Wrangler Jeans: Made in..Mexico?
by Angry White Female

t is with profound sadness for me to report that a friend lost her job today. But don't worry, she is just a White working class grandmother with a White husband who lives in the South (they are all racist rednecks anyway, even the Black ones).

To the stockholders of VANITY FAIR (VF) CORPORATION, laying off 13,000 Americans and setting up shop in Mexico is good news! But to my friend, who lovingly and with care stitched up those WRANGLER jeans, it means loss of income, insurance and security. Translation: Loss of ability to buy..wrangler jeans and other textile products made by VANITY FAIR CORPORATION. Oh, don't worry about the economy, the company will be given a tax break. Our politicians care very much about the wealthy stockholders. But don't fret, these old ladies who worked at the company most of their lives will have 18 months left of insurance, if they can pay $40 a week to continue it.

The woman who lost her job told me that a decade prior, the steel industry in her small town was hit with that great NAFTA sucking sound. Ah, must be good for the economy. After all, the working class will be better able to afford WRANGLER jeans if Mexicans make them for $2 a hour.

But you see, I have a little problem with that. I am a working class American who will no longer buy WRANGLER jeans. I, and people like me, and those who made WRANGLER jeans, are their client base. I live in a small community, a community where many of those "wrangling rednecks" live. Those rednecks will be awfully unhappy to learn that 2 months after a major terrorist attack, their patriotism is rewarded by taking their jobs away and giving them to foreigners. Foreigners who take their jobs here too. I have already convinced a handful of people to pull down those American flags made in China. Now I have tell these boys they have to take off their pants?

What am I getting all fussy about? The media tells us that White Americans on the unemployment line are there because they are lazy, but have nothing but praise for NAFTA and GATT. They promote companies that stick it to the American working class. Our media are parasite class Americans. Too many of our folks are.

Let me get to the point. I am asking people to boycott VANITY FAIR CORPORATION products. And I am asking those cowboys and mechanics and plumbers and repairmen to stop buying WRANGLER jeans. When I go to the rodeo next Spring, I will boldly walk up to those cowboys in their tight WRANGLER jeans and ask them why they purchase jeans made in Mexico. Doesn't take long for the word to spread after an incident like that.

The point is that it is only through your consumer choices that we will stop this loss of livelihood. It may be convenient and cheaper to buy Chinese-made flags or clothing made in Pakistan, Mexico or Indonesia. But in the long run, these consumer choices will land more Americans on the unemployment line. I ask you to take a stand for once, if not for your fellow Americans, for your own livelihoods. And for God's sake, don't buy American flag products made in China by slave dissident labor, you hypocrites!

Maquiladora kidsIf you do, you may find your grandkids having to move to Mexico to get a job in a Maquiladora plant and seek hiring preferences based on minority status. God knows it is hard enough for a White working class American to get a job, or a slot in college here anymore.

Please write to any company which lays off American workers and say "Sorry I can't buy your products anymore. I am of the White working class, and I am simply out of cash."





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