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Friday, January 14, 2005

UK: Woman, 26, attacked and stomped by vicious black bag thief - (Hellcat)


    Ireland: Body of 11-year-old boy abducted last week found in wooded ravine

      UK: Three queer blacks homo gang-rape a male nurse - (Hellcat)


    TOMORROW BELONGS TO NATIONAL FUTURISM - by Constantin von Hoffmeister

  • Four Britons being released from Guantánamo Bay
    Feroz Abbasi moved to Britain from his native Uganda
    Moazzam Begg Islamic bookshop owner
    Richard Belmar a convert to Islam
    Martin Mubanga dual British and Zambian nationality, having come with his family to the UK from Africa

    UK: Sports: Pervert African Migrant Rapist to be deported
Billy Konchellah Disgraced world champion runner Billy Konchellah faced fresh sex attack allegations while he was awaiting trial. The former gold medallist last week admitted indecently assaulting a female student while studying in the Midlands, but was cleared of rape. The detective who led the inquiry warned women to stay clear of the sex pest Kenyan athlete. A jury had heard how the runner met his victim while studying at the city’s university. The court was told Konchellah attacked the young student while she slept at her home. She woke with him on top of her and fled, horrified. Pervert Konchellah claimed he had been watching a pornographic video titled ‘Blacks on Blondes’ with the girl. But despite being acquitted of rape, he admitted indecent assault and was jailed for two years. The African has a Finnish wife and a three year-old son. - (more sports)

    UK: Face of rapist on the run
Peter Gordon Peter Gordon, 25, of no fixed address, had been on bail during his trial for the brutal sex attack on a 20-year-old woman in Brixton - and disappeared before he was convicted at Inner London Crown Court. He was sentenced to eight years' jail on December 15. Detective Inspector Nigel Foster said: "Peter Gordon is a genuine danger to women and it is important the police are able to arrest him and enforce the court's sentence." Anyone with information should call Operation Sapphire on 020 8721 3555.

    UK: Tourism chiefs try to lure gay visitors to 'United Queendom'
"Britain as the ultimate gay destination". - (Brewski)

    Islamic Militants Said to Send Fighters to Europe - (Madkins)

    White German Supermodel Heidi Klum committing Adultery with Black
Heidi Klum and singer SealNEW YORK - German supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal are engaged to be married, Klum announced on her Web site. Klum, 31, and Seal, 41, started dating last year, shortly after her breakup with Renault Formula One team boss Flavio Briatore, who is the father of her daughter, Leni, born in May. Klum, who is a Victoria's Secret model and has appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine's swimsuit issue, separated from her husband of five years, celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino, in 2002. - (White Devil)

    UK: Sports: African Migrant Runner from Kenya in charged with raping co-ed - "desperate for sex"
Billy Konchellah
A world champion runner has gone on trial accused of raping a Coventry University student. Billy Konchellah, aged 42, allegedly told the woman he was desperate for sex before attacking her as she slept. The former runner denies rape but has admitted an indecent assault on another student on the same evening. A jury heard Konchellah's alleged victim had woken up to find him in bed with her. She said: "I could feel somebody on me and between my legs and I felt his hands on both my arms. She ran home sobbing and later reported the attack to police. Konchellah's wife was abroad during the incidents.

  • Missile Smuggling Trial Opens in N.J.
    Hemant Lakhani, a "British" businessman plotted to bring 200 shoulder-fired missiles into the United States, and told a federal informant posing as a terrorist how the weapons could be used to shoot down airplanes, a prosecutor alleged Tuesday. - (Svejk)



    Anarcho-Tyranny—Where Multiculturalism Leads By Sam Francis
"In Europe, if not in the United States, some people are beginning to grasp that just maybe they made a mistake when they decided to welcome millions of immigrants over the last several decades... " - (BATR news)

    Thistle in the snow, The Anders Gustsfsson case - (c) 2004 by Madkins
Anders GustsfssonthistlesThis last day of the year, the early morning brought fog and overcast skies. What clouds appeared were blue and quick moving with a dull yellow haze behind them.

As the hours pass to midday the fog slowly becomes thicker. The thistle field in the snow blends with the houses along the two lane road in front of my door. The cars lights slice the fog with a mixture of tree limbs and wet bark on either side through a light mist.

I put on my rain coat zipping to the collar and then close the four snaps before pulling the hood over my head. I leave the house cross the road and walk into the white field glanding back a time or two to watch the lights fad away.

I find the river bank and walk down the steps to the footpath that runs along the bank. I look up the river(Scioto)through the fog and see the silver sheen of thin ice over the water. As I walk I see just a few lights on in the big houses on the opposite side. Ahead of me the river widens and turns to the right heavy wooded on both banks. There is no wind, there is only silence. - (more at link)

    Basque Parliament OKs Independence Push

    UK: Black bisexual rape fiend may have claimed three new elderly victims
One of Britain's most prolific sex attackers - dubbed the Night Stalker - may have claimed three new victims. The serial rapist - who is sexually obsessed with the elderly - is thought to have committed nearly 100 offences in and around London over the past 12 years. And cops say he may have struck again with break-ins in recent months in south-east England. The latest happened in West Wickham n which a 80-year-old man was the victim. The other incidents took place on October both victims were women aged 81 and 84. DNA techniques have established that his origins lie in the Caribbean and is believed to be around 35 and black, possibly with light skin.


    NATIONAL FUTURISTS TO THE FRONT! by Constantin von Hoffmeister
"National Futurism is in favor of the Aryan concept. It advocates
pan-European unity. The physical aspect of race is more important than the
spiritual one since we must fight on the material plane first. And we must
be strong and ruthless when dealing with the enemies of Europe..."

    Spanish Coast Guard Finds 13 Illeagal Aliens from Africa Dead in Boat

    Dutch Intelligence: Radical Islam Spreads

    UK: Rape imam is jailed for 10 years
Manzoor HussainA former Muslim cleric has been jailed for 10 years for raping and sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in a mosque where he was teaching. Manzoor Hussain, 42, of Ashley Road, Bristol was convicted of one offence of rape and four of indecent assault. The offences took place at a mosque in the city. "At the start of this catalogue of sexual abuse she was 12-years-old. She was just 13 when you raped her.


    Pope Defrocks 2 Convicted Irish Sodomite Pedophile Priests
James Doyle and Donal Collins. Collins received a four-year sentence in 1998 for abusing several boys; Doyle received a one-year suspended sentence in 1990 for abusing one boy.  

    Anti-Islamic Leader Arrested In Britain
Nick GriffinPolice have arrested the leader of the far-right British National Party after he was secretly filmed calling Islam wicked and confessing to assaults on Muslims. The party says Nick Griffin has been detained on suspicion of incitement to commit racial hatred. The party's founding chairman, John Tyndall, has also been arrested. In July, the BBC broadcast Mr Griffin giving a speech in which he railed against the Koran and acknowledged his views on Islam were legally dangerous. - (reader link) - (Madkins)
BNP head Griffin bailed by police
Mr Griffin said he believed his arrest was "politically motivated". Three men have been charged with racially aggravated harassment as part of the police inquiry into the BNP.



    Berlin: Jewish Group Wins Ruling in Store Site  

    Woolly Mammoth Flute Uncovered
Archaeologists in Germany have unearthed a 35,000-year-old flute made from the ivory tusk of a woolly mammoth.

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    Two Swedish patriots  killed just for loving their people and country - by Madkins

by Vladimir Avdeyev (translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister)


    Pro White : A Eurocentric Community Dedicated to People of European Descent

    40% Increase In England's Black Population Since 1991

    The Race Riots of 1919
An account of the race riots which were widespread following the introduction of Negroes to Britain during WWI

    "A genocide by stealth, that is the fate that awaits the European peoples of the world."
Within Europe, from Italy to Ireland, from Norway to Germany, the story is the same, low White birthrate, mass immigration and replacement...

    The Camp of the Saints by Michael Gilson De Lemos
When I was a young man in Europe there was a vogue for what was called “invasion literature.” Several underground science fiction epics explored what would happen if the unthinkable occurred and there were mass invasions of Europe and America...

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