IN A REALLY SICK SOCIETY by H. Millard (c) 2002

"We work on cultural diversity from kindergarten all the way through," said the school official.

The above statement may seem innocuous to the casual reader, but to anyone who has been paying attention to the anti-white spirit of our age, it should be chilling. The above gives a hint of the nature and duration of the attempted genocidal conditioning that is taking place in our schools. The statement was made by a high ranking school official in defense of the conditioning done in his school after an alleged racially motivated hate attack by a couple of his young teen white students on a non-white adult.

After the alleged attack, some local nice-whites aka aracial white drones--who are always very vocal when there is a suspicion of white hate, but who are always very silent when it goes the other way-- had publicly criticized the schools systems because the conditioning seemed to have not worked in this case.

Although the present column is about the conditioning aspect of this story, a few words about the alleged hate crime are in order. The facts of the alleged attack are in dispute and the young white boys say that it was they who were attacked by the adult non-white. However, as you are probably aware, the way it works in post-American America is that in white vs. non-white incidents the whites are presumed to be the ones who started the incident. So, even though the white kids said that they were the ones attacked, and even though there were apparently no witnesses except the white minors and the non-white adult, the local aracial white drones believed the non-white adult and rushed in to bemoan white racism even though there was evidence that the non-white adult may have provoked the white kids or that he may have even attacked the kids and might have been trying to cover up his crime with the usual claim of being set upon because of his race.

No matter what the details of the above case turn out to be, the fact remains that there was an attempt to condition--we can also say "re-educate," or even brainwashing"brainwash"-- these young white kids into a world view that can lead to self-genocide. Please don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that kids shouldn't be taught not to harm others, but if you closely watch what's been going on in most schools and in society over the last few years you'll realize that this goes beyond that, to the actual encouragement of whites to mate with non-whites and thus change, one birth at a time, their white family into a non-white family.

Most readers are probably conversant with various conditioning techniques used to change minds and behaviors, however, here's a brief explanation of them to serve as a foundation for what follows. At one end of the spectrum of conditioning is heavy handed brain washing that uses techniques such as sleep deprivation, physical discomfort and pain, psychological terror, and insults, to break down a subject's personality so that the subject becomes an emotional quivering mass whose mind has become, if not a blank slate, then at least one that is so beaten down that it can be more easily imprinted with a new world view that may be radically different than the one the subject had before the brainwashing began.

Benetton adAt the other end of the spectrum of conditioning, are more subtle advertising and public relations techniques that seek to gently slip new thought patterns into the subconscious of those experiencing them. Thus, when one wants others to feel or act in a certain way about anything from products to services to beliefs and life styles, oblique methods are often used to associate what is being promoted with things that are seen as pleasant or desirable by the target subjects. So, to get people to buy a product such as cigarettes, advertising for the product usually features photos of vibrant, good looking people who are full of life, and who are often doing things that many people would like to be doing. Conversely, when anti-cigarette ads are run, they emphasize the disease and death caused by the product by showing people who are old and sickly. In both cases, there is an attempt to create a halo effect and association between the good or bad images and the product, in the minds of those experiencing the ads.

"Diversity Kids"There is also the type of conditioning that goes on in our public schools that utilizes techniques both from brainwashing and from advertising/ public relations but with the added element that the target subjects are children who are effectively locked into a school room with an authority figure. The quote at the top of this column represents this type of conditioning.

Norman Rockwell's AmericaThe reality of schools is that they've always taught society's values along with academic subjects. It would be difficult to do otherwise. Schools are society's way of molding young minds so that children will grow into adults who will fit into whatever any particular society thinks people should be at any moment. In the past, however, most of the conditioning in the schools that we are most familiar with--those in the U.S.--would be about being good Americans in the "best country in the world." By contrast other countries, that have different political, religious or social systems are portrayed as being not nearly as good as the U.S. Of course, in many of those other countries that American students learned weren't so good, the students there learned that they were good and America wasn't so good or was downright bad.

Such teaching is still going on in some American schools, but now there's something really evil that's been added to the mix, especially for white students and for the survival of all white people. This evil is a value and belief system that can lead to self-genocide and the elimination of white people from the planet. Oh, it's usually sugar coated and age appropriate, but it's still evil. And, because today in America and many other, mostly European, countries, society itself has become so sick and self-destructive, this evil is not only seen as normal, but as good. This evil is like a slow growing cancer that is ensnaring our children's minds and is killing the people a little at a time. Now, when it's put in such terms, it's easy to see that this is wrong, but the self-genocide is being packaged and presented in terms and in ways that would make the cigarette manufacturers proud. All that's missing is a jingle. At the heart of this evil is the false and genocidal notion that race either doesn't exist and, if it does exist, it's not a major thing, and that people should mix and mate across all racial lines.

"New People" magazineA little context may be in order. As I have written extensively in other columns, there is a spirit of the age in which we live that I have called "blending." Blending is an insidious form of genocide via assimilation that is forced on people either through physical force and threats and/or through psychological means. I've called the major proponents of this, Blenders. Blending and Blenders are evil, because the end result of their beliefs and actions will be the total destruction of the white race and all other races that have "extreme" features that these races different from most other humans.

Blenders don't think of themselves as evil, and they don't call themselves Blenders. Most are utopians who believe that if we erase the differences between people that so often seem to lead to conflict and wars that the world will be a better place. The major differences that they're working on erasing are the present distinct races of man, their distinct religions, and their distinct nations.

To erase these differences, the Blenders first try to change perceptions and to convince people that there are no meaningful racial differences. Then, once people are conditioned into accepting this false genocidal notion, they are more likely to mix and mate with people who are alien to them and their genotypes. The little brotherchildren produced of such unions are multi-racial. The race that most suffers from such unions is the white race. This is so because whites comprise only about 10% of all humans on Earth, and could easily be assimilated into the non-white 90%. Those who have thought about it, also understand that if whites are blended away, then human evolution will be halted. There will still be changes, but "evolution" which really means changing for the better, will be on hold. This is so, because evolution is about living things branching off from older models and eventually becoming a separate species. Many people hold that whites are that branching off from the rest of humanity and they point to the fact that whites are responsible for most of the machines, inventions and discoveries that make the modern world the modern world. Unfortunately, some of these white inventions, including those that have brought us fast mass transportation, may actually be helping stop evolution by removing the isolation that is needed for evolution to work. Statistics show that interracial marriages are increasing, as is the number of multi-racial people in the United States. At the same time as whites are intermarrying with non-whites in increasing numbers, white birthrates around the world are falling, and hordes of non-whites are invading white nations and filling the jobs that aren't being filled by never to be born whites.

As already indicated, the way of the Blenders is a "humane" genocide that first floods nations with people--immigrants--who are different than the people presently living there. Then the people already there are encouraged to mix and mate and produce multi-ethnic, children. Knowing that it is more difficult to condition adults to completely change attitudes, the Blenders are after the children. So, impressionable young children are taught that diversity is wonderful. Because the conditioning starts at a very young age, the children often uncritically accept whatever the adults tell them and don't see the lack of logic involved in the talk of diversity that leads to conformity.

The real world example of an alleged hate crime and the subsequent statement from the school official that began this column is not a major news story, and it's not a big example, but that's precisely why it's important, because this example, that many people probably wouldn't even notice, illustrates the type of small things that are slipping right past many people and which are leading to massive genocide. It's extinction a little at a time so it isn't often seen. Think straws on the camel's back. Similar things could be written about other small things that are happening in every city in America and in most of Europe.

Those behind the new genocide don't need marching armies and gas chambers. They just need to condition our children so they have no barriers to blending themselves, and all white people, out of existence, one family at a time.

Blending is a real and present danger to the survival of white people. Check out Florida Governor Jeb Bush's web site, for an easy to see example of this in one prominent family:

The tall white guy; the only white person in the photo, is Jeb Bush, the brother of President George W. Bush. All the brown Mexican looking people in the photo are Jeb's wife and children.

Bush and BushGeorge P. BushThere are now three George Bush's on the planet. The first is the first President Bush who is white. The second is the present President Bush who is also white. Not only do they look alike because they are white, but their family bone structure and features are seen in both of them. The third George Bush is Jeb's son, George, who is brown, and who does not have the Bush features. If this isn't, at the very least, a branching of the Bush family down a different genetic road, then what is it? Also, President George W. Bush has two daughters while his brother Jeb has three sons and one daughter. In a few years, because of the two female children of George W. and the three male children of Jeb Bush, the members of the Bush family who bear the name Bush, will all be Mexican-American.

kindergartenIs this the future of all white families and people? Will all our white families end up as brown families in a brave new world, where there is only one race, composed of Tan Everymen? Will the Tan Everymen worship a sanitized and PC God, in a universal religion? Will the Tan Everymen live in a single global nation?

And, if all this comes to pass, why isn't this genocide?

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