Bedroom genocide
by H. Millard (c) 2002

There are many definitions of genocide. Webster's dictionary gives a simple definition that is adequate for most purposes " the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group."

One might logically argue that "political" and "cultural" groups should not be part of the definition, but let's not quibble. Those words are there in a word whose very definition involves the "cide" or death of genes, because those who developed the definition lacked any emotionally charged term as strong as genocide to describe these other cides. They're also there because different political or cultural groups often do try to completely wipe out other political or cultural groups in what would be genocide if, strictly speaking, these other groups were genetic groups.

To really be precise, we also need the definitions for therelevant words that comprise the definition of genocide. Webster's offers these: "Deliberate"--characterized by awareness of the consequences. "Systematic"--methodical in procedure or plan. "Destruction"--the action or process of destroying something. "Destroying"--putting out of existence. "Race"--a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock.

Simply stated, when a distinct people is destroyed, we can call this genocide. However, we might get hung up on "systematic" given the definition of this word as shown above. This is so, because when we speak of systematic, we often think of conspiracies and people being marched into gas chambers. The inclusion of the term systematic in the definition is intentional, because genocide is often defined in terms drawn from criminal law in which there must be a person, with the commensurate state of mind--the mens rea--who actually does help to kill off a distinct people.

Such a legalistic definition and the mindset that is at least partially based on this legalistic dBride of Frankensteinefinition, permits genuine genocide to go unchecked, because it is not recognized by most people as genocide. The reality, however, is that genocide does not need an identifiable villain. One must approach the subject of genocide from the result end first; not the causality end, or one will never understand. The genocide of which we speak here, is what I call bedroom genocide.

This bedroom genocide does not require conspiracies or the systematic killing of people in the present generation, which is what happens with legalistic genocide. Instead, it kills off a people by swamping their gene pool with genes that are different than the genes of their people.

Given the so-called anti-racist nature of our world today, this type of bedroom genocide isn't, as Bride of the Monsteralready mentioned, even considered genocide by many of the people who are being killed off. "Golly, we're all human, and we all bleed red blood," they might say. And, many will keep saying this even as their family lines go from white to brown, or yellow to brown, or red to yellow, or red to white, or whatever. Soon, a distinct people with a distinct genotype begins to disappear one person and one family at a time until eventually the entire people--at least those full of love--are gone.

If the people survive at all, it will be through the genes of those who are hated and reviled and who hate and revile in return. It will be, to put this in other terms, the least among the people who will become the people. The pillars of the community, the respected ones among the people, will gravitate to the middle of the bell curve of opinion, which is where those who do not wish to struggle to exist dwell.

Despite high profile stories of mass killings, mostly in Africa where one tribe tries to rub out another tribe, the most often seen genocide in the world today is this bedroom genocide. The end result is the same: the destruction of a distinct genotype or a distinct race of people. Actually, it can result in the extinction of all minority peoples who are different from the mass of humanity. The big eats the small, both on the food chain level of existence and also on the gene level.

Obviously, the main way such bedroom genocide occurs is when a smaller and distinct genetic group lives in the midst of a larger, genetically different group and is absorbed as the mating urge finds release in the available mating choices.

As I've written in other columns, all those missing Native American tribes didn't all die off because of white men's bullets, but because of white men's sperm. The lower breeding and less populous American Indians interbred with whites and disappeared. How did they allow this to happen? Simple. They didn't hate white people enough, and white people didn't hate them very much either. The Native Americans were loved out of existence. Today, we have blue eyed, blond haired people searching for a drop of Indian blood in their lines, and once finding it, becoming the most Indian of Indians, often so they can open casinos or for other reasons related more to psychological reasons.

What about Jews, who are another distinct and relatively small group, who over the centuries were in similar situations as the Native Americans? How did they survive? There are several reasons why Jews have continued to exist. One, they have a religion that is virtually coexistent with their genes (more on this a littler further on). Two, they were often disliked or hated by other peoples and they in turn often disliked or hated these other peoples. This kept them from mixing and mating. Of course, many ancient Jews did stop hating and they intermarried with the peoples they found themselves in the midst of. Love killed them off. A column I wrote on Hanukkah explains this in more detail, but all the details aren't needed here. Still, that column is out there on the web if you care to read it. Ancient Jews who would be called haters in today's world and who did not want to mix and mate with others, are the ancestors of our present day Jews. Those who we might call tolerant, or loving, mated and are no more. They ceased to be Jews. Missing tribes of Israel? They're not missing. They got absorbed out of existence.

Although many people argue that being Jewish doesn't involve being part of a distinct race, the reality is that many Jews have been breeding in such a small gene pool for so long that there are genetic characteristics that can be thought of as Jewish. These characteristics are prevalent enough that they give rise to stereotypes.

As most people know, Judaism is not a proselytizing religion and doesn't seek converts. In Orthodox Jewish law the way one becomes a Jew is to be born of a Jewish mother. Why is it the mother who determines if one is a Jew or not? Simple. One can always be certain of who the mother is when a baby is born, but one can't be as certain of the father. It's a law that is intended to preserve Jewish genes.

Because of this law, genes that often produce "Jewish" characteristics tend to be preserved in a relatively small breeding population so that over the centuries these characteristics and the genes that cause them tend to become stable and dominant in the population.

Although some Jews delight in pointing out that there are blond, blue eyed Jews and black Jews, the reality is that most of these are the result of non-Jewish genes seeping into the Jewish gene pool over the centuries or of the few converts to Judaism.

Why is any of this important? The answer is because a basic knowledge of these things is necessary to understand how one stops genocide and how one survives as a distinct people.

Today, Jews, no matter where they live in the world, are more in danger of being wiped out through love than through hate. The human bombers blowing up Jews in Israel are causing far less destruction of Jewry than is bedroom genocide. In America, Jews are intermarrying at such a fast rate that more than a few Jews are worried about the continued existence of Jews. In Israel, the Jews are surrounded by Arabs who hate them. Hate does not often lead to intermarrying. However, the demographic reality of the middle east does not bode well for the continuation of Jews in that part of the world, any more than in America.

Many Jews in Israel understand the genetic reality of their situation. Recently Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's cabinet endorsed a bill that would bar Arabs from buying homes in Israel. On one hand it makes perfect sense, because it helps keep the Jews as a separate and isolated breeding group in the country that they established as a Jewish homeland. However, given the anti-racism temper of our times, this has set off a firestorm of criticism in which this proposed law is being called racist. Time will tell whether the anti-racism camp wins out and Jews cease to exist, or whether Jews who understand a little about genetics will win out and Jews will continue to exist.

A major complication of this law that will only allow Jews to buy homes is the fact that right now there are more than a million Arabs who are Israeli citizens, and this law would have the perverse effect of preventing citizens of the nation from buying property.

Easy access to information from all parts of the world along with easy mass transportation has created a mass movement of people from less wealthy (and usually non-white) areas to wealthier (and usually white) areas of the world. This is speeding up the rate of bedroom genocide as never before seen. Isolated pockets of humanity, who were starting to diverge from the main branch of the species, are now being plowed back under, and their genes that might one day be necessary for the survival of the species in some unexpected way are being lost as surely as we are losing potential medicines when we destroy the rain forests.
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