"Mad Times"
by H. Millard (c) 2002

We live in mad, twisted, eternal recurrence, bigoted, double speak times. This past week, a bunch of effete Europeans outlawed free speech. Again. This latest tyrannical gang of haters of freedom calls itself the European Union. Their message Galileoof intolerance isn't new, though. Europeans of one stripe or another have been at this game of censoring speech they don't like for hundreds of years. Once, they didn't much care to hear people such as Galileo telling the truth about something that went against the orthodox beliefs of that age. To save his life, poor Galileo had to renounce his belief in the earlier teachings of Copernicus about the sun being the center of the solar system. Even so, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Giordano Bruno refused to renounce his similar belief, and was burned to death in 1600.

Giordano Bruno The crazy hate filled wacked out Europeans also didn't like anyone who had slightly different religious views than the mob under the center of the bell curve. This forced many members of various religious groups to flee Europe for the New World, where they could think and speak as they chose, at least in the early days, even when some others didn't like the thoughts or the speech. Of course, these weren't really freedom loving people in a universal sense, and once they got here, they did to others what had been done to them in Europe, which is to say, they demanded orthodoxy in belief from everyone.

Those were the old days of bigotry and anti-intellectualism. Today, there is a new incarnation of this old hate filled way of looking at the world. This time, the free thinkers and free speakers in Europe and America have raised the ire of the anti-free thinking and anti-free speech bigots by telling the truth about race, which has taken the place of telling the truth about this friggin' little dirt ball Earth not being the center of the solar system. The modern Galileos are people who are saying that the human races that look different from each other are, indeed, really different from each other. Yep. And, it isn't just about skin color. The differences start right at the blueprint genetic stage and number in the millions.

Council of EuropeThe reaction of the European bigots to those speaking the truth about race has been to outlaw speech that they don't like. In America, the anti-freedom and anti-white bigots are kept from enacting laws to outlaw speech they don't like by that inconvenient, to them, Bill of Rights and are left to use various smear campaigns and hate filled name calling to try to intimidate people who tell the truth about race. Still, people with strong minds and hearts who know they are right--and the truth is always right--can at least continue to speak out in America if they are willing to face being called names by the real haters; many of whom cluster together, as the cowards that they truly are, in various so-called anti-hate groups. These groups mostly spend their time spewing their hatred against white people who dare to assert their whiteness instead of trying to hide it and who speak the truth about race. Think of some of these groups as sort of neo-Brown Shirts for brown skins, whose goal is to intimidate whites into silence.

Americans should feel no misguided American jingoism over the collapse of Europeans into official PC bigotry ads opposed to the unofficial American version. America's ruling elites aren't far behind their European counterparts, and many of the neo-Brown Shirts for brown skins groups mentioned above often act as quasi-governmental agencies and seem to serve as fronts for anti-white bigots in government. Still, white Americans are saved from having these extra-governmental Brown Shirts for brown skins becoming official arms of the government, and from the anti-freedom rationalizations of the moment, by having a Bill of Rights that still wins some court cases from time to time.

detail from Signing of the ConstitutionAny pride Americans might feel over the Bill of Rights is misplaced. Those who gave us our Bill of Rights weren't necessarily great visionaries who could see the future need for these protections against an oppressive government and PC craziness. They wrote the Bill of Rights as a reactive response to the tyrannies that they were experiencing from the British right then and there. We should probably actually thank the Brits for their tyranny of old, because without it we wouldn't have the Bill of Rights and we'd no doubt have as little free speech as the Europeans have today.

Movements to suppress speech and the thoughts that lead to the speech are hateful and anti-intellectual wherever they are found. Thinking is to humans as flying is to birds. Thinking is what we do best. Humans must be allowed to think and express what they are capable of thinking with no fetters. To stop humans from thinking and expressing these thoughts is the equivalent of keeping a bird in a cage. The weakling elites in charge in Europe are afraid of letting their people have genuine freedom and want to keep European minds chained up lest thoughts and words come forth that capture the minds of the masses and awaken them to the reality of race.

BraveheartThe cowardly European tyrants are using laws to keep their people oppressed and silent, while the cowardly tyrants in America are using name calling to try to do the same thing. Both ways are wrong and may eventually lead to revolutions. The human mind is a little like a steam kettle. If there is no way for the steam to get out, it eventually explodes. The mind explosion that comes when thoughts can't get out is often in the form of a revolution.

The right way to counter speech you don't like is not with laws or name calling--if for no other reason, these ways offer no release to the pent up thoughts--but with counter arguments. This is a lesson that the hate filled bigots in Europe and America still haven't learned.

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