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H. Millard

The Bush blah, blah crew was out in full force last week both on the radio, in the person of Radio Pudgy, who somehow had crawled into my car radio again and who sounded as though he had zoned out on some funny pills and thought he was Rambo; and over at the Bush News Network where assorted twerps and chicken hawks continued with their usual transparent Bush propaganda. These guys want you and your kids to go to Iraq, but they won't send themselves or their own kids. Call them what they are: phony blowhards.

As soon as I turned on my car radio, Pudgy was giving a chewing the carpet, listen-to-me-I'm-mad-as-hell-hold-me-back spiel over the death of Nick Berg. This guy's radio program has become one long Bush commercial and apologia for Bush's Iraq fiasco, Bush's budget deficit, Bush's bigger than ever and more intrusive government, Bush's flooding of America with illegal aliens and all the other really stupid things that Bush is doing or causing. Pudgy's Berg talk was just the latest installment of the propaganda and seemed to be an attempt to enflame passions and distract Stepfordized post-American Americans so they wouldn't condemn the Bush administration over the mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq.

Pudgy told his audience that he "hated the bastards [who killed Berg]." He then said that he wanted to call George Bush and tell him to "level the place" (All of Iraq? All Arab nations? All Muslims? He wasn't clear. Perhaps that was intentional.). He also said that "We're not dealing with human beings, we're dealing with human debris." To me, that sounded like the ignorant and bigoted dehumanization that has been done to various "thems" in the past.

Pudgy then told his radio audience: "And I wanted to be in the charge to go into that room [where Berg was held] to wipe them out." What would Pudgy have done? Waddle in and talk their ears off? Turn off their air conditioning? Make faces at them? Whine about Bill Clinton? Call them liberals?

"nuke Iraq' posterMaybe he'd decide up close and personal combat isn't for him and he'd just fly over at several thousand feet and drop a nuke on them as at least one of his callers has suggested doing. Dropping bombs from planes flying above the clouds is as American as apple pie. It's an impersonal and sanitized way to kill scores of human debris adults and human debris children. You can even wipe out wedding parties full of human debris with a clear conscience. Push a button and fly away. You never have to look at dead kids or suffering. It's a good way to keep from having bad dreams and post traumatic stress syndrome.

A few days later, after Berg's father started blaming the Bush administration for his son's death, Pudgy did an ixnay on the Berg talk. It's a wonder he didn't start demonizing the senior Berg the way he demonizes others who dare to tell the truth about Bush and his screwball administration. He did, however, dismiss the senior Berg by saying that he was a long time anti-war activist.

collateral damage Pudgy apparently doesn't want to be called a bigot so he cleverly avoids broad generalizations about an entire group and would, no doubt, say that he didn't mean all Arabs or all Muslims when he spoke of human debris, but just the terrorists or radicals. However, when you add his human debris comments to many other things he has said, such as his glee when Palestinian leaders are assassinated, and his acceptance of harsh actions taken by Israel, it's probably fair to believe that he's sending a message (although he might claim it isn't intentional) that his listeners should believe that many Arabs and Muslims are human debris.

It is also clear that he cherry picks telephone calls to his program to further his views while having a deniability about what is said. That's the way it is with guys like this. They egg others on and then dance away with innocent looks on their faces. We've all known kids in school like that. They'll talk other kids into stealing candy bars or doing something else that is wrong. Then, if the kids who did whatever was wrong are caught, the instigators will distance themselves from them. For example, on one program, Pudgy went on for what seemed like fifteen minutes about how evil the "terrorists" are. Then he took a call from a guy who agreed with Pudgy and said that he wanted to wipe out all of "them," as they "prayed to their Satanous god." Pudgy let the guy talk and didn't contradict him or say that he didn't agree with that position. Of course, if anyone had complained to the stations that carry Pudgy's program, he'd be able to dance away by saying: "I didn't say that, it was a caller."

When someone gets on the air with Pudgy and makes intelligent counter arguments to Pudgy's Bush propaganda, Pudgy will often cut the phone connection but continue talking as though the caller is still on the phone. Then, after a monologue delivered as though it's a dialogue, he usually says "Thanks for calling," as though the two way conversation that wasn't, was just then over.

Radio Pudgy also didn't think it was a big deal what happened at Abu Ghraib and dismissed the actions of our troops as being something like a fraternity prank. Now comes news that the elites have decided to tear down Abu Ghraib. "Bad prison, bad prison." Welcome to a Disneyesque world where inanimate objects are evil and have personalities and people get a pass for the wrong things they do so long as they can point to some inanimate object that serves as the scapegoat to take away their sins. Abu Ghraib will die for the sins of the Bush administration. Well, that solves the problem of our stupid invasion of Iraq, and the torture of prisoners, by gum.

Stepfordized post-American Americans can sleep tight, Rambo Radio Pudgy knows how to handle those Arabs and Muslims and other human debris. He's a red blooded he-man who knows that those human debris terrorists in Abu Ghraib got what they deserved. Hey, remember 911?

Pudgy has never been in uniform. He's probably never fired a gun. No matter. Pudgy is a tough talker and a real mouth warrior. Why, he's right behind ordinary American kids who he wants to stay the course in Iraq and he even wants them to invade Syria and probably Iran. Yup, he's right behind the kids who are dying. Way behind. Like in his mansion in the U.S.

Maybe it's time that good, decent people take those like Radio Pudgy up on their tough talk and ask them to put their lives on the line instead of encouraging and manipulating middle and lower class American teens into dying or getting in trouble when they are influenced into mistreating human debris.

Let's see Radio Pudgy and his relatives and Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and the rest of the elite neocons who talk tough, take all their brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and go to Iraq and get in the front ranks with the kids of ordinary post-American Americans. Right now, you could probably count the number of close relatives of these neocons who are in Iraq on one hand and you'd still have some fingers left over.

Send these blowhards over there and let's see if they keep giving us sanctimonious and phony lies about bringing freedom to Iraq, and weapons of mass destruction, and how the almost 800 (as this is written) Americans in uniform who have died so far, died for something worth dying for. It's not going to happen. The elites aren't fools, and they don't really believe their own lies. But, they want to talk about patriotism and wave the flag so you'll be manipulated into believing that Bush's war is worth it.

More and more ordinary citizens are realizing that the neocons are a disaster for America and that Bush is taking us in the wrong direction. Our country is in big trouble and it's getting worse. Bush has given us a huge budget deficit, outsourcing of jobs, a war, a house of cards economy, a bigger more intrusive government, and millions of illegal aliens. The neocon shills then try to sell this crap to so-called conservatives. My guess is that except for the most Stepfordized and low I.Q. "Hi, I'm a stay at home mom," cretins who call Radio Pudgy's program, that not too many are buying these lies anymore.

We need a major change in this nation. While the alternative to Bush isn't great, at least he'll be a change. In this case, the devil we know is not better than the devil we don't know. Four more years of Bush will give us more war, more dead kids, bigger government, richer Bush pals, more illegal aliens, more jobs being outsourced, more factories moving overseas, higher gas prices. Bush is a walking talking disaster. Anyone would be better.

In case you're curious, I'm not a liberal. I'm also a registered Republican (a Reagan Republican) and I voted for Bush the last time out.

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