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Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #4
Question: What is the greatest threat to the USA?
   * From Sunday 19 Dec 99 through Sunday 26 Dec 99 * 
Editor's Comment:  I hate polls with only one choice...
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New Nation News * Your-Views-on-the-News Opinion Poll #4
What is the greatest threat to the USA? - [multiple choice]
Military threat from Red Russia
Military threat from Red China
Third world terrorism
Illegal immigration invasion
Minority and migrant crime
Illegal and psychiatric drugs
Pubic school brainwashing
Frivolous and bias lawsuits
Corrupt and prostitute politicians
Corrupt and prostitute press 
Decline in religious and spiritual values
Destruction of the environment
NWO group such as CFR, Tri-Lat, Bilderberg, etc.
Masons, Catholic Church and/or Zionists
Extraterrestrial aliens
The great right-wing conspiracy
Right-wing idiots like you
Irreconcilable racial conflict
No problem - the market is up
Homosexuality, AIDS and STDs 
Oppresive socialist taxation
Hate crimes against ethnic, racial and sexual minorities
Pornography, promiscuity, abortion and/or divorce
None of the above
Other - use public comments
*[Hey, if I missed one - it goes in a future poll...]

Current Results

overflow threat-to-US list updated as of 12/19/99 7:26pm*PS. threats that didn't make the cut for this poll:
  1. Rap "music"
  2. "4th dynamic engrams"
  3. Racial Profiling and Police Brutality
  4. Telephone solicitors
  5. Jehovah's Witnesses
  6. Chemtrail Conspiracy
  7. Principalities, powers and the Ruler of Darkness
  8. Mad Cow disease
  9. Paper "Money"
10. The Capitalist Class
11. Fast food, obesity, TV and professional sports
12. The Illuminati or the Bavarian Illuminati M/C or the Illuminat NWO
13. Howard Stern
14. Nigerian multi-level marketers and con artists
15. State lotteries, Native American casinos and the stock market
16. NAFTA, GATT and the World Bank
17. Reptilians now in control of the Nazi submarine bases in Antarctica
18. Government terrorism as in Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City
19. A military coup in the USA
20. Implants, mind-control and "Men In Black"
21. Takeover by TV Evangelists - forcing their morality on you
22. Promotion of gays, women, minorities and foreigners in US military
23. "Communists, Satanists and tree-huggers..."
24. Chinese, Israeli, and/or Canadian spies
25. to be continued...
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