one white foot
by H. Millard (c) 2002

Three firemen raised a flag in the rubble of the World Trade Center in New York. A photographer took a photograph of the event.

Next, someone decided the scene would make a great memorial statue to the 343 firefighters who died in the 9/11 horror. Thus was born the idea to turn the photo into a 19-foot bronze statue. Then, awwww crap, someone noticed that the three guys who had raised the flag were un-PC enough to be white. DAMN! How did anyone let that happen? Not one of the three firefighters was even a homogenized mixed race Tan Everyman. Doesn't anyone know that you can't have a racist statue of white guys in post-American America? Hell, the firefighters' ancestors probably owned slaves or knew some other white guys who did. Besides, if the statue only has white guys it is automatically racist in the present last days of America as a First World nation.

The PC crackpots wanted a statue that looks like the people John Rocker saw on the subway; not a statue of old white people. And, as you may know, white people are always "old" these days, even if they're young, because they're part of the old dying race. Catch the movie Finding Forrester and you'll see another example of this.

We can't have whites just by themselves in anything in post-American America, so the proposed statue was changed to be PC. As we so often see in films from Hollywood, the proposed statue was "based on a true story," and not really historically correct. The proposed statue was to still have three firefighters, but one was to beblack, another Latino and only one would be white.

The reflexive reaction from most aracial white drones on this change of race has been as PC predictable, in its way, as the PC motivation for the change of the race of the firemen on the statue. Most of these aracial white drones seem to have the same subconscious thoughts that lead to public comments that are something like this: "Race shouldn't matter. Race is irrelevant. These weren't white firefighters, these were just firefighters. I'm color blind."

Well, if race doesn't matter, then what's the problem with changing the race of the firefighters?

The truth is that race does matter. Even if one denies the existence of race as do many aracial white drones, it still matters. It is a fact of nature. Of course it is mainly these aracial white drones in our society who don't think that race matters. Most of the rest of humanity knows that race is important. Paradoxically, the aracial white drones who try so hard to deny the reality of race usually have a template in their subconscious minds that shows whites as the basic human form contained within all humans of all races. I call this, noblesse oblige racism.

As to the wisdom of changing white people to non-white people in the statue, we need to know that statues last a very long time and this one may outlast the white race in America. The surprise is that even one white guy was included. If the statue is designed as planned with one white guy, count on a torch being taken to it at some future day to remove the white guy. Similar things are already going on all over the country. Pictures of white historical figures such as George Washington are being taken down and replaced with black historical figures in various public buildings. Schools named for white people are having their names changed to those of non-white people. Meanwhile, docile aracial white drones are simply accepting it and allowing themselves to be erased from history and from the present reality of post-American America. Why would any member of any distinct people allow themselves to be wiped off the face of the Earth? The answer is simple. The aracial white drones say that race doesn't matter. So, if whites become extinct, so what? There will still be people. Well, they won't be white people, but again, so what? "Hey, people are people. I'm color blind. I'm not a racist. Everyone bleeds red blood. We're all the same under the skin," say the aracial white drones.

What we're seeing at present is that whites are being removed from the public consciousness unless they do something wrong. In this case, the fact that they are white is emphasized. On the other hand, if non-whites do something wrong, Central Park gropethis is usually a cue to substitute a white for the non-white. For example, a couple of years ago a black student in northern California killed a white teenage girl and then took his school friends to see the body over a several day period. When Hollywood made this into a movie, the black killer was changed into a white guy. In another movie about the Wilding incident in New York's Central Park in which non-whites attacked whites, a movie was made of the event and the attackers were transformed into whites.

Whites are being erased from the Earth. It's being done right before our eyes and aracial white drones are actually helping the process either actively or passively. This erasure is almost so obvious that thinking whites probably wouldn't be surprised to open a school text book and wherever it originally said "white" one may see a line through the word white and, black, or Latino, or brown, or Asian, or non-white is written in above it.

One opinion column I saw about the statue was written by a guy who got cute and said that you can't tell skin color in bronze, so in order to show race, stereotypical racial facial features will have to be used. He concluded that this is racist. Huh? This is more of the numb nut type of thinking about race just being a matter of skin color. This is clearly absurd. Skin color is just one of the signs of a distinct race.

Races are different from the genetic level right on up. A person is not of a particular race because he came off an assembly line as a generic model human whitefaceand then, as an afterthought, received this or that color paint job. Paint an African-American white and you can still tell he's an African-American. It's the same with the other races. "Stereotypical facial features" are the way unblended races look when they have not bred away their differences by mating with other races.

What's the answer for this erasure of whites? First, whites have to awaken from their aracial drone like states and realize that race does matter. Then they have to regain their once bold visions and stop acting like defensive mewling little mice, running for the corner for fear that someone will call them racists. When they get their minds straight, then everything else will flow from this. And, what will flow is a desire to have more white children and to take the steps to fight back to keep from being erased. White people are being complicit in their own genocide by not asserting their peoplehood.

Of course, by the time this column was written, the black, white and Latino statue design was withdrawn. Now, a new design is being considered. You can probably bet on the fact that it won't be changed back to three white guys. More than likely it will be changed to have a whole bunch of different races and ethnicities all raising a symbolic flag while smiling and hugging each other. Or, failing that, it may have three modernistic faceless, raceless drones raising the flag.

If, however, the PC types in New York want to stay with just three firefighters and also with realistic facial features and realistic proportions of humanity in the one white footstatue, they should make 90% of the statue non-white and 10% white to reflect the proportions of non-whites and whites on Earth. This 10% of the statue representing whites can be one foot and calf of one of the three figures, and the foot and calf will be hidden in the statue's bronze boot and trousers, so their "whiteness" won't offend anyone.

Someday, if you fly to New York (on planes invented by blacks), and drive a car (invented by Latinos) down to look at the statue, and you shine a light (invented by Asians) on to the statue, you'll be proud that no evil whites were involved. "Michael Jackson Columbus carried "Soul Food" to new worldAnd you may thank your lucky stars that the black Tuskegee Airmen defeated the evil white Nazis, and that the black Buffalo Soldiers before them, defeated the evil Indians. And, if you really want to reflect on history, you can think about how black Christopher Columbus and his all black crew sailed from Africa to discover America.

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