by H. Millard (c) 2002

Ten whites were arrested this month for a series of attacks on blacks.
Several of the white attackers told police that their victims were chosen because they were black. The local authorities seem reluctant to pursue hate crime charges against the attackers.

Why haven't you read about these racially motivated attacks in the national press? candle light vigilWhy were there no reports of nice-whites marching through the streets holding candles while singing Kumbaya and wiping tears from their eyes while hugging every black they could find? Why were the nice-whites not demanding that hate crime charges be filed?

You didn't read about these crimes in the national press because the attacks didn't happen exactly the way I wrote above. Had everything in my first paragraph been as I wrote, you would probably have seen front page stories in all the major newspapers and there might even be a made for TV movie about white hatred getting ready to air. However, I flipped the races. What actually happened was that the attackers weren't white, they were black, and their victims weren't chosen because they appeared to be black, but allegedly because they appeared to be white.

If you're an aware white, you probably understand. In post-American America, if you're white you just ain't right, and if you're black you can attack. You also probably understand that nice-whites don't march, don't burn candles, don't sing Kumbaya, and certainly don't wipe tears from their eyes when whites are attacked by blacks, but of course they still do hug every black they can find so that these nice-whites with their smarmy noblesse oblige racism can show blacks that "Golly, we're white ('And we subconsciously feel superior to you. Because we think you're inferior and childlike, we--being superior parent like beings--overlook it when you don't act civilized. After all, we don't expect you to act as whites would act. But, if whites acted even half as bad as you act, we wouldn't be so forgiving.') but gosh, we don't even notice that you're black. Gee, we're color blind. Why, under the skin we're all the same ('Of course, we nice-whites believe white skinthat the "same" that we all are under the skin is white. We superior nice-whites have to nourish you and treat you like children, just as we used to do with the American Indians, so the inner white person can shine through your black skin and so you can act white and prove that you're just like us. We don't ask for much; just that you treat us like Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers and this will help feed our neuroses that are masked with what appears to be human compassion.'

The above black on white attacks happened in Charlottesville, Va.over the past few months. And, as is usual with black on white attacks, there appears to be a head standblackwash going on as the local establishment seems to be doing collective head stands to find some motive other than race as the reason why these blacks attacked whites. And, as you might expect, local nice-whites appear to be silent and aren't putting pressure on the local officials to file hate crime charges. In fact, one might guess that the nice-whites might actually join blacks and protest if the authorities file hate crime charges against blacks for attacking whites.

Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo told the press that he "want(s) to be sensitive to attributing [race] as a motivating factor. It's too premature to say that as an absolute." Huh? The attackers were black and some of the attackers, themselves, told the police that they picked their victims because they looked white. Still, Chief Longo wants an absolute. If by "an absolute" the Chief means that he's not sure about a racial motive, then why doesn't he simply look at the facts which we can lay out for the Chief in simple propositions: 1. The attackers were black. 2. The victims were white or appeared to be white. 3. Some of the attackers told the police that the victims were picked because they appeared to be white. What's the problem, Chief? Perhaps, however, by "an absolute" the Chief means that there might have been some other motive such as robbery. So what? Crimes can have more than one motive. A racial hate attack accompanied by, say, a robbery is still a racial hate attack. See, Chief, there are at least two crimes there. Racial hate attack and robbery. The hate crime is not a lesser included offense of robbery. In addition, if the facts are as reported, then there should probably also be charges of assault and battery filed as well. The fact that the victims were picked to attack because they were white, no matter what other motives might be present, is all that should be necessary for hate crime charges to be filed.

I emailed the chief for comments, but so far he hasn't bothered to answer. He's probably too busy fighting crime and looking for absolutes.

Blake CaravatiCharlottesville Mayor Blake Caravati reportedly told the press that "These outside groups (white civil rights groups, apparently) that know nothing of our community, of this particular situation, of Virginia law, need to stay out."

The reason why people may be interested in this case, Mayor Caravati, is because it appears that there is an attempt to avoid charging these blacks with hate crime violations while whites all across this country are charged with such things for what seem to be far lesser offenses. It appears that justice is not being done in Charlottesville, Mr. Mayor. Also, attacks on whites in Charlottesville by blacks, based on the race of the whites, is an attack on all whites no matter where they live. If such racially motivated attacks are allowed to go unpunished, then all whites are in danger of being attacked. Finally, those who enable anti-white hatred by trying to minimize or rationalize away crimes against whites based on their race, need to be held accountable to the public.

I emailed the Mayor and asked if he realized that the statement attributed to him about outside groups staying away, sounded a little like what some other Southern politicians used to say during the black civil rights movement--"Them troublemakers, should stay outa this here town." Like the Police Chief, the Mayor hasn't bothered to answer.

Perhaps the city officials are just too busy to answer reasonable questions. According to news reports, however, Mayor Caravati and other city officials did have the time to meet with black community leaders to discuss the assaults. "This is our opportunity as a community to bridge this divide, caused by a long history of distrust," Caravati said. What? Whites were attacked by blacks apparently because they were white, and the Mayor and other officials want to "bridge this divide," by meeting with black leaders? How about charging the blacks with hate crime violations, Mr. Mayor? And, suppose it was blacks who had been attacked by whites. Would the Mayor then meet with white leaders to bridge this divide or would he, in such a case, still meet with black leaders? You know the answer.

Meanwhile, in other news that wasn't widely reported, a white teenager in Alabama bit off the nose of a black man. The white teenager used racial slurs during the attack. No hate crimes have been filed against this white teenager. Why were there no candlelight marches, etc. bemoaning racism, after this incident?

Ahh. But, dear reader, you're on to me. You're probably already aware that in the incident in Alabama as with the one in Carlottesville, I've just reversed the races. What actually happened in Colinsville, Alabama, was that a black man bit off the nose of a white teenager. That's why there are no marches and all the rest. White victim: no national press, no marches. Black victim: national press, along with marches. In post-American America, the elites overlook the daily attacks on whites by non-whites, but they turn over every rock to try to find white attacks on non-whites.

And, so it goes all across post-American America as whites are being attacked and exterminated one by one in every city in this nation. It's happening in my city, and in your city, and in the cities of everyone reading this column. Whites are being attacked and killed off, and the elites in our society are trying to keep the lid on this street genocide. In most cases, only the people in the local communities will ever hear of the racial attacks on whites by non-whites as the establishment tries to cover up this genocide. Even in the local communities, though, when such black on white crimes are reported, the news accounts are often first scrubbed of any mention that the attackers were non-white, but in those rare cases where whites are the attackers of non-whites, the race of the attackers is front page news.

Join me now, dear readers, in a verse of Kumbaya, as we light our candles and march through the streets because a white kid someplace gave a sidewise glance at a black after a traffic accident in what will probably be called a hate crime perpetrated by an evil white upon a black who only wanted to go to school and arrestedwork for world peace. Let's be sure to check that white kid for tattoos and let's go through all his personal possessions to see if he has any literature that we can claim is racist. And, let's not believe the white kid when he says he didn't have a racist motive when he gave that sidewise glance. We know he hates other people because of their race no matter what he says. Contrast this fictional, but often very true example of how a white kid is treated, with the way that the blacks in Charlottesville are being treated. It appears that the local authorities don't want to believe that the blacks attacked whites because of the race of the whites, even when the blacks say that race was their motive.

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