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Wichita victims
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Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. Pro 10:23
I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies. Pro 10:23
Woe to the bloody city, to the pot whose scum is therein Pro 10:23

  • Carr brother’s attorneys ask for delay WICHITA, Kansas, June 15 - Attorneys in the case of two brothers accused of killing five people in Wichita last year were back before the judge Friday. REGINALD AND JONATHAN CARR were not present Friday morning as their attorney's were asking for a delay, saying a separate case involving media access to the trail is hindering their defense. Judge Owens said the recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling on the media access issue warrants further discussions because of its impact on the trail. Both sides agreed to continue the motion for two weeks. Judge Owens also granted the defense a two-week continuance for more discussion on setting the date for the jury trail. The two brothers are accused of kidnapping and killing five people in Wichita last December. (reader)
  • Supreme Court Rules on KWCH, Eagle Case KWCH Jun 13, 2001 (reader link)
    Carr brothersA district court judge must allow the media to intervene in the case of two accused of killing five people, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled today. The court said The Wichita Eagle and KWCH TV must be allowed to challenge District Judge Clark Owens' decision to seal records normally open to the public. The Supreme Court was not ruling on the merits of the challenge -- only giving the media organizations the right to intervene.
    Owens ruled in the cases of Reginald and John Carr. They're accused of abducting five people in December, taking them to a field and shooting them. One victim survived. The brothers also have been charged in another December shooting. That victim died in January.
de Carr bro'sJudge denies motion to suspend Carrs' trial
The Carrs' lawyers argued that they needed to concentrate on access issues being raised by the media. A Sedgwick County judge refused Friday to suspend criminal proceedings against two brothers facing five counts of first-degree murder.
Bloody Wichita: Lawyers say media issues in Carr case are impairing their defenseCarr brothersLawyers for one of two brothers charged with five counts of murder asked Friday that the criminal proceedings be suspended indefinitely while the courts resolve issues involving media access to evidence in the case.
Reginald Carr, 28, and his brother, Jonathan, 21, are accused of abducting five people from an east Wichita home in December, and later shooting them in the head in a field. One of the victims, a woman, survived after walking a mile in subfreezing weather for help. (reader alert)

[Reader wonders whether castration would be a 'cruel and unusual punisment'] Ref: Cruel and unusual punishment
Ref: He who commits rape, murder and kidnapping shall be put to death. - God
(Deuteronomy 22:25, Exodus 21:12,16)
Ref: Cruel and Unusual Leniency by Robert W. Lee
[further reader comments on Wichita]
"Death would be good, how in the name of God can people rape and kill with not even a thought? Does anyone need a volunteer to pull the switch?"
Ecc 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

  • Catching up on some Reader news links:
  • Kansas keeps the peace by keeping murder case quiet
    By Valerie Richardson - THE WASHINGTON TIMES
    Outside the Internet, the shocking multiple murders in Wichita, Kan., haven´t received much national attention, and Wichita authorities want to keep it that way.
  • Reader objects to link below:
    "Don't even begin to assume that Jason Befort was anything but a hero. You're not here. He did what he could at that point to survive and allow his friends and fiancee to survive...Don't bad-mouth this young man who died a hideous death. His last vision was that of his fiancee taking those N-ggers *** in her mouth. Get off it! You should commend (not condemn) him. You have no idea what happened that night, because you got only a small bit of the news. Come sit through the trial and then make that statement."
  • Wichita vicim Jason Befort removed from Honor Roll (Crosstarlist)
    "...Befort meekly complied with the Negroes' demands to withdraw money from his ATM account, passively watched his house-guests repeatedly raped by the Negroes, supinely let himself be locked in a car trunk and then timidly knelt down so the Negoes could shoot him and the others in the head...."
  • [Another reader respond on Jason Befort - Hero or Coward?]
    "Please tell Mr. Jason Beforts' defender to go to hell. There should have been a fight with what ever they could get their hands on. Let these murders be a wake call for a new mind set among you soft bellied and soft headed white people to resist, in any way. Ask him to go in live a black neighborhood like I suffered in N.Y.C. There is a race war being perpetrated against whites and you don't get it. Wake up to Real World. Visit www.ilovewhitefolks."
    Another thing, by writing that defense of Jason, it makes me think that you would act with the same 'sheeplike' passivity if you find yourself in a similar situation"
  • Wichita: White survivor tells of grisly night Woman recounts her friends' final hours
    The lone witness to December's bloody rampage by black brothers describes the methodical nature of her (racist) abductors.
    Wichita victims

    A woman who survived a brutal attack and shooting last December calmly recalled in detail Monday the night her four friends died in a snowy soccer field on the northeast edge of Wichita.
    Carr brothersThe woman identified Jonathan Carr as one of her attackers but said she did not recognize Reginald Carr during a preliminary hearing Monday in Sedgwick County District Court.

    The Carr brothers showed no emotion as two eyewitnesses could remember only one but not both of the men charged with crimes that include capital murder, rape and robbery.
    Held at gunpoint
    During the following hour, the witness said the men and women were forced to sexually assault each other. She said the women were repeatedly raped by both assailants throughout the night.

    Andrew Schreiber, who also testified Monday, could only identify Reginald Carr as one of two men he said carjacked him and forced him to withdraw money from an automated teller machine Dec. 7. "I was just hoping if I did what they said, they'd let me live," Schreiber said.

  • Officers say defendant had cash, victim's credit card The survivor of the attack testified Monday that she and her four friends were sexually assaulted, taken to ATMs and robbed at gunpoint. (Reader links)
  • Only survivor of killing spree testifies
  • Ref: A PRISONER, on work detail, found the gun at 21st and Greenwich Road while cleaning up the highway. That's just a mile away from where police believe the Carr brothers shot four people to death, execution style
Carr Brothers Prosecutor, Wichita DA Foulston Loses Her Cool
Wichita suspectsNola FoulstonShe Sees "Interlopers and the Aryan Nation Under Her Covers" at a hearing before Judge Owens to decide whether the courtroom doors should be shut to the public, including just ordinary people who believe that the Carr brothers assaults and murders of European Americans were racially motivated crimes.
'Hate Crimes': A One-Way Street? by Wes Vernon * Tuesday, March 6, 2001

The Wichita Rampage

The most egregious recent example concerns a crime rampage in Wichita, Kan.

Two young black brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, have been charged with a quadruple homicide. The Shreveport Times, one of the few out-of-state media outlets to give this story any publicity at all, described the chronology of the crime in which the two men abducted five white young adults and shot them execution-style, according to the allegations in police reports.

[reader notes] "A racial slur used by a Mexican nationalist merits nationwide
coverage; whereas the execution-style murder of five whites does not.
Note that this AP report was printed in the Wichita Eagle."

California lieutenant governor uses racial slur during speech
(Associated Press)
EMERYVILLE, Calif. --Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante used a racial slur during a Black History Month speech in what he called an embarrassing slip of the tongue.

EAIF to demonstrate against SF Chronicle coverup of Wichita racial massacre

Racial Witch-Hunt - The Left is Guilty of Racial McCarthyism by David Horowitz
ON DECEMBER 14TH, as the Holiday Season was getting into full swing, five young men and women, all professionals with bright careers ahead of them, were accosted at gunpoint in a townhouse belonging to one of them, sexually tortured and then shot in the head. The sadistic criminals who perpetrated this atrocity were brothers. Only one young woman survived. In a poignant footnote to the tragedy, she had discovered, when one of the criminals stole a diamond ring from a drawer in the apartment where her companions were killed, that her now dead boyfriend intended to propose to her. Naked and bleeding from her head wound, the young woman staggered a mile through the snow to safety.

[reader comments on Wichita]

Wichita: Hypocritical double-standard in reporting so called "hate crimes."

If you have the email address of the editor of the Wichita Eagle, you may
include my name among those who agree that this case is a classic example
of the hypocritical double-standard in reporting so called "hate crimes."

I would also like to clarify that I do not view "hate crimes" as being
legitimate in the sense that the "thought," not the crime is being
punished. However, it is important that we indulge the Left - who created
"hate crimes" for political expediency - so as to show the rank hypocrisy
which exists, and to expose their agenda for the fraud it is.

Pat N. Mason, Jr
Shreveport, LA

Press Release from the European/American Issues Forum
D.A. and Police Must Answer Questions on Wichita Execution Murders

Letter to the Wichita Eagle and the District Attorney from an ex-detective
"PS. I suspect I will not hear from you as you feel you are above answering
American citizens...which brings us to another situation.
The "average citizen" is catching on to self-styled elitists such as yourselves,
and we have had quite enough. We are doing your job now. We are reporting the news.
And we are also going to cover inept, corrupt, and dishonest officials in that process."

Hate Crime Coverup (front page at frontpagemag)
Reginald and Jonathan Carr have been slapped with 58 charges arising from a week-long spree of alleged robbery, rape and murder in Wichita, Kansas. The alleged killers are black. All the victims were white. Five were shot execution-style, after being forced to perform sex acts on their attackers and on each other. Authorities won't call it a hate crime. Major media won't report it. And the court has sealed the records of the case. Meanwhile, veteran police officer and hate-crime investigator Louis Calabro says there is plenty of evidence that the Carr brothers acted out of racial hatred. (reader-link)

Pictures posted on-line regarding the atrocities in Wichita
(in progress...)

The Wichita Horror By Scott Rubush
'Politically Incorrect Crimes'
IT WAS A QUIET NIGHT for five friends gathered at a townhouse in Wichita, Kansas-until an unspeakable crime interrupted their evening and abruptly ended four of their lives. Now a media blackout has descended on the event, cloaking the politically incorrect fact that the victims of this hate crime were white and their accused killers black.

Ref: Eldridge Cleaver, Author and Black Panther Leader, Dies
Soul on IceReleased in 1957, he returned to the streets, where he sold marijuana and committed rape. In "Soul on Ice," he would later write: "I started out by practicing on black girls in the ghetto . . . where dark and vicious deeds appear not as deviations from the norm, but as part of the sufficiency of the Evil of a day -- and when I considered myself smooth enough I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey . . . rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man's law, upon his system of values."

Scott McConnell - The Conformist - "Unfit to Print" - on Wichita cover-up by press


'FreeRepublic' repost of New York Press commentary
Scott McConnell: "Unfit to Print" The news reached me over New Year’s weekend. A horrible murder took place in Wichita, KS, 10 days before Christmas. It had received virtually no coverage beyond the local news.

Bloody Wichita - "random acts of non-racial rage, rape and robbery"
I want you to read this story that that a reporter sent to me describing 'non-a-hate-crime'!
This was in Sunday's paper but for obvious reasons it wasn't entered into their website.
It is absolutely obvious that whites will always be charged with hate crimes
and blacks with "greed crimes"

Letter to the Wichita District Attorney from James C. Russell, Ph.D and response
Wichita Kansas Execution Murders - "Race not an issue?"

Below is Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston's reply to my inquiry.
Note the horrendous addition to the complaint:
"Addition of 21 specific counts of sexual assaults alleged to have occurred
in the incident of December 14-15th involving victims Heather Muller, Brad Heyka,
Jason Befort, Aaron Sander and victim H.G.
who survived the attack."
(Did the Carr brothers sexually assault the men before executing them? - ed)

Carr attorney subpoena’s media WICHITA, Kansas, January 9 – Reginald Carr’s defense attorneys have subpoenaed KSN and several other media outlets. Carr and his brother are accused of a crime spree that ended with the murder of three men and one woman last month. IT WILL BE MONTHS BEFORE the Carr’s ever get to trial, but have they already been tried in the media? One local attorney says that’s probably why the alleged killer’s lawyers want a copy of the stories.
They’ve also subpoenaed videotape referring to the murder of Linda Ann Walenta and the carjacking of Andrew Schreiber along with copies of any editorial or opinion-based comments aired relating to any of the incidents the Carr’s are accused of.

Bloody Wichita News: Brothers charged in attacks on seven
Wichita suspects New information released Thursday reveals details of the charges against Reginald and Jonathan Carr. Prosecutors said Thursday that two brothers randomly attacked seven people last month in a Wichita crime spree of rapes, robberies and shootings that left five people dead. And based on new charges filed Thursday, the crimes now appear even more heinous than first reported.

The new charges filed in the attack on five friends at an east-side home accuse Reginald Carr, 23, and Jonathan Carr, 20, of raping the two women and sodomizing one of them.

Prosecutors also accuse the Carrs of forcing the two female victims to perform sex acts on each other, and of forcing the three male victims to perform sex acts with the women.

Ann Walenta - (courtesy  'Kill Whitey')Prosecutors also charged the Carrs with murder in the robbery and shooting of a symphony cellist and with the kidnapping and robbery of a man that started at an east-side convenience store.

Nola Foulston District Attorney Nola Foulston said for the first time publicly that the Carrs picked their victims randomly. The apparent motive in each crime: robbery.
Although e-mails, letters to the editor and other comments in public forums have questioned whether the shootings were racially motivated hate crimes, Foulston said race was not an issue. The Carrs are African-American. Their victims were white. But the fact that the defendants and victims happen to be of different races has no bearing," Foulston said. "Let's just look at the underlying crimes."

Black Carr 'Brothers' linked to death of cellist WICHITA, Kansas, January 3 – The Carr brothers killing spree may not have started with the quadruple homicide. Police say the two brothers may be linked to a murder four days before.
On December 11th, a Wichita woman was shot in the face in her own driveway on East Dublin. The shooting left 55-year-old Ann Walenta paralyzed from the waist down. “She was certainly able to speak for a considerable length of time before her unfortunate death yesterday,” said Lee.
New Wichita victim Ann Walenta was the last of five people laid
to rest as the result of what prosecutors say was a crime spree last month that encompassed three separate incidents. The deaths have shaken people in Wichita and far beyond. Two brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, have been arrested and charged in the death of Walenta, shot Dec. 11 in her car outside her home, and the deaths of Jason Befort, Brad Heyka, Heather Muller and Aaron Sander, killed Dec. 15. In another case linked to the brothers, a man was abducted and robbed.

Letter from the European/American Issues Forum to the District Attorney
and Chief of Police on the Wichita Kansas Execution Murders
Open Letter Hate Crimes Against European American Citizens

Bloody Wichita
a US Department of Justice FBI


Notify your Congressman and demand a hearing.

  • Wichita Eagle Editorial: Public needs more information on murders It's understandable that the Sedgwick County district attorney's office is being extra cautious about the quadruple murder committed last month in a Wichita soccer field. But a worried public needs and deserves more information about the crimes.
    Police have now linked -- though they won't say how -- the suspects in the murders,
    Reginald and Jonathan Carr
    , to the shooting and subsequent death of cellist Ann Walenta. Is there any indication that they were involved in another crime last month in which a man was forced to withdraw money from an ATM and then was released in a field?
  • Bloody Wichita: Evidence sealed in 4 killings The district attorney's office has obtained an order sealing public information in the case of four people shot to death in a Wichita soccer field. The Sedgwick County district attorney's office obtained a court order sealing public information in the execution-style killings of four Wichitans in a soccer field.
Wichita suspectsWichita Quadruple Murders: The White Waco?
Will this tragedy awaken White Americans from their slumbers?
Wichita - When (allegedly) four angelic white youths were brutally executed by two black criminals, after being kidnapped and driven to five ATM machines, then forced to kneel in an icy field, the local newspaper, the Wichita Eagle, ran many online stories about the tragic event. However, neither the race of the victims, not that of the (alleged) killers was printed... (more...
Wichita victimsSuspects face 29 counts in quadruple homicide The victims were Jason Befort, 26; Brad Heyka, 27; Heather Muller, 25, and Aaron Sander, 29. A 25-year-old woman who survived the attack and rape was in fair condition Monday at Wesley Medical Center. Her family released a letter Monday thanking those who helped the woman survive her ordeal.
Ref: Law gave slaying suspect breaks
Reginald Carr was able to avoid a hearing on a possible parole violation, and a new state law cut his parole time in half. In the days and months before prosecutors charged him and his brother with the heinous killing of four Wichitans, the state's legal system gave Reginald Carr at least two breaks.

Two men charged with Friday’s quadruple homicide
Carr brothersWICHITA, Kansas, December 18 – Two men were charged Monday in Friday’s shooting of five people in northeast Wichita. Capital murder is at the top of a long list of charges, 29 total, for each of the brothers.
The youngest brother, 20-year-old Jonathan Carr, was the first to face the judge and a room full of the victim’s family members Monday afternoon. In addition to the murder charges, Carr also faces charges of aggravated robbery, rape and aggravated kidnapping, along with his brother, 23-year-old Reginold Carr, who police say lives in Dodge City. Prosecutors claim the two are responsible for last Friday’s White victimsmultiple murders of Jason Befort, 26, Aaron Sander, 29, Bradley Heyka, 27 and Heather Muller, 25, all in what, police say, is a 'random act'.
Even though the two are charged with capital murder, it doesn’t necessarily mean the D.A. will seek the death penalty.
Foulston has five days to decide if they will seek the death penalty in these cases. Police say they are looking into whether these men are connected to a number of other recent incidences, including a shooting in the Vickeridge sub division and a case where a man was hi-jacked, taken to several ATM’s, then pistol whipped and left in a field.
Killing suspect just out of jail: Reginald Carr, one of the brothers arrested in Friday's quadruple homicide, was incarcerated on a parole violation in late November.
Ref: Quadruple Murder Investigation Continues Police continue their investigation through the weekend in the city's second multiple homicide in the last two weeks.
Services set for shooting victims Funds have been established for the victims of Wichita's recent shootings. Services have been set for Friday's shooting victims.
Schools handle grief of recent shootings It was a tough day for students and teachers at area schools directly impacted by Friday's murder tragedies.
Ref: Second shootings stun Wichita
She said had been raped by two men who had come to her boyfriend's house about 11 p.m. Thursday. She said they took her, the boyfriend and three others in two vehicles to more than one ATM machine, where they were forced to withdraw money. Then, she said, they were driven to a field and made to kneel in front of one of the vehicles before being shot. The robbers, she said, drove away in her boyfriend's pickup.

Parole for one of men charged in homicides ended Dec. 1 WICHITA (AP) -- One of the two black brothers charged in the murders of four people at Wichita last week had been arrested last month for parole violation, but then was set free because his parole period ended on Dec. 1. A new law that took effect this year reduced his parole term from two years to one, and he had earned enough ''good time credit'' for still further reduction. Without the new law, the parole supervision of Reginald Carr, 23, would have continued until June 1, 2001, said Corrections Department spokesman Bill Miskell.

Wilding: Knight's "anti-racism" drive sparks murders
Mayor lights the fuse to black-power powder keg WICHITA -- (Crosstarlist)
Mayor Bob KnightMayor Bob Knight said that he wanted to spend his whole life "fighting racism." He defined "racism" as anything which did not include Negroes. So, Knight founded and became president of Undoing Racism, a plan to force Negroes into government jobs and contracts. Knight even organized an Undo Racism Day in Washington DC to remove more Americans.
Egged on by Knight's plan and rhetoric, four Negroes began some removal of their own. They kidnaped and gunned down Heather Suzanne Muller, 25, a Wichita State University student; Jason Wayne Befort, 26, an Augusta High School teacher; Bradley C. Heyka, 27, a Koch Industries employee; and Aaron Daniel Sander, 29, a former Koch employee planning to become a priest.
Four young Americans were shot dead in a home just eight days earlier. Rapes and murders have skyrocketed since Knight embarked on his campaign. Knight said that the "wilding" was a sign to "pull together" with Negroes, but Wendell Gardner said that Knight's plan was to blame for "setting out the black-powder keg and lighting the fuse to black-power and mayhem."

Ref: NLC President Urges Mayors To Combat Racism - Wichita Mayor Bob Knight, newly-elected President of The National League of Cities, told a Friday closing plenary session that an extraordinary opportunity exists for the U. S. political leaders to address the sensitive issue of racism.
Ref: Wichita mayor, East Valley cities out to undo racism
Ref: "Have We actually Found a White Compassionate Conservative?" The Advisory Council agreed that white racism toward blacks is the principal and defining feature of racism in America today.
Ref: Wichita OKs spending for racial profiling (go for it!) The Rev. Wanda McDaniels, the new president of the Wichita branch of the NAACP, angrily addressed city officials and Chappell's group, saying it was unfair that people were "picking on" the city's first permanent black chief. Black Wichitans received traffic tickets at a rate 58 percent higher than white drivers. African-Americans were more than three times as likely as white drivers to receive 10 or more tickets during that period...

New Wichita rape: Black man kidnaps and rapes 17-year-old girl
The Wichita girl was taken to Cowley County and assaulted.
December 22, 2000


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