Mutant monster
by H. Millard (c) 2002

"The monster is mutating every time it attacks and absorbs something new, General," said the scientist. "That's why we can't kill it. As soon as we devise a strategy, it absorbs something new and changes its genetic structure."

scientist"Well," said the General, "maybe the answer is to control what it absorbs. That'll let us control what it becomes. Then we'll kill it. Come up with something that is weak and easily killed and let the monster absorb its qualities. Good grief, man, I've got it! Throw some aracial white people in its path. Once it absorbs them, it'll forget who and what it is. Then, it'll get moist eyes, light a candle, sing a verse of Kumbaya, and hug us as we kill it. And. if we don't succeed in killing it, it'll forgive us and want to become our best friend."

The above fictional dialogue could probably be written into any number of science fiction movies in which a monster of some type constantly mutates itself as it absorbs the genes of what it eats. But, in the movies, the monster never seems to absorb any creature whose genes will weaken and destroy it.

The part about the monster getting weak by absorbing aracial whites, is more a comment on what so many whites have become through false thinking than on what whites are truly like when freed from the mind shackles that keep them from asserting their whiteness.

Kirk and Uhurachildless French couple seeking to adoptThe reality in America today is that America isn't becoming weak because it is absorbing too many white genes, but because it is absorbing too few and is, at the same time, absorbing too many non-white genes. The nation is mutating away from its traditional and primary European genotype to a non-European model.

Even though the signs of the weakening are all around this nation, some Americans think, incorrectly, that America is a little like that movie monster, and only gets stronger by absorbing diverse genes.

Past waves of immigration from Europe did not not cause the America to mutate, except in the earliest days, when it mutated away from a Native American genotype to a European one. Unfortunately, today, too many people get nationality mixed up with race and somehow think that when an Englishman and a German jumped into the melting pot, something different emerged. This is false thinking of the first order. All that was melted away were minor national differences. Gone were the lederhosen and the bowler. Europeans of different nationalities entered the melting pot and plain wrap Europeans emerged.

Today, we need to realize that Third World immigration isn't at all like the previous European immigration. There is a racial component to the new immigration that is causing America to mutate away from a First World European nation on a new continent, and into a Third World nation.

Kofi Annan and wife NanePolish coupleOn a genetic level, white Americans are being wiped out through cross breeding as is being done with killer bees and through "sterilization" as is being done with fruit flies. With the killer bees, scientists are simply mating them with a different type of bee. The resultant offspring no longer have the aggressive traits of the killer bees, because they are no longer killer bees. Of course, they are not completely like the other type of bees either--at least for a few generations. Then, as mating continues, the offspring of the killer bees become less and less like the killer bees until there are no more killer bees left to put their genes into the bee gene pool. This is leading to the extinction of killer bees. What about humans? Are certain humans becoming extinct by mating with others who are unlike them? Of course. One can't even intelligently argue that this isn't the case. This has happened throughout history and continues today.

Fruit flies get a different treatment than killer bees. Millions of laboratory raised fruit flies are sterilized and released into the wild. There, they mate with fertile fruit flies. This satisfies the mating urge of both the sterilized fruit flies and the non-sterilized ones, but no offspring are produced and the flies dies off through attrition.

little brotherScottish coupleToday, white people who are on the road to extinction. Whites have become the human versions of the killer bees and the fruit flies. White intermarriage rates are rising (as with killer bees) at the same time as white birthrates are dropping (as with fruit flies). This is not good for the survival of white people. In fact, it's downright grim.

And what of this melting pot that figures so much in our cliché ridden society and which is mentioned above? It is one of the deadly clichés of our nation. The problem with this cliché, as with so many others, is that a kernel of truth that gave birth to the cliché has become distorted to mean something that is different than what was originally intended. The melting pot may have been cute when it was young, but now it's grown into an ugly adult.

When young, the melting pot served as a melting pot for different nationalities (not different races) from Europe. That's the kernel of truth, behind the cliché. However, from that limited and narrow truth, low I.Q. types and the misinformed, often generalize to include all the races of man as being part of the American melting pot. This is used to justify the current push to mate genetically different people so they'll blend together into what I have called a Tan Everyman (think Jeb Bush's family as a high profile example).

Mixed coupleGerman coupleCompare the children who resulted from that old white/white melting pot to the children of the non-white/white melting pot of today. Does the child from the non-white/white melting pot look like the child of the white partner? Hardly ever. Generally, such children will be midway between the two extremes of white and non-white. This being the case, is it reasonable to argue that it is the non-white genes that are in danger of becoming extinct and not the white ones? Not really. This is so, because whites are only about 10% of humans on Earth. Being in such a small minority means that they are the ones at risk for extinction. To put this another way: The children of a mixed non-white/white mating will have more opportunities to mate with non-whites in their lives than with whites, simply because there are more non-whites than whites. Because of this, the white genes will tend to disappear from that family line composed of a white and non-white mating, and at the same time, white genes will not find their way into the white gene pool because the mating instinct of the white member of the non-white/white mating pair will have been satisfied so that the white produces no white children.

African dreamWelsh coupleHow do humans naturally know what is right as far as mating choices go? Their natural instinct guides them. Humans, when left to their own instincts, will naturally find people who look like them to be desirable as mating partners. Generally, those who look like others share many of the same genes. When they mate, they pass on these genes to their offspring and preserve and further the genetic line. But what about this "looks like" as a determinant of race? Is it valid? Of course it is. The haters of all things white, want to convince people that we should overlook the "minor" racial differences we can see. This is absurd, but like so many other absurd things about race, many people uncritically accept it as gospel.

Although gene analysis can tell who is of what race with a microscopic tissue sample, nature has given us a much more practical way to tell who is genetically close and who is not. We have been given eyes to see. But, can our eyes be lying to us? Can we be seeing differences where they don't really exist as so many dim witted aracials want us to believe? Not likely. This is so, because one of the gene survival mechanisms programmed into humans by nature is the use of eyesight for many cues to things in our environment. We are an animal that lives by our sight more so than by our other senses

PlaypupConsider dogs. If dogs were capable of producing picture magazines, it is doubtful that they would produce a Playpup version of Playboy. Why not? Because dogs are scent oriented, not sight oriented. Dogs receive most of their cues from the environment via smell. Humans mainly SEE danger and they mainly SEE things that are desirable or undesirable. The other senses contribute to our mind's analysis of our environment, but sight is the primary sense for humans. If a person looks like he/she is not related to us, he/she probably isn't. And in not looking like us, he/she is generally less desirable to us as a mate. This is nature's natural way of helping certain genes dominate the gene pool.

interracialGreek coupleContinuing with the Playboy example, we can say that humans are programmed to find certain types of physical features to be appealing and other types of physical features to be less appealing. We may falsely think, as is common today, that we don't have an inherent sense of beauty that is translated into desire, but this is wrong. We have not, as some aracials claim, simply been conditioned by racist belief systems to believe that people who look like us are more desirable than those who don't. These aracials often say that we must overcome the racial conditioning and our natural feelings of what is beautiful to us. In fact, the opposite is true. When we try to overcome our primary sense--sight--in order to overcome "racism" we are denying nature and nature's plan for our survival as a distinct people. We are, in fact, overriding a safeguard put into our genes by nature for the propagation of our genes. Those visual features that are appealing lead to the mating urge in humans. This is as nature intended, because this urge leads to the propagation of the genetic type.

America is not made great by the type of diversity that is now being pushed. Look around and let your eyes tell you the truth.

interracialWe met in high school and remain sweethearts to this day!America is trying to absorb peoples who are better not absorbed if we want America to remain a First World nation with a high quality of life. By absorbing the world's non-white peoples, formerly white America is mutating into a brown America. The nation is becoming what it is absorbing. However, unlike the movie monster, its mutation isn't making the nation stronger, but weaker, and it is also wiping out white people.

Want to know who is friend or foe in the larger genetic sense of the phrase? Trust your eyes.

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