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Thursday, December 9, 2004
    UK: Met clamps down on hate crime
More than 300 police officers across London made one arrest for homophobic attacks and nine for racist crimes. The operation comes shortly after a racist incident in Camden, where an Iraqi woman in Muslim dress was hit with a toolbox, kicked and spat at. - (Hellcat)

    UK: Vimbai Chakudunga hauled his dying wife from the passenger seat of their wrecked car to blame her
Vimbai ChakudungaClaire ChakudungaVimbai Chakudunga hauled his dying wife from the passenger seat of their wrecked car — so he could blame her for the crash, a court heard yesterday. Vimbai Chakudunga, 28, told passers-by his fatally injured wife Claire, 30, had been driving, it was alleged. He failed a breath test and refused a blood test claiming he had not been driving. Nottingham Crown Court heard that CCTV footage showed him at the wheel. - (reader link)

    Two Swedish patriots  killed just for loving their people and country - by Madkins

    UK's 'Mr. Bean' Attacks Religious Hatred Bill
British comedian Rowan Atkinson -- creator of the hapless "Mr Bean" -- attacked a planned law outlawing incitement of religious hatred on Monday, saying it would curb free speech and humour. Atkinson believes the measure now passing through parliament will make religion virtually off-limits to satirists. It might even, he fears, lead to prosecutions, not only for some of his own sketches but for others like Monty Python's "Life of Brian," which was criticized on its release in 1979 for being anti-Christian. "Freedom of expression must be protected for artists and entertainers," he said. "We must not accept a bar on the lampooning of religion and religious leaders."  - (The Bobster)




by Vladimir Avdeyev (translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister)



    Notion Of Multiculturalism  Has 'Fallen Apart' - By Ray Furlong BBC News, Berlin





The schoolgirl who was "roasted" by a gang of footballers last night revealed how she tried to kill herself twice after her group sex ordeal. Angie (not her real name) Jones said she was taken to a dingy bedsit by a boyfriend and passed around for sex by the cheering men who behaved like a "pack of animals". Angie, who was just 15 at the time, told Kingston Crown Court she was left bleeding and in agony after up to 12 men took turns to have sex with her. She said some of the gang smoked cannabis through a pipe and played porn and "snuff" movies as they passed the naked girl around. She was devastated when the judge threw the case out last week, deciding that her evidence was unreliable and inconsistent, although he condemned the men's behaviour as "wholly disgraceful" and said it amounted to a "gang bang".

  • UK: Churches warned over 'gay slurs'
    The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for church traditionalists opposed to homosexuality to stop using inflammatory words about gay people. Dr Williams says anti-gay words must be repented. He said "harsh language can lead to murder." - (Madkins)
    Lev 20:13 Lev 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.
  • Gay hate crime soars across Scotland

    UK: Bucks player on rape charge
Dion Scott A Telford United footballer has appeared in court charged with rape, the club revealed today. Central defender Dion Scott, 23, was remanded in custody after appearing in court in Redditch this week, the club said. A spokesman for North Worcestershire Police today said: "He was charged with rape and appeared at Redditch Magistrates Court on November 23. It was in connection with an allegation of rape which occurred in Redditch on November 14."
Ref: Player profile: Dion Scott

  • Europe: Racists target black soccer players
    Spanish fans jeered and taunted three black players with monkey-like "Ooh, ooh" grunts and arm gestures. "Racism is returning all over Europe," Mr. Boyce said. "This is not only about the Spanish. It's happening in other parts of Europe.
    UK Sports: Daily Star newspaper posts names of black footballers accused of gang rape
Cole and BrambleAccused of contempt of court over articles naming footballers allegedly involved in a rape of a 17-year-old. Both Cole and Bramble agreed to answer police questions and said they had engaged in sexual acts with the complainant, but with her consent

    African migrants to Europe bring rich cultural diversity - ritual genital mutilation
Austria -- Young girls born in Europe to immigrant families from Africa are being subjected to ritual genital mutilation, and authorities are doing little to discourage it, a leading women's rights activist warned Thursday.

  • Paris: French-Arab Slum Youths Joined Insurgency
    The two teenage friends hardly seemed like Islamic radicals. They smoked marijuana, drank beer, listened to rap and wore jeans. Yet the pair of French Muslims died insurgents in Iraq -- one a suicide car bomber, say relatives who traced the young men's path from the slums of Paris through a religious school in Syria to the fight against the U.S.-led coalition next door.

  • Berlin: al-Qaida Suspect's Extradition Blocked
    Germany's highest court on Wednesday temporarily blocked the extradition of a Syrian-German businessman indicted by Spain on charges he is a key al-Qaida figure. Earlier in the day, authorities in Hamburg said they had approved the extradition of Mamoun Darkazanli a day after a state court cleared the way for his expulsion


    UK: Soccer gang-rape girl gives evidence
Terrell Forbes
A girl allegedly gang-raped by a group of black footballers did not have the energy to escape, a court has heard. The teenager, who was 15 at the time, told Kingston Crown Court she was made to perform sex acts on up to 12 men at a flat in Brockley, south-east London. Grimsby Town's Terrell Forbes, 23, denies one count of rape in March. Philip Mighton, 23, Darren Wallace, 23, Ashley Campbell, 21, Kevin George, 21, and Shane Sutherland, 21, all from south London, also deny rape charges. - (reader link)



    Scotland: Vampire-Style Killer Found Dead in Prison
A Scottish man convicted of murdering his best friend, whose blood he said he drank in an effort to gain immortality, was found dead in his prison. Prison officials would not comment on the suspected cause of death of 23-year-old Allan Menzies. British media reported that Menzies had committed suicide.


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    Pro White : A Eurocentric Community Dedicated to People of European Descent

    40% Increase In England's Black Population Since 1991

    The Race Riots of 1919
An account of the race riots which were widespread following the introduction of Negroes to Britain during WWI

    "A genocide by stealth, that is the fate that awaits the European peoples of the world."
Within Europe, from Italy to Ireland, from Norway to Germany, the story is the same, low White birthrate, mass immigration and replacement...

    The Camp of the Saints by Michael Gilson De Lemos
When I was a young man in Europe there was a vogue for what was called “invasion literature.” Several underground science fiction epics explored what would happen if the unthinkable occurred and there were mass invasions of Europe and America...

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