by H. Millard (c) 2002

Michael Barone's don't worry, be happy book "The New Americans," might be characterized in circumspect terms as a pro-immigration and pro-assimilation propaganda work. Those used to stronger language might prefer to call it an apology for genocide.

William BonillaSouksangouane PhengseneBarone's thesis and the bias of the book are both contained in this assertion from Barone: "immigration from Latin America and Asia are not that different from past waves. A century ago, Americans viewed the new Irish, Italian Jewish and Slovak immigrants as fundamentally different from them." This is the heart of the book. All the rest of the thousands of words used by Barone are there to try to prove up this thesis. He fails.

Given just a few moments of reflection, most readers would probably realize that Barone's logic is off. Actually, the way immigrants were viewed or not viewed a century ago does not make the actual immigration different or not different than immigration today. It's just public opinion. A few centuries before that, public opinion said the Earth was flat, but public opinion was wrong, and didn't change the reality that the Earth is round. In addition, not all Americans viewed past immigrants as Barone seems to believe, but this is just another of the usual clichés that immigrant cheerleaders substitute for critical thinking, and is their way of smugly signaling "See, anti-immigrant 'bigots' in the past were proved wrong, and you present day anti-immigrant bigots will be proved wrong too. The melting pot worked then, and the neo-melting pot will work now."

Contrary to what Mr. Barone may believe, present immigration is far different from past immigration, and a few of these differences will be enumerated a little further on.

meatgrinderImplicit in the original premise that underlies Barone's book, is the false idea that people are fungible. Often, when one delves a little into this false idea, it becomes apparent that this is actually a variety of subconscious racism (used here, to mean feelings of racial superiority). This is so, because what is usually unsaid but which is lurking in the subconscious of many with this false belief, is the notion that all people are really white people under different colored skins. With this as their foundation level belief it follows that once the inner white person is allowed out of the dark skin prison--usually with the help of some Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers, who, in their minds, nobly fight the inherent racism of their fellow white/white people--the non-white/white person is the same as all other people.

"Amos and Andy"Once one has internalized this false belief system of the basic sameness of all people, it becomes impossible to understand that people are really very different from the genes on up, and not just in their paint jobs. Because their premise is false, everything that follows, that is true to that premise, is also false. In other words, Barone starts off on the wrong path and ends up at the wrong destination.

Contrary to what Barone believes, there are some very basic differences between past immigration and today's immigration. Here are just a few of the differences:

1. Past massive immigration was primarily from Europe.
Today's immigration is not.

2. What was melted in the old melting pot were minor national differences.
Today's immigration melts major genetic differences.

3. Past immigration and then assimilation did not cause a mass destruction of the basic genotypes of those assimilated, because they were mostly of the same genotype to begin with.
Today, most immigrants are of different genotypes.

4. Past immigration came at a time when the nation needed more people.
Today, we don't.

5. Past immigration was generally limited, orderly and legal.
Today's immigration is not.

6. Past immigration turned the U.S. into a first world nation.
Today's immigration is turning it into a third world nation.

The fact is that the neo-melting pot praised by Barone is not a good thing. It is a genocide machine. It blends away genetic differences--especially the genetic differences that are extreme, such as blue eyes, blond hair, white skin, black skin and black features--in favor of what I have called a Tan Everyman.

Barone's type of thinking may lead to a future world that is inhabited by a bland, one size fits all, plain wrap uniform human who is about 5'6" tall, has light brown skin, dark eyes, dark straight hair.

Given the present desires of many to remove beliefs and practices in various religions if they offend others, in a misguided ecumenism and a also a desire to blend together all nations, the Tan Everyman may worship a homogenized god in "mud people"a sanitized nondenominational religious institution that is as bland as he himself is. His government may be a one world government, where individual freedoms are as out of date as individual differences. Gone will be the genetic variety, that is needed to propel the evolution of the species.

In marked contrast to Barone's screwy book is "The Death of the West" by Pat Buchanan, which, while not perfect, is at least on the right track. Of course, Buchanan seems to want to dodge the "You're a racist" bullet, by softening the fact--although he may deny this--that the book is really about the death of the white race, by including Japan in the "West," and by writing that it is mostly Christian nations that are dying (and in this context, "Christian," and "white" are virtually synonymous. This last dodge of the "You're a racist" bullet with an almost algebraic substitution of the term "Christian" for "West" and the earlier substitution of "West" for "white" is, in a sense, unfortunate but was probably George Washingtonnecessary in order to bring this book to a wide market. Yet another dodge has Buchanan bemoaning the disrespect of "American heroes" such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many others. This is a dodge because the reality of which Buchanan writes is really less about the disrespect of "American heroes" and more about the destruction of "white heroes" in our present post-American America.

Buchanan seems to believe that the reason for the destruction of the West is because people in Western countries are falling away from Christianity into a humanistic atheism. I would contend that this isn't the reason at all, and that the destruction of the West may actually be partly because Christianity is a religion that was artificially grafted on to the Western soul and that it is the wrong type of religion for white people and that it has always contained death seeds for the destruction of white people that were largely dormant and/or repressed.

World and historical forces have now become hospitable to these dormant death seeds and they are blooming. Christianity, as it is followed by many white people, is a religion that extols death, not life. There is no great premium in Christianity on having children. Even the priests of the 'original' Christian faith, Catholicism, Alter boysmust remain celibate. In Christianity, things of the flesh, are considered dirty and sinful, and it is considered holy to overcome these human urges. Catholicism is chock full of "saints" who have mortified their flesh to be more like Jesus. It is partly because of this "flesh is bad and must be overcome so that the inner pure soul can be released" type of thinking that has helped keep white birthrates low. It's not the only reason, but it does give the religious/philosophical/psychological underpinning to whites to not have children. Perhaps the ultimate manifestation of this is seen in the Shakers, who believe that they must be celibate. This has led to a Christian sect that is now down to just a handful of old people who are dying off--just as old white people everywhere are dying off and leaving few or no children behind to replace them.

Now, in Third World Catholic countries such as Mexico, the genetic dynamics "Virgin of Guadalupe"have been different, and the dominant Christian faith--Catholicism--has been modified almost into a fertility cult that worships motherhood,. In Mexico, the dominant religious image, the Virgin of Guadalupe, is a subliminal image of a vagina from which the mother of God--and all creation-- emerges, as if from a cornucopia (I discuss this more in a new book that will be out this year).

Don't misunderstand me. Buchanan mostly gets it right, and thinking whites can understand that if he had called his book "The Death of the White Race," he might have a hard time selling it in a dark world that is hell bent on wiping out all white people while pretending otherwise.

Given Buchanan's high media profile, his book may help raise the consciousness of some apathetic whites to the very real possibility of white extinction. Buchanan points out, in his own way, facts that many of us have been writing about for years. Perhaps a larger audience will now learn that about 90% of all humans are non-white, and the 10% that are white are getting older and are having too few children to sustain the race. Perhaps some whites will suddenly be concerned that white people are dying off at an alarming rate and are being replaced in historically European nations, by non-whites.

Buchanan, quite inadvertently, gives in his own existence, an example of why whites are dying off: Buchanan has no children. I don't know the reason for this, Shelley Buchananbut guess that it may be because either he, or his wife, is physically incapable of having children. If, and I emphasize that I don't know this for a fact, the reason for no little Pat Buchanans is that it is Mrs. Buchanan who can't have children, then if Pat Buchanan truly wants to help keep the "West" from dying off, he would find a way to have what certain underground Mormons call "sister wives" to bear him children. I suspect the world would be a better place with a bunch of little Pat Buchanans running around, than without them.

Will Buchanan do this? It's doubtful. Why? Because, he's probably psychologically trapped in a sort of Catch 22 situation caused by the very same traditional Christianity that he doesn't want to see die off. In accepting "Nuns with guns"Christianity he has also accepted a religion based morality relating to marriage, that has been translated into laws in Western nations, that makes it unlawful to have more than one wife, even when this would be good for the survival of the race.

So, now we die as a people, unless enough white people are able to throw off the false morality and the false religion and start having as many children as possible. That's the way the "West" will be saved--not through a denial of the flesh, but through an acceptance of the flesh--and the subsequent birthing of "Western" children by the millions.

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