Trent Lott and his Fly Bride
by H. Millard (c) 2002

It's not been a good week for freedom of speech or white people in post-American America. Trent LottSenator Trent Lott (R-Miss) became the latest evil white to be persecuted for his original sin of being born white and for having some consciousness of this fact. It seemed that all the knee jerk left wing yahoos in the country opened their slack jaws to drool that Lott is a racist. Then, some of the similarly mentally challenged and racially neutered conservative yahoos opened their yaps to say Lott isn't a racist. But, of course, these conservatives quickly added that they condemn racism and that some of their best friends are black.

Radio Pudgy and some other radio talk show hosts got into the act and damned Lott with faint praise. Of course they were quick to let everyone know, with smarmy indignation, that they don't tolerate racism. Pudgy, and some of the others are pop faux conservatives who make a living off knee jerk predictable indignation against politically acceptable targets such as liberals. These talk show hosts can usually be heard defending the easily defensible. They huff and puff and then boldly and loudly defend non-controversial things as though they were defending freedom itself. "I don't care who doesn't like it. Mom and Apple PieI defend mom and apple pie!" is the type of thing that some of these guys might be expected to say. "Ohhhh, what a brave and principled conservative," gushes the numbnut chorus. Race is never a politically correct topic with this crew. Illegal immigration is also verboten for most of them. They are conditioned to parrot the orthodoxy of this day that has now seeped into the collective unconscious and turned most white Americans into timid intellectual slaves. These pop conservatives often just skim the surface of whatever the sexy topic of the moment happens to be so they can entertain the less than bright with predictable and simplistic opinions that reinforce the similar opinions held by their listeners.

I bring up the above about the pop-conservatives because they, just as with the liberals, are failing in all this anti-white bigotry disguised as a condemnation of Lott's remarks to offer any definition of racism. They just repeat the term over and over.

It may be that in our fearful times, many people are afraid to define the term lest they be called racists themselves"Racist Liars" if their definition is too narrow to cover all the instances where the term is used to bully white people into silence. To actually define the term would be to limit its use as a crude intellectual cudgel.The term is also a substitute for and a bar to critical thinking and honest discussions about the important issue of race. And, race is the single most important aspect of being human, yet most people are afraid of the subject and want to pretend either that race doesn't exist or, if it does, that it's so minor a matter that we shouldn't talk about it. This is nonsense. Race is us.

Blacks and those of other races are more open in talking about race than are whites. It is up to whites to stop running from the subject as though they're afraid that the facts will show that their secret notion, no doubt held by some, that they really are superior to other races will be established by science and that this will cause major racial problems. They shouldn't fear this, if this is what they think. Nature doesn't make superior or inferior things. It just makes different things with different characteristics and attributes. This creature is superior at this, this other one is superior at that.

But what does racist really mean? Just about anything that one wants it to mean. On one hand, racist can mean that one hates people of other races (which, of course, we are told is really mostly just a white thing) and on the other hand, it can mean that one understands the scientific truth that the races of man are different from each other. Viva la difference!--except of course in matters racial. If one is white in post-American America, one must pretend that one doesn't notice any racial differences. "Why, you're black? Golly, I've been standing right here talking to you and gee, I didn't even notice," might be something said by one of the white aracial drones in our society to a black. And should the black say "You fool, I like being black," the aracial white drone might reply with something like "I apologize."Black is Beautiful" I know you're black and beautiful, but I meant that you act....(sudden silence, as he realizes the trap). "I act...what...? White? So, you only say you don't know I'm black when I act white. In other words, you are a manipulating noblesse oblige racist who wants blacks to be whites in black face and to not be a separate race?" At this, one can expect the aracial white drone to start blubbering about not being a racist.

Because of the Lott controversy, some in the GOP leadership have been trying to prove that whites in the GOP aren't racist by telling the all black Congressional Black Caucus that the GOP loves blacks and has nothing to do with any sort of racism or racially exclusive groups--unless it's non-white racism or involves black only groups such as the Congressional Black Caucus. In those cases it's okay. No one seems to be asking why no one has ever gone to the Congressional White Caucus to apologize and explain anti-white statements. Of course, that's because here isn't a Congressional White Caucus. That would be, er, racist. Sure there's a double standard in this country and most thinking whites know it, but most are so cowed by fear of being called racists that they don't speak out. Their cowardly silence is emboldening the white haters in our society. This must change. If Lott survives in the Senate, it may help a few more whites get over their fear of being white.

One imagines, tongue in cheek, that some of the aracial white drones in the GOP are considering asking "Black Bride"Trent Lott to marry a black woman and have black children in order to receive absolution and prove that he's not a racist. And while we're imagining, what about the news report this week that mice and humans share about 99% of the same genes? Could this send the GOP big wigs into a vote seeking frenzy as they decide to widen the party's base to include mice? Does Lott have any history of speaking out against mice, or not allowing them in his college fraternity? Could Lott be a speciesist in his black heart--er, sorry, we're not allowed to use the term black in a negative sense--in his white heart? Would Lott let his sister date a mouse? Hey, we all bleed red blood.

flyThere has also been news that fruit flies and humans share about 50% of the same genes. Are there any reports of Lott swatting flies? The GOP wants their votes. Maybe Lott should marry a fly to prove that he's not a speciesist. Hey, we all bleed blood of some color or other or have some sort of liquid in side of us that serves the purpose of blood.

Sad, sicko raciopaths rule the day, dear friends, and they roil about like maggots in a garbage canmaggots eating the flesh of aracial whites who are too stupid to even know they're being repressed and exterminated by those who hate all whites and who seek high profile examples such as Trent Lott to condemn any expressions of white identity. And, the whites who have been weakened by years of trying not to be white, lest any non-white people be offended by their whiteness and white ways, go happily to their genocide rather than standing up and demanding the right to their own self-determination and identity.

We've gotten things all mixed up in this country in trying to be fair about race, and the spirit of our age has now become destructive and dangerous to the continued existence of distinct races. What we should have is a governmentthat treats everyone the same before the law. "buddy movie"That was originally the thrust behind the black civil rights movement. Then it started changing. Now, it's morphed into a general demand that whites be integrated in their genes, their families, and in all aspects of their lives. You can't have two whites together in post-American America. Even Hollywood reflects this. It seems that every white buddy in a buddy movie now has to have a non-white buddy.

In nature, small differences at the genetic end of the telescope of our DNA are magnified into major differences at the other end. These genetic differences are important to nature, to evolution, and to the survival of the species, and they should be protected.

Anyway, I dreamed that the GOP geniuses who have been cowering in the corner trying to figure out how to make every white GOP politician bland and aracial, came up with an idea to solve the Lott problem, and get billions of votes.

"Senator Lott, you won't have to resign if you'll just follow our instructions."
"You want me to marry a black woman and have black kids?"
"No. We've done the math. Blacks don't vote Republican in enough numbers to matter.
"You want me to marry a mouse?"
"Nope. Not enough of them around to make a difference."
"Then what?"
"Step into this machine over here.
The next day in the Senate, there's a little buzzing sound coming from a fruit fly with a patent leather hairdo. A tiny voice can be heard saying, "Help me!"
Return of the Fly

#  #  #


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