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   Superiority - Genetics, through Eugenics, for Better Men and Nations - by Daryl Shute
"The furor over the election of James Hart as the Republican Congressional candidate from West Tennessee brought to the fore the issue of "superiority" of American, Anglo-Saxon blood. Hart is a proponent of Eugenics, which the Associated Press has branded as a "discredited" science. Eugenics, however, is the well-known and respected science of using genetics to improve the quality of human life..." - (Crosstarlist)

   Skinzlist: Skinhead Common-Sense - Magnet for change, force for power - by Sean Gray
"My plan is to organize Skinheads in and around Davis, California..." - (NNN Norcal)

  • EURO: Commentary on the News 8/9/04 by James Buchanan
    The first puppet Iraqi leader appointed by our government Ahmad Chalabi has been charged with counterfeiting.

  • State GOP Executive Committee Condemns Candidate Hart Hart, a successful Republican candidate in the 8th congressional district race, has expressed support for a concept he calls "favored races."
  • James Hart for Congress Committee - (Crusader)

  • Crosstarlist: "Secret Head" Refuses to Recant
    FBI links Stoner to Nationalists through "unconfirmed sources"
    Ailing segregationist says that God blesses him
    J. B. StonerThe man whom the FBI claims is the "secret head" of The Nationalist Movement is eighty-years-old, confined to a nursing home and bed-ridden. However, the agency refuses to change its story, widely distributed to law-enforcement agencies for nearly twenty years, that J. B. Stoner, who is a frail one-hundred-ten pounds, remains the mastermind behind everything from lawsuits to rallies to newspapers to broadcasting. The ploy has been denounced in the Nationalist report entitled The FBI's Covert War on The Nationalist Movement and a lawsuit by Nationalists against the Justice Department.


[Letter to the Editor of News  from the Confederacy]

Subject: A Valid Question

As a son of the South I came across your web site and really liked it. more...
I wanted to bring up something that has been well received by those whom I have shared this. (more...


Although 'VonBluvens' recently announced that his website was turned off? due to hacker attacks...
an NNN reporter has informed me that his website is up and his forum is still open.
Ref: VonBluvens Show - VonBluvens show forum may expect obscene 'language' may contain violent language 'Nazi' topics including 'concentration camp and gas chamber' areas

   "Anti-Racist Action" Anarchists threaten to terrorize FREE ERNST ZUNDEL RALLY July 25th


   NNN Reader wants more stories on queer rabbis
NNN Editor responds: Please send me newslinks on all queer clergy

I have posted a couple articles on queer rabbis getting 'married', a homo-boy-molester (jewish) cantor and a 'queer pride' festival in Tel Aviv.

Please send me any relatively current newslinks that you find on sexual perversion in any 'clergy'. I have posted articles on sexual abuse by a Salvation Army guy and several black pastors and various protestant religious leaders.

I believe that the reason that there is so much unnatural sexual perversion in the Roman Catholic clergy is that
they have an unbiblical requirement that their priests remain 'celebate' and not marry. This is unnatural and against the teachings of the bible.

1Ti 3:21Ti 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

1Cr 7:91Cr 7:9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

I personally believe that the Roman Catholic church is not Christian due to it's many unbiblical doctrines.

I also believe that all organized Churches and Religions are corrupt and ruled by Satan.

Again, please send your newslinks on queer rabbis, priests, and mullahs to
as I do not even try to cover this topic every day and I'm sure that I've missed quite a few stories.

   "The Southern Gathering" - October 16th-17th 2004
Sponsored by : The Church of the Sons of YHVH, The Aryan Nations & The Posse Comitatus
Security Provided by : The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

   WHY IT'S OK TO HATE WHITE PEOPLE by Samuel Francis - November 21, 2003

   Link to NNN from "gee, wonder why liberal bleeding heart media isnt bringing you this case..."
"'the war on crime' which is code for... war on africans..."

(reponse) "Maybe you could get a job with jesse jackass? I hear he needs a few screamers."

   Letter to Editor Norcal at NNN: "F*** you" - from


   New Wrangle Over Kennewick Bones - (NNN Kennewick Man)



  • Crosstarlist: "The Little Anarchist That Couldn't"
    Anarchist Bill White - How Bill White Failed to Overthrow Anything

    Schemes, hoaxes catch up with Dees' "poster-boy"
    "...White, who has been curiously named the "second-leading" rightist in America by former George-McGovern fund-raiser Morris Dees, is cut from quite different cloth than Maddox or Huber. In fact, the man described by Dees as the "most-dangerous" rightist around is not a rightist, at all..."
    "...In 1997, when Michael Carneal opened fire at Heath High School in Kentucky, killing three, White announced that "the only thing Michael Carneal did wrong was not take out more of these Christian pigs..."

   [Reader link] Vinyl Stickers Currently Available - Reparations - Pro-Death Penalty - We're Unarmed
Disclaimer: NNN does not accept paid advertisements or receive any kickbacks from links to commercial sites
and can not vouch for customer service - but may occasionally post a link for 'social content'.

   Sketch: A slave revolt in Saint-Domingue, but since 1804, in part, Haiti

   Note from VonBluvens: VONBLUVENS SHOW UPDATE
"I am now the official spokesperson for the NSM (
My show can now be found at the NSM website. Thanks"

   Soapbox forum poster copies article from 'antiracist' website - that indicates that everything is racist...
If somebody had the time and interest they might write a book critiquing every point on that website.
That might make for an interesting 'discussion'.
I'm not sure that it is possible for anyone to truly 'discuss' these issues outside of their own racial perspective.
My impression of a recent H. Millard article GENE WARS is that all the intellectualization and 'fighting talk'
about racial conflict is only the superficial froth on a genetic reality of racial competition.

   FREE ERNST ZUNDEL RALLY! - July 25, 2004 - 2:00 PM - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

   South African Black Government (ANC) Intimidation of website and webmaster

Please take a look at the following links: Africancrisis

  • EURO: More Signs the Recovery is Over - by James Buchanan
    George Bush and the usual talk radio pundits are still claiming that a Recovery is underway. The truth is that we have bounced off the bottom of a recession that started shortly after Bush took office, but we are a long way from recovering the economic conditions that existed on the day Bush was sworn in.
  • EURO: Commentary on the News 7/14/04 by James Buchanan
    Paul Craig Roberts has written an article entitled "Whitewash!" about how a report criticizing the CIA is being used to distract attention from the blatant LIES that we were told by the Bush administration leading up to the war on Iraq.
  • EURO: Commentary on the News 7/12/04 by Charles Coughlin
    The latest terror scare from Tom Ridge and the Department of Homeland Paranoia states that al Qaeda may attack on election day and that elections may have to be postponed.

  • Crosstarlist: Why I Stick Up for My Nationalist Beliefs
    Persistence surmounts so-called Patriot Act by Andrew L. Pearson
    " I am mailing in my subnoscription to All The Way because I have finally been allowed to receive it by officials here in prison. The newspaper had been "reviewed" under the so-called Patriot Act, before I ever got to see it, for "security-threats."

  • General Nathan Bedford Forrest - (Sons of YHVH)

   Crosstarlist: Bush-Agency Faulted for Minority-Pandering
Johnson terms EEOC "disgusting" over Lockheed-Martin report
Repatriation and deportation sought to re-Americanize workforce

  • Father sentenced for part in girl's rape
    Man encouraged his three friends to assault 3 1/2-year-old.
    But authorities had no inkling of what happened until several weeks later, when child protective caseworkers removed the children from their home and the girl was discovered to have a horrific case of gonorrhea.
    "The Rochester paper had the perps pic, n*gger of course but the online story omitted the pic.
    No doubt his three rapist buddies were also simian in nature."
    - (Gman)



   ICE is closing shop, but with this archive CD you can have all
the great material to search and view on your home computer - Hot topics include: Income Tax - Right To Travel issues - Federal Reserve/Money System - USA PATRIOT Act/War On Terror
Disclaimer: NNN does not accept paid advertisements or receive any kickbacks from links to commercial sites.

   illegal immigration bumperstickers,Immigration Reform Bumperstickers,Illegal Aliens, Deport Illegal Aliens
"if you're mad as Hell about this American security issue,and want a way to let off
a little steam,tell others how you feel,and maybe even have a chuckle or two"
Disclaimer: NNN does not accept paid advertisements or receive any kickbacks from links to commercial sites.


   EAIF asks for help: Savage blacks beat up and target whites in downtown Denver

   link noticed 10 July 2004 Heartland USA
"The fate of Euro-American civilization rests with its children, for they are the ones who must build the mighty towers of cities yet unborn, explore the darkest depths of mysteries yet unknown, challenge the farthest frontiers of worlds yet unreached. Towards this Tomorrow they must forever struggle, if we as a people are to survive".
Ward Kendall - Founder of HEARTLAND - author of "Hold Back This Day"
  • Heartland USA headlines
    UCLA Student Group Wants To "Help" Whites Understand Their "Racism"
    College Newspaper Fires White Student For Comments About Blacks
    Black Thug Convicted of Murdering White Security Guard
    Rastafarian-Haired Black Man Goes Psycho - Murders White Child
    Black Serial Killer of White Women Snagged In Kansas City
    Authorities Debate Whether To Parole Rabid Homosexual Priest
    Racist Graffiti Drives High School Into A Tizzy
    White Teacher Fed Up With Unruly Black Child Calls Him Racist Name
    Three Black Thugs Seized In Murder of Homosexual Man
    Dead Black Baby Dumped In Dump - Suspects Sought

10 July 2004 - archived
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