"poopy baby"
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Since I grew up at a time before the whole friggin' country was overrun
with illegal aliens, I had a terrible childhood. Because of that
terrible childhood, I'm here to tell you that America needs illegal
aliens. They do the work that Americans won't do. When you hear that
phrase, always mentally put "white" before Americans, because that's
what's meant.

Most of my childhood problems can be laid at the feet of my parents.
You see, both of them were white. Yup. My mother was white. My father
was white. Their parents were also white. I know that's very un-PC,
but I had nothing to do with it. They were white before I could tell
them that this just wasn't right and that they should have sought out
someone of another race to marry. Had they done that, I wouldn't be me,
but I also wouldn't be white. Also, with one non-white parent, I might
not have had this terrible poopy diaper childhood.

you just can't get any decent helpAnyway, you begin to see the problem of my childhood. But, let me lay it
out a bit more plainly. You see changing diapers is not the type of work
white people do. As a result, I had dirty diapers from the time I was
born until the time I was potty trained. And, I even had to potty train
myself because potty training was also work my parents wouldn't do.
Even after I was potty trained, I didn't like going into the bathroom
because it was filthy and the toilets were constantly dirty and stopped
up. This was because my parents--they were white, remember--wouldn't do
that type of work either. When I went to school, my clothes were
always dirty because washing clothes wasn't the type of work my white
parents would do. When I went to sleep at night, I did so on dirty
sheets because changing sheets was work my parents wouldn't do. And, our
front lawn? Why, the grass just grew and grew because my father, again,
being white, wouldn't mow the lawn.

Now, I only noticed the lousy childhood I had in hindsight, and only
recently. You see, when I was growing up, all the neighbors were white
too, so all their kids had poopy diapers, their houses had dirty toilets
and their lawns were never mowed, and all the rest.

In fact, nothing was ever done to fix anything in my home town. Everyone
there was white. It was horrible. Even then, I had a feeling that I
must be missing something. Diversity wasn't a common word at that time,
but I know now that's what was missing. It was a terrible time. It was
boring. There was no real crime and there were white people all over the
place speaking English. You couldn't get away from them. Everyplace you
went there were more white people. All not doing work that white people
wouldn't do.

Hey Boss,  I can fix those dents real cheap...And, the cars? Don't ask. The cars were never repaired because none of
the white people would do that type of work. What about the fast food
restaurants? Why, there was never anyone working in any of them because
that was also work that whites wouldn't do. You'd drive up to the
drive-thru window and there'd be no one there to say anything in broken
English that you couldn't understand and there was no one there to give
you the wrong order. It was a bad time for America.

Geez, when we went grocery shopping there was never any produce in the
stores. White people problem, again. White people wouldn't do any work
that had anything to do with dirt and growing things. We were all
pretty much starving back then.

So, I'm glad that's all behind us. Now, thanks in part to both
President Bushes and to other white elites in government, we have plenty
of non-white people around to do the work that we whites just won't do.

loungingNow all we white people have to do is sit around in lounge chairs all
day and be waited on by the non-white people who do the work that we
won't do. Look around you. Our world has now been transformed into a
Garden of Eden. Why, we don't even have to have children anymore. The
non-white people have plenty of children, so we don't need any of our
own. Of course, their children don't look like us, and don't have our
genes, but, hey, let's not be un-PC. Another advantage in us not
having children is that we've solved the poopy diaper problem even if
we don't have maids. If we get bored lying around, we can have our
non-white servants play croquet for us. Croquet is also work that we
won't do.

What did we ever do before we had millions and millions of mostly
illegal alien Mexicans here to take care of us decrepit white people?
How did we ever survive? How did we eat? How did America become the
greatest nation on earth? It's a real mystery.

Fox & BushSo, three cheers for both President Bushes and all the elite politicians
who want to bring in even more illegal aliens and give them amnesty. We
really, really, need them. They do the work we won't do.

I'm also thinking that typing all these words is work that whites don't
want to do. Maybe I can find an illegal alien who will do this work for
me. And, maybe the present President Bush might not want to do the work
of being president and we can find an illegal alien to do that work for him.

Will sell Citizenship and American lives cheap - (c) 2003 by NNNI know there are some out there who say that if President Bush does
give amnesty (no matter what tricky name he uses for it) to millions of
illegal aliens, that when such a move is added to the lousy economy he's
giving us, and to his massive deficit, and to the body bags of our
children killed in a meaningless military charade, he may not have to
worry about working as president after the next election.
They may be right.

#  #  #


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