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by H. Millard (c) 2003

Wrong ideas about the natural universe are always ultimately bad for humans. "Wrong," for purposes of this column, means something that is not scientifically true.

Sometimes, major ideas take root and are so widely diffused and accepted that they become the primary spirits of an age--zeitgeists. There can be good zeitgeists--the ones that are scientifically true--and there can be bad zeitgeists--the ones that aren't scientifically true.

When any zeitgeist, good or bad, takes hold, few people ever even think to question if it is true or not. Instead, they usually have a silent and unquestioning belief that "we all know this is true." Such bad ideas mark many periods in history. One well known example, that even the most brainwashed among us can now see as wrong and bad, was the belief that the earth is the center of the solar system. This one idea led to censorship, death, destruction, and the stifling of the human mind. Those caught up in this bad idea viewed reality in a false way and this colored the entire age. Those few people who did question this zeitgeist, were sometimes arrested. Some people were even put to death for telling the truth. However, the truth was the truth no matter who didn't like it.

scientistsIf something is true, it can't be anything but good since it reflects scientific reality. At this point, we might be distracted by discussing relative good and relative evil and we could conclude that good and evil must be interpreted by what is good or evil for us as individual beings. We'll note here that such a discussion is valid, but we'll also pass it by in this column which is really about a more cosmic or natural universe sense of good and evil.

who cares?So, who cares about any of this? We all should, because our present age is enslaved by an evil zeitgeist, and like most evil ideas that have become a spirit of an age, few people seem capable of seeing it as evil as they're living through the time when everyone believes it is correct. This current evil is the genocidal notion that all races of man are essentially the same. This evil idea is as wrong as the belief that the earth is the center of the solar system. And today, this bizarre and evil idea is as unquestioningly accepted as the earlier wrong ideas that many people now laugh at as being absurd, while they wonder how anyone could ever have believed such nonsense. Of course, on some level all races are the same, just as on some level, all life is the same, and on some level, all matter is the same. We can, if we want, emphasize all the things that make everything the same and thus fall into the intellectual trap of not being able to see that it isn't the similarities that are of primary importance in the essential nature of things, but the differences.

99% 'human'As most people now know, chimpanzees and humans are almost 99% the same genetically. Are we then the same as chimps? On some levels, yes. Should we overlook the differences and say chimps and humans are identical? That's what the zeitgeist of this age demands that we do with humans races. We are expected to ignore the "tiny" differences in service to the zeitgeist. This is a major mistake for the continued survival of distinct peoples whose very existence is dependent on maintaining those differences and whose evolution is dependent on increasing such differences. Thus, in the case of the human/chimp connection, it is not the 99% sameness of the genes that is important, both in the essential nature of the chimp and in the essential nature of humans, but the tiny 1% difference. That 1% difference made humans, humans, and chimps, chimps. Smaller, but still extremely important differences exist between the races of man and account for different human races. As I have written elsewhere, it is the nature of nature that very small differences at the gene level result in major differences when these genes are added up as a complete living thing.

censorshipToday, this evil idea that we are all the same has led to censorship in most European countries. Anyone who speaks out about race in anything but the accepted circuitous ways, is often charged with a crime and is forced to shut up. In many ways, the repression and oppression of people speaking the truth about race and genes is as bad today as the repression and oppression of those few brave souls who once bucked the zeitgeist that demanded obedience to the wrong idea that the earth is the center of the solar system. This same type of repression and oppression is also happening in the U.S. but the sameness tyrants--the Blenders, and the so-called anti-racists-- with their stupid, wrong, and anti-nature ideas are held somewhat at bay by the First Amendment. Still, these mad tyrants are trying to get around the First Amendment by claiming that they are just trying to protect Americans from terror, or are fighting racism and hatred. In fact, however, what they are really trying to do is hold back the truth, just as their intellectual forbears tried to hold back the truth that the sun, not the earth, is the center of the solar system.

If white people are to survive as a people, they must resist the attempts to shut them up and they must continue to speak the truth that genes are important and that people have a natural right to not lose their differences. Whites must also start figuring out how to take reasonable and workable steps to preserve their genetic uniqueness. This may include physically separating themselves from people unlike themselves or by finding ways to live in the midst of people unlike themselves yet remain separate. Jews and Gypsies, to name but two groups, may offer some clues as to how this can be done.

Jane Goodall and friendNotwithstanding the above, however, physical separation is the surest way to survive. Religious and social separation within the mass of others, is less sure, but it can work. We must always remember that whites are a very small and fragile minority on earth, and that mating with others can so change our gene pool that we can be wiped out as a distinct people. Why are whites in such a small minority on earth (about 10% of all humans)? It may be that whites are a later development of the species that split off from the masses and that whites were humans on their way to becoming a separate species.

chimpanzeesSpeciation requires separation and isolation. Unfortunately, we now lack separation and isolation. If we believe that we are humans on the way to being something different, and if we think this is a desirable end, we must find our way to separation and isolation again or we are going to be pulled back into the mass of humanity by the zeitgeist of this age. And, we won't simply be pulled back to remain as we are now. We will be pulled back and became the same as the rest of humanity.

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