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Berkeley Police Search for Hispanic Home Invasion, Rape Suspect - headed for Mexico
Omar SosaBerkeley Police are searching for Omar Sosa, a man suspected of invading a home in North Berkeley and raping a teenaged girl. The hunt is now focused on Southern California, as Sosa is believed to be headed to Mexico. Sosa reportedly broke into the house through an unlocked window at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning and attacked the victim in her bedroom. It's likely he then fled the Bay Area and headed for Mexico. - (Newsroom) - (Spanic sexcrimes)



Raul Gutierrez Contreras - serial rape suspect arrested in South SF
Raul Gutierrez Contreras SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO -- At a news conference Monday afternoon, South San Francisco police announced the arrest of a man suspected of attempting to rape a woman at a South San Francisco business on Thursday, but have yet to connect him to a several area rapes and attempted rapes over the past year.Investigators were not "100-percent sure" that Contreras was responsible for a February 2006 rape in Colma, two attempted rapes in South San Francisco's Orange Park in September and November, and a rape on South Linden Avenue in South San Francisco, also in November. - (Newsroom) - (Norcal)


Rape Suspects Gracia and Munoz Charges On Hold
Robert Gracia and Beinto MunozPorterville police said that their investigation today lead them to conduct interviews in and outside the city of Porterville. At the end of the day, however, police say they still need more information to charge the suspects in the rape and kidnap of two women.
Robert Gracia (left) and Beinto Munoz
remain in custody tonight. But, not on kidnapping, rape or conspiracy charges. Gracia is in custody for check fraud and an unspecified felony. Munoz remains behind bars for domestic violence and DUI charges. Police insist the delay in filing rape and kidnap charges, doesn't mean they doubt the victims' claims of being locked up and raped repeatedly for two days. - (crime) - (Norcal) - (Spanic sexcrimes)  Citizenship status of suspects not reported


'Savage' previously-deported illegal Mexican alien rapist Israel Bustamonte gets 80 years
srael BustamonteOAKLAND -- A judge today told an Oakland man that he will probably die behind bars for a series of sexual assaults that included an attack on a teenager whose first sexual experience was being dragged into the bushes while jogging in Berkeley. Alameda County Superior Court Judge C. Don Clay sentenced
Israel Bustamonte to 80 years in prison and called his crimes "brutal and savage acts," and the mother of a 17-year-old girl Bustamonte attacked condemned him. "She is virtuous," the woman, whom The Chronicle is not naming to protect the victim's identity, said of her daughter. "This was her first experience with a man. It was her first gynecological exam. It was painful and difficult and embarrassing. "It was," she added, "also the first time she had experienced any kind of violence." The woman said her daughter now has problems relating to men, including her father, and said of Bustamonte's conviction, "Mom, it's not going to undo what happened." Bustamonte, 26, showed no visible reaction as an interpreter translated the woman's comment. Bustamonte pleaded guilty to 10 felonies stemming from attacks in which four women were robbed, beaten and raped in Berkeley and Oakland. He had faced 23 felony counts of rape, sodomy, sexual assault, oral copulation and robbery.
- (crime) - (Norcal) - (Invasion!) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)  
If Bustamonte were ever released, he would face deportation to his native Mexico because he's not a U.S. citizen
At one point after one of his previous arrests, Bustamonte was deported to his native Mexico, but he illegally returned.

  • Jose Luis Martinez Sexually Assaulted 3 Girls aged 6 to 9
    Fresno police say the three victims were between the ages of 6 and 9. They all gave similar descriptions of the suspect and his vehicle, and just days after a full-scale investigation was launched, the pieces came together. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says Jose Luis Martinez sexually assaulted three girls near Greenberg Elementary School between April 24th and May 5th, getting them to come to his car, then driving them away from the scene. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)

  • Sheriff: Alleged Glen Ellen Rape Was Hate Crime - Hispanic Isidro Rojas-Molina raped White woman
    SANTA ROSA The Sonoma County sheriff's deputies arrested a Glen Ellen man Saturday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman under a bridge Friday night. The sheriff's department is requesting the alleged sexual assault be considered a hate crime because of derogatory statements that 25-year-old suspect Isidro Rojas-Molina allegedly made before and during the alleged assault. Sgt. Dennis O'Leary said the Caucasian woman and Rojas-Molina were attending a party at a mutual friend's house but it's not believed they knew each other. O'Leary said they left the party to have a discussion and walked to a secluded area. The sheriff's department reported the alleged sexual assault occurred under a bridge on Madrone Road in Glen Ellen at 11:40 p.m. Friday. The adult female victim called a neighbor who then called 911. The victim did not require emergency medical attention, authorities said.
    - (crime)
    - (hatecrimes) - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)


Illegal Alien Serial Rapist Israel Bustamonte Gets 80 Years free room and board for raping four womenIsrael Bustamonte
A man charged with raping four women in the East Bay won't be eligible for parole for almost seven decades as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. Israel Bustamonte pleaded no contest yesterday to ten counts of rape and sexual assault in an agreement with the district attorney's office. He's facing 80 years in prison. If Bustamonte were ever released, he would face deportation because he's not a U.S. citizen, Wellman said.
- (Newsroom)
- (crime) - (Invasion!) - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)


Norcal: 19-year-old Willi Valdo Lopez Arrested for alleged rape of his 47-year-old neighbor in Benicia
When the 47-year-old female victim arrived at her East I Street home shortly before midnight 19-year-old Willi Valdo Lopez engaged her in conversation and followed her into her residence, according to police. Lopez allegedly made sexual advances and when the victim resisted he disrobed her, attempted intercourse and forced her to orally copulate him, police reported. The woman called police after Lopez left.  


Mexican Jorge Alberto Ek-Luna charged with raping a 15-year-old, ninth-grade High School girl 
Mexican A man charged with raping a 15-year-old, ninth-grade San Rafael High School girl Monday did not enter pleas to the charges this afternoon and will be arraigned Wednesday morning in Marin County Superior Court.   The Marin County Public Defender's office was appointed to represent 26-year-old Jorge Alberto Ek-Luna. San Rafael police said he recently arrived from Mexico.   He is in the Marin County jail under both an Immigration and Naturalization Service hold and $750,000 bail. He has been charged with rape, assault, kidnapping, committing lewd and lascivious acts with a 14- or 15-year-old girl, damaging a wireless communication device, providing false identification to police and an enhancement alleging a prior felony strike as a sex offender, according to the county jail.  San Rafael police said Ek-Luna approached the girl from behind around 8 a.m. as she was walking to school alone on Third Street. He allegedly held a broken bottle to her throat, took away her cell phone, forced her into some bushes and raped her, police said. - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)


Rape victims describe brutal attacks by "Transient" Israel Bustamonte 
OAKLAND — A teenage girl who was attacked and brutally raped in Berkeley's Aquatic Park in May testified in court that she felt helpless and scared for her life during the sexual assault.  The testimony came during a preliminary hearing for Israel Bustamonte, who is facing 23 felony counts associated with the rape and beatings of four women in Berkeley and Oakland between September 2004 and May 2005. The judge will decide whether the state has enough evidence to bring him to trial.  If convicted of all the charges and special enhancements, Bustamonte, 25, would spend the rest of his life in prison. Bustamonte is charged with rape, sodomy, forcible oral copulation, kidnapping, robbery and dissuading a witness, according to a complaint filed. She said the sexual encounter — her first — took place on a dirty blanket laid out on a secluded embankment on the park's west side. After the attack, the man forced her to lay completely naked with him on the blanket for 20 minutes. "He said that he had a knife and he will come after me if I tell the police," the victim testified.  - (crime) - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes) - Citizenship status of suspect not reported.


Mexifornia: Deputies nab child kidnap rape suspect Aaron Suarez
Aaron SuarezK-9 unit Sheriff's deputies arrested a man in Modesto suspected of raping, drugging and kidnapping a girl in Coulterville.  Aaron Suarez, 34, of Modesto was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, rape of a drugged victim, unlawful sex with a minor under the age of 16 and committing lewd acts with a minor, among other charges.   The Sheriff's Department was seeking Suarez, who was suspected of rape and kidnapping, which happened within the last few weeks. A K-9 officer sent in his dog. Suarez, however, had climbed into a small crawl space into the attic. - (crime) - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)

  • Mexifornia: Attempted Rape by "Latino" Reported In Santa Clarita
    A woman was attacked Friday afternoon in her  home by a man, police say, who was attempting to rape her. The attacker entered the home  through a sliding glass door about 1:20 p.m. After a struggle, the suspect ran off. The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries.
    The suspect was described as Latino in his late 20s, with tatoos on both arms, including a web tatoo on the left elbow and a tatoo with stylized writing on the neck. He was said to have slicked-back black hair, and is believed to be about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing about 150 pounds. Citizenship status of suspect unknown. - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)

  • Four 'Hispanics' indicted on charges of gang rape
    Four men — including one minor — accused of gang raping and viciously beating a young woman at a Half Moon Bay beach last May are expected in court tomorrow, days after a criminal grand jury indicted them on multiple serious felonies. Edgar Cardelas, Anastasio Flores, Celestino Guillermo, and Gerardo Resendiz, will appear in Superior Court Tuesday on charges of kidnapping during the course of a sexual assault, gang rape - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)

    Attorneys defending the son of City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente against sexual assault and rape charges
Ignacio De La Fuente Jr
Prosecutors say Ignacio De La Fuente Jr., 32, assaulted four women whom he picked up in Oakland's Fruitvale district between August 2003 and April 2005.  Police said De La Fuente raped, choked and beat a 15-year-old girl in April 2005, and during their investigation of that assault, they linked him through DNA evidence to the Aug. 25, 2004, rape of a 21-year-old woman.  In October, the district attorney's office filed more charges against De La Fuente Jr. in connection with two additional women who were sexually assaulted about a year before the 2004 incidents. - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)

  • Norcal: 4 "Hispanics" held in Atwater-area gang-rape case
    Three men and a teen have been arrested in connection with Thursday's reported kidnapping and rape of a Merced woman. Jesus Gatica, 29; Magdaleno Gatica, 23; Freddy Romero, 22; and a 17-year-old boy, all of Merced, were arrested early Friday by sheriff's detectives at their R Street residence.  The arrests were made after the 47-year-old victim pointed out a home where, she said, her attackers live. She also identified a Ford Aerostar van she said was used in the sexual assault. - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes

      Agustin Hernandez Posos Arrested For Child Molestation
A Redwood City man was arrested for child molestation Thursday and investigators believe the suspect may have a history of sexual misconduct, the San Mateo County Sheriff's office announced. Agustin Hernandez Posos, 46, was arrested at 3 p.m. while he was allegedly giving a 7-year-old boy a "piggyback" ride on El Camino Real near Fifth Avenue. A witness who knew the boy, and knew that the boy's mother was looking for him, reported seeing the two together.   When deputies questioned him, Posos admitted he "unintentionally" touched the child's private parts during the ride, according to the sheriff's office. He allegedly told deputies today that he gave the young boy a dollar bill and bought him two fish at the Redwood City PETCO store.  A search of Posos' apartment allegedly yielded a photo album with photographs of young boys aged between 7 and 11 years
- (Newsroom)
- (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)


    Mexico extradites man wanted for rape
Edwin Adelson PalaciosFBI agents arrested a 28-year-old San Francisco man in Guadalajara, Mexico, who was wanted for rape in the Bay Area. Edwin Adelson Palacios was arrested without incident Tuesday in Mexico and extradited to San Francisco, where he will face local and federal charges. He is suspected of raping a 19-year-old woman in his Ford Expedition near Larkin and Polk streets on Aug. 26, 2004. He allegedly attacked her after seeing her leave her boyfriend's car during a dispute, police said. - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes) Citizenship status of suspect not reported.

  • Norcal: Son of Oakland's city council president Ignacio De La Fuente to face new rape charges
    Ignacio Rafael De La Fuente Junior is being held without bail on charges that he raped two women, including a 15-year-old girl. The Alameda County district attorney's office said yesterday they were prepared to charge the 32-year-old in connection with the assault of a third woman.
  • Norcal: Berkeley rape suspect Israel Bustamonte tied to Oakland attacks
    OAKLAND — A man charged with brutally sexually assaulting a teenager in Berkeley's Aquatic Park earlier this year was charged Monday with raping three women in downtown Oakland during the past year.  Israel Bustamonte, 25, now faces 23 felony charges, including counts of rape, sodomy, forceable oral copulation, kidnapping, robbery and dissuading a witness, according to a complaint filed by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office.
  • Norcal: Inmate Luis Perez is charged in two rape-slayings, linked to 3rd death
    SAN JOSE, Calif. A 40-year-old handyman in prison for the rape and attempted murder of a 14-year-old girl is now facing new charges. Santa Clara County authorities say Luis Perez is now facing charges in two rape-slayings of women and is linked to a third death through D-N-A. Police say Perez could be responsible for other slayings over a two-decade period. - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)

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    Mario Garcia arrested in case of missing woman * Have You Seen Christie Wilson?
Mario F. GarciaChristie WilsonLINCOLN, Calif. -- A man called "a person of interest" in the case of a missing Sacramento-area woman was expected to make bail Monday morning on unrelated charges.  Mario F. Garcia, 53, was arrested  on two felony counts involving possession of a weapon. He has been interviewed by authorities in connection with Christie Wilson, who disappeared from the Thunder Valley Casino parking lot 12 days ago. Investigators said that Garcia was seen on surveillance videotape playing cards with Wilson, then walking to the parking lot with her. Garcia was arrested on unrelated weapons charges after investigators found an illegal club and firearms in his home and car. Garcia was taken to jail on $1 million bond. - (crime) - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes) - (Newsroom)

    Norcal: Teenage girl assaulted near St. Helena High School by "Hispanic"
16-year-old female victim was on Grayson Avenue near the school when the suspect, who had been hiding in the landscaped area along the sidewalk, said "Hi" to the victim and began following her down the street. He then came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and attempted to drag her to a dark area beside the school's auditorium. During the struggle, the suspect unzipped the victim's shirt. The victim struggled with the suspect, knocked him down and fled. The victim sustained bruises to her face. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, late teens to early 20s, with a muscular build, and wearing pants. Citizenship status of suspect unknown - (Svejk)  - (Norcal)


    Son of Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente pleaded not guilty to rape charges.
OAKLAND, Calif. - The son of Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to rape charges. Prosecutors say De La Fuente Jr. attacked a 15-year-old girl April 16 and a 21-year-old woman Aug. 25. He also faces enhancements accusing him of kidnapping the girl and assaulting multiple victims. He has been held without bail since he turned himself in April 29. 
- (Jesse Gibson)

  • Hollister, Calif - Witchdoctor migrant from Columbia Alvaro Salgado "spiritual healer" arrested on rape charge
    Salgado, a Colombian native, specialized in curing bad luck, dispelling curses, making people lucky in love and curing other ailments, Reynoso said. Police believe he used his position to lure women into his office, where he allegedly sexually assaulted one and raped another, Reynoso said. Because the center where Salgado based his operation markets to Hispanic citizens and frequently has half-hour long paid informercials on a local Spanish-language radio station, It is probable that Salgado serviced only the Hispanic community. Salgado, who also uses the name “Angel,” only speaks Spanish with a heavy Colombian accent, Reynoso said. - (Svejk) - (Norcal)

  • De La Fuente Jr.'s past includes Newark charges - Oakland official's son faces charges for rape
    Ignacio Rafael De La Fuente JuniorOAKLAND — The 32-year-old son of City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente, who faces charges he kidnapped, beat and raped a 15-year-old girl in Oakland, had been charged in 2001 with battering his girlfriend in Newark but reached a plea agreement on a lesser crime. Police also are investigating whether De La Fuente Jr. is responsible for attacks on other women, said Lt. Mike Yoell, commander of the Special Victims Unit. Police suspect De La Fuente Jr. forced the teenager, who was walking near High Street early April 16, into his 2001 GMC pickup truck. Police said De La Fuente hit the girl when she tried to escape, then beat and raped her in the truck on a street near the Oakland Estuary. According to the CHP, De La Fuente asked the officers if they knew who his father was and derided   them as "wannabe" Oakland police officers. As he was being booked at the Oakland City Jail, De La Fuente Jr. threatened the CHP officers and used a racial slur to refer to African Americans. - (Spanic sexcrimes)
  • Mexifornia: The son of Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente surrendered Friday
    on no-bail charges of kidnapping and forcibly raping a 15- year-old girl in the city's Fruitvale district. Ignacio Rafael De La Fuente Jr., 32, of Redwood City allegedly attacked the girl April 16. Physical evidence has linked him to the victim, said Oakland police Officer Danielle Ashford, declining to elaborate. The younger De La Fuente was convicted in 1993 for possession of a stolen vehicle. In exchange for his no-contest plea in that case, prosecutors dropped misdemeanor charges of evading police and hit-and-run. - (Brewski)

    Bus Passenger Rape Suspect Turns Himself in to Police
Michael Ybarra
A man suspected of raping and robbing of a female bus passenger in Stockton last Tuesday has surrendered to police.
Michael Ybarra, 18, turned himself in on Monday. He is charged with sexual assault, oral copulation and robbery. Stockton police believe he followed an 18-year-old woman when she left a Stockton Metropolitan Transit Department bus at Eighth and San Joaquin streets. He allegedly used a gun to coerce her into a nearby church where he raped and robbed her. - (Hellcat) - (NNN Norcal)

    Predatory Aliens News
"Tens of thousands of violent crimes are committed each year against our children by foreign nationals who should never have been allowed to enter or stay in our country. The most disturbing aspect of this problem is the thousands of unregistered sex offenders who have entered the United States illegally and therefore are not being tracked. These dangerous sex offenders are not included in the Megan's Law data bases, and not even the police know their whereabouts or identities.
While (Predatory Aliens News) deals with predatory aliens who commit violent crimes against our children, we must remember that the real criminals are the politicians and government employees who prohibit enforcement of our immigration laws and the proper screening of foreign nationals who enter our country. There can be no penalty too harsh for these politicians and government employees who are willing to sacrifice our children for their own perverse agenda. Since July 9, 2003, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested more than 3,655 foreign national sexual predators in the United States."

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    Some highlights from Southern California 
Mrs. Soto Convicted Of Murdering husband as he slept and dismembering him

Updated 5:42 PM ET December 23, 1999
  (VENTURA) -- An abused spouse who shot her husband and dismembered him is found guilty of first degree murder. It took a Ventura county jury less than three days of deliberations to conclude that Gladis Soto planned and carried out the killing of her husband, Pedro Alba, as he slept. Her attorneys had hoped for a manslaughter conviction. She faces a possible sentence of 50 years to life, with more time added for assault with a deadly weapon, and for ramming the car of her husband's lover.

  Update: Sat Feb 26 2000 11:26:11 VENTURA, California - PEDRO ALBA, murder victim - Gladis Soto, sentenced
Wife Gets 52 Years in Husband's Slaying--(LA Times)--A 38-year-old Ventura woman who shot her sleeping husband
and cut his body into pieces with an electric saw was sentenced Friday to 52 years to life in prison

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The 'NAFTA' railroad serial killer Ramirez
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