by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

The anti-white, genocidal, multi-racialist, blender maniacs are probably gleefully toasting each other with the latest trendy little yuppie bottles of water this week as they read about a new poll by the Gallup Organization that indicates positive attitudes about a non-white future for America.

The poll on race, commissioned by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the AARP, found that only 13 percent of those polled said it will be a bad thing that whites will drop to 50.1 percent of the U.S. population by 2050. A full 87% of those polled either think it's a good thing that there will be fewer whites as a percentage of the U.S. population or that it just doesn't matter.

The poll also indicated that overall, 73 percent of Americans now approve of interracial marriage. The approval figure was 70 percent for whites, 80 percent for blacks and 77percent for Hispanics. By comparison, in 1958 a poll of whites indicated that just 4 percent approved of mixed marriages. So, white approval of interracial marriage has jumped an astounding 66 percentage points in just 46 years as whites are manipulated to their own destruction at their own hands. Throughout history, the most potent defense against outside manipulation of a population in ways that are not in that population's best interests is correct religious thinking. Whites generally lack such correct religious thinking in the religion that most now follow. The religon of most whites today is alien to them and does not resonate with their genes. More about this in another column.

While the poll doesn't speak directly about the possible extinction of whites, and the creation of a Tan Everyman, that's what its results may presage. After all, thoughts and attitudes, including those reflected in this poll, precede and sometimes make possible the things that are in these thoughts and attitudes. Wrong thoughts equal wrong actions.

Some people, Homeless Jack for example, might view this in a more metaphysical/religious vein and say that since it takes effort and struggle to maintain light/white and no effort or struggle to maintain dark/black then without the right thinking that must precede right effort and right struggle there will be no right effort or right struggle and dark/black will prevail over light/white. The 70 percent of whites who approve of interracial marriage don't have the necessary right thoughts and right attitudes that would lead to right effort and right struggle that would prevent bedroom genocide. Or, Jack might say with regard to white people that If you think that there is no problem with mixed marriages, you have given up and stopped struggling and the light that you are will soon dim and go out.

It's easy to connect up the tortilla chips. If 70 percent of white Americans approve of interracial marriage, then the future for whites may not be very white and the nation may be headed for Tan Everyman status. How could there be such a change in attitudes from 1958 when only 4 percent of whites thought that interracial marriage wasn't good, to this latest figure that 70 percent of whites think it's okay? The answer is that many people have had their minds molded by public relations and advertising campaigns--the widely used form of mass brainwashing in our society--so they falsely think that racial differences are just minor things or that race doesn't even exist. With these false beliefs in their subconscious minds, many people, including many whites, just don't care if whites survive or not. After all, they may reason, if there's no such thing as race, then there can't, by definition, be race mixing. So, if whites are blended away, there's nothing lost. Such screwball thinking has to please the white hating genocidists.

The effects of this ceaseless genocidal propaganda that has been a major part of our existence since around 1960 is what is really shown in this poll. The genocidists are probably slapping each other on the back and yelling "It worked! We've convinced millions of people that their eyes and their thinking about race have been wrong. We've told them the equivalent of the lie that day is night and night is day and they believe us. Let's have three cheers for easily suggestible gullible fools!" And, the poll indicates that these evil doers have demonstrated once again that a Big Lie repeated often enough and presented in various clever ways is soon believed even when it is absurd on its face. The easily suggestible mass people who are falling for such Big Lies about the nature of nature and the nature of man, eventually become incapable of critical thinking on race or genes or other important matters and just mindlessly burble the genocidists' line like parrots on tranquilizers.

So, the genocidists may believe that their hoped for future may be at hand--a world of milk and honey (in their dreams) populated by the wonderful non-white peoples after the white people are all gone. Don't waste your time trying to tell them that we already have examples of such lands very close to the United States. They're called Haiti and Mexico. Not exactly a glorious future, but nutso genocidists somehow think that they can get a different outcome through education or other means. They're dead wrong, of course. Haiti and Mexico are as they are because of the dominant genes in those lands, just as Sweden and Denmark--lands of far less natural amenities and resources, than Mexico or even Haiti--are as they are because of the dominant genes in those lands. Put in simplest terms: Genes matter. Of course, the genocidists probably believe that by blending whites with non-whites, and especially with blacks and browns, that black and brown social problems will be lessened to the degree that blacks and browns become less black or brown and more white. This is the same principle that is being used to make killer bees more like ordinary honey bees. The problem with this is that it destroys white people along the way. And, if white people, as some maintain, are the most evolved people on the planet, then won't evolution be stalled or even reversed if whites are folded back into the mass of humanity so that their unique genes are lost? If this is true, then the future may be more primitive than the present.

Despair not, you of higher consciousness, if you actually think the country and the world are better because there are white people and that it would be a shame to have whites become extinct. Whites may yet survive and actually turn out, in the long run, to be better for having lost some of those who are so easily manipulated into their own genocide. Call it self pruning as those who intermarry take themselves out of the white gene pool. I imagine there's some ambivalence about this notion in the conscious white community. Some may argue that it's a great loss that white genes are lost to bedroom genocide, while others, or the same people at different times, may argue that those people who engage in bedroom genocide may be proving by their actions that their genes are probably best extinguished anyway.

We can probably assume that nature is working on the problem of stopping white extinction by constantly bringing forth genetic variations to meet changing conditions. We can assume this, because this is what nature does with all living things. There may already be the next white person on the planet. Perhaps it is a woman who will be the mother of a new white race. Perhaps it is a man who will be the a father of the new white race. Perhaps both. A new Adam and Eve birthing a new species born out of the old. Then again, maybe there isn't such a person who has been born and maybe such a person never will be born unless whites increase their birthrate. Or, maybe such a person must be the product of a conscious willed evolution and won't emerge unless conscious whites work to make it so.

Someone is bound to ask whether or not white people are even worth saving. Neurotic, brainwashed whites will be only too happy to say that it doesn't matter if whites survive--as they essentially did in the Gallup poll on the subject of race. These people don't like themselves or other whites. They have become as self-hating and despondent as American Indians at the start of this century who were also victims of propaganda that said they were worthless. It is up to whites who have some consciousness of these things to light the way for those who don't, and to answer the question as any mentally healthy people with a concomitant sense of self-esteem and self-respect would answer it: "Yes, whites must be saved!"

Such an answer won't come from the ignorant and brainwashed white masses, but from a relatively small group of whites who can see the reality of the world. They will be hated, reviled, and persecuted by bigoted white haters. This is reasonable to expect, because we already see this happening today. However, those who answer this way and who accept white life and deny white death, will be the ancestors of all whites in the future, while those who deny white life and accept white death through intermarrying and other actions, will cease to be represented in the white genetic lines of the future. Like it or not, that's the way nature works.

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