"blending madness"
by H. Millard (c) 2002


In post-American America, on post-white Earth, it's become very PC to believe that one should not find one's primary identity in one's race. This belief is primarily being pushed on white people; who are the few and, unfortunately, the not so proud on this planet these days as an almost virus like malaise continues to infect whites and cause them to march like lemmings to their death and possible extinction.

Dying IndianMany whites, like the American Indians of early America, are dispirited and have a sickness of the soul. They don't want to be what they are. They are in self and group denial of their essential nature and seem to want nothing more than to blend in with all other humans and not be different. They have been brought to this point of living suicide by various propaganda techniques, incorrect beliefs about the nature of living creatures, and false religious beliefs. Whites have constantly been told that race doesn't matter and that it's wrong for them to consider themselves as a distinct people. Of course, this is just a way to get whites to destroy themselves by breaking down resistance to mating with others who aren't white. Far too many whites believe this lie, and they do mate with others and have non-white children. They are human examples, with a twist, of the way certain fruit flies are exterminated. With fruit flies, scientists first sexually sterilize millions of fruit flies in the lab and then release them into the wild where they mate with wild fertile fruit flies. The mating urge of the fertile fruit flies is thus satisfied, but no off spring result, and the fruit flies die off.

blending madnessThere is, as I've written elsewhere, an evil spirit of this age which I have primarily called blending. One can also call it assimilation or by a number of other terms, including genocide. Some of those caught up in this blending madness truly believe that race doesn't matter and, for them, the faster there are no distinct races the better. Those with Blending beliefs want all distinct races to disappear, but it would seem their major effort is first being put into making the white race extinct.

There are a number of reasons for wanting to exterminate whites, including the fact that the white race is the most different of the races on Earth. The major differences are easy to see. The white race has, as its name states, white skin--a very rare thing on Earth. Whites are the ones who sometimes have blue eyes--also very rare. Whites are the ones who sometimes have blond hair--extremely rare. If we were to list all the things--both seen and unseen--that are different about whites from the majority of humans on Earth, we'd need a book length column.

In fact, there are so many differences that one might even conclude that whites are not only of a different race, but are of a different species. In this regard, it should be remembered that, at the present time, one of the primary characteristics used by scientists to determine if a group of animals is part of the same "species" is whether or not the animals involved can bear offspring with similar animals. Unfortunately, this method of determining a "species" is not very good, and needs to be updated. The literature abounds both with reports of different species mating and producing offspring as well as with reports of virtually identical animals (often birds) that have been separated from other members of the species for some thousands (maybe even just hundreds) of years who can no longer mate with other birds that are, in many cases, almost virtually identical. The point I'm making here, to state it more succinctly, is that the fact that a particular animal can mate and produce offspring with another animal is not a fool proof indicator that the two animals are of the same species.

Could it really be that whites are of a different species than most of the rest of mankind and/or that they were on their way to becoming a separate species before the modern era, with mass transportation that kept whites from being isolated from the rest of the bipeds that we conveniently lump all together as humans? I wouldn't bet against such a possibility.

MTV promoIn the Brave New World envisioned by Blenders there will be no conflicts and wars because all the traditional bones of contention for humans will have been blended away into a new type of human, the Tan Everyman (again, this is my term). The Tan Everyman will be a multi racial being with genes from all races. He will have a blended religion that has eliminated all religious doctrines that might offend anyone. He will have no nationality except Earth Person.

Now, Blenders (remember, that's my term and they don't call themselves that) are like people who have recently given up cigarettes or alcohol or who have recently converted to a different religion than the one they were born into. They are the truest of the true believers in their philosophy and they fairly burst at the seams to tell the world of their great discovery that (in their opinion) the way to universal harmony is to jump into that Neo Melting Pot and create the Tan Everyman.

"One planet, one people," could be the motto of the Blenders. Of course, if you don't want to blend, then the Blenders have to force you to do so. It's for peace, you see.

Remember when Big Blender Bill Clinton was President and he was bombing the Serbs in Kosovo? The reason he gave for the bombing was that the Serbs were practicing Ethnic Cleansing. In other words, the Serbs didn't want to Blend, even with other white people. The Serbs wanted their land for those they considered Clinton featured on "New Internationalist"their people, and they were removing those who were not Serbs, who had come to their lands and settled there. Even though that should be their right as a free and distinct people with a natural right to self-determination, Clinton bombed them. One could almost imagine Clinton cackling "Blend or else."

What the Serbs were doing was evil according to Blenders who, to the surprise of no one, mostly come from the United States where Blending gobledygook has reached a high level. and where various words and terms are twisted to spread their evil genocidal philosophy to the masses.

Consider the term " melting pot" as just one example of using words to push Blending. "America is a melting pot," comes the refrain from the Blenders, "we're all Heinz 57 Varieties in this country." Well, not really. The term melting pot was actually coined at the turn of the century to describe the national blending together of Europeans who came to these shores---not genetic blending of different races--as is the case in the Neo Melting Pot.

But, to the point. Is blending a desirable thing for humanity? Is it truly the way to world peace and more importantly is it the way for man to improve himself?

We can get hints by looking at the world around us. Generally speaking, those areas of the world that are the darkest or the most blended are the most violent and backward. By contrast, we can look at those places that are the least blended and they are the most peaceful.

IcelandersConsider Iceland as the most unblended and (oh, horrors) whitest nation on Earth. There is virtually no violent crime. Those found guilty of the mostly minor crimes that do occur are usually just called on the telephone by the police and told to report to their local police station to spend a few nights in jail. The reason that Iceland is so peaceful is that it is so white--it has an almost completely homogeneous white population. Why shouldn't the Icelanders find their identity in that most important thing that has made their nation so peaceful--their race?

We are born with a particular genotype--our racial makeup. We do not choose to be black, brown, yellow or white. We cannot in a single generation change the race of our family. Why then should we not look to this as our source of identity. It is us. We are it. Should we discard what we essentially are and find our identity in things as transitory as being fans of particular sports teams as so often seems to be the case? Should we deny that we are the end result of a long line of breeding that has made us what we are?

If we deny that which is natural in favor of what is not natural, what have we gained, but to deny the truth of nature?

To the Blenders, the main opposition to their Blending ideology is white people who have a sense of racial identity or as the Blenders like to call it: "white racism."

Often times we'll find that many of the people leading the parade to the racial sameness of the Neo Melting Pot are liberal Jews. Interestingly, those who do this, will often bemoan the religious assimilation of Jews through intermarrying with people of other religions but they won't say a word bemoaning the genetic "assimilation"assimilation of Jews through intermarrying people of other races. This is so, because many of these people find their ultimate identity in their Jewishness, which they incorrectly believe to be unrelated to genes, and only a matter of tradition. This is somewhat odd, because the way one becomes a Jew according to Jewish Law is by being born to a Jewish mother. We're back to genes again.

Are Jews castigated for finding their identity in their religion which is often the equivalent of race to many European-Americans? Nope. That's a perfectly acceptable identity in our society. But, what about those white people who follow various religious systems that demand that they remain un Blended? Well, once again, they are called the usual hate terms "racists, bigots, haters," by the Blenders who demand that everyone blend.

Randy WeaverThe basic message of the Blenders is that everyone must blend and be multi-racial. Anyone who doesn't choose this route or genetic conformity and genocide is demonized and can be killed either by being attacked in their homes (remember the attack on Randy Weaver?) or by having bombs dropped on them as in Kosovo.

All is not doom and gloom, however, because largely as a result of the internet, many thinking white people are now being exposed to the truth, and some are questioning the hateful genocidal blending propaganda. Even the most brainwashed white person has to realize that killing off a distinct people--even if it is the white people--is evil. However, as already mentioned, the Blenders are working overtime to trick white people into believing that they aren't a distinct folkdancerspeople. The more white people there are who realize the truth of nature that they are a distinct people and that their race is their most important identity, the longer will there be white people. White identity is the surest way to defeat the Blenders. Our continued existence as white people will be our greatest victory. Before all else, we are white people. Nationality, likes and dislikes, membership in social groups, religion, and all other things are secondary to race. All of these other things can be changed by the individual because they are not immutable characteristics. His race cannot be changed in his lifetime. Race is essential, because it is the cumulative total of the genes of that person.

Our white race is our essential identity,
and if we are to continue to exist
it must ever be so.

#  #  #


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