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    Eccl 3:8 Eccl 3:8 - A time to love, and a time to hate
    Pro 8:13 The fear of the LORD [is] to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.
    Judge Calls Westchester Mall Killer 'Face of Evil'
Black Gets 25-To-Life for knifing a woman to death in a mall parking garage because she was white

Phillip GrantWHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- A homeless man was sentenced Monday to 25 years to life in prison for knifing a woman to death in a mall parking garage because she was white. "You, Mr. Grant, represent the face of evil," State Supreme Court Justice Lester Adler told the man, Phillip Grant. Grant seemed unmoved as the maximum sentence was imposed. As he was led out of the courtroom, the victim's son, Jonathan Russo, shouted, "Disgusting animal!" Grant, 44, who is black, was convicted in July of murder as a hate crime in the killing of Concetta Russo-Carriero, a 56-year-old legal secretary. She was stabbed twice in the heart in June 2005 in the parking garage of the Galleria mall in downtown White Plains. Captured just minutes later, Grant quickly admitted his guilt, led police to a bloody knife and sat for a videotaped confession in which he ranted about a race war, saying of his victim, "As long as she had blond hair and blue eyes, she had to die." He added that if he'd had a gun, "There'd be a lot of dead white people on the streets of White Plains." - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-white) - (Hatecrimes)
    Reader news link: "Black Murderer of White Father of Three NYCPD Officers - I Knew It"
Son's heartbreak 3 cops struggle with emotions
William ScottJoseph Randazzo hugs a family member outside his dad's home in Hillcrest, Queens, yesterday. Carmine Randazzo was fatally stabbed while strolling in the neighborhood.Their proud Queens dad pushed them to become cops, and yesterday Carmine Randazzo's three NYPD sons struggled with feelings of helplessness after his slaying - allegedly by a crazed stabber notorious for random attacks and tirades against whites. "I wish I was there [to stop it]," said youngest son Carmine Randazzo Jr., 39. "That's the strangest thing people are going to say - three cops [in the family], and it happens to him," said the grieving son, who admitted to daydreams about being in uniform at the time and stopping the crime. "What are you going to do? It was a sick man." Carmine Randazzo Sr., 78, was stabbed five times in the arm, back and torso Saturday afternoon after visiting a Queens flea market during his regular neighborhood stroll.
William Scott
, 28, allegedly jumped out from behind a building and attacked Randazzo without provocation, a police source said. Scott, described by a relative as schizophrenic and on medication, was awaiting arraignment last night on charges of second-degree murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Queens neighbors said Scott had a history of random public violence - and one woman said he once punched her husband in the head on the street.

Other neighbors said Scott would roam the neighborhood, angrily cursing white people.

Galda Rochleder said she once saw Scott attack a man with a bat, screaming, "You white m----------r!"

"He's always muttering to himself, walking back and forth, when he sees white people," she said. "He'll say under his breath "You b-----ds, I hate you." - (reader/newslist) - (crime) - (Black-on-white) - (Hatecrimes)

  • Police say that movie attack by a pack of "young black men" is a hate crime
    RICHMOND: At least three people were seriously assaulted by a group of black men at the Century 16 Theater.
    Richmond police determined Friday that at least three people attacked by a crowd of young black men at Century 16 Hilltop theater this month were victims of hate crimes. Two victims were attacked Aug. 11 outside the theater, and one was assaulted inside, stomped by at least 30 men while the film "Step Up" continued to roll, Police Chief Chris Magnus said. The theater staff failed to help any of the victims. In one case, a witness reported employees in the theater lobby laughing as they watched a crowd of about 10 men beat and kick a woman huddled on the sidewalk in front of the building. In the "vandalism" case, Magnus confirmed, a crowd of young black men in front of the theater smashed the window of the victim's car and tried to drag her out by her ponytail, while someone shouted, "Get the white bitch!"
    The incident began about an hour into the movie, police said, during a scene dealing with interracial dating. A crowd of young black men seated in the back rows began shouting and throwing candy toward the front of the theater, mainly occupied by Latinos and Filipinos. Philip Herrera, 23, stood up and asked them to stop pelting his girlfriend and mother. In response, several men hauled him out of his seat and beat him severely enough to cause a concussion. Mayor Irma Anderson, who is black, skirted the race issue. - (Newsroom) - (Norcal)



Gay black entertainer in hospital after 'anti-gay' hate crime attack by 3 blacks and 1 "Hispanic"
Kevin AvianceNEW YORK  Kevin Aviance, a popular gay entertainer is in the hospital, allegedly the victim of a hate crime in which four reported males, three black and one Hispanic, attacked him on a crowded street in the East Village Saturday morning, only days before thousands of New Yorkers will be celebrating gay-pride week. A 16-year-old male; a 20-year-old Bronx man, Akino George; a 20-year-old Newark man, Sears Jarell; and 18-year-old Gregory Archie, a Manhattan resident, were charged with first-degree assualt as a hate crime. Aviance's publicist said he was scheduled to perform in the upcoming gay-pride parade, but will now be able unable because his mouth is wired shut. - (Newsroom) - (hatecrimes)

    Black attempted to murder a White mother and her four children in confessed racial hate crime
Carl GravesMASSAPEQUA, N.Y. -- A white woman said she was in shock after a black man threw a 10-inch chunk of concrete at her sport utility vehicle in what police were labeling a hate crime. Kim McCandless, was driving to the Sunrise Mall with her two daughters, a niece and a nephew, all between 7 months and 4 years old, when the concrete struck her windshield. No one was injured. McCandless said she made eye contact with the attacker before he threw the concrete. "I was in shock," she said. "I didn't understand why. Why me, why my kids, why my car?"  Carl Graves threw the concrete at the SUV because the driver was white. Graves and two friends were in the mall and were upset that the arcade and the movie theater were closed. Graves, 20, told police "the mall had become too white." - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-White) - (hatecrimes)

Surprise, surprise: Jury Finds Black Muslim Muhammad Guilty in Sniper Trial
John Allen MuhammadJohn Allen Muhammad found guilty of six counts of murder for the October 2002 Washington-area sniper shootings. (AP) John Allen Muhammad was convicted of six more of the Washington-area sniper killings Tuesday after the prosecution's star witness, Muhammad's young protege, portrayed him as the mastermind of an audacious terror scheme in which phase two would have been bombings against children. Muhammad, 45, is already under a death sentence in Virginia for a killing there. The most he can get for the six Maryland slayings is life in prison without parole. The jury took slightly more than four hours to convict him after a four-week trial in which he acted as his own attorney. As the verdict was read, Muhammad sat grim-faced, his arms folded across chest. He was led out of the courtroom, pausing to ask the judge, "Your honor, may I speak?" The judge answered, "No sir," and Muhammad was taken away. Ten people in all were killed, and three were wounded, in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., in the string of shootings that gripped the metropolitan area with fear. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Dark Crime) 

The racist sniper's plan: kill six whites a day for 30 days
Malvo testified that Muhammad, driven by hatred of America because of its "slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy"
and his belief that "the white man is the devil", planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days.

  • Sheriff: Alleged Glen Ellen Rape Was Hate Crime - Hispanic Isidro Rojas-Molina raped White woman
    SANTA ROSA The Sonoma County sheriff's deputies arrested a Glen Ellen man Saturday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman under a bridge Friday night. The sheriff's department is requesting the alleged sexual assault be considered a hate crime because of derogatory statements that 25-year-old suspect Isidro Rojas-Molina allegedly made before and during the alleged assault. Sgt. Dennis O'Leary said the Caucasian woman and Rojas-Molina were attending a party at a mutual friend's house but it's not believed they knew each other. O'Leary said they left the party to have a discussion and walked to a secluded area. The sheriff's department reported the alleged sexual assault occurred under a bridge on Madrone Road in Glen Ellen at 11:40 p.m. Friday. The adult female victim called a neighbor who then called 911. The victim did not require emergency medical attention, authorities said.
    - (crime)
    - (hatecrimes) - (Norcal) - (Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)
  • Long Island Cabbie Busted for Hate Crime
    A Long Island taxi driver was arrested and charged with a hate crime after police said he shouted racial epithets while hitting a man with his cab outside a convenience store. Robert A. Rossetti Jr., 56, of East Quogue, pleaded not guilty - (hatecrimes)
    Another "hate crime" hoax: Black Woman Pleads Guilty in Racist Letters Case
Alicia HardinWAUKEGAN, Ill. A young black woman accused of sending racist threats to minority classmates at her small Christian university has pleaded guilty to felony disorderly conduct.Twenty-year-old Alicia Hardin was sentenced to two years probation. She must also perform 200 hours of community service, pay two-thousand dollars restitution, and cease all contact with Trinity International University. Authorities say Hardin sent letters filled with racial slurs and threats of violence to two black students and a Hispanic student in the spring of last year. - (Newsroom) - (hatecrimes)

John Broderick HehmanThe NYPD hate-crimes unit is probing a report that a white NYU student killed by a car in Harlem was fleeing a gang of black teenagers screaming "Get whitey!" sources said yesterday. If the report proves true, the violence could turn out to be an eerie replay in reverse of the infamous 1986 Howard Beach murder, where a black man was chased into traffic and killed by a group of white bigots. The 20-year-old student, John Broderick Hehman, died yesterday, six days after the attack. The sources said Hehman might have been targeted as a soft mark for robbers after the teenage gang spotted the caring urban-studies major handing pocket change to a wheelchair- bound man near the corner of 125th Street and Park Avenue Saturday night.
The gang of youths, some of them as young as 11, had been smoking pot inside a nearby Popeye's fast-food eatery at 8:30 p.m. when they spotted Hehman walking by and then stopping to help the handicapped man. An anonymous caller later tipped the CrimeStoppers hot line that a group of youths screamed, "Get Whitey!" and ran toward him. Witnesses said Hehman fled into traffic against the light and was hit by a Mercedes-Benz traveling east on 125th Street. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-White) - (hatecrimes)

Four teens charged in NYU student death - Murder not treated as a bias crime

Black Teens Shout "Get the White Boy!" in Death of NYU Student

NYPD of showing a "reluctance" to label the killing as a hate crime.

    Black on white feces attack "Not a hate crime" - Beating prompts walkout
Q. Was this a hate crime?
A. Although the victim was white and the alleged attackers were black, "there doesn't appear to be any indication that this would be a hate crime," Bond said. - (reader link) - (hatecrimes) - (Black-on-White) - (Newsroom)
    Hatecrime: Three Jewish attackers disguised as pilgrims began throwing firecrackers inside one of Christianity's holiest sites
Friday, police said, sparking a riot in this biblical town in northern Israel. At least seven people were injured as police struggled to bring the situation under control. Officials said the attackers were disguised as Christian pilgrims when they entered the Basilica of the Annunciation and threw the firecrackers. The attackers remained barricaded in the church in the Israeli-Arab town late Friday, as several thousand angry protesters blocked police from entering. - (Newsroom) - (hatecrimes)

    Two blacks going to prison on charge of carjacking and dragging a White man chained to a pickup truck - "Not a hatecrime"
Two Hartsville men who pleaded guilty to federal carjacking charges in an incident in which a man was chained to a pickup truck and dragged through a field have been sentenced to prison.  Kenneth Smith, 41, was sentenced to 14 years in prison Wednesday by U.S. District Judge R. Bryan Harwell. Lamont McKay, 27, was sentenced to seven years. The men forced the victim into his own pickup truck, ordered him to drive to a nearby field and made him take his clothes off.  The victim was then beaten with a tire iron and burned with a cigarette lighter, chained to the truck and dragged up the road. The victim, who is white, said Smith and McKay, who are black, made racial slurs while chaining him to the truck.  Authorities said they do not doubt the comments were made but said the crime did not appear to be racially motivated, because the robbery occurred first.
- (Tyrone N. Butts)
- (crime) - (hatecrimes) - (Black-on-White)

  • Tookie chambered a second round and fired it into Albert Lewis Owens's back as he lay face down on the floor.
    black racist killerAlbert Lewis OwensBefore leaving, he shot Owens again. According to the accomplices-turned-witnesses, Owens begged for his life before being murdered. After shooting Owens, Williams joked about the gurgling sounds the young man made as he lay dying on the floor.  Eleven days later, Williams robbed the Brookhaven Motel on Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles, where he murdered live-in owners Yen-I Yang, 76, his wife, Tsai-Shai Yang, 63, and their daughter Yee-Chen Lin, 43. - (NNN Newsroom)

  • The Crimes of Stanley 'Tookie' Williams - 'Killing All White People'
    Once back in Los Angeles, Williams asked if anyone wanted to get something to eat. When Sims asked Williams why he shot Owens, Williams said he "didn't want to leave any witnesses." Williams also said he killed Owens "because he was white and he was killing all white people." Later that same day, Williams bragged to his brother Wayne about killing Owens. Williams said, "you should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him." Williams then made gurgling or growling noises and laughed hysterically about Owens' death.  

    "I want to beat up one of these white boys... I'm a racist, and I hate all you white boys"
The alleged hate crime attack on a Lewis and Clark High School student came after his attacker said, "I want to beat up one of these white boys," according to the affidavit of probable cause filed by Spokane police. Tyson Leroy Brown, 21, of Spokane was arrested  on suspicion of malicious harassment, a Class C felony hate crime. Brown also had an unrelated warrant from Oregon. The 15-year-old White victim was intentionally and maliciously assaulted due to his race, according to the affidavit. The victim is white, and the alleged attacker is black. Brown was arrested a few blocks away. While he was being taken to jail, a police officer said Brown called himself a "racist," according to the affidavit. He added, "I should have kicked him until he'd never get up … I'm a racist, and I hate all you white boys." - (Svejk) - (crime) - (hatecrimes) - (Black-on-White)

    Unprovoked racial hatecrimes by blacks on random whites in Greensburg, PA
GREENSBURG, Pa. - Three people were beaten early Friday morning in Greensburg, according to police. The first incident occurred at a house on Westminster Avenue around 2 a.m. According to police, two black men struck a white man after he got out of his car. The victim, along with his female passenger, drove away as a third black man approached the vehicle. The second occurred a half an hour later outside the Sunoco Mini Market at Mount Pleasant Street and Urbania Avenue. Three black men approached a white man while he was pumping gas. The men started beating him and struck his female passenger after she exited the car, according to police.   Fliers with racist epithets against whites were also found on car windshields and utility poles in Greensburg.   There is surveillance video of the second attack, but police are not releasing it yet.  Police are not linking the two assaults or the fliers because they are waiting for the suspects to be identified in a lineup Friday night. No arrests have been made.
- (kickdrum) - (Black-on-White) - (hatecrimes)

  • UK: Muslim graves destroyed in city - Black on Asian hatecrime?
    Dozens of Muslim grave stones have been smashed and pushed over in a cemetery in Handsworth in Birmingham. Leaflets were scattered, with insults against Muslims which were attributable to "Black Nation". Last month, riots involving Asian and black youths took place in nearby Lozells, sparked by a claim that a 14-year-old black girl had been raped. - (UK)

    HATE BILL WILL PASS SENATE JUDICIARY!! - Fight in Senate is Our Only Hope for Survival of Free Speech - (

AMDT.2662 will lead to enforcement of the working definitions of “hate” and “hate crimes” which are enforced by the many “anti-hate” bureaucracies in countries throughout the western industrialized world. In such countries, it is now a “hate crime” to criticize members of federally protected groups such as Jews and homosexuals. - (Commentary)


Quintin Pearson is white, thin as a sapling. At least 20 black men beat him unconscious at a party - but 'heroic black friend saves his life'
Quintin PearsonJackie Pearson last August after a confrontation that may have been sharpened by racial epithets.  They cut his face, broke his nose, stomped on his skull. He went to the hospital in a helicopter, breathing through a machine. Doctors put him on morphine and a feeding tube. He stayed unconscious until the fourth day, didn't go home until the sixth.  But he is alive. The black men did not kill him that night under the strobe lights at the Kraft Athletic Club. Their final blows fell on a human shield when Quintin's black friend Andre Johnson aka DreDay knelt to cover him.  Quintin Pearson made many black friends. 

's brother Jackie Pearson (pictured on left) was on the dance floor when the ambush came. Black man with a big glass bottle. He came from behind, smashed it across Jackie's head, knocked him to the polished concrete. A savage crowd engulfed Jackie, maybe 20 of them, maybe 40, their kicks printing pink on his back.

Investigators do not believe the attack was racially motivated.  Late in September, deputies arrested two black 21-year-old residents -- a furniture mover named Brandon Parish and an unemployed electrician named Daniel "Tray" Albertie -- and charged them with attempted murder in connection with the Pearson assault. Black parents protested when deputies entered the high school to question students.

Jackie sits on a couch in a mobile home down a dirt road in North Jacksonville, unable to work. His vertebrae are twisted. Quintin has lost part of his short-term memory. He wakes up mumbling nonsense, the world swirling before him like an impressionist painting. He still dreams of fixing his knee and playing college football.  He wants his attackers to feel the pain they gave him.

On Sept. 23, after the Homecoming game at the high school, the brothers say they were driving out of the parking lot when nearly 20 black men approached Quintin's Camaro, leering and stomping. Quintin pulled a knife. Jackie brandished a baseball bat. The showdown never turned violent, but Quintin went to jail for carrying a weapon on school property. He has stopped going to football games because he doesn't feel safe. "I thought all of (the blacks) were my friends," Quintin said. "Come to find out, only Andre was." - (reader link)  And the moral of the story is... ?  

'Hate crime'
"I am the mother of the two boys (Quintin and Jackie Pearson) who were brutally beaten by 15 to 20 black boys at Ten Acres Kraft Athletic Club. This occurrence is being labeled as a fight, when in fact that is not at all what had occurred. My two boys were hit from behind with beer bottles and continually beaten, kicked and stomped in their heads and backs. These boys were beaten continually while unconscious. That can hardly be labeled as a fight. These acts were beatings, a form of a hate crime or assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder. There are many labels that could be placed on this crime and "fight" is not one of them. - (reader link from AR list)


    Two illegal migrants from Honduras arrested in second anti-queer hatecrime case
Victor Lopez
Days after police announced they were looking for information on a  robbery apparently motivated by hatred for homosexuals, another attack occurred.   In both incidents  the victims arrived at the Long Island Expressway Exit 49 park-and-ride lot, where they met Victor Lopez.  Lopez promised the men sex and told them to follow him to an industrial park said police, who have described the park-and-ride as a place men cruise for anonymous gay sex. The third man goes by the name, "El Negro" -- "The Black Man" in Spanish. Immigration officials say Lopez and Andrade are here illegally from Honduras. - (hatecrimes) - (Invasion!) - (


    Native American Hatecrime: Navajo Woman Allegedly Dragged In Hate Crime by Sioux or Apache?
LAWRENCE, Kan. - When Crystal Pacheco, a Navajo tribe Native American, and her friend  began to walk back home, she said, a car pulled up with four other Native Americans inside. "They were like, 'Sioux up in here.'  I was like, 'Ain't that you?'  She said, 'No, Apache.'  I said, 'I'm Navajo." I feel like they were trying to kill me.  That's how I feel. I feel like they were trying to kill me."
- (White Boy)
- (Abo

    My name is Brandy Stokes and I am a former teacher at Brentwood Middle School in Charleston, SC.
Myself and several other teachers were fired because we are white and now we cannot teach in the state of SC. I had students calling me honkey, cracker, and several other vulgar names to bad to mention. I also had a student sexually harass me and climb through my window singing rap songs about raping a white b****. I went to my principal and her response was that we had to accept their behavior because it was "their culture", she also rolled her eyes at me and said "oh here we go again another white teacher trying to bring these kids down." - (Black-on-White) - (Crusader

    Black on White racial hate crime at Intermediate School - (zip-birthyear-gender required) - (Klansman)
Three students at Prall Intermediate School in West Brighton were arrested yesterday for attacking a white 13-year-old classmate shortly after dismissal on Wednesday, police said.   The three, ages 12, 13 and 14, were charged with assault, and police are investigating the possibility that the attack was a bias crime. The victim, who is white, said she was jumped by four black girls and one black boy, who kicked and punched her while shouting racial slurs.
She was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital, West Brighton, and treated for a concussion, a gash under her left eye, a swollen jaw and an injury to her right eye that may result in permanent damage, her parents said. "They smashed me over the face with a bottle until it broke," said the girl, whose identity is being withheld by the Advance. "They were saying they were gonna pull out my 'pretty white-girl hair' and spitting on me." - (Black-on-White)  
    Black Student Arrested At Sandalwood Charged With Hate Crime
Jean BelizaireAnother Sandalwood High School student has been arrested, and this boy was charged with a hate crime. According to the arrest report, Jean Belizaire, 18, struck a 17-year-old girl in the back of the head with a rolled up package of papers with such force that she became dizzy and nauseous. When questioned by police, Belizaire, who is black, admitted striking the girl because she was white.  Belizaire is charged with battery. While that charge is normally a misdemeanor, when the hate crime notation is added it becomes a felony. He is being held in jail. - (Newsroom)  

  • Chai Vang And The Hate Crime Self-Defense Claim - By Bryanna Bevens  
    Last year, Hmong immigrant Chai Soua Vang shot eight white people in Wisconsin killing six of them and seriously wounding two. From the time of his arrest, Vang has maintained his actions were in self-defense. According to Vang, the eight victims surrounded him and called him racially offensive names. So Vang killed all of them.

17 September 2005 archived  
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    Hmong Man Found Guilty in Hunter Deaths
Chai Soua VangSix White victims of racist Hmong migrant mass murdererWis. -- A jury on Friday convicted an immigrant truck driver of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of six deer hunters during a confrontation over trespassing, rejecting his claims that he fired in self-defense. Chai Soua Vang, 36, faces mandatory life in prison. Wisconsin does not have a death penalty. Jurors deliberated about three hours before convicting Vang on six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and three counts of attempted homicide. In addition to the six dead, two hunters were wounded in the shootings Nov. 21 that began when the group of hunters confronted Vang for being on private land. - (NNN Newsroom) - (Invasion!)
Charge Hmong Hmonster With Hate Crime!
- By Dave Gibson
Chai Vang, the Hmong immigrant who murdered six Wisconsin hunters last November has been found guilty on six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. However, this verdict is not enough. All of his victims were white and his vicious behavior went much farther than simple murder.... There has been a growing problem with Hmong hunters trespassing on private lands in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Hmong regularly hunt game out of season, none have licenses, and many reportedly use AK-47 assault weapons... Make no mistake, had a white man been chasing down a group of unarmed Asians, picking them off one by one--the news coverage would trump that of the Natalee Holloway case. The FBI would also consider the massacre to be a 'hate crime.' However, it is never considered to be hateful nor racist when the murder victims are white.

    Howard Beach II: More White Male Monsters? - By Nicholas Stix
It looks as though those evil white males committed yet another racial outrage in Howard Beach, Queens, on June 29. Since the New York reporters and politicians I’ve seen and heard have not even used the qualifier “alleged,” I don’t know why we should even bother with the formality of a trial. Let’s have us a necktie party! - (Svejk)

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The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon - by Rudyard Kipling
It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxons began to hate...

    from Dark Storm Crow's definitions...
Hate Crime-a violent crime committed against a person because of their race, religion, sex, or sexual preference.
Whites can only be victims of a hate crime if they are homosexual.

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