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Archive for 10 October 2005
    UK: SO SOLID Crew lyrics about gun violence were read at the murder trial of rap star Megaman * Rap star 'told friend to shoot'
Megaman, real name Dwayne VincentMegaman, real name Dwayne Vincent, wrote and sang lines such as: "I burst you until the shells be running out." The Old Bailey has heard how Vincent, 26, ordered an associate to shoot a rival with the words, "Burst him". Carl Morgan, 24, allegedly fired three bullets into Colin Scarlett, also 24, in the streets of Tooting, after being humiliated in a fight.  Detective Chief Inspector Jeff Brown looked into the lyrics of the band to find gun references.  He told the jury several of the songs on their two albums were credited to Megaman as writer or performer.   One named Ride With Us included the lyrics: "Telling you niggas, talking about you wanna blaze me. "It's so easy to pull out your gat, rat-a-tat-tat, lay three niggas on their back." - (-88-

    Wild Black African Soccer-baller assaults 15-year-old boy
an AfricanThe Marquis de Lafayette
The teenager alleges 'Frenchman" Djibril Cisse, 24, struck him on the head at a park in the Docklands area of east London, Scotland Yard has said. A spokeswoman said that officers were called to Broomfield Street on Friday night regarding an allegation of assault on a boy. It is understood the player will be questioned over the incident. - (-88-

"Frenchman?" -  No, that's not a Frenchman. That's a wild Black African.
Français ? Le non, celui n'est pas un Français, qui est un homme noir sauvage d'Afrique !

    Wales divorces reach seven-year high
MARRIED couples in Wales are not trying hard enough to make their relationship work before divorcing, according to counsellors dealing with the spiralling number of divorces. - (-88)
Mar 10:9 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.


    British Member of Parliament Ann Winterton: "The UK is thankfully a predominantly white, Christian country"
Ann WintertonA race equality group has complained to the Conservative Party after an MP said the UK was "thankfully a predominantly white, Christian country". The Cheshire Racial Equality Council said Ann Winterton's remarks were "highly offensive".  The Congleton MP was sacked as shadow rural affairs minister in 2002 after making a racist joke during an after-dinner speech to a rugby club. Mrs Winterton also had the party whip withdrawn in 2004 after making a joke about Chinese cockle pickers at a Whitehall dinner to improve Anglo-Danish relations. "Some might say we are now simply paying the price for the so-called 'benefits' of the multi-cultural society we keep hearing about, the product of almost uncontrolled immigration and the abuse of asylum."  - (reader link)   MP Ann in 'white country' storm
Lady Winterton also questioned the benefits of multi-culturalism and referred to the UK as a "banana republic".

    UK: White woman brutally stabbed to death in a daylight attack by her black male 'partner'
Tracey McCormickWITNESSES have spoken of their horror after a woman was stabbed "several times" after a violent row.  Police have launched a murder inquiry after the male attacker repeatedly stabbed and punched his female victim in Downham Way at just after 1pm on Monday. The 35-year-old white woman was treated for head injuries and stab wounds before being taken to hospital, where she later died.  One witness says the black male attacker shouted at the woman to get in the car, before trying to force her in. When she refused the witness claims the man punched and stabbed her "several times" before getting back into the car and driving over her.
The deceased woman Tracey McCormick was devoted to her four children

Earlier this year, the devoted mum underwent surgery to donate one of her kidneys to her youngest son Ben, who is seriously ill. Mrs Long says she was "shocked" to discover her friend had been murdered. She said: "I'm just appalled something like this could happen. "Tracey was a really friendly person. (black) Joshua Willis, Mrs McCormick's former partner, of Ravenscar Road, Downham, appeared before Greenwich Magistrates' Court on September 21, charged with murder.
- (-88-) - (Black-on-White)  -
Moral of story: If you 'partner' with a black male - odds are increased that he will kill you.

    UK: Horrifying Sex attack on girl, 16, by black man sparks witness plea from police - (-88-)

  • Hundreds of African immigrants stormed a fence surrounding the tiny Spanish enclave of Melilla
    Spanish authorities called it the biggest ever mass attempt to breach the fence guarding the coastal enclave, about 100 miles from the Spanish mainland across the Mediterranean. At least 19 people suffered minor injuries. Of the 500 who stormed the enclave, some 100 immigrants, all from sub-Saharan Africa, managed to break through and enter Spanish territory. They were taken to a police station for identification.

  • UK: Iranian migrant Savdi Rostami caught spying on two young sisters in the female toilets of a McDonalds
    Savdi Rostami, 27, was first spotted leering over the top of an adjoining cubicle by the younger 11-year-old. She ran back into the restaurant and told her 17 year-old sister, who went into the same cubicle to snare the Iranian-born paedophile. When she spotted Rostami peering over the top again, she screamed and her mother, who was waiting by the sinks, kicked his cubicle door open, to find him pleasuring himself. "I looked up as I heard shuffling and saw a man looking over the toilet at me so I shouted ‘What the f*** are you doing?’She said: "I kicked the toilet door open that he was in and I said 'What the f*** are you doing, you dirty pervert?’" The restaurant manager detained Rostami until officers arrived. - (-88-)  
  • UK: Failed asylum seeker Iraqi Kurd Mahdi Mohammed sexually harassed young girls
    Mahdi MohammedA FAILED asylum seeker who made inappropriate remarks to two schoolgirls has been banned from approaching girls under 15 years of age. Mahdi Mohammed (25) was given an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) preventing him from approaching young girls for five years at  Crown Court, yesterday. Mohammed, an Iraqi Kurd, initially faced charges of affray and inciting two girls under 13 to engage in sexual activity, but those were dropped after a psychological report was carried out. - (-88-

  • French Detain Nine Islamic Militants in Anti-Terror Sweep
    Safe Bourada
    was among 36 Islamic militants sentenced in February 1998 for providing support for bomb attacks that terrorized France in 1995. Bourada received the maximum 10-year sentence but won early release in 2003, the police official said.

    UK Police hunting for dark-skinned black man a distinctive gold tooth regarding the kidnap and torture of a 25-year-old man
Dwayne Callender The victim was taken to an unknown location and beaten and tortured by three kidnappers for four and a half days, it is claimed. Police want to speak to Dwayne Callender in connection with the alleged abduction in Musgrove Road, New Cross. Mr Callender, from Brockley, is a dark-skinned black man, 5ft 9in tall with an athletic build. He has a distinctive gold tooth in the upper front left of his mouth and is regular-ly seen in Camberwell and St Mary's Cray, Kent. - (-88-

    UK: Black muslim convert gets 15-years for possessing items which could be used in terror attacks
Andrew RoweA Briton has been jailed for 15 years for possessing items which could be used in terror attacks. Andrew Rowe, 34, a Muslim convert from west London, had instructions on firing a mortar and a secret terrorism code. The court heard an al-Qaeda tape was found at his former home, and that he had spent years travelling, "furthering the cause of Muslim fundamentalism". The judge said Rowe had been on the verge of an act of terror when he was arrested at the Channel Tunnel in 2003. - (-88-

    UK: Girls pestered by "Asian" (Paki) park pervert
A PERVERT pinched a school-girl's bottom and pestered her and her friend for their mobile phone numbers as they walked in a park. An Asian man crept up behind the girls and one of them had her bottom pinched while the other had her arm grabbed. - (-88-)


    UK: Rapist is jailed for five years
Lee Wilson A rapist who dragged a young woman into an alleyway and attacked her in 1998 has been jailed after a DNA sample was taken following a car crime offence. Lee Wilson was 16 when he carried out the offence against the woman, who was then aged 19.  Detectives matched Wilson's DNA with the sample obtained during the investigation of the 1998 rape. On Wednesday, Wilson pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and an indecent assault. The Prosecutor told the court how the woman was attacked and left in a muddy lane, as she walked home alone from the Bulldog Pub in Bristol. - (-88-) -

  • France Offers Incentives to Parents
    France announced financial incentives Thursday for parents to have a third child, hoping to boost its fertility rate. France's fertility rate, at an average of 1.9 children per woman, is the second highest in Europe after Ireland's, around 2. But it is still below the 2.07 level needed to prevent population decline. The European Union average is around 1.5, dropping to less than 1.3 in some countries, including Greece, Spain, Italy and the new EU member nations in Eastern Europe where fertility rates dropped precipitously after the collapse of communism. Some experts fear that the decline in fertility rates across the continent could have far-reaching economic and social consequences.  

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    UK: TV appeal to catch Kylee's mixed-race killer
mixed race suspectKylee DibbleThe mother of murdered Bristol teenager Kylee Dibble is to make an appeal for information on national television. Lesley Woodhouse will appear on the BBC's Crimewatch on Thursday as police release a new image of a man seen near her home on the morning she was killed. He is in his 20s, of mixed race, with plaited shoulder-length hair. He wore a black zip-up jacket and flared jeans. Kylee, 18, was found dead in her burnt-out flat in the Barton Hill area of Bristol in February. - (-88-)

    UK: Rape investigators name migrant suspect Abdihaken Hassan Ismail
Abdihaken Hassan Ismail
Detectives investigating a series of rapes and attempted abductions in Northampton have named a man they want to question. They have issued an appeal for help in tracing Abdihaken Hassan Ismail, 39, who was residing in Northampton at the time of one of the offences. He is already on police bail in connection with the investigation. The rape occurred on 31 July shortly after midnight when the woman, 18, was attacked in the Marefair area.He also has connections in Slough, and holds a Swedish passport. - (-88-)

(conducted by Constantin von Hoffmeister in August, 2005)
was born in Krasnodar (southern Russia) in 1959, and I was educated in Moscow. Now I am well known as a publisher (editor-in-chief) of THE ATHENAEUM, a Russian New Right international review.

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    Population Alert: Whites Must Breed or Face Extinction!
It is estimated that France will be a Muslim country in 35 years. In 100 years, all of Europe will follow.

    Thistle in the snow, The Anders Gustsfsson case - (c) 2004 by Madkins

    Two Swedish patriots  killed just for loving their people and country - by Madkins

    Pro White : A Eurocentric Community Dedicated to People of European Descent

    40% Increase In England's Black Population Since 1991

    The Race Riots of 1919
An account of the race riots which were widespread following the introduction of Negroes to Britain during WWI

    "A genocide by stealth, that is the fate that awaits the European peoples of the world."
Within Europe, from Italy to Ireland, from Norway to Germany, the story is the same, low White birthrate, mass immigration and replacement...

    The Camp of the Saints by Michael Gilson De Lemos
When I was a young man in Europe there was a vogue for what was called “invasion literature.” Several underground science fiction epics explored what would happen if the unthinkable occurred and there were mass invasions of Europe and America...

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