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    (Black) SC man who had sex with horse released from prison * Horse Buggerer Released From Jail
Rodell VereenA South Carolina man who twice pleaded guilty to having sex with a horse has been released from prison after 16 months and ordered to stay away from the stable where the animal lives. Probation officials said Monday that Rodell Vereen, 51, was let out of prison March 1. Vereen must complete two years of probation or he will have to finish the five-year sentence he received in November 2009 after pleading guilty to buggery and trespassing. Vereen was arrested after the owner of the horse staked out her stable and caught Vereen sneaking inside. She held him at gunpoint until police arrived. - (Newsroom)

    (Black) Serial Fulton County rapist gets 12 life sentences
Marvin Martin A serial rapist who terrorized women along the Fulton Industrial Boulevard corridor was sentenced Thursday to 12 consecutive life terms without parole. Marvin Martin, a 33-year-old truck driver, received his sentence from Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance Russell after jurors convicted him Wednesday of rape, aggravated sodomy, kidnapping and aggravated assault with intent to rape in connection with the rape of seven women. The crimes began in 2005 and ended in 2009. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    (Black) Convicted of Sexual Assault, Claims He Wanted to Rape Arresting Officer
(Black) Fag, 24, Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting Man, 69
Jonathan Hall A 24-year-old man has been sentenced for sexually assaulting a 69-year-old man. Jonathan Hall pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault and burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit sexual assault. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Fort Bend County prosecutors said the 69-year-old went outside to get his newspaper on Nov. 21, 2008, and Hall approached him. Hall threw the man to the ground, hit him and told him he was going to rape and kill him, prosecutors said. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)



Professional clown, Jose Guadalupe Jimenez, arrested for kidnap, rape of girl, 12, in California
Jose Guadalupe JimenezA professional clown accused of kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old girl while wearing his stage make-up and mask was arrested Friday in California. Jose Guadalupe Jimenez, who goes by "El Tin Larin," was taken into custody after investigators matched his DNA from an unrelated crime last year to evidence from the horrific attack.


Identity of Mexican rapist of 9-year-old girl confirmed in Mexico
Alfredo Lopez CruzFingerprints confirmed the identity of Butler County’s Most Wanted criminal, Alfredo Lopez Cruz, who is currently behind bars in Mexico City. The Butler County Police Department released a statement Wednesday that the FBI confirmed Cruz is the suspect wanted in connection for the 2005 brutal kidnapping and rape of a 9-year-old Hamilton girl. He was found in Mexico on March 18 by authorities and is being held in Mexico City, awaiting extradition to the U.S. - (Newsroom) - (Invasion!)


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    19th suspect charged in Cleveland gang rape (is black)
Walter Jamal Harrison A 26-year-old man has become the 19th suspect to be charged in connection with the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl from Cleveland. Walter Jamal Harrison of Cleveland saw his photo posted on the Liberty County sheriff’s office "ten most wanted" website and turned himself into authorities late Wednesday, officials said. He is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    Three Riviera Beach teens charged with rape
Three Riviera Beach teenagers were arrested Wednesday after a rape victim identified them as the ones who lured her into an abandoned apartment and forced her to perform sexual acts on them. Pierre Roseau, 18, Keshun Winn, 17, and Fiando Touissant, 14, all of Riviera Beach, were each charged with one count of sexual battery, battery, false imprisonment, and robbery by sudden snatching. They forced her to "do a sex act on them." - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    Guilty Pleas In 2009 Apartment Robbery, Rape
Jerome HoltNASHVILLE, Tenn. - Two men have pleaded guilty in a 2009 home invasion robbery and rape in Madison. Jerome Holt and Deshaun Brown pleaded guilty to 10 counts of aggravated rape, one count of especially aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of reckless endangerment. In court on Wednesday, the pair admitted to pushing their way into a Heritage Drive apartment while asking to use the phone. After robbing the residents, Holt and Brown said they held a gun on the male victim, while taking turns raping his girlfriend in another room. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    (Black) Man Wanted For Attempted Manhattan Rape
rapistPolice are asking for the public's help finding a man they say tried to rape a woman in Manhattan. Investigators say the suspect followed a 24-year-old victim into her Washington Heights building around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. After forcing his way inside her apartment he allegedly grabbed the victim by her neck and demanded she get undressed. - (Black rapes)




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    Police Search For (black) Suspect In (White) Athens Officer’s Killing
Jamie HoodSenior Police Officer Buddy ChristianThe reward for a man suspected of shooting and killing an Athens police officer Buddy Christian and injuring another was increased to $50,000 on Wednesday. Hundreds of officers from several local and state law enforcement agencies spent Wednesday morning searching areas across Clarke County looking for the suspected shooter, 33-year-old Jamie Hood. "He should be considered as extremely dangerous. Anyone who would shoot down police officers trying to do their job, particularly shoot them in a manner that he did, essentially in an ambush situation," said Athens Clarke County police Chief Joseph Lumpkin. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Sentenced To Death For 2006 Rape And Murder
Tony SummersGreensboro, NC -- A jury returned with a death penalty sentence against a man accused in a 2006 rape and murder case. Tony Summers was found guilty on March 14 on charges of first degree murder, two counts of rape and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, four counts of kidnapping and one burglary count. Summers raped and murdered Lavell Williams in 2006, while her three children were at home. He also stabbed the woman's two daughters. Her son wasn't harmed. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    UK: DNA match traps (black) rapist Valentine Barnett 25 years after attack
Valentine BarnettBarnett thought he had escaped justice after assaulting a 20-year-old in a church doorway in January 1986. But while working on the break-in at his house, police took his DNA sample that was later found to match forensic evidence from the unsolved sex attack. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes) - (UK)

    (Black) rapper Lil Wayne Involved in Rape Allegation Charge
Lil Wayne Lil Wayne is involved in a sexual assault charge -- but he isn't to blame. A female catering assistant hired for a pre-Grammy party claims that she was sexually assaulted during the event at producer Noel "Detail" Fisher's home where Weezy was present. But police are targeting Detail with rape allegations, as the woman asserts that he held her overnight and sexually abused her against her own will. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    (Black) Pastor Charged With Raping And Impregnating 12-Year-Old
BRONX, NY – Michael Clare, the Pastor and leader of the Harvest Worship Center and principal of its school, Harvest Prep, has been charged with raping and impregnating a 12-year-old girl. The New York Daily News reports: - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)






Cost of illegal foreign wars

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    Judge overrules jury - black gets death for kidnap and murder of Auburn freshman girl
Lauren BurkCourtney LockhartA judge on Wednesday overrode the unanimous recommendation of jurors and sentenced a man to die for the slaying of an Auburn University freshman who was abducted at gunpoint, fatally shot and left to die on a rural road. Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker imposed the sentence on Courtney Lockhart, 26, who was convicted of capital murder last year in the 2008 killing of Lauren Burk, 18, of Marietta, Ga. The jury voted 12-0 to recommend a sentence of life without parole for Lockhart, but the judge has the final say under Alabama law. Walker decided Lockhart should be put to death, noting that the man was suspected in other crimes that jurors didn't know about. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Black woman charged in dragging death of White man * Dragged for more than a mile
Allen RoseColorado Springs police announced that the driver of the car who dragged a man to his death is facing charges of manslaughter.Police identified her as 32-year-old Detra Farries. The announcement came after days of investigation into the deadly incident that took the life of tow truck driver 35-year-old Allen Rose. Rose was towing the SUV from the parking lot at the Hill Park Apartments on Wednesday, when Detra Dione Farries, got in and drove off. The cable caught Rose's leg and he was dragged for about a mile behind the SUV. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)
Farries' husband, Terroll, was sentenced to four-years in prison for a hit-and-run death of woman in Denver in February 2009. Farries does have a criminal background in Colorado. Court records showed she was charged with driving while her license was suspended in 2003. She also had numerous motor vehicle violations. She also had charges of harassment and forcible entry in 2002.
Allen Rose, a married father of two and an Iraq War veteran
* Roses for Allen Rose
Rose was running behind the vehicle when a tow cable snapped and ensnared his legs. People watched helplessly and attempted to flag down the SUV as Rose was dragged, screaming, 10 to 12 feet behind the vehicle.

    My (White) 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by (African) refugee boys at school
MorganThe arguments between my daughter and these boys started with a couple of the boys asking Morgan to be their girlfriend. When Morgan turned them down, they retaliated by calling her names like "fat ho, lesbian b**ch, c**t, etc..." this goes on for about a month before the first assault on the bus occurs. The boys are refugees brought over from Kenya and Ethiopia. Morgan was brutally attacked. First elbowed in the face, followed by 6 to 7 punches knocking her front teeth out and leaving her with a concussion. It took four teachers to get one of the boys off her. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Lawmen arrest (black) Polk Co. suspect in murder of White woman
Heather DorrisCordell Renard Green,The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man suspected of killing a Polk County woman in December. Cordell Renard Green, 22, is charged with murder. Green was located Sunday night and arrested. Green is charged in connection to the death of Heather Dorris, 25. Green has a violent past, including charges of armed robbery. Green confessed to witnesses that he killed Dorris by shooting her numerous times and witnesses saw Green get into Dorris' vehicle the morning of her death. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Black woman arrested for kidnap, murder and burning of body of 12-year-old White boy
Mona Yvette NelsonPolice say a 44-year-old woman charged with capital murder in the kidnapping and death of a 12-year-old Houston boy admitted to discarding a body, but said she didn’t kill the child. Mona Yvette Nelson, a maintenance worker for several area apartment complexes, was arrested and charged on Wednesday. Investigators believe she kidnapped, killed and burned the body of Jonathan Foster on Christmas Eve. Foster had been left alone at his mother’s apartment while she and her roommate worked that day. Investigators believe Nelson took the boy to her home, where she likely killed him and burned his body. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)


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