Friction (partly) by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

"Lookahere Jim, you want some soul spaghetti, or not?" said the black waiter in the all black Italian restaurant in all black Rome. I was the only white person in the place and I felt like I wasn't welcome. I ate and left. As I walked out the door, I passed a photograph of the black Pope. Somehow I didn't feel as though I was in Italy. That was back in 2075. It's gotten worse since then. Germany just elected a black president. Miss Sweden is black. England is mostly brown. It's the same across Europe. There aren't many whites left in Europe anymore. Hell, there aren't many whites left anywhere. Most are in old age homes and they're being cared for by their brown and black replacements.

"Hi, sonny, this is my cat Mr. Nubbins" said the decrepit old white woman as she gave me one of those smarmy overly friendly frozen-on PTA smiles. "I never had children," she continued. "Never wanted any. Mr. Nubbins is my child. Isn't he just so cute?" She waited for me to coo over her cat. I didn't. "That's a friggin' cat, lady," I said. "It's not your child. Don't you know anything about genetics? You should have had children when you were younger and maybe now there'd be more people like us on the planet instead of half-dead old broads who think their cats are their kids." I left before she could call in the Thought Police. From the look of her, she'd probably keel over dead from old age soon. No one would notice. She had led a life without purpose and without meaning. She was a dead end and might as well not have lived at all. She, like all living things, was a sack of minerals and chemicals that had combined in a way that gave her this magical thing we call life. But, she had not used her life wisely. No matter what else she had done in life; no matter what good deeds she had done, no matter what kindnesses she had given, no matter what she had created, she had failed to do the first and most basic thing required of life after survival--reproduce. Had she been unable, for some physical reason, to reproduce it would have been one thing, but she admitted that she chose not to reproduce. She chose death instead of life. Life is born to reproduce more like itself. When life doesn't do that, it is hollow and empty and has not fulfilled its potential.

So, what happened to whites as a people? What went wrong? Why were there so many like this old lady? The seeds for the destruction of white people were planted a couple of thousand years ago with false religious teachings that taught them that the flesh, which usually means sex, was bad and dirty and that to be holy one must overcome the urges of the flesh. Partly as a result of that anti-life neurotic religious thinking came a whole slew of things both large and small that kept our population low.

But, to be fair, there's no real proof that our closeness to extinction now is wholly because of false religious teachings, though they were certainly there in the background as we lived our lives. Still, we can speculate that some of these false teachings probably did enable or trigger many other life denying attitudes that aren't that easy to see because they are often hidden away in the subconscious mind where choices in life begin to bubble up into the conscious mind. It usually doesn't take much to influence choices. And, if the choices we make are death-affirming instead of life-affirming we begin dying off. Having children is a life-affirming choice. Not having children is a death-affirming choice. The low white birthrate shows which choice many whites made.

In the past, whites conquered more and more of the natural world and shaped it to fit various of their needs, their sensibilities and their fads. Not all of the things that whites invented were good in the long run, but they were pretty much inevitable and would have been invented by someone at sometime or other. Unfortunately, whites didn't have natural defenses against the things that their inventions allowed. It was a little like building a fire to cook food and then having the fire burn down the house because you hadn't learned how to handle fire properly.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that we would have been better off if we were back living in caves, but I am saying that not all of the practical applications of science have helped us survive.

Nature or God had evolved us to survive in a natural world full of fangs and claws by using our intelligence. We outsmarted the lower animals, but eventually we outsmarted ourselves by inventing things that not only benefited us, but which also benefited those who were different from us but close enough to be able to breed with us. Our inventions and discoveries would have been great on a planet populated only by our people, or on a planet where we had evolved to handle the unanticipated negative effects of these things. The invention of mass transportation, for example, helped bring the much more populous and fast breeding non-white world to white Europe where bedroom genocide killed off generations of whites. Had we been the only type of human on earth, mass transportation would have been a good thing. It would also be fine on a multiracial earth if we had reached a stage of evolution where we could not interbreed with other peoples and if we had a higher birth rate than them. As it is, mass transportation has helped us along the path to extinction. Then, there's the matter of modern birth control measures and abortions for the asking that so many white women used.

Whites are like the mad scientist who creates a monster who kills him. We fooled with nature and arrogantly thought our science would solve all problems, and that nature's laws could be broken with no price to be paid. Many whites also didn't see any value in passing on their genotype to children by mating with others of the same genotype. Many didn't even see any value in reproducing at all. It was such a bother to have children. Better to have pet cats. Better to have a new car. Better to protect the environment. Better to be childless. Such dead end thinking has now led us to our own dead end and the Italian restaurant that just doesn't seem Italian. Unless something changes, there won't be any white people left at all. Gone, kaput, terminated, extinct. Just like the Dodo bird.

Switch back to the year 2004 and earlier for a clue that should have been acted on to prevent our present reality.

Back in 2004, Italy had the oldest population and the lowest birthrate in the world. These are facts, not opinion. It wasn't much different in other European nations or among whites in the U.S. or other parts of the world. White folks just weren't having enough children to continue to exist as a distinct people. Their population was getting old and dying and their replacements weren't of their phenotypes [Phenotypes are the outward, observable, physical manifestation of genotypes. In other words, phenotypes are what we look like and genotypes are what make us look that way].

Even before 2004, some multiracialists argued that European nations should rethink the nature of their societies and not place a premium on phenotypes and genotypes but, rather, they should consider anyone who lived in a nation state a true Italian or German or whatever the natural people of that nation state were called. Thus, with this thinking starting to hold sway, in 1996, a black naturalized citizen of Italy, who had been born in the Dominican Republic, won the Miss Italia beauty contest. Bright people could see where this might eventually lead. Unfortunately, the world didn't listen. Most people were caught up in the madness of the age that held that genes didn't matter. Anyone who thought that genes did matter was considered a racist and not fit for polite society.

As the birthrate of whites dropped even lower, many multiracialists switched the conversation away from nature's model of man as a creature of genes, to an artificial model of man as an economic unit. This false thinking about the nature of man led to thinking (although this wasn't often said in these terms) that people are fungible flesh machines. Thus, if this economic unit can't work because he or she is too old, then all we need do is replace him or her with another economic unit that can do the work. It is a dehumanizing way to look at humans, but that's the type of thinking that held sway. So, when white European birthrates dropped and the white European population got older and needed to be supported by those who could work, and since these old white Europeans hadn't had enough children to do this, the natural conclusion was to import immigrants--economic units--to take care of the decrepit aging white population.

Where had we heard that economic argument before? "Why, we need people to help pick the cotton and the tobacco," said the white plantation owner in Georgia. "Let's get them from Africa." The correct response to a need for more people to pick the cotton and tobacco back then should have been to increase the birthrate of the plantation owners and their relatives. That's also the correct response now, but few are listening. Too many whites think in terms of this fungibility of humans and forget the importance of genes. They also forget that not all kids in the world are their kids, and you can hear some of these old decrepit white folks who never had children saying "our children are our future," while never seeming to understand that "our children" are not our children at all if they don't have our genotype and aren't our phenotype.

Decrepit old white folks will sit there in their chairs in Europe with blankets pulled up to stay warm while their new citizens--brown and black folks--take care of them until they die. And, while these new brown and black "Europeans" are taking care of the diminishing number of white people, they will also be having many children whose laughter will replace the laughter in the schools and playgrounds where the laughter of white children was once heard. And, for a time, dying white people will be the teachers of the brown and black children, and then when they die, they will be replaced by brown and black teachers.

So here we are. Our own extinction is happening right before our eyes. It's not hard to see. We're being erased and replaced. The statistics are there. The facts are well known. Why are white people so unconcerned? The answer is that most don't understand that they are their genes and that their sure immortality--apart from whatever unsure heavenly immortality that they may believe in--is to be found in passing on their genes to as many children as possible. If the parents mated correctly within their same phenotype then the children will carry the parents within their genes. They won't be clones, but they'll be close. Unfortunately, not many white people understand this truth that their physical immortality is in their genes and that so long as these genes mix with genes of mates who are of the same phenotype, they live.

Can the extinction of whites be prevented? Most certainly. And the way to stop it doesn't require any modern science at all. All that is required is for whites to have more sex with other whites of the opposite sex and have more children. That's the way it was in the beginning and that's the way it is now. And, with more children there is a higher likelihood that some will be born who will be the new Adams and Eves. From them, if they are born, will come all future white people. And, if they are not born, then there may be no more white people--ever again. Flesh is not to be overcome, it is to be enjoyed. That's why nature or God made sex pleasurable.

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