(Down at the Nigger Grill)
by H. Millard (c) 2002

I've got three pieces of paper on my desk right now that illustrate some of the idiocy and hypocrisy of our post-American America. Two of these pieces of paper are newspaper articles and the third is an open letter.

In order to cut through the bull to see the truth and make some sense of this mad age, it sometimes helps to substitute terms in various things we read to see the hypocrisy.

Consider the first piece of paper. It is an article from a liberal newspaper published in Orange County California. A full half page of the newspaper is devoted to a gushy restaurant review of a place who's name contains the term Gringo Grill.

Sambo'sIn the review, there is no mention of the fact that the word "gringo" is a derogatory word, used mostly by Hispanics, to describe white Americans. Suppose the place were called Nigger Grill, or Kike Grill, or even Greaser Grill? Or, what if the place were simply called Sambos? One doubts the newspaper would have run the review. So, why is gringo acceptable? It's not cute and it's not funny. Gringo is a hate term aimed at whites. If some people, including some whites, have such low consciousness that they don't see the basic principle Pancho Villa'shere, then maybe it's time they wake up. I don't think the owners of the Gringo Grill mean to disparage white people, but it's troubling that anti-white terms aren't even often seen for what they are. Whites have become so brow beaten over race that they seem to have a hyposensitivity to things that are anti-white, while both they and non-whites seem to have a hypersensitivity to anything that seems to be anti-non-white.

I imagine if one were to ask some white people on the street what they thought of a place called Soul soupNigger Grill, that they'd respond that it's a hateful name. Then, because I've seen this reaction before, I expect these whites would show disproportionate anger at the name and tell the questioner that some of their best friends are.... If these same whites were asked what they thought of a place called Gringo Grill, they'd probably wonder why you're asking. If they were prodded and were asked if they found the word gringo offensive, they'd probably just laugh and say they're not offended.

In the same newspaper there's front page article about a so-called "hate group" located in the county called the Aryan Baby Drive. In the article, readers are told that the Simon Weisenthal Center (presumably not composed of Aryans) has issued a report about the group. I searched the article in vain to find what hate the group pushed. All I could find was this statement: "The Aryan Baby Drive babyWeb site states the movement was designed to distribute care packages for 'all white folk who have children, in an effort to help support Aryan families." Oh no! What hatred! Apparently that's the best the newspaper could do as an example of "hate." Substitute terms again. Would "Black Baby Drive," or "Jewish Baby Drive," cause the hate hunters a problem? Of course not. So, what's the rub with this group?

Apparently it's the use of the term Aryan. Okay, so the term Aryan, which is an ancient term used by the invaders of India thousands of years ago, has been linked in the popular mind to Nazi Germany. Still, the modern usage of the term in Europe--where it was used for more than a hundred years before the Nazis (which, remember, was a political party) came into existence-- only meant "non-Jewish white Europeans." It is not a synonym for Nazi. Is it hate for a group to use this term? Remember, it appears that this group, the Aryan Baby Drive, is doing nothing more than helping babies and hasn't called anyone any names. It is the Simon Weisenthal Center that has apparently gone out of its way to call the group a name and it is the newspaper that has furthered the name calling in its article. Who are the haters here?

Dyke MarchThe last paper on my desk is an open letter delivered to a local government body from the Orange County Dyke March which gives its address as Garden Grove, CA. The letter says "The word "dyke" has often been used as a term of derision in mainstream society. It is time for us to organize and reclaim the term "dyke" as our own. When we claim this word for unity and empowerment, it can no longer be used to hurt us!"

Of course, the dykes have that right. They can call themselves whatever they want and they can ask that others use the term that they, themselves, wish to be called. Kind of like some whites calling themselves Aryans.

"Ich bin ein dreckiges niggerschwein"Should whites do as the dykes are doing and reclaim "gringo?" Should blacks reclaim "nigger?" If there is a principle of general application to be found here, it is that those who are part of an identifiable people or group can call themselves whatever they want, and they also have the right to tell others that they consider certain terms to be hate terms, and ask that they not be used. The key here is that the people themselves choose the term they wish to be called, and that it not be imposed on them from outsiders.

So, if whites don't want to be called gringos but do want to be called Aryans, don't they have this right? Couldn't we call it hate if a Jewish group smeared non-Jewish whites for using a name that the non-Jewish whites choose for themselves? If whites say that it is wrong for Mexicans to call whites gringos, shouldn't Mexicans honor that? If blacks want to be called Afro-Americans and not Negroes, and then if they, in a sort of group consensus, switch back to black as the accepted term, isn't that their right?

Burn Witch, BurnTo go even further, don't people have a right to be suspicious of hate hunters--who often have political and social agendas--who don't give real evidence of hate before labeling others with this smear term, or who define hate so generally that their act of calling others a "hate group," is really the hate? This labeling by one group of other groups is often an attempt to intimidate and terrorize others with words. It is the modern version of calling someone a "witch."

People have the right to self-identity and self-determination, and bigots who would label others with smear terms in order to intimidate and terrorize them, or who would deny them the use of terms to describe themselves, as they themselves see fit, need to be yanked out from under their rocks so everyone can see their real motives.

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