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Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #5
Question: What was the worst weakness of the "White Man"?
   * From Sunday 26 Dec 99 through Sunday 2 Jan 2000 * until next poll
Editor's Comment:
A hundred years ago, in 1900, "White Men" or European/Caucasians "ruled the world".

After two world wars, various United Nations and NATO police actions, the loss of India, Africa, Southeast Asia and other colonial empires... European/Caucasians comprise only 10% of the world's population - yet are threatened by massive third world immigration which may make them true minorities in their few remaining outposts, and perhaps even Europe itself by 2050.

By 2100, European/Caucasians may be relegated to 'reservations' at best or refugee camps
if not virtually extinct as a race and culture... 

From this future retrospective, what would you include in the Epitaph of the 'last White Man'?

EPITAPH: A brief poem or statement in memory of someone who is deceased, used as -- or suitable for -- a tombstone innoscription; a commemorative lamentation. (See also Dirge, Elegy, Monody) 
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New Nation News * Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #5
What was the worst weakness of the "White Man"? - [multiple choice]
Felt he could only decently raise 1.7 children while supporting 7.3 illegitimate minority and illegal alien children on welfare.
Did not see other European/Caucasians as his 'brothers' - but as Irish, German, French, Republican, Democrat, Protestant, Catholic, poor, wealthy or just "Mr. Smith".
Felt good about donating 37 cents a day to the fund for black african babies with flies in their eyes fund as advertised on late night TV. 
Did not really care what the two queer guys next door did in their closet as long as they did not molest his own son.
Did not traditionally hunt in packs like pygmies after elephant. A lone hunter, lone wolf.
As a farmer saved seed for the spring. Stocked up for the long barren winter.
Hard working
Worked long hours or a second job to have enough after taxes to leave enough to his children so that they could donate to liberal causes and still maintain a drug habit. 
Identified more with the African or Asian of similar sect than a Caucasian Muslim.
Considered this world's problems regrettable but everything would be right in Heaven.
Could truly see the world from a black man's eyes and therefore hated himself as a white racist cracker.
Preferred to discuss the athletic merit of a black basketballer to subjects such as politics, religion or race for fear of offending someone.
Peace loving
Despite great inconvenience and expense, preferred to migrate to the suburbs or another state to avoid minority crime and racial conflict - until nowhere else to go.
Would usually join his parents' church and vote for their political party.
Would buy products made in Red China by religious and political slave labor because they were cheaper and no longer made in America.
Really believed the political campaign promises like 'no new taxes' and that Social Security would be fully funded by the necessary immigrant labor force.
Did not stop his car in the middle of the street to talk to a 'brother' but would find a parking place out of consideration for others.
No mater how bad things got, he thought that things could not get any worse and were most likely to improve with time.
A Man of his Word
Even if tricked or conned into giving his word (as to a telephone solicitor or car salesman) would feel obliged to carry it out.
Lover of Nature
Even after being forced off of the family farm or ranch hopes to retire to the country and escape from the decadent and dirty human cattle pens of the city. Weekends for now.
Having given the world modern technology, can not resist continuing to invent and discover things that the government patent office will give to any foreigner that asks.
A Good Sport 
Plays by the rules, law-abiding, waits for the light to turn green. Is surprised when others do not have the same attitude.
Appreciates beauty, order and cleanliness. Had a great aversion for the ugly, the dirty and the discordant. Did not spit on the sidewalk. Rolled up window when rap-car near. 
As a warrior gains the most satisfaction from fighting peers of his own race
- as opposed to slaughtering aborigines - except in self-defense.
None of the above
Other - use public comments

Current Results

More on Post-American America - "Ourselves Alone" by H. Millard (c) 1999
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