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BEDROOM GENOCIDE by H. Millard (c) 2002


I. When India's caste system is discussed in U.S. schools, the teaching is usually sanitized to be in accord with assimilationist, aka Blender, sensibilities. Thus, U.S. students are usually told that the castes in India are based on the type of work that members of the caste do. While this is not totally incorrect, and while there are types of work that are considered acceptable or not acceptable to the various castes, this misses the more important reason castes came into being.

The real reason castes were invented was to try to prevent white people from becoming black people. Castes were an attempt to stop the genocide of whites.

This was necessary, because when the white Aryans invaded India from Iran, they found themselves in a small minority in a land teeming with the native black Dravidians. "Iran" actually means land of the Aryans. Today, many people in the U.S. wrongly think that Iranians are Arabs. They're not. They're Aryans even though many of them wear Arab style clothing because of their Islamic religion.

To remain white and not be assimilated into the numerically superior Dravidian masses, the Aryans set up the caste system. If fact, the Sanskrit word for caste is Varnu. It is also the word for color.

BrahminsThe four major castes, in descending order, and with descriptions, are: Brahmins--pale white skin; Ksatriyas--redish white skin; Vaisyas--light tan or yellowish white skin; and Sudras--dark brown skin. Then there are outcastes who are the blackest people. The three highest castes are also called the twice born, which means they are of noble (Aryan) birth. The Sudras are considered to have only one birth, and aren't Aryans.

According to the Hindu tradition that developed after the Aryans conquered India, the castes were established by Manu who was the first man, and the father of mankind.

It is said, in the religious tradition, that Manu wrote down laws to govern man in all things, including in all his dealings with other people. Many of the Laws of Manu are concerned with race in one way or another. Proscribed punishments for wrong doing often depend on the caste to which one belongs and the nature of the offense. Higher caste members are often punished more harshly for crimes such as theft, and lower castes are usually punished more harshly for offenses involving any sort of miscegenation or racial pollution.

Thus, we read from the Laws of Manu:

VIII, 337/338:"In a case of theft, the guilt of a Sudra (a black) shall be eightfold, that of a Vaisya (light tan or yellowish white skin) sixteenfold, that of a Kshatriya (reddish white skin) two-and-thirtyfold, that of a Brahmin (whitest of the white) sixty-fourfold, or quite a hundredfold, or even twice four-and-sixtyfold; each of them knowing the nature of the offense."

When the offenses involve miscegenation, we read:

VIII, 353: "For by adultery is caused a mixture of the castes (colors) among men; thence follows sin, which cuts up even the roots and causes the destruction of everything."

VIII, 377: A Sudra (a black) who has intercourse with a woman of a twice-born caste (whites), guarded or unguarded, (shall be punished in the following manner): if she was unguarded, he loses the offending part and all his property; if she was guarded, he loses everything (even his life).

Over the thousands of years of the caste system, many sub-castes have been developed to describe the various mating /birthing possibilities among the castes due to the inevitable miscegenation. For example, a son born of the mating of a male Brahmin and a female Vaisya is called an Ambashtha. A son born to a male Kshatriya and a female Brahmin is called a Suta. From there, the relationships and names get progressively more complicated, but each child is born into some caste or sub-caste unless one is an outcaste, and then of course, there is no caste.

Bankim ChandraHas the caste system worked to keep the Aryans pure? Not very well. Although there are still pockets of high caste whites in parts of India, they are decreasing. Still, some Americans who visit India are surprised to meet native Indians who look like Italians. These Indians are usually Brahmins. Even with the caste system, however, the long term result of having a minority white population in the midst of a numerically superior non-white population means that over the centuries the whites get absorbed and assimilated and their family lines become progressively darker, so that eventually they are no longer white.

As I wrote in another column, one need only look at President George Bush's nephew, who is also named George Bush, for an example of this.

Why don't the whites absorb and assimilate the darker peoples? Sometimes they do, but this requires that whites be in a very large majority and the non-whites be KeAloha Mae Cody Aloin a very small minority. Many American Indians were absorbed this way and their lines have now disappeared into the white genotype where after many generations, they simply "wash out," and apparently are no more. On a world wide scale, however, the white genotype is not likely to absorb and assimilate the non-white genotypes since whites are only about 10% of the Earth's human population.

Why it is that the children of whites and non-whites usually are darker and have non-white features, rather than than the other way around, also has to do with dominant and recessive genes. The reality with humans is that the dominant genes mostly lead to darker skin, hair, eyes, and non-white features. Why is it that darker traits dominate? Some speculate that it may be because whites are a people who have mutated from darker peoples and that whites were on their way to being a separate species, until massive assimilation started taking place, which has plowed them back under, so to speak. Those who so speculate, argue that whites, being mutants, have relatively unstable genes that will cause those who possess them to revert, via their offspring, to a darker form when the white genes mix with the darker genes. Whatever the reason for the darkening, it is usually the case that when a white mates with a non-white, a white person is not the result of the mating.

There is also the phenomenon of "darkening" that is common among whites, that may indicate that some whites still carry genes for an earlier whiter form. A few words of explanation are in order on this point. As most people probably know, the developing fetus goes through the stages of evolution but in miniature. Thus, a developing human fetus will go through a gill stage, etc. and will eventually end up as a human, as we know the species.

Now, many white babies are born with white blond hair, but as they grow older, their hair darkens to whatever the adult color will be. This is called darkening. Could it be that this indicates that these white people who go through this darkening are descended from very blond white people, but that through various matings with darker people over the centuries, their DNA now carries a trigger for the "standard" dark human traits that is triggered after a few years out of the womb? In other words, could they be passing through an earlier evolutionary period left over from when whites truly were on their way to being a separate species because of isolation?

II. Of course, it wasn't just the ancient Aryans in India who were faced with their extinction through bedroom genocide on this brown planet. Consider the ancient Hebrews and their attempts to keep from mixing and mating with other humans.

In the Book of Ezra, we are told that "Jewish men were marrying foreign women and so God's holy people had become contaminated. The leaders and officials were the chief offenders."

Ezra ends with a detailed list of shame of all the names of the men who had "foreign" wives and with the pronouncement: "All these men had foreign wives. They divorced them and sent them and their children away." "Foreign" in this context means of a different race/ethnicity.

Except for certain Orthodox Jews today, many Jews have once again fallen into the old ways and are intermarrying with "foreign" women at such a rate that many Orthodox Rabbis are worried that Jews will die out through such intermarriage. An interesting aspect of this concern is that while many secular Jews will also bemoan the assimilation of their "religious" kindred into various non-Jewish religions through intermarriage and the subsequent loss of their "traditions," they often seem unconcerned by the genocidal assimilation of the Jewish genotypes into non-Jewish genotypes. Such thinking indicates that they too, like many non-Jewish whites today, are confused about genes and race and their importance in mankind's destiny and that they don't realize that Jewish traditions grew from the genes of a particular people, and without this people, the traditions are ultimately meaningless.

Can there really be Jews without genetic Jews? Suppose all the Palestinians suddenly converted to Judaism and moved to Israel. Would that make the present Jews of Israel happy? It's doubtful, but there would, no doubt, be all sorts of PC reasons given why this wouldn't make them happy, and the truth would only be told by some Orthodox Rabbis, who could be expected to say that to be a Jew, you must be born a Jew. You must have Jewish genes. That's the law set down by God.

Keeping the religious tradition alive without the genes of those who invented the tradition is as hollow and empty as keeping the scent of a rose alive after all the roses die off. Unless, of course, one believes that the tradition of a people, or the scent of a flower, are more important than the living organisms that created them, and that the tradition or scent, but not the organisms themselves, are what needs to be preserved.

And if this is the belief, then we're probably headed to a Brave New world where we can kill off all the people so long as we keep their memories in computer banks. After all, genes don't matter. Right? It's just the product of those genes that must be preserved.

Go a step further in this absurdity to see how ridiculous the implication is that a people can exist if the people have been assimilated into non-being, so long as those who have assimilated them, simply use the traditions of those they assimilated. Ask yourself, for example, if there can be white people without genetic white people?

Both the ancient Aryans of India and the ancient Hebrews of the Middle East tried to retain their essential genetic identities in lands where they were in the minority, and to do this, they wrapped their genetic identities in religions. While laws of these religions worked to slow down the assimilation, they weren't foolproof, and today, they are breaking down at a much more rapid rate.

Norwegian weddingModern white people, descended from the peoples of Northern Europe, remained white to this day because of their geographic isolation from other peoples, rather than because of religious prohibitions. Thus, there aren't any strong indigenous religious prohibitions inherent to the old religions of the peoples of Northern Europe against mixing and mating themselves out of existence. Such prohibitions weren't needed before the present era of mass transportation of millions of non-whites to formerly white lands.

Today, however, many whites would agree that whites do need a religion that does have laws against mixing and mating similar to the ones that we read about in Hinduism and Judaism, in order to stop the extinction of white people.

Some white people are already moving in this direction, and there are now various religious groups that do have religious prohibitions against miscegenation. And, as might be expected, the evil doers who want to destroy white people and see all humans blend together into a Tan Everyman, are spewing their hatred for these white people who want to follow their religious beliefs as they themselves see fit.

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