(Background to an America's Most Wanted segment)
by H. Millard (c) 2002

You probably haven't heard of Ceceline Godsoe. She wasn't very important in the big scheme of things. Ceceline was just a beautiful, innocent, full of life, sixteen year old European-American girl. She had her whole life ahead of her. Based on reports of those who knew Ceceline, it might have been a very productive life. Ceceline might have become a model, or an astronaut, or President of the United States, or all of these. She might have had many beautiful children and grandchildren. Our nation and our European descended people might have been greatly enriched had Ceceline lived a long life.

Ceceline won't do any of those things now. Beautiful, innocent, full of life Ceceline is dead. Sixteen years on the planet, and that's all she had. Ceceline was the little girl of a real life mother and father who brought her into this world and who wanted the best for her. Now she's dead. She's been dead almost a year now.

Ceceline's bludgeoned body was discovered on the morning of September 21, 2001 lying all alone in a cold field behind a school in Costa Mesa, California. You may have seen a story about her death back on the June 29, 2002 America's Most Wanted TV show.

What you didn't hear on the show was the maddening thing about this murder: It absolutely didn't have to happen. It absolutely shouldn't have happened. You see, Ceceline was allegedly killed by an illegal alien who should have been arrested by the local cops and booted out of the U.S. long before he had a chance to murder Ceceline.

Why this illegal alien wasn't arrested and deported is a story of what happens when a community becomes as corrupt and lawless as the Third World.

While the good citizens of Costa Mesa were occupied with their apathy and busy with their lives, their city was slowly transformed into an unofficial sanctuary for illegal aliens. The local liberal establishment composed of business owners--who want the cheap labor; charity moguls--who want the clients; and people involved with the local government--who are beholden to the business owners and the charities helped bring the Third World in.

But, you may wonder why these business owners, charity moguls and people involved with the local government would want to welcome illegal alien criminals into the city since they may also become crime victims.

The answer is simple. Most of the business owners, charity moguls, and people involved with local government don't live in Costa Mesa. Many live in adjacent Newport Beach which keeps illegal aliens out of that city mostly through the simple device of not having any affordable housing there. In fact, residents of that city cheered last year when the last affordable apartment building in Newport Beach was torn down to make way for some very expensive single family homes.

The 2000 Census shows that Newport Beach is only 4.71% Hispanic, yet Costa Mesa which is within walking distance of Newport Beach is 31.75% Hispanic--and most of that 31.75% are thought to be illegal aliens.

Once, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa were as close demographically as they are geographically. That was before evil doers started turning Costa Mesa into a Third World city. Today, Costa Mesa has become the other side of the tracks for Newport Beach. Now, Newport Beach doesn't have to have its own other side of the tracks to supply maids, gardeners and various other unskilled laborers. When Newporters need cheap labor, they simply step across the invisible border between the two cities and hire some laborers from the (illegal alien) Job Center, that citizens of Costa Mesa pay $ 130,000 per year to run. To make it even easier for Newporters to get their cheap labor, this Job Center (that Costa Mesan's pay for) is almost on the border with Newport Beach.

Meanwhile, the illegal alien workers can't afford to live in Costa Mesa on the money they make doing this casual labor, so the charities rush in and give them free food, free clothing, help with paying the rent, help with paying the utilities, free medical care, free dental care and much more. This helps attract more illegal aliens to Costa Mesa.

Each year, the charities ask the local government for more money because the number of "clients" they serve keeps growing. Then, the local government gives the charities HUD CDBG funds (your federal tax money) who then, in something similar to a money laundering operation, transform this money into services and goods for illegal aliens. Did I mention that the charities don't check for legal residency in the U.S.? In other words, average U.S. citizens are subsidizing the cheap labor needs of rich people and they're also subsidizing the illegal alien laborers who are stealing work from citizens and driving wages down.

Even Costa Mesa's police chief lives in Newport Beach. His department has a policy of not asking people it arrests if they are in the country legally or not.. The police chief and other officers also hands out free turkeys and other food to suspected illegal aliens at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Victor Manuel GarciaAbout a week after Ceceline was murdered, the local police department, which, remember, is on record as not wanting to arrest illegal aliens for their illegal status, announced that the suspect in Ceceline's murder is Victor Manuel Garcia, aka Victor Garduno, aka Pumpkinhead, and that he had fled to his native Mexico.

Well, there you go. End of case. Young Ceceline is dead. Her suspected murderer got away free as a bird and is probably living the good life in Mexico. Maybe he's waiting for another chance to sneak across the border. Maybe he'll end up in your town full of Cecelines and with a police department that has a wink and nod policy about illegal aliens. Maybe another citizen will be murdered.

Ceceline might still be alive today if Costa Mesa had not let itself become overrun with illegal aliens and if the local cops had just done their job to protect and serve citizens instead of trying to be friends with illegal aliens.

Unfortunately, Ceceline's story is just one of many similar stories that could be written from almost any part of our once proud nation, as citizens become the easy targets for criminals who are allowed to run free by those in positions of authority who are thumbing their noses at good, decent citizens, and who are in some cases calling citizens names such as "haters," "racists," "bigots," "xenophobes" because these citizens want to live in a nice, safe America where the rule of law still means something and where our borders are protected.

Oh, and if Ceceline's suspected murderer is ever captured down in Mexico, he won't be extradited to the U.S. This is because Mexico won't extradite any of their citizens if they face sentences of either life in prison or death.

If you ever feel that the struggle to stop illegal immigration isn't worth it, remember Ceceline. The struggle is noble, just, and good. It is being waged by citizens who do not want to have to bury any more young citizen children who are murdered by criminals who shouldn't even be in this country.

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