"Last of the Breed" - novel by  Louis L'Amour
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Look around you. Does America look like America? You know it doesn't. That's because it is becoming less like America. It is post-American America. Even if the name America stands for a thousand more years, this land that we call the United States of America will not be the true America. America is dying because the people who thought up and built this nation are being replaced. And, the grave for America is being dug by white elites full of idiotic false ideas about race and genes that makes them think that people are fungible, and that genes don't matter. Don't matter? You should sooner believe that the earth is flat. Genes are the most important, most essential part of all living things.

Tom BradleyThe signs of America dying are everywhere. In Los Angeles this week, the City Council considered changing the name Crenshaw Boulevard, named after a white guy whose descendants still live in the area, to Tom Bradley Boulevard in honor of the former black mayor. Of course, most of Crenshaw has been black for many years, so maybe this is appropriate, but this just helps make the point that all things white are being replaced. The Council deadlocked six to six, so for now Crenshaw remains Crenshaw. Wait a year or two and it'll probably be changed.

Why are whites being replaced? The answer is simple: whites aren't having enough children.

Non-whites are replacing whites simply by doing what comes naturally--they're reproducing. Meanwhile, whites are doing what comes unnaturally--they're not producing enough white children to expand the race or even hold it at replacement levels.

Some of the mumbling class say that this is just the normal pattern that we've seen before as successive waves of immigration have washed over America. What these people don't seem to realize is that in the past, the waves of immigration were mostly of Europeans--who were all very close genetically. The new waves of immigrants are people who are not European. Their presence is watering down and destroying European genes. That's what is different about our present immigration invasion. This is a sea change in the substance of America. That's why we're in post-American America. That's why America is doomed.

The flood of Third World immigration, miscegenation, and the low white birth rate will be the death of America, but they need not be the death of whites. If enough whites shake off the propaganda and realize that they are a genetically distinct people and that there is value in remaining so, they will survive.

Whites tried to stop the immigration invasion of California back in 1994 when they overwhelmingly passed Prop. 187 whose intent was to stop giving freebies to illegal aliens. This would have removed many of the incentives for millions of people to sneak into this country, and would probably have sent many scurrying back to their own countries. Unfortunately, one federal judge then pretty much gutted this citizen passed law and the human waves have continued.

The other day I came across an old newspaper article from the August 30, 1999 Los Angeles Times in which Charles Kamasaki, senior vice president of the National Council of La Raza, told the newspaper, "He (George W. Bush) made it clear that there was another perspective within the Republican Party, and it helped diminish what might well have been a national trend (of additional Prop 187s in other states)."

Way to go! It's now 2003, Dubya is President, and all 50 states are increasingly feeling the joys of giving freebies to criminal illegal aliens just as the citizens of California have been doing ever since Prop. 187 was killed. All across this nation, our schools are failing, our hospitals are going broke, our economy stinks, violent street crime is rampant, our society is unraveling and becoming more and more like the Third World.

Time will tell, but Bush's political nose may have been wrong on this one because it's those in the elite ruling class such as Bush who have inadvertently been helping awaken and mobilize ordinary European-Americans--who are slowly, very slowly, starting to realize that the real reason America is great is not because of some phony diversity--save that cliché for morons--including some morons on the Supreme Court, but because it is a nation that was founded as a New Europe and which freed Europeans from centuries of stultifying village thinking and tradition while at the same time it kept the genetically determined European ways. "Genetically determined European ways?" You bet. Just as a cow will always moo and always be a cow no matter what country it lives in, so too are people what they are born to be.

And, please, there is no such thing as unhyphenated "Americans." That's not the name of any genetically determined people. There are only people from other lands who live here in an artificial nation called the United States of America. White people the world over are Europeans no matter where they happen to live.

The battle that is shaping up in this nation is not really about whether America will become a Third World nation or remain a First World European-American nation but whether whites will catch on in sufficient numbers, soon enough, so that they will become the equivalent of their own nation within the larger diverse U.S.

The battle lines are remarkably clear cut even though those who want to use psychological warfare techniques against good decent citizens are trying to blur them.

These battle lines are indicated by some markers.

One of these markers is that those who support a European America are mostly for English as the official language of this country. Those who want a non-white America want Spanish to be at least co-equal with English.

Those who want a European America, mostly want to stop all Third World immigration, at least for several years.

Those who want to destroy European America want massive continued Third World immigration which, the proponents of this know, will eventually inundate the native born European-Americans and make them a voiceless minority in the nation that they built. The proponents of massive Third World immigration know that immigration from Europe has slowed to a trickle, partly because most Europeans who want to come here try to do it legally and also because they have to cross an ocean to get here, and partly because the birth rate is so low in most European nations. The Third Worlders, on the other hand, don't care about our laws. To get here, many of them only have to point their noses north and walk right over George W. Bush's non-border.

illegal migrantsOn one side of this struggle for European America, are the good decent people who understand what made America great and who want to keep it that way. On the other side are those who are either evil and want to destroy this country or who are too stupid to see that the hordes of illegal immigrants coming here aren't like previous immigrants who came here legally and who came to be assimilated into this New Europe. These illegal aliens and their allies want to make America less white and they want to replace European-Americans. But, they want to keep what European-Americans built.

It's sort of like what scientists believe happened in certain South American countries where great ruins have been found. It seems that the present peoples living among these ruins didn't build the once fine cities. They just replaced the builders who have now disappeared into the mists of history.

There's no denying the fact that European-American dominated cities and towns (whether composed of poor, middle class, or rich European-Americans) are largely crime free and are nice places to live, while illegal-alien dominated cities and towns are largely crime ridden terrible places to live. Under all these cities and towns is the same land. The people all drink the same water. They all breathe the same air. They all have the same laws. The only difference between a crime ridden city and one that is relatively crime free is the people. Period.

People matter, and they're not identical sacks of potatoes who can be moved here and there with no effect. Take all the people out of a crime free town and replace them with all the people from a crime ridden town and the former will replace the latter as a crime filled hell hole and the latter will replace the former as a crime free good place to live.

Cincinati riotOh, I know, there are some reading this who are saying that diversity is great. To those who say that, I would say, if you really believe that nonsense, move yourself and your family to one of the diverse areas. Move out of your homes in overwhelmingly European-American dominated places and move to an overwhelmingly illegal alien infested town or city (there are plenty around) and show by your move that you really believe such nonsense. Go enjoy your wonderful diversity where there are nightly drive by shootings. Go enjoy it where the streets are filthy because the people don't care if they throw trash in the streets. Go enjoy it where your children will be kept from learning anything in school because most of the children don't speak English. Go where government handouts are considered entitlements by illegal aliens.

Until you do that, please just shut up and keep your stupid opinions to yourself, because they're only based on your bigotry and possible hate for white people.

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