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Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #3
Should US Afro-Americans get reparations for slavery?
  * Started Monday 13 Dec 99 - featured through Sunday 19 Dec 99 *
Reparations for relatives of African slaves Reparations and Taxes Reparations for Japanese POWs
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   Editor's Comment:  If you wish to 'prejudice' your response to the poll
   you may first review the relevant news and backround stories and links on the
  'Reparations for African Slavery in the US' page on this link. [Note: this poll is not multiple-choice...
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New Nation News * Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #3
 Should US Afro-Americans get reparations for slavery?

Note: the old poll service was not available Sunday night
          so I had to use this new poll that only allows 6 questions and 1 choice.
          Below are the list of multi-choice questions I had hoped to offer. 

Whatever Bill Clinton and the Congress think is fair.
Whatever will make the Black Caucus happy. 
We better give double the first demands to make sure.
Only if someone can prove an ancestor was a slave in US. 
Total should not exceed $10,000 per person. 
If a person is only half-black, they only get $5,000 
Not to exceed $10,000 and a one-way ticket to Liberia.
Not to exceed the current value of 40 acres and a mule. 
Not a penny. 
Have already paid reparations in welfare and affirmative action. 
Only if White slaves, Indian slaves and Chinese coolies get the same.
Not before paying reparations for the Native American Holocaust. 
Blacks should pay reparations to descendants of 646,392 Union Troops
   that gave their lives to free them from their Cruel Southern Masters
   only to wind up in a new Slavery to the godless socialist welfare state.
None of the above 
Other [use public comments]

* PS. the "$10,000.00" figure is based on an average 30 year working life
paid at a penny a day (minimum wage for the period) - without interest.

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