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Original concept: 8-point program focusing on Priority Topics with links to other sites
[note: not all pages in this section were completed]
Preserve Western CivilizationStop Illegal Immigration links
Free Slaves of IRS Taxes, FED Interest, DebtImpeach  Clinton Again links
End Foreign Welfare, Out of NAFTA, UN, NATOBring the Troops Home - Defend Our Borders
Stop Export of Technology and JobsControl Crime | [ustp]Restore Citizens' Rights
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Eric Balagot murdered
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European Prehistory
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Spanic Sex Crimes
Hate Crimes
Central Park
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Note on original symbol: a net search for 8-point turned up an American quilt pattern labeled 'California Sunset': which seemed relevant to the takeover of California by migrants, minorities, 'liberals' and the 'sexually confused'.


Symbol may
resistance to

dark and evil forces and a rebirth of  Western

Below: Relatively Dynamic: News and comments relating to above Priority Topics
Canadathreats to USA

Black Crime

Pacific Northwest newsOregon - OIRNorthern California Republic news
Mexico/AZTLAN  and SWBajaRat linksImpeached Clintong continues his corruption
Immigration invasion newsref-linksSouth Africa's socialist racial democracy news

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Webmaster notices and recent site updates. 

  NEW NATION NEWS MIRROR SITE - Bookmark temporary NNN mirror site - updated 9 Oct 2004

12 January 2001 - NNN webcounter for news pages broke 200,000
Also, will be discontinuing hosting of Oregonians for Immigration Reform Archives
as most of the pages are from 1997 and 1998 and the new webmaster has had most of last year to repost the material on the new 'OFIR' website.
18 November 2000 - added website search to top-right of Front Page

14 September 2000 - most of the extra traffic from 'whiteonly' are not true 'visitors' but just people browsing for 'nigger' or 'kkk' on the web. 69% are not looking at any other pages and most are staying for less than 10 seconds...this whole thing is a nuisance because it is only giving me more traffic that is beyond my basic webpage allowance. I'm not sure how many of the 'flash browsers' are seriously interested in discussing racial problems or were only looking for some free music or whatever....

9 September 2000 - thanks to referrals and links from traffic went up 5 times.
from average of 1310 daily pageviews to 5864 on 9/04....

6 September 2000 - adding new page 'Black Sports' to replace 'Central Park' until next 'wilding'.

6 September 2000 - a lot of traffic to USA page last few days from
I just split the USA page into NEWS and Reference to cut down the bytes transferred.
Not really sure if the statistics are valid but record site visitors 5,864 on 9/04.
Recently reactivated 'world' for mainly UK news.

17 June 2000 - added two pages recently; updatedHate Crimes and updatedCentral Park
9 May 2000 - Record? daily website accesses on 05/05/00     4,820
4 May 2000 - Record 3,556 homepage accesses for April 2000
20 April 2000 - Record? daily website accesses on 04/19/00   4,430

9 April 2000 - page popularity so far this month: Frontpage 913, archives 298, usa 181, confederacy 141, invasion 141, commentary 132, southafrica 84, mexico 69, kennewick 65,
norcal 57, poll 52, topic search 52, canada 50, impeach 44, books 42, prehistory 34, northwest 32, spanic sexcrimes 27, aboriginal 26, balagot 25, bias lawsuits 23, ...

2 April 2000 - Record 3,259 homepage accesses for March 2000 (first month to break 3000)

19 March 2000 - Pretty much moved over to new computer to replace old one that was getting to be a real nuisance with files getting corrupted and having to reinstall Windows or something every few days.

17 Jan 2000 - Note: New Nation News MIRROR SITE 1 & 2 are discontinued as of 13 Jan 2000
will be moving unexpired archives back to New Nation News website
from expired ICOM.COM ISP

7 Jan 2000 - figured out why "favicon.ico" was not found
and worked up a favicon for New Nation News

12/31/99: New record 178.81 accesses per hour for "10pm somewhere" yesterday.

12/28/99: New record 165.84 accesses per hour for "10pm somewhere" yesterday.

12/23/99: New record 142.52 accesses per hour for "10pm somewhere" yesterday.

Temporarily turning off 'World' and replacing it with 'Canada'
until I 'have more time' to complete 'Europe' and 'Australia'
all 'world news' is going on the Front Page and archived with Front Page.
You may have noticed the Chinese Dragon segment;
that would be the 'Asia' page if time.
No, I am not a 'Scientologist' now - back in the 70's - the 'Code of Honor' by Elron

does have some points for comparison to the other Ethical documents

aside from the unethical and criminal behavior of those controlling the cult.

Added new 'Epidemic of 'Spanic' and Migrant Sex Crimes in Northern California' page
Updated new Ethics Reference page

12/21/99 - record 132.81 accesses/hour at 10pm somewhere yesterday.

This month so far Netscape 4.x with 37,535 accesses beats 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x with 8,579 accesses in 2nd place.
12/20/99 - record 125.87 accesses/hour at 10pm somewhere yesterday.
Note: Oregonians for Immigration Reform still accounts fro about half the total website traffic.

Working up new Ethics Reference page.
12/19/99 - fixed links on prior commentary archives...

12/18/99 - mirror site seems really slow.
Canadian News will no longer be archived in "World News" but go to 
New Nation News Canada.
Starting to work up new Canada page as I have time but mostly to cut down
on size of front page which is getting over my preferred 50k limit.
New record 106 accesses per hour for an "10pm somewhere" yesterday.

New Nation News is pleased to announce the acquisition of
which will redirect to was ripped of by a Feng-Shui outfit

due to the incompetence of ICOM.COM

"A man's gotta know his limitations." - [from Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry]

Until I get a dozen 'assistant editors' I can't really keep up all the pages daily
so what I'm going to try for a while is to focus on the Front Page

and try to put significant breaking news items there.

The other pages will go to a weekend update schedule unless

I have extra time, with priority to USA, CSA, Invasion and NCR.

Hopefully that will give me more time for research, commentary and doing laundry.

I will add a new archive section for the Front Page.

Please also note: New Nation News plans to aquire new archive space
to replace the archives at which may or may not expire

in the next couple of weeks depending on the quality of their administration.

Important Note: please bookmark the following two NNN MIRROR SITES
for future use in case this page has too much traffic

or in the case where my ISP is doing maintenance

or in the case of blocking of this page by your ISP or 'firewall'

or if it appears that there have been no updates in 24 hours:

NOTE: I have not been able to upload to "Mirror Site"
and may be reuploading all archives somewhere else as of 15 Jan 2000....

I will try to copy the Front Headline Page only to the mirror sites

at least once a day and post any situation report there.

Webmaster notices as of 15 Dec 1999
Webmaster notices as of  8 Dec 1999

Original Northern California Republic Webmaster Notes

- and thank you for your time and attention. - Webmaster NNN

Eccl 11:2  Give a portion to seven, and also to eight;
for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.