OF EUROPEAN AMERICANS by H. Millard (c) 2002


El Presidente Jorge W. Bush--yeah, you know why more and more people are calling him that--told reporters at a news conference in El Salvador on March 24, that "the cornerstone of a good economic policy, a good immigration policy, is to match a willing employer with a willing worker."

Bush and FloresNo it's not! When is Bush going to get out of the Ivory Tower and into the real world? What the hell's wrong with this guy that caused him to add "a good immigration policy" to a phrase that is already deficient because it is overly simplistic and which is made completely absurd by the gratuitous addition of this pandering nonsense about immigration? When Bush was down in Mexico on his way to El Salvador, did he and Vicente Fox spend all their time drinking Tequila and talking about the good times they had at Harvard, instead of paying attention to the real world? That Economics 101 crap doesn't work when the system is distorted as it is now by millions of invading Third Worlders.

child laborer in factorySociety was once distorted with child laborers and slaves, the way it is now distorted with Third Worlders. If a willing seven year old wants a job in an asbestos factory and a willing asbestos factory owner wants to hire him for twenty cents a day, does that make the cornerstone of good economic policy? Of course not. Mr. Bush's above statement would justify child labor and also slavery so long as the child and the slave were willing workers. The basic principle is the same if you substitute Third Worlder or illegal alien for child laborer or slave.

In the United States, we long ago decided to balance economic policies with sound social policies. Sure, we've gone overboard in some areas, but that's for another discussion at another time. As a society, we came to a decision that the desire of employers to make as much money as possible had to be balanced with the needs of workers, so that our society as a whole would prosper and benefit.

Once in America, we satisfied our need for workers with home grown American citizens and a trickle of immigrants. The labor supply was largely a function of the birth rate, and the natural birth rate of our nation kept labor from being overly plentiful. This meant that employers had to pay living wages to get workers, and also to run safe businesses once proper employment laws were in place. This caused the standard of living to rise in the U.S. Today, however, there is too much labor because there is a never ending flow of money grubbing predatory low wage Third Worlders coming to the country. This is causing distortions in the system that are not good for America for a number of reasons, including the cap it puts on wages, as well as fact that it removes the individual subconscious pressures for white citizens to have more children.

In this last regard, to digress a little, we should come to an understanding that people, no less than lower animals, have internal triggers that are activated when various internal and external stimuli set them off. These triggers are set off differently in different races of humans. While these triggers are relatively simple things, they do involve various cross currents of internal and external influences. black kidsThus, when white people feel too crowded, and when they see many little children who may actually be of other races, they often don't have children themselves. So, the parental instincts of these white people is satisfied by children who aren't white at the same time that they "choose" not to have their own children because of the crowding. Sure, whites will often think that they've made a rational decision not to have children--given the over importance given to supposed "free will"-- but in fact, the intellectual answers they give, come after their internal triggers have been activated.

We have laws to protect people and society from predatory employees and employers who will go anywhere, and do anything, to make a buck or to save a buck. That's part of the reason why we're a First World nation. Our laws on immigration, for example, are the practical manifestations of the philosophy of how we want our society to be shaped. No one has changed our basic philosophy concerning our right as a nation to shape our destiny by determining who we will let in and who we will keep out. Thus, no one has the right to ignore the laws on immigration that give effect to that philosophy. No one has a right to come to this country. even if an employer wants cheap labor. If those who want to come to this nation are not going to help advance this nation for the benefit of the citizens, then they shouldn't be allowed in, and they certainly shouldn't be given amnesty after they have broken our laws and snuck in. It's the citizens of this nation that the President is supposed to be working for, not the citizens of other countries.

slavesThe millions of Third Worlders who are swamping this country are driving America down. Diversity is not our strength, it is our weakness. To understand what's going on, perhaps we need to understand the basic principles behind Mr. Bush's willing worker, willing employer homily. If one employer could have slaves do his work, he'd have a marked competitive advantage over other employers who didn't use slave labor. So if one does it and gets away with it, all child laborer in minewill find a way to do it just to compete and survive. Also, if one employer could use child labor, he too would have a competitive advantage over other employers who didn't have child laborers. Here too, if one could get away with hiring children, then others would follow suit. Slavery and child labor were, and still would be, good economic policies--under Bush's analysis-- but they're lousy social policies and inevitably lead to social problems that are best avoided for the long term health of the society. Slave labor and child labor quickly short circuit the balanced relationship between adult willing workers and adult willing employers, and turn the workplace into a whore's market where wages are depressed and working conditions stink. This isn't a healthy social policy for the good of the nation, even though it does make extra profits for some employers.

No Scabs!Today, illegal aliens are filling the niche once filled by slaves and by child laborers, and as with slaves and child laborers, illegal aliens are scabs who are distorting the system and are interfering with the unwritten social contract between willing American workers and willing employers.

If I own a factory and I'm competing with another factory owner who employs Third World workers under the table, I won't be able to compete if I'm paying a fair wage to legal U.S. citizens who want to live the American dream and who don't want to live twelve to a room and get their medical and other benefits through charities. Because of the distortion in the marketplace of labor caused by these Third World workers, American citizens are getting screwed left and right, and the nation is falling to Third World levels.

Of course, some of those who hear the above arguments--including both Bush the father, and Bush the son--try to trick the American people by saying that since "illegal" aliens are the problem, they'll simply make them legal and the problem will be solved. Unfortunately, that little trick misses the reality that the essential element of the problem isn't the word "illegal" but the fact that many Third Worlders are willing to work cheap and with no benefits, and they'll continue to do that whether they're legal or not, and they are causing a labor glut. Also, if millions of illegals are made legal many will then start demanding fair wages and benefits, and the the employers will simply turn to the millions of illegals rig for their cheap labor.

child laborersInterestingly, the same types of arguments are being made to justify the use of illegal aliens as once were made to justify slavery and child labor. In this almost eternal recurrence, we're hearing employers saying that "_______(fill in the blank with one of the following--Slaves/Children/ Illegal aliens) are doing the work that others won't do." We're also hearing them say "_________(fill in the blank with one of the following--slaves/children/illegal aliens) are much better off by being able to work like this." There are other arguments as well, but in virtually all of them, you can substitute "slaves" or "children" for illegal aliens or its euphemisms "immigrants" or "undocumented workers."

Here's a fictional dialogue from Bush World:

"Please, Mister, give me a job," says the seven-year old, "my daddy is out of work and I need to buy food for the family."

"Hey kid, I'll give you twenty cents a day to work in my asbestos factory."

"Gee, Mister, that sounds dangerous, can I have more money?"

"Look you ingrate, there are millions of kids just like you who will take the work and be happy for it. You know why your old man ain't working, kid? He wanted too much money and wanted expensive safety equipment, the bum. Now you're the sole support of your family. Take it or leave it. President Bush has said that this is the way things should be. Just willing workers and willing employers. I'm an employer and I'm only willing to pay twenty cents a day. Woah, did I say twenty cents a day? I meant fifteen cents a day, and the longer you hesitate in giving me an answer the lower the price will be. And, you need to be here every day starting at 3 a.m. and you'll work until 7 p.m. seven days a week. You got it kid? You come in late one day, and your job is gone."

At the same press conference in El Salvador, Bush also said, " We want them to be, uhhh, we recognize, I recognize that family values, something we talk about in America, don't stop at the Rio Bravo. There are people who care about their families in El Salvador who work, who are looking for jobs."

"Family values?" What about OUR family values? What about the country that Mr. Bush is supposed to be the president of? He's screwing up our family values by acting as a labor broker between illegal aliens and elite employers who want to pay low wages.

How did Mr. Bush's mind get so mixed up? Did it get that way because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Is it because he was a child of privilege and out of touch with ordinary citizens? Is it because he went to one of the most exclusive prep schools in the nation? Is it because he went to one of the best Ivy League colleges? What got Mr. Bush's mind so messed up that he is actually trying to legalize law breakers who are turning the U.S. into a sewer? Is it because the only "immigrants" that he ever sees are kindly domestic servants? Things look different from mansions and Mr. Bush's Dude Ranch where he pretends to be a cowboy, than to average American citizens who are increasingly looking out at the world from behind protective iron bars on their windows at Third World "immigrants" attacking U.S. citizens. Bush needs to get in touch with the real America and see what unbridled immigration has done to this nation. And then he needs to deport all illegal aliens and re-establish the rule of law regarding immigration. Coming to this country is not a right; it is a privilege.

America is becoming fragile and weak, and we are building in our own destruction by creating a permanent and high birthing underclass that does the work that many Americans can no longer afford to do so long as they want to live the American dream. A side effect of this is that many Americans are becoming overweight because they can't afford to do calorie expending jobs and still be able to pay for the First World things that they have a right to expect to buy as citizens of a First World nation. Without Third Worlders, such jobs would pay more and be more attractive, but with the Third Worlders, the wages fat Americansare kept low and the working conditions remain primitive so the elites who hire them can make more money. So, the fat Americans go to the gyms of post-American America to try to work off the fat that in earlier times would have been worked off by working.

America has to ask what type of society we want? Are we so stupid that we will trade our long term societal health for short term profits by allowing Third World immigrants to be ersatz slaves and child laborers? Are we so blinded by Bush's PR generated rhetoric about "family values" of the Third Worlders that we can't see the societal cost we will eventually have to pay?

"Working People Arise!"No society in history has survived when it has been built with a wealthy and lazy upper class of twits, and a poor and industrious lower class of workers. The workers always revolt, and they usually kill their masters--even the so called kindly masters. This is so, because there is a natural resentment that builds up in the minds of the workers against all who are seen to be in superior positions to the workers, that eventually reaches a boiling point.

In the U.S. today, the Third Worlders coming here are different in culture, language, class, and race from most of those perceived to be the masters. This adds up to a high probability that when the critical mass of the Third Worlders reaches a certain level, the U.S. is going to have an internal war.

melting potBush, being a Blender (see my other columns on this subject), apparently thinks that he can assimilate millions of people into the European mass of America and that the so-called melting pot of myth will ensure that there are no problems. What Blenders are blind to is the fact that these new immigrants aren't like the old immigrants and they have so many basic differences that even if assimilation takes place, this assimilation will actually amount to genocide and the destruction of America as a First World nation.

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