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by H. Millard (c) 2004
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"I praise the cockroach, God's perfect example for us," said Homeless Jack. "He will show us how to create the higher man."

"Look, there are two reproductive strategies recognized by most scientists today, man. They are called r-selected and K-selected. The r-selected strategy is the one found in most insects and many rodents. It works for the survival of the species by having members of the species have as many offspring in the shortest period of time as possible. The downside is that those critters with this strategy usually don't care for their young. They drop them and move on. Only a very small percentage of the offspring ever live to adulthood. The system works, though, because a small percentage of a very large number of offspring is still a huge number. Female cockroaches produce around 400 offspring in a year. The K-selected strategy is just the opposite. It's a plan for survival of a species by having them have few offspring but to care for them so that they survive to reproduce. Human reproduction is K-selected. Here's something else. Eagles--the birds that so many people think are wonderful and noble--are also K-selected and they're dying off. Extinction is not noble, man. In fact, most animals that become extinct have K-selected strategies.

"In some species that have been studied, (certain fish, for example) various factors, including predation, cause shifts toward r-selected patterns. So, if the fish are K-selected, but predators start taking too many fish, the fish switch to r-selected. A similar thing seems to happen with coyotes. It's long been known that when farmers and others begin shooting coyotes, they often end up with even more coyotes. It's been estimated that if you want to reduce a coyote population, you'll have to kill more than seventy percent of the coyotes in that population to get them below a critical breeding mass, and you'll have to keep killing them constantly. If you kill fewer than seventy percent and if you don't keep killing the ones remaining, as the opportunity arises, you'll eventually end up with more than you started with.

"If humans did it the way coyotes do it, then white people wouldn't be heading to extinction. We'd feel the decline in our numbers as a percentage of humans and we'd up our birth rates. Unfortunately, white people have gotten things all screwed up and many don't get it that we are a different race--some would even say a different species--than other humans. By not seeing ourselves as being different from other humans, many of us don't understand that we are being killed off. Instead of correctly thinking ' white people are being killed off,' too many whites think, ' there's no such thing as race, and if some people are being killed off, it's not really us who are being killed off, because there are plenty of humans and all humans are us.'

"Thus are we being lulled into our own extinction. We need to make some serious shifts in how we view ourselves and everything else in existence if we are going to survive. We need to understand that for white people us means white people only and we need to look out for ourselves and let other peoples look out for themselves, or not, as they see fit. They are not us. We are not them. We are our concern. They are not our concern. When a white person is killed, it is not just some generic human who is killed who can be replaced by some other generic human. A white person being killed off is a white person being killed off, and this is different than when some other type of human is killed off. In other words, too many whites have too broad a definition of who they are. Their consciousness is at an infantile state. They think of themselves as humans just like all other humans. What they should be doing is thinking of themselves as white humans who are unlike other humans. With this correct thinking, they will then realize that an attack on a white person isn't an attack on a one size fits all human, it's an attack on a white human.

"Anyway, back to the so-called lower critters, man. The reproductive strategies aren't things that they consciously think out. Their genes just send signals to their sub conscious minds. If we could put these signals into words they might be something like this, at least in the case of coyotes: ' This is a comfortable place for coyotes and we have plenty of food, so we'll stay here and we'll pursue a K-selected strategy and have just enough coyote pups so that we'll all have nice cozy little coyote families with no crowding and plenty of food.' Then, as farmers start killing coyotes, the message changes: ' Now there are too few coyotes here and we seem to be dying off pretty fast. To be more comfortable, we should breed to have more pups.' So, the coyotes then have more pups, and because the killing of coyotes isn't consistent or sustained, the coyote population increases to not only fill the comfort zone that is available to them, but they produce enough additional coyotes so that they spread out over a wider area.

"Of course, coyotes aren't really r-selected breeders, but the point I'm trying to make, man, is that nature causes them to increase their population when members are being killed off. But, it's the roaches that have real lessons for us. Look, here's what Brother cockroach teaches us in spades about creating the new higher white person--coyotes have the same characteristics but to a lesser degree: The new higher white person--the one above the old white person--isn't going to be, as some have speculated, a person who is noble, as some define this term. He is going to be one who has gone down in order to go up. He'll will a high birth rate and will consciously pursue an r-selected birth strategy as much as this is possible for our species. He will be a scavenger and be able to eat just about anything. He'll be adaptable and will be able to live just about anyplace."

"Hmmm. Are you really saying that you are an example of the new higher white person?" I asked.

"Well, you said it."

"Geez, Jack. Are you saying that white people should live in boxes by the river and scavenge through dumpsters and live as you live?"

"Nope. That's not what I'm saying. But I am saying that too many white people have the wrong idea of what it means to be white and how they should act. They act too stiff and like they don't have any life force within them. The specifics of my existence aren't important. Think of it this way. I live close to the land. I live a humble life. I'm not afraid to do manual labor. So far, I could be describing a farmer. And, I'm not much different from a farmer in many ways. I also think of the big things. I'm not afraid to be different. I'm very religious. Now I could be describing a monk. But, I have to tell you before you get the wrong idea, that I'm not religious as you might think. My religion is different. I'm a survivor like the cockroach and the coyote. I'm a full participant in the big struggle.

"Look, man, forget about me. I'm not important. Listen to this, because maybe it'll make you think. I just read a report that abortions in England and Wales hit a record high. Get this, 181,600 women had abortions there in the last year. That's 181,600 babies, mostly white babies, that won't be born. That's 181,600 people who will never be. That's 181,600 carriers of the life force that were wiped out. That's 17.5 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44. That's the highest level ever recorded in England and Wales. No wonder those places are starting to fill up with non-whites. Because whites aren't filling their lands with themselves, they've created a vacuum that nature is filling with other types of humans.

"All those abortions are a bunch of crap. We need to start living a modified r-selected reproductive strategy. We need to produce lots and lots of babies like cockroaches do, but instead of just forgetting them and letting them be killed off, we need to then use the K-selected strategy in taking care of them and protecting them so they can grow to reproductive age and have many more of us. That's how we'll survive and prevail. That's how we'll improve. That's how we should struggle. You know that eugenics stuff? The problem with it for our people is that it tends to hold down the birthrate because people are too picky about having children. Sure, we should try to select the best mates, but we shouldn't be too picky. So long as our mates are our people. Breed. I say, we should have as many children as possible until our people fill all niches of society. We don't just need a few white people running big corporations, we need white people to sweep floors and do everything else as well. We need to get away from the false idea that the way to improve is by having fewer children. That way leads to extinction. It's not the few, no matter how good they think they are, who will save us, but the many. But, the many, have to be us not them and not half us and half them. With many of us, the cream will rise to the top of the masses of us. And when that happens, those who have risen to the top have to avoid being arrogant and they have to understand in every cell of their beings that they are one with the lowest of us, because they grew from us. They have to know that they are cockroaches, just like your old friend, Homeless Jack."

"What if you're wrong about this breeding in great quantities stuff?" I asked.

"There's no downside. Even if we breed legions of white idiots, they'll still be white and they'll carry the Essence within them and preserve it even if they don't know it. Eventually, our genes will straighten things out. You gotta trust the Essence, man. If we pursue the other path and breed few, which is what we're doing now, we won't gain anything and we'll just get closer to extinction. Look what's happening. We have a few white people at the top of society and we have a whole bunch of non-white people at the bottom doing the menial tasks for the few at the top. We need top to bottom white. That's the way we'll survive and that's the way we'll bring in the higher man. With vast numbers, the higher man will fully emerge and he'll be more adaptable than others and will be better able to survive and struggle. And, with his longer life and his higher breeding, his better genes will replace other genes. See, this guy who is already starting to emerge knows that we are at the stage of our existence as a people when we must will our own evolution and even our own mutation so that we, as a people, become the new higher man. It's time we reengineer ourselves to be better, and we'll do that by following the wisdom of the cockroach with its r-selected strategy, not by following the eagle with it's K-selected strategy."

"You know, Jack. If the cockroach has the key to breeding higher by breeding more, how come cockroaches haven't evolved much in the millions of years they've been around?" I asked.

"Because they are what they are. They don't have the potential as we do. This potential is wrapped up with our ability to think these abstract things and to will what we want."

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