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August 9, 2007
also see: Wild New York Puerto Rican Day and Central Park Attacks

National Press Photographers Association Celebrate Multi-racial Rape
Seattle rape of White Woman at the Seattle Black Mardi Gras Riots last year.
A woman struggles to free herself as she is stripped of her clothes and sexually abused by an out-of-control crowd as Mardi Gras celebrations turned violent in Seattle's Pioneer Square District
Photo Prize winner Mike Urban - (reader link)

    -- Wolf whistles, video cameras - and, yet again, sick gropers - greeted women at yesterday's raucous Puerto Rican Day Parade.
    Police said at least seven women reported being victims of sex attacks along the packed parade route, although the isolated incidents were nothing like last year's debacle, in which 50 women were groped and harassed during booze-fueled, post-parade partying in Central Park. Three men were arrested for the alleged sex assaults: Carlos Marquez, 31, of Queens, for allegedly sexually abusing a 20-year-old woman; Vere Hunte, 19, of The Bronx, for allegedly grabbing a 17-year-old, and Jesus Rojas, a 40-year-old homeless man, who police charged attacked a 37-year-old woman. (reader link)

'Spanic' Is Sentenced to 5 Years in Attacks in Central Park
Central Park grope(NYT free reg - reader link)
The last man convicted of attacking women in Central Park last summer after the National Puerto Rican Day Parade was sentenced to five years yesterday, the longest prison term resulting from the melee. The man, Abel Ortiz, 24, of the Bronx, was captured on videotape amid a crowd of rowdy, shirtless men who groped, stripped and sexually abused seven women.

  • Ref: (5/1/2001) 'Spanic' in Attacks on 7 Women in Central Park Gets 2 1/2 Years
    A man convicted of being part of a riotous mob and attacking seven women in Central Park last summer was sentenced yesterday to a minimum of two and a half years in prison for his role in the assaults, which followed the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. The man, David Garcia, 33, begged a Manhattan judge for mercy.

[Reader writes on Central Park]
"Central Park Attacks -19 men have been indicted
AND 11 CASES WERE DISMISSED for lack of evidence. SECRETLY!
(Does anybody have any information on these cases? - Editor NNN-Central Park)

  • Tuesday, April 03, 2001, 12:23 a.m. Pacific
    Two 'Spanic's guilty in Central Park attacks
    NEW YORK - Two men charged with being part of an unruly group that doused women with water and groped them in Central Park were convicted yesterday of riot and assault charges.

    A third defendant, charged with sex abuse, was acquitted. The men were among 30 charged in connection with attacks on more than 50 women after the Puerto Rican Day Parade June 11.

    Convicted were David Garcia, 33, and Abel Ortiz, 24.

More volunteers sought for Black Springbreak "God Squad"
Clergy and lay people are asked to serve in the God Squad to encourage young people to behave during Black Springbreak. Black Springbreak 2000, a first-time event last year, brought traffic to a standstill on U.S. 90 as a massive street party erupted on the highway. The event also brought tragedy when a young man died in a struggle with a Gulfport police officer over a gun. A strong presence of ministers and mothers is likely to stop groups of (black) young men from ripping blouses off women, a practice young people refer to as "wilding." This occurred last year in Biloxi during Black Springbreak and in
New York City during Puerto Rican Day.

Anne Peyton BryantA Letter from Anne Peyton Bryant, who was one of the Women Attacked on that Horrific Day in N.Y.C.
(is now posted on the Poetry JewELS.com - PJ: Central Park
just after the main Poem at the top of the page)

"Dearest Sharon,

Your words so richly express the disenchantment that
this horrifying experience has left upon me. The
"concentric circles" you speak of nearly squeazed the
life out of me, though I was unaware that these
circles even existed until I was violently thrust into
the center.

I recall the first time I read your poem. Frayed at
the edges and ready to give in, your perpective on
this tragedy served as a vital source of empowerment
when I truly needed it the most. Thank you.

I hope that it continues serves as a reminder to women
who read it that fighting back is the only course of
action that will effect a change in our culture -- the
participants in each circle must take responsibility
for their contribution to this tragedy, which is now a
wound on my soul that I fear I will never be able to
completely heal.

Thank you so much!

Anne Peyton Bryant

NBC yields to 'Spanic' criticism of 'Law & Order'
By LYNN ELBER Associated Press Writer   (reader-link)

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A "Law & Order" episode about violence during New York's Puerto Rican Day parade provoked angry complaints from 'Spanic' groups and a promise from NBC never to air the hour again.

"We sincerely apologize for offending members of the Latino community regarding the portrayal of Latinos and the Puerto Rican Day parade ... we have agreed not to repeat the episode on NBC," the network said Thursday.

The episode that aired Wednesday depicted a parade day rampage in which women are molested and one is killed. A Brazilian youth is shown convicted in the death.

"Every Puerto Rican shown in that show was portrayed negatively as a criminal, as a delinquent, as someone who abuses women," said Mirabal in a telephone interview from New York.

He said the drama distorted a real occurrence on parade day last year in which groups of men sexually assaulted women in Central Park.

Remembering the Central Park Jogger by Nicholas Stix
When the news broke of the June 11 "wilding" attacks in Central Park following this year's Puerto Rican Day parade,
everyone who was old enough immediately thought of another "wilding" attack in 1989, which had had left a 28-year-old Wall Street executive, known ever since as "the Central Park Jogger," near death. The two attacks were intimately connected
On April 19, 1989, a group of up to 50 black and 'Spanic' Harlem teenagers had planned to go "wilding" in Central Park. Detectives had never heard the term before, which meant going out in wolfpacks and assaulting, and generally terrorizing whites. In the park, the gang split into three separate groups, each of which would lay in wait for, and ambush, white joggers and bicyclists.
One group of eight to twelve 14 and 15-year-old boys chased down the Jogger, who fought furiously. The boys dragged her 200 yards to a secluded place, where they fractured her skull with a plastic-wrapped, four-foot lead pipe, and some large rocks. The boys ripped the Jogger's clothes off of her, tying her hands behind her back with her sweatshirt, gagging her, and taking turns beating, stomping, and raping the unconscious woman, as 75 per cent of her blood oozed into the Central Park grass. They left her, with bruises, welts, and wounds literally from head to toe, for dead. (BB-link)

Central Park AttacksNew link to New Nation News from
'Central park attacks'

" This site is to protest the spree of sexual attacks that happened in Central Park
during the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Coverage,editorials,interviews,photos ..."

  • Fifth man admits role in park attacks
    Associated Press NEW YORK - A Queens man pleaded guilty yesterday to first-degree riot in connection with his behavior, along with others, in Central Park after the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in June. Akuan Johnson, 22, who had also been charged with first-degree sex abuse, accepted a plea deal and became the fifth man to plead guilty as a result of their behavior in the park after the June 11 parade. Johnson, of Far Rockaway, told state Supreme Court Justice Bernard Fried that he "saw girls be Thursday, August 9, 2007xually molesting anyone.

  • Queens man pleads guilty in park attack
    Friday, November 17, 2000 The Associated Press NEW YORK -- A Queens man pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree riot in connection with his behavior, along with others, in Central Park after the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in June. Akuan Johnson, 22, who had also been charged with first-degree sex abuse, accepted a plea deal and became the fifth man to plead guilty as a result of their behavior in the park after the June 11 parade.

Brooklyn Man Herbert Negron Pleads Guilty in Central Park Sex Attacks
Central Park rapesA Brooklyn man pleaded guilty Monday to sexually attacking women in Central Park following the Puerto Rican Day Parade in June.
Herbert Negron is among 30 people indicted on sexual abuse, assault and riot charges. A 14-year-old girl claimed Negron tore off her shirt and fondled her. Negron was charged with sexual abuse, assault and rioting, which carry a maximum prison term of seven years. In accepting the plea bargain, Negron will only be spending three years in prison. He has also admitted to sexually abusing other women. (reader)

Fifteen Men Indicted in N.Y. Central Park Assaults
Steven Burt NEW YORK (Reuters) - Fifteen men were indicted on Monday on riot, assault, sexual abuse, robbery and other charges stemming from daylight attacks in New York's Central Park in which over 50 women were doused with water and sexually abused by the roaming gangs of men. The British tourist alleged she was in the park with two friends when she was sprayed with water and surrounded by a gang of men, who took off her clothes and groped her genital area. (Yahoo link expired)

More pictures and news coverage of notorious wilding...

PJ: Central Park

Central Park , N.Y.C., Sunday June,11th, 2000 (11:30 a.m. -6:30 p.m.)

Central Park: Water Fight, Flight and Tears

From the five boroughs
of N.Y.C., sixty soulless
monsters came, not knowing
each other, they all found
each other all in agreement:
water all the women with ICE
and bring them to tears.

Disarmed, each woman,
-fifty and counting, and
countless others - is disrobed,
robbed, sexually pawed and
clawed. Concentric circles form
around a sole woman; a first
circle of raging participants;
a second circle of cheering and
jeering spectators; and a third
circle of indifferent police;
4500 police on duty; 900
in the park; eight calls to 911.

Videotapes abound: Sexual Abuse
and Violence Against Women. Madams,
did it or did it not happen in our park;
in the heart of the BIG APPLE?
Men are everywhere but no real
men are anywhere to be found:
Too afraid:impotent are our men of
the possible knife wielding soulless
monsters attacking.There are no heroes
marching in this Puerto Rican Day Parade

In childhood, my father gave
me an emergency whistle. As a
young adult, a canister of mace
hung from the belt loop of a pant
pocket or from my keychain;
who knows who lurks behind
unopened doors, and the upper
east side rapist is still at large and
nightly, he is on the prowl. Flyers
of his mug hang in every doorway.

As an adult, in full bloom, it is
time, says this breast bearing woman
to bear arms. Nothing less than a gun will
protect my sacred soul from the soulless
monsters who have no fear of daylight
or police and no shame of ganging up
on women, children or the elderly.
This remedy places the victimhood
on the victimizers, as they are now
the victims of their victimization.

Provoked, even a dog would bite-
off the hand or chew-up the leg
of one of these soulless monsters
and remain on the right side of
the law. Quick on a trigger, a cat
would extend its sharpened claws
engraving blood lit scars into each
and every face. Defenseless, women
do not strike back, unable to poke
out the eyes or kick in the groins of
any of these soulless monsters.

And another concentric circle of soulless
politicians say that there are not enough
laws on the books to protect women from
domestic violence, stalkers, rapists and
hate crimes, at home, or on the street or
in the dark, back alley of a court room:
When all women file police reports, to
stand up to stand tall, the history books
will show that violence against women
was a national and international pastime.

Fight back, learn to pull the happy trigger
in front of the monster cocks that by
force, dare to squirt their poisonous
venom inside the wombs that gave
them life. And then justice will be
served cold, and the tears we weep will
taste bittersweet. We will visit their
graves, and weep again, ICE cold tears .

June 23rd, 2000.

Having handed out this poem to park police and running mates
who jog around Central Park, this poem has already inspired
women to open up their hearts to me and share with me
horrific assaults that they have survived at the hands
of violent men who prey on women; and has empowered
these same women to find the courage to file their belated police reports.
I want this poem to plant a seed in the hearts of all women
to fight for their civil right to be protected
in their homes and in the streets.

Sharon Ester LampertSharon Esther Lampert
Poet, Philosopher, Prophet & Princess

Central Park: Water Fight, Flight and Tears
(was) Printed in the Journal "The Fisted Rose" September, 2000
The American Women's Self Defense Association

  • STABBING IN CENTRAL PK. - vagrant William Gillum allegedly stabbed a Parks maintenance worker who was trying to usher him out of a public restroom in Central Park

* MSNBC Central Park assault coverage

* Central Pk. Cops Boosting Patrols After 2 Attacks The NYPD has beefed up patrols in Central Park after two men were beaten and mugged by a group of teen thugs minutes apart late Monday.

* NYC Park Attack Trial Set (AP) -- The judge hearing the case of the young men accused of sexual attacks on women in Central Park last month said Monday he expects the defendants to go to trial in September.

* N.Y. Woman Hit With Concrete Block by purse-snatcher - third such attack in New York

* New York City: Homeless black purse-snatcher bashes woman on head with concrete 
Tiffany Goldberg, 25, had just attended services at the Marble Collegiate Church about two blocks away when her attacker came up from behind and struck her on the back of the skull with a chunk of concrete. The attack was a horrifying repeat of the Nov. 16 tragedy in which a crackhead named Paris Drake, 32, is accused of hurling a 6-pound paving stone into Barrett's skull as she walked to work at Madison Avenue and 42nd Street. Cops described the assailant as a 35- to 45-year-old black man who is 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds and was wearing jeans and a gold shirt.

* 2 robberies reported in Central Park
Saturday, July 8, 2000 NEW YORK -- Two people -- one a tourist from Israel -- were robbed in broad daylight Friday near heavily traveled locations in Central Park.

Central Park grope The news reports we have gotten the past week have not been this graphic. The media has downplayed the rapes. Even the police, afraid to react during the attacks because of fear of being branded racists, have downplayed the crimes committed. However, we have a Socialist press to believe or Joe, a guy in New York who heard the first reports. (graphic)

* Moral Chaos in Central Park by Michael Peirce (EaglesUp link)

* North York rages at sex attack Woman, 65, brutally assaulted in park

* N.Y. Policemen Faulted for Ignoring Sex Rampage NEW YORK (Reuters) - Five New York police officers face discipline as harsh as dismissal for not stopping or reporting the sexual abuse of women in Central Park last month after a parade, the police chief said Tuesday.

* Small Riot In East Harlem Saturday night attacks foreshadow Sunday outrages
Before the wilding Sunday in Central Park, an ugly prelude took place uptown on the night before: A small-scale riot that has gotten virtually no attention, but was as bad, if not worse, than what happened downtown. Women were assaulted, trapped in cars. Cars were destroyed. Young men jumped on top of city buses, pounding windows and roofs.

* US Report: New York City riot is Hillary's child
The Puerto Rican Day Parade riots are only part of the dreadful price of tolerating Hillary Clinton's political invasion of New York City and the demoralisaton of its police force.

We have a minority problem in this country, and it has nothing to do with discrimination.

* Censored: The real Central Park story
Shocked by the bizarre attacks? Don't be. This was just a small taste of what life is like for black and 'Spanic' women in many parts of New York. everyone pretended not to notice that nearly all the guys who soaked, stripped and molested up to 50 women in the park were Puerto Rican and black. In its patronizing, racist way, the media pretended it had just seen the manifestation of some kind of generalized social problem (EaglesUp)

* UK: Gang's sex attack on Briton reignites New York terror (picture) 
She told the police that more than a dozen men had tried to remove her clothing. "I was touched everywhere. It was very humiliating," she said. Once handcuffed, David Rowe, 23, the manager of a sports shop on Long Island, and Tremayne Bain, 24, his unemployed friend, were paraded in front of the British women, identified and arrested.

* Paterson women recall horror of park attack
It was the first Puerto Rican Day Parade experience for the two Paterson women -- and they said it would be their last. The women say they were groped -- one stripped topless -- and their clothing ripped. ...but the thing they remember the most is the hands -- hands everywhere -- touching them in the most private of places. "It was disgusting, it was so embarrassing," said one woman. * At the Mercy of a Mob (trannoscript)

* More Central Park Arrests Total of 25 Accused; 17 Others Sought


* In addition to the rampage suspects, a Brooklyn cop whose brother was arrested in the wilding
incidents is expected to face NYPD internal charges for his conduct at the precinct when his brother surrendered. Sources said the cop, whose name is being withheld, was with his brother, Roberto Camacho, at the 13th Precinct last week when he surrendered. The Brooklyn cop was "discourteous" to a supervisor and detectives probing the attacks. Top brass are weighing insubordination or conduct-unbecoming charges against the officer.

* Another Indictment in Park Attacks Queens Man Charged with Sex Abuse, Inciting Riot
Lonnie Hopson of Queens indicted on charges of 1st-degree sexual abuse and 1st-degree riot. On Wednesday, the Manhattan grand jury charged Julio de la cruz, Isaiah Forbes, and Trevor Britton with first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree riot.

* Legal guns would end New York's 'wildings'
Can it be only a coincidence that the mob attacks on women during the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City took place only a week or so after the controversy about the National Rifle Association's plan to open a cafe in Times Square? (EaglesUp link)

Central Park suspectCentral Park suspect* 2 Additional Suspects Sought in Park Assault
Investigators released photographs yesterday of two more men wanted in connection with the sexual attacks in Central Park after the National Puerto Rican Day Parade.

* 17-Year -Old Immigrant Faces Charges in Sex Attacks in Central Park
The police arrested a 17-year-old from Queens yesterday in connection with the June 11 attacks on women in Central Park, bringing the number of men arrested to 18. The youth, Dellon Evans, was charged with felony sexual abuse and riot. The family said that Mr. Evans, an immigrant from Guyana and a student at Springfield Gardens High School, was a quiet young man who had never been in trouble and did not so much as curse.

* 5 indicted on sex abuse charges in Central Park attacks

Manuel NunezNEW YORK -- Five suspects have been indicted for alleged attacks June 11 on dozens of women in Central Park, a prosecutor said Tuesday. The defendants are Manuel Vargas, 18, of the Bronx; Imanuel Nunez, 18, of the Bronx; Roberto Comacho, 16, of Nassau County and Steven Burt, 32, of Jersey City. Another man arrested in the attacks, John Taylor, 24, of Queens was released without bail by Kern after Rosenthal told her the grand jury had taken no action in his case. Charges against him have not been dropped. (also) Arrested were Dellon Evans, 17, of Queens; Alexander Eraide, 23, of Queens; and a male 15-year-old whose identity was withheld.

* The Central Park Rampage By William Saletan
On June 11, roving bands of boys and young men allegedly doused, stripped, and molested more than 50 women in New York's Central Park. The assaults took place during and after the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. The London Sunday Times called the alleged assailants "60 rampaging black and 'Spanic' men and boys." Virtually no other publication or public figure pointed out the ethnicity of the alleged culprits. Previous high-profile New York crime stories, such as the 1989 Central Park jogger rape, the Amadou Diallo shooting, and the Abner Louima assault, have escalated into racial and ideological conflicts. This one hasn't. Why not? (EAIF-link)

* Central Park Dissent II In response to Robert George's article. By William Tucker,
commentator on New York politics He spoke to National Review's Lopez last week, which started this controversy.
I don't think I said the "wilding" problem is a matter of "blacks, not just some blacks, but blacks in general." If my remarks can be construed that way, then I apologize. But saying the majority of violent crimes in New York City are committed by blacks and 'Spanic's (a true fact) is not the same as saying the majority of blacks and 'Spanic's - or even a small percentage - are violent criminals.

What I'm saying is that, once again, the New York Times and liberals in general are bending over backwards to avoid the simple observation that the young men who harassed and assaulted women in Central Park were all blacks and 'Spanic's.

Moreover, if you took a count of all the incidents in the past year when women and girls have been assaulted by gangs in public places (swimming pools have become a favorite - it's called "whirling"), you would again find that, almost without exception, black and 'Spanic' young men are the perpetrators. Once again: This is not to say that all black and 'Spanic' men indulge in this habit, or even that more than an infinitesimally small percentage do. But it is a black and 'Spanic' phenomenon. We can dredge up Glen Ridge and Woodstock, or even the Rape of the Sabine Women for that matter, but the fact that we have to go so far afield only proves the point. (more...

TEN years ago. Same park. Similar crime. A very different reverend. July 2, 1990. Al Sharpton delivered these words outside the trial of three youths who tackled, raped and savagely beat the woman forever known as the "Central Park Jogger": "Those boys aren't guilty for what happened to the jogger," Sharpton said. "This is just like the old Scottsboro Boys case.

* Rioting thugs puncture city's calm
For almost a fortnight police and the public have been replaying and re-examining the amateur videotape: a sweaty and aroused gang of young black and 'Spanic' thugs are shown dousing women with beer before ripping their clothes off and molesting them.

Roberto CamachoSteven BurtManuel Vargas* Five Men Indicted in New York Park Sexual Assault 
Roberto Camacho, Imanuel Nunez, Steven Burt and Manuel Vargas were the first to be indicted in the June 11 attacks, which took place after the annual Puerto Rican Day parade.

* Political correctness goes wilding
Wilding. The term, born of a heinous gang rape and crippling attack by thugs on a young woman jogging through Central Park a decade ago, comes back into common usage to describe the appalling events that followed the Puerto Rican National Day Parade this month in Manhattan. This recent "wilding" event amounts to a milestone in the downward spiral of what might once have been called American civilization. There is no other way to look at the ease with which masses of milling, young men, as nonchalant as they were brazen, attacked, stripped and violated as many as 50 women. (EaglesUp-link)

* New Link: N.O.F.E.A.R. calls for investigation of New York City hate rape rampage,
during Puerto Rican Festival New York, New York, June 16, 2000 ... The National Organization For European American Rights (N.O.F.E.A.R.) today expressed horror and outrage at the sexual attacks against European American women and female European tourists, by mobs of minorities who rampaged through Central Park during a Puerto Rican Festival, Sunday.

* Black leaders blame wilding on rap music, Clinton scandal
NEW YORK -- As police reported a 17th arrest in last week's Central Park sexual attacks, black spokesmen blamed rap music, President Clinton's personal behavior, and cutbacks in youth programs for helping motivate the wilding.

* NYPD: Youngest Punk Was Worst
Roberto CamachoRoberto Camacho, only 16 and the brother of a New York City cop, is the worst of the 16 people charged in the last Sunday's infamous Central Park wilding, police say. (NewsMax) They said Camacho took part in more than 15 of the 30 horrifying attacks, more than any other person. And when others tried to stop him, they say he shrugged them off by scowling, "F- that, they bitches anyway." The officials said Camacho tore the tops off several women and pulled off the underwear of another. * Cops had been told not to anger the Puerto Rican community, so many turned a blind eye to drinking and pot-smoking. When the trouble began, the air was thick with the smell of marijuana, beer and alcohol.
* Walk in the park Like most Americans who witnessed the video of the Central Park mob that harassed, and physically assaulted women, I was annoyed and offended. (EaglesUp)

* Another man arrested in connection with Central Park attacks Lonnie Hopson

* 17th arrest is made in N.Y. sex attacks
(Philadelphia Daily News),

* Police handling of New York's Central Park attacks results in suits, calls for probe   Meanwhile, police on Saturday arrested a 17th man in connection with the attacks: Jason A. Commissiong, 20, of Brooklyn, according to Sgt. Elias Nikas. Authorities also voided the arrest of another suspect, Anthony Bryant, 25, of Manhattan, who they said had been wrongly identified.

* Central Park: LATEST VIDEO SHOCKS EVEN HARDENED NYPD DETECTIVES (EaglesUp) And, for the first time, the investigators witnessed the terrifying assault on a naked French woman, who cried on the ground and desperately tried to cover her private parts with her hands as her husband tried in vain to shield her from a groping mob of attackers. "It's worse than anyone thought," a source said. * * THE SHAME OF CENTRAL PARK

* Crime Makes a Comeback
The hesitation of police officers to take action in Central Park seems a dreadful dereliction of duty. But it should surprise no one. Facing a mob of young, mainly black and 'Spanic' degenerates (it's the sad truth; just watch the tape), what were the cops supposed to do? "We were told not to do anything," one officer said to the Post. "They don't want photos of altercations with minorities." He added: "It's very frustrating when we're told to have our blinders on."

* Yahoo! News Photo Matches "Central Park"
Anthony Bryant Central Park suspect Central Park suspect Central Park suspect Dave Rowe
Isaiah Forbes Isaias Lozano John Taylor Julio Delacruz Leslie Marcano Manuel Nunez
Manuel VargasMark DanielsRoberto CamachoSteven BurtTremayne BainAppredhended

* When Animals Attack
Grim news greeted New Yorkers in the aftermath of last weekend's Puerto Rican Day Parade. Three men were stabbed near the end of the parade route and several women were sexually assaulted and robbed in Central Park by a gang of parade goers, according to published reports. Fox News Channel televised a video-tape showing young men clad in the Puerto Rican flag bandanas assaulting and molesting several women. To make matters worse, at least one of the women claimed that New York City Police ignored her when she reported the attacks. (EaglesUp)

* Arrests in Central Park Sex Attacks Up to 16
NYPD has arrested 16 of an estimated 60 men who took part in gang sexual assault in Central Park last weekend. (NewsMax)

16 June 2000 Steven Burt* N.O.F.E.A.R. calls for investigation of New York City hate rape rampage,
during Puerto Rican Festival. New York, New York, June 16, 2000 .

The National Organization For European American Rights
(N.O.F.E.A.R.) today expressed horror and outrage at the sexual attacks against European American women and female European tourists, by mobs of minorities who rampaged through Central Park during a Puerto Rican Festival, Sunday.

* Pictures of suspects in NYC Central Park sexual assaults

15 June 2000
* Central Park attack suspects held * Four More Arrested for NY Sexual Assaults

* 6 More Arrested in NYC Park Attacks * POLICE HUNT 7 MEN CAUGHT ON TAPE

13 June 2000
Anne Peyton Bryant* Nightmare in Central Park. A French tourist, stripped of her clothing
, is escorted by her husband and a police officer after an attack Sunday in Central Park. (photos from amateur video).
NEW YORK, June 13 - Two men have been arrested and police on Tuesday were looking for more suspects in sexual assaults Sunday against at least seven women in Central Park. Amateur videotape aired on New York's WNBC showed men soaking women with water, dragging them to the ground and groping them. Police said they planned to subpoena the tape and at least one victim said other tapes were made by the attackers themselves. (as in "Black Spring Break") * Wolfpack Attacks

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