Alt Morlock
(The other white meat)
by H. Millard (c) 2003

H. G. WellsIn The Time Machine, written by H.G. Wells in 1898, a time traveler went forward 800,000 years and encountered a society in which humans had evolved into two distinct types. The Eloi lived on the surface of the earth in a garden like world where they didn't have to work. Everything they needed was provided to them by the Morlochs who lived beneath the earth. The payback for the Morlochs was that they would emerge each night and eat all the Eloi they could capture.

Wells was, of course, inspired by conditions he saw in 19th Century England and he was commenting on capitalism as he perceived it. The elite, lazy class living the good life became the Eloi, and the poor, laborer class became the Morlachs.

EloiIf Wells were alive in the U.S. today, he might be inspired to write a slightly different story. Today, we have a third class that sits between the Eloi/elites and the Morlachs/laborers, and it is our present white middle class ("Middle class" in this context does not refer to economic class, but to the fact that these non-ruling class whites are in the middle between the white elites and non-whites). Let's call them the Whimids. In our world, the Eloi/elites, who are also mostly white, are supplied what they want by the Morloch/laborers who are mostly people of color and increasingly illegal aliens. In exchange for being taken care of by the Morlochs, our Eloi don't let themselves be eaten, but throw the Whimids (the other white meat) to the hungry Morlochs instead. Or, to put this back in plain English, the elites sacrifice the white middle class in order to keep non-whites--including many illegal aliens--happy--and taking care of the elites.

cannibalsThe elites do this through a variety of unfair and discriminatory social programs and schemes that are largely paid for by the taxes of the white middle class, who are then shorted out on what they pay for. College seats? Affirmative action gives skin-color points to people just because they aren't white and allows many people to take seats that should have gone to more qualified middle class whites. The white elites still get their seats though, because they have various elite privileges. Jobs? The elites would rather hire illegal aliens under the table and not give them medical or other benefits than hire middle class whites who expect a higher standard of living. Then, the elites promote laws and government supported charities to take money from the white middle class to supply free medical and dental care and other benefits to the illegal aliens hired by the elites. Thus, the cost of these benefit packages for illegal aliens is not fully borne by the elites, but by the great mass of middle class whites.

Alt MorlockElite President Bush has recently come out with a weak statement against affirmative action at the University of Michigan to mollify middle class whites. Then, as he usually does, he spoke out of the other side of his mouth. On Sunday (1/20/03) the White House announced a proposed 5% increase in federal funding to historically black colleges and to institutions with a Latino enrollment of at least 25%. So, if you're running a college and you want some white middle class tax money, the easy thing for you to do is admit more Latinos, including, presumably, illegal aliens. The practical effect of this is that some seats that should go to more qualified whites will go to Latinos simply because they are Latino.

In addition, President Bush's push to get religious organizations more involved in charitable activities means that more of the people who use these services in most of America today--including many illegal aliens--will be receiving freebies as church organizations reach out to get more federal money (read, your money) and to find more clients (read, illegal aliens) to support their funding requests.

MorlockOf course, the elites have a look the other way policy concerning the massive invasion of this nation by illegal aliens, and these elites treat the good, decent white middle class citizens who are saying that our borders need to be made stronger as though they are beneath contempt. The elites have no intention of stopping the invasion. They need more Morlachs.

The elites have a twisted dehumanizing view of mankind and see humans as fungible flesh machines whose value isn't in their genes or humanity, but in what they can produce for the the elites. Families and extended families and groups of like families mean nothing. If mom can't produce those apple pies as cheaply as an illegal alien, then mom is sacrificed. Hey, genes don't matter, right? We all bleed red blood. All people are the same. America is a land of immigrants. Follow the yellow brick road. Up is down. Day is night.

MorlocksMom's apple pieThat's the way it is in post-American America, and until the white middle class understands that they are being oppressed and are being treated as patsies, it won't get better. It's going to take a robust white civil rights movement with angry people demanding that the present system be changed to stop the Eloi from throwing Whimids to the Morlachs. But, such a robust civil rights movement can't exist until the white middle class understands the anti-life, alienating, dehumanizing nature of our present society and finds its way to the truth of nature that the most important aspect of all living things is genes and the invisible links between creatures who share the same genes. In such a society, it doesn't matter if mom makes pies a little slower than an illegal alien or needs more care because of her age, the important thing is that it is mom who is making the pies. Such a society wouldn't throw mom to the Morlochs.

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