my kid has chest pains, he's going to have to sit here until 4 o'clock?” she told an employee at the walk-in clinic in Mississauga, Ontario. “Can I see a doctor please that's white, that doesn't have brown teeth, that speaks English?” The employee responded that the facility couldn't suddenly summon a Caucasian pediatrician. But the angry mother was steadfast. “You're telling me there's not one white doctor in this entire building?” she continued. “Well, what's the closest that you have to speaking English? “Being white in this country, I should just shoot myself. My kid is part not-white, so can we get somebody to see him that at least speaks English?”
      More than half of Mississauga's 700,000 residents are ethnic minorities, and more than 20 percent hail from South Asia. - (Canada)

    • Canada: Norfolk County resident loses $100,000 to Facebook prize scam
      (NORFOLK COUNTY, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Norfolk County Detachment is urging all residents to familiarise themselves with the Facebook prize scam after a concerned resident contacted police. Through the course of the investigation, it was determined that between Monday, April 3, 2017, and Monday, June 5, 2017, a resident received a notification indicating that they had won a large lottery. The victim was then requested to send funds in order to release the winnings however no prize ever arrived. The total amount of funds forwarded was approximately $100,000 dollars. - (Canada)
    • 25 Dumbest Internet Scams People Unfortunately Fall For


    Orthodox jew? claims woman needs “blessing” before sexually assaulting her: Toronto police
    Hebrew jew rapistToronto police are seeking a male suspect who offered a “blessing” to a woman before allegedly sexually assaulting her inside her north-end apartment. Police said the incident happened at a building in the Bathurst Street and Steeles Avenue West area before 5 p.m. on May 23. A 37-year-old woman was in the elevator when a man entered from the ground floor. The man and woman engaged in a conversation, when the man reportedly said the woman needed a “blessing”. Police said the man followed the woman to her apartment and advised she “needed to be cleansed of her ex-husband.” The man is accused of sexually assaulting the woman inside her apartment. He’s described by police as about six feet tall with a long, brown beard, long, brown side curls, and glasses. He speaks both Hebrew and English. At the time, the man was wearing black shoes, black pants, a long black trench/dress coat with a white-collared shirt underneath, and a large brimmed hat. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-3200 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-8477. - (Canada)

        Toronto police release composite image in Scarborough sex assault case
    Scarborough sex beastPolice have released a composite sketch of a suspect in a sexual assault investigation. The alleged assault happened on the afternoon of Monday, Feb. 20, in the Kennedy Road and Ranstone Gardens area in Scarborough. According to police, a 26-year-old woman was walking when a man approached her from behind, forced her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7474, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477) or online at http://www.222tips.com. - (Canada)

        Canada: (UZBEKI) Yahoo hacker Karim Baratov will stay in jail as he awaits extradition hearing
    Karim Baratov An Ontario Court of Appeals judge has dismissed an attempt by alleged Yahoo hacker Karim Baratov to be allowed to wait out a U.S. extradition hearing at home, saying the 22-year-old is a flight risk. Baratov, 22, who owned a home in an affluent neighbourhood in Ancaster, Ont., will remain behind bars after the court dismissed his application for a review of the detention order Friday. Baratov was arrested in early March and formally denied bail in April. Baratov was arrested in March under the Extradition Act after U.S. authorities indicted him and three others — two of them allegedly officers of Russia's Federal Security Service — for computer hacking, economic espionage and other crimes. - (Canada)

    • Demonic Islamic Woman screaming 'Allahu Akbar' charged in Toronto store attack: Sources
      TORONTO - A Scarborough woman remains jailed on allegations that she, while masked in an ISIS bandana, swung a golf club at Canadian Tire employees while screaming threats and Islamic chants. Rehab Dughmosh, 32, asked justice of the peace Alice Napier that she “stay in jail,” rather than have a bail hearing at College Park courts on Tuesday.Dughmosh was remanded in custody and will appear via video at Scarborough Court of Justice on June 21. She wore a black niqab and forest-green prison sweatsuit at her brief appearance and spoke through an Arabic interpreter in court. - (Drudge) - (Canada)


        Canada: Second abduction attempt (by "African-Canadians") reported to police
    Africans with Canadian flagsThunder Bay, Ontario, Canada —– A 26-year-old female was the subject of a second attempted abduction this week. Thunder Bay police say the victim was walking her infant with a stroller on Beverly Street at about 10 p.m. this past Monday when she was a approached by a vehicle driven by two men. One of the men got out of the car and attempted to drag her into his SUV, but the victim managed to call for help and two men came to her aid. The suspects, both described as African-Canadian, fled westward on Beverly Street. Neither the woman nor her infant were injured in the incident. Both suspects were in their early 30s. The driver had an accent and the passenger was wearing studded earrings. The suspect vehicle is described as a bluish/green newer model Toyota Sequoia with dark tinted windows. The description of the two men and the vehicle match the ones given in a similar incident that took place two days later.. - (Canada)

        O, Canada: Groid & Two Crackers hijack millions in Conda fees
    Darryl McGregorDarryl McGregor was convicted of breaking into a unit at the Icon condo building and stealing items belonging to a resident in 2013. Darryl McGregor: The director of Perfect Clarity Inc., a Toronto-based energy management firm. McGregor has had several run-ins with police. He currently sits on at least two condo boards in buildings where he owns units and has launched a court battle to get back on the board of the Icon condo building at 270 Wellington St. W., where he also owns a unit. McGregor was convicted in 2013 of breaking into a unit at Icon and stealing items belonging to a resident. - (Canada)


    15 Mar 2016 - Archived  
    (click at left for full coverage)
    New Nation News - Archives


        Canada: Sodomite Lobby Pushes Bill that would Ban the Bible as "Homophobic Hate Literature"
    Stop The Destructive Bill C-250 Now!
    - (reader link)

        When Preaching The Bible Is Outlawed, I'll Be An Outlaw - by Chuck Baldwin

        http://www.invadecanada.us - Why invade Canada?
    "Why invade Canada? - (excerpt) Canada Has Stuff!

    First off, let's make Alaska actually connected to the U.S. again! Those Alaskan folks are always getting screwed by not being part of the "continental 48 states". Let's give them a nice little bridge downstairs. A little bit of farmland never hurt anything either, but forget the permafrost part. Canada is the second largest country in the world, let's fix that..."


        "We wouldn't expect many casualties when we invade liberate Canuckistan, eh?"

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