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Prior Guest Commentaries on New Nation News from 2001 through 2003 - as always... "views not necessarily"

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November 15th, 1998 "America's Man on Horseback" - book review   
October 27th, 1998  Haiti: hand-outs, history, heroes, holocaust, HIV
(a collage of news clips and a few comments)
October 18th, 1998  Relative Threat Assessment against US "Empire"
October 4th, 1998  Dr. Bear's "All New Internet Diet"
for the Information Age in the Electronic Global Village
September 26th, 1998 URGENT: Congressional Diversity Calendar Crisis
September 19th, 1998 On the limits of 'white flight'
September 14th, 1998 Governor George C. Wallace, R.I.P.
September 11th, 1998 Medal of Honor or Red Badge of Treason?
September 6th, 1998 "The Fruits of NAFTA"
August 30th, 1998 Good Luck - "Mayor Moonbeam"
August 28th, 1998 Pit bulls, goats, and chickens - Diversity in East Oakland

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