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Home invasion, sexual degradation, rape, robbery - then executions.
Dorothy says...
6 November 2002
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Wichita victims
Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. Pro 10:23
I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies. Pro 10:23
Woe to the bloody city, to the pot whose scum is therein Pro 10:23
Warning: this page contains graphical denoscriptions of crimes - not suitable for children

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Original Sources for news on the on-going Wichita black-on-white deviant sex-rape-murder trial:

 [Letter from Wichita reader] Subject: Bloody Wichita
"I live in Wichita and have been following this crime and the trail since it happened.
I have also been a regular visitor to your site. It is very insightful and has been a major source of information
for me over the past 2 years. I look forward to your updates as the brothers' sentencing continues.
Living within a couple miles of each of the crime scenes this crime has touched me deeply.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you,"
- (name withheld by editor)

    State of Kansas Rap Sheet on CARR, REGINALD DEXTER

Carr Brothers’ Sentencing A jury must decide whether two brothers should be sentenced to death or life in prison for five killings, including a quadruple murder of friends who were forced to engage in sex acts with each other before each was shot in the head.

    Carr brothers found guilty of capital murder
Carr BrosJusticeJonathan and Reginald Carr were found guilty this afternoon of four counts of capital murder. The brothers, who now face the death penalty, were found guilty of killing four people in a soccer field near K-96 and Greenwich Road in December 2000. They also were found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Ann Walenta. Reginald Carr was also found guilty in the kidnapping and robbery in the carjacking of Andrew Schreiber, but Johnathan Carr was found not guilty in that crime. The Carrs also were found guilty of attempted first degree murder against the woman who survived the attack in the soccer field. She testified against the brothers during the trial, which lasted eight weeks. The Carr brothers also were found guilty on numerous charges of rape, aggravated robbery, burglary and theft. Prosecutors said the pair sexually assaulted and robbed the four people they later killed.
- as reported by the Wichita Eagle Staff

Ref: Carr Brother Charges
AP: Two Brothers Convicted of Capital Murder in Soccer Field Slayings of Four Friends
KWCH: Carr Brothers Verdict Coverage - District Attorney:"the jury was a thinking person's jury".

  • "Some people are just evil" - Dr. Patricia Farrell PhD, commentator on Jeff Rense show 11/04/02
  • "Some people are defective - flat defective..." - Jeff Rense


Wichita: Carr Jurors Asking Questions
If they could find the defendants guilty of a lesser charge than first-degree murder.
That question applied to the killing of Wichita symphony cellist Ann Walenta.
Sedgwick County District Judge Paul Clark told them the answer is "no." - (forum)

   Wichita Killings Trial Goes to Jury
WICHITA, Kan. -- Greed and lust drove two black brothers to a nine-day crime spree that left five people dead and ended when a wounded survivor ran bleeding and naked through the snow to seek help, prosecutors said Thursday. Later in the day, jurors began deliberations in the murder trial of Reginald and Jonathan Carr. The two are accused in the rampage that ended with the shootings of five friends in a remote soccer field. One White woman survived the forced sex acts, rapes and execution-style shot to the head.

 Heather Muller10/30/02: Survivor's police interview rattles Carr trial jurors
- by Ron Sylvester - The Wichita Eagle
Jurors who managed restrained reactions through weeks of emotional evidence in the Carr brothers' murder trial appeared to be on the verge of tears Tuesday morning. Some in the jury box clenched their teeth, others wiped their eyes, as the defense took the curious step of replaying the story of the state's star witness -- the survivor of the quadruple homicide...
Not only did the survivor reiterate on tape some of the most disturbing details of the crimes, the woman's statements provided new information for the jury. For instance, she told police of Heather Muller's plans to become a nun. Muller and the survivor were repeatedly raped before being shot in a soccer field.


10/29/02: Reginald Carr won't take stand
Chief Deputy District Attorney Kim Parker told Clark the law didn't allow what she termed
"this SODDI defense" -- courthouse slang for "some other dude did it."
10/29/02: Jurors hear taped testimony from survivor
Some jurors were visibly disturbed, clenching their jaws and furrowing their brows
while listening to her story for the second time.
10/28/02: Carr jurors get break as deliberation rules ironed out - by Ron Sylvester - The Wichita Eagle

10/27/02: DNA lets the dead speak in Carr trial - by Ron Sylvester - The Wichita Eagle
"Some content is graphic, and reader discretion is advised."

10/26/02: State rests; Carrs begin their side
10/25/02: State to rest case against the Carrs
10/25/02: DA rests case; trial could end next week


10/24/02: DNA ties Carrs to victims
Four died that morning, including Heather Muller, whose blood dotted the clothes of Reginald Carr.
There's no shortage of Jonathan Carr's DNA. Schueler testified that semen found on the carpet of the triplex belonged to him. She also testified it was his DNA that police collected from swabs taken from the survivor of the attack.

 Wichita: Evidence in Carr trial gruesome, unavoidable  - BY RON SYLVESTER - The Wichita Eagle
"The crimes charged in the Carr case are gruesome."
schnauzerDudley found bruises on the bodies of Sander, Heyka and Befort. She said red ridges suggested those injuries came from a golf club -- a driver with a wooden head -- found in the triplex where the men lived. The post-mortem exam on Muller, Dudley said, showed injuries consistent with a sexual assault. At the request of police, Dudley also performed an autopsy on a pet schnauzer that belonged to the survivor of the Dec. 15 quadruple homicide. Dudley said the dog had been bludgeoned, possibly with the golf club, and then stabbed through the neck with something like an ice pick

Heather Muller's life was filled with music - By Ron Sylvester - The Wichita Eagle

Heather Suzanne Muller
lived with the enthusiasm of a voice lifted in song. But the beautiful alto whom friends remember singing from her soul fell silent Friday morning to gunshots that left the 25-year-old woman and three other people dead.

The violent end contradicted Muller's life, described as vivacious and charitable by those who knew her through her talent for music, her dedication to church and a desire to help children.
Excerpt from trannoscript:
Q: Then what happened?
A: He said something that scared me, and I kind of jerked, and he told me "Relax" he wasn't going to shoot me yet. And I kind of flipped out because he had told me prior to that he wasn't going to shoot me, and he said he wasn't going to shoot me yet. He told me to get down on all fours, and he penetrated me.
Q: Penetrated what part of your body?
A: Vaginally.
Q: With?
A: His penis.
Q: Do you recall if he ejaculated internally into your vagina?
A: He didn't ejaculate internally. He told me to turn around and swallow it, and so I turned around and swallowed it.
Q: Did he place his penis into your mouth?
A: Yes.
Q: Then what happened?
A: I walked in front of him over to the bathroom. He opened the door. I saw the skinny guy raping Heather vaginally. She was on all fours. I started to open the door at the fatter guy's request, and the guy inside said 'Hold on, I'm not done." And then we stood there in the hallway for a minute, and then I opened the door again, and he directed me to come inside, and he raped me vaginally.

  None Dare Call It Hate Crime! - Trannoscript of Wichita preliminary hearing and more - (forum)

 Bloody Wichita Update: Surprise STD testimony stuns court
Carr BrosStephanie DonleyThe survivor of a multiple homicide reveals that after the attacks, she was found to have the same venereal disease as Reginald Carr, the man accused of assaulting her.
Stephanie Donley (pictured at right) talks about her (sex) life with Reginald Carr during his murder trial in District Court. Carr was arrested in her apartment. Stephanie Donley, who testified Thursday, said she met "Reggie" Carr at a nightclub in Dodge City in October 2000. She said she recognized the presence of the STD when they began seeing each other several weeks later. Carr would stay at her apartment at 5400 E. 21st St. when she wasn't working the night shift as a nurse at a Wichita hospital. She said neither he nor his younger brother, Jonathan, had jobs. - (forum)
Note: Carr's girlfriend Stephanie Donley and estranged wife Mandy Carr may also have been given the same STD that he gave to his rape victim.

District Attorney Nola Foulston Carr sexually molests District Attorney Nola Foulston during trial
Reginald CarrFoulston, meanwhile, said Carr had been getting a little too close, making "knee-to-knee contact" with her under the courtroom table while lawyer Val Wachtel cross-examined witnesses. Wachtel, Greeno's co-counsel, usually sits between his client and the prosecution. Judge Paul Clark ruled that officers would restrain Reginald Carr's legs and hands under the table in a way unnoticeable to the jury.


From 911 trannoscript of first report of Wichita Murders - (forum)


Ref: A Tribute To Buckwheat

The Wichita Massacre and the Media by Kevin Alfred Strom - American Dissident Voices - "not kosher"
"...the autopsy of 25-year-old Heather Muller, the student who was also a preschool teaching volunteer, indicated new trauma to her hymen, showing that she had been a virgin at the time of her rape and murder... ...Please, please give this trial national coverage -- so pleaded hundreds of White people outraged at the silence of the media...
...outrages like the Wichita Massacre aren't considered hate crimes..."

anatomical mannequin


Any human being, having read the details of the Wichita Horror can’t help but cringe in disgust. It’s a case where on December 14th, 2000, at the height of the Christmas season, according to the Prosecutor's Case two armed black men burst into a private home, proceeded to beat their five white victims, raping the women, forcing the men to perform homosexual acts, only to shoot them execution style later in a nearby soccer field.

Writing nearly a year ago on the topic, I made the case in All Hate Was Not Created Equal that a clear double standard existed in the media with regards to victims of violent crime and the race that they belong to. The case was also made that law enforcement itself placed a different emphasis on the value of human life by creating phony Hate Crimes classifications designed to deliberately distort true crime statistics, which show that 90% of interracial violent crimes Whites are the victims and Blacks are the perpetrators... - (NNA newslist)

Friend of murder suspect says he took back guns before killings
Tronda Adams, on the witness stand, looks at a sweater.

Jonathan Carr became upset and started crying after he was confronted by a female friend who had just seen a television report of his brother being arrested for four killings. Tronda Adams said she immediately recognized Jonathan's brother, Reginald, from the news reports as the man who had been at her house with Carr a night earlier and then realized Jonathan was the second man police were looking for. She had already heard reports that police were looking for a man with an orange and black sweater with the word "Fubu" across the front. - (FUBU - For Us Black Folks - By Us Blackfolks)

10/15/02: Witness says the Carrs were in town all week

Liberal Media Bias ... Again - by R. Cort Kirkwood
(AgapePress) - Despite the obvious truth, a few boobs in the news media cling to the notion their profession is free of liberal bias. Preposterous it is, and the coverage of two recent events belies the preposterous belief: the forthcoming murder trial of the Carr Brothers in Wichita, Kansas, and the child-abuse charges against Madelyne Toogood, the mother caught on videotape beating her child.

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"Shut the dog up," the man said. Among the dozens of photos jurors saw was a picture of a dead dog
reconstruction of crimeDorothy and Todo as well as a puddle of blood on a bed and the dog's broken muzzle found in one bedroom. Siwek said a stained golf club and other evidence suggested the dog had been beaten to death with the club.
H.G. got money from the cash machine and adds,
"On the way back, he said he wished we could've met under different circumstances. He said I was cute, and we probably would've hit it off." When the two got back to the house, Reginald Carr raped H.G. and ejaculated in her mouth. Jonathan Carr raped Miss Muller again, and then he raped H.G. one more time.

 New website "Wichita-Massacre.com"
"Your only source for the shocking eyewitness testimony of the lone survivor of America's most suppressed massacre. The long-suppressed, horrifying pre-trial testimony of H.G., the heroic survivor of the Wichita Massacre, is now available. The complete 80-page Survivor Testimony file available for $4.95"
- (not affiliated with New Nation News)

left(click at left for full coverage)

[Reader wonders whether castration would be a 'cruel and unusual punisment']
Ref: Cruel and unusual punishment
Ref: He who commits rape, murder and kidnapping shall be put to death. - God
(Deuteronomy 22:25, Exodus 21:12,16)
Ref: Cruel and Unusual Leniency by Robert W. Lee
[further reader comments on Wichita]
"Death would be good, how in the name of God can people rape and kill with not even a thought? Does anyone need a volunteer to pull the switch?"
Ecc 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

Pictures posted on-line regarding the atrocities in Wichita

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