"Nazi Dog" - (c)  2003 by NNN
(You can say that in Germany)
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Recently, freedom hating people in Germany were so outraged, outraged, I say, when a dog raised its paw and gave an Aryan salute, that they brought criminal charges against the dog's owner for teaching the dog the trick.  There was no word as to whether the dog was taken away for reeducation or maybe to a concentration camp.

Swastica treesDogs in Germany have no free speech rights. But, why should they be treated any better than the non-Jewish white people (Aryans) there who also don't have any free speech rights?  Such silliness has been going on in Germany for years.  Even selling a copy of some political books is a crime.  Displaying a swastika is a crime.  Displaying something that looks sort of like a swastika is a crime. 

Displaying something that looks sort of like something that looks sort of like something that looks sort of like a swastika is apparently also a crime. There may be trouble brewing for the forces of repression in Germany, because there are more and more non-Jewish white people coming down the pike who believe that the swastika is a religious symbol.  What will the haters do when people start wearing swastikas around their necks as others wear Christian crosses and Jewish Stars of David?  Will they try to ban one religious symbol, the swastika, but not others?

Why is raising your arm (or paw, or fin, or wing) the wrong way, a crime in Germany? The real haters are trying as hard as they can to keep non-Jewish white people from ever finding unity based on their genes.  Until freedom loving people take Germany back, be very careful about waving to someone in that nation.

Of course, the bigots aren't just prohibiting expressive speech. Spoken and written words are also in trouble in Germany if the state doesn't approve of these words. Saying anything critical of Jews appears to be a crime.

When hearing things such as the dog item above, many people might say that the good little Germans like to repress people and keep them from freedom and that only their targets change as the years change.  Of course, in Germany, you can use that negative stereotype against the Germans and no one will raise an eyebrow.

The repression hinted at by the dog story isn't confined to Germany, of course. This same  nonsense is happening, to one degree or another,  all over the world where non-Jewish white people live. Unfortunately, this type of anti-human and anti-freedom evil is being promoted in America also.  The way the evildoers are sneaking this repression into our country is usually through non-governmental groups, often with some Jewish nexus, who label various words and symbols, used by non-Jewish white people, as "hate."   Then, various government agencies such as police departments and schools contract with these private hate hunting groups for various classes and seminars to train police officers and indoctrinate students to think in the same way.

Partly because of the evil work and poisonous teachings of some of these so called "anti-hate" groups, there is a growing hostile and repressive atmosphere in society aimed at white people who know they're white.  However,  because these so-called anti-hate groups are outside the government (wink, wink), the evil they do, can pass First Amendment muster. These private groups do the dirty work of repression, and their repressive clones in our American government, who sometimes enable and help them, then say that the government has clean hands.

Even this column, which has no hate in it at all (check for yourself), will probably be branded as hate by the evil doers.  Of course, if I substituted the terms Irish or Catholics or any of hundreds of other identity terms rather than using  "Jews," these words--these fragile symbols used to express thoughts, these attempts to convey ideas--would probably not be labeled as hate.  And, such a double standard is very, very wrong.  It is a stifling of freedom..  Such repression deadens the minds and souls of people and breaks their natural human spirit while locking them away in gray and bland mental prisons where they become their own censors and where they, because they are afraid to let their minds soar, become dead, lifeless, less than human, husks.   When people can't use words freely, they also can't think freely. This makes them less than human.

Of course, there's always some "good" and "reasonable" sounding rationale for the repression,  But don't buy these rationales.  Anyone who is honest and aware will admit that these days, the repression of  non-Jewish white people often does seem to have a Jewish nexus.  Because of this perceived  nexus, the very thing that some say they are trying to prevent--violence against Jews--may actually be made more likely.  After all, don't some people say that Jews control almost everything?  Does anyone with a modicum of intelligence really think such a belief is somehow disproved by having Jews being exempt from criticism and by creating the impression that Jews even control what non-Jews can say, write, read and express?  Couldn't that be considered as  evidence that Jews really do control our speech and that precursor to speech, thoughts?  As I've written elsewhere,  this type of repression can have an effect on humans similar to what happens when you keep steam from escaping from a steam kettle.  Something has to give.  The pressure builds and builds until finally there is an explosion.

How long will Germans and other non-Jewish white people put up with being told that they can't speak freely on things that they--using their human freedom--choose to speak about, just because what they say may offend some Jews or others?  Saying something like "I believe the Holocaust is phony," should be protected free speech, but in Germany and France and some other countries, it isn't.  By contrast, saying something like "We're going to go downtown tonight and kill some Jews," should not be protected free speech  if the person saying it, means it, can do it, and takes steps to do it.  Unfortunately, too many repressive governments are trying to equate the first type of statement with the second. For freedom to prevail, such statements need to be distinguished from each other.  And, that's what our genes want us to do--distinguish.

Now, an argument that is often heard is that when one singles out an entire race or religion or other group and says something negative about the whole group, that this is wrong.  After all, as we are often told, we are all individuals. But, while this is true, it is also true that we are also all part of groups of like individuals. Reality dictates that we should categorize things, including people, in various broad categories based on what our senses and our intelligence tell us.  To do otherwise is to purposely dumb ourselves down so that we are unable to see patterns where they exist. Part of intelligence is the ability to discriminate between this and that, to make distinctions between different things, and to see patterns and similarities where they exist.  That's part of our nature, and it's part of what helps us survive.

Despite the PC lies of our age, genuine groups of people do have group traits and characteristics. Stereotypes are often generally true enough to be useful and are indicative of general group patterns.  Not everyone in the group will have such traits and characteristics and not everyone will have such traits and characteristics to the utmost degree, but when we talk about groups of people, or groups of sharks, or groups of anything, we can be guided, to some degree,  by such knowledge.  At the same time, we should be mindful that it is a major mistake to use absolutes such as when someone says "All Irish are drunks," or "All Jews are money grubbers." There are always exceptions, but enough Irish do have a drinking problem and enough Jews, throughout history, have been linked with acquiring money that we wouldn't even have to know much about genetics to realize that there may be a genetic cause for such things. Today, as a result of genetic research, we do know that there is a genetic modification found among many Irish that keeps them from having severe hangovers. This can lead some to drink to excess because there is no negative effect.  No doubt there is also a genetic modification for acquisitiveness or other factor that has led to the Jew/money stereotype.

In addition to the stomping that free speech and free thought are getting, how long will Germans and other non-Jewish white people put up with being told that they can't read certain books that they want to read, or use certain symbols that they feel are important and meaningful to them?  It may be that these people consider these symbols important for cultural, religious, social, political or for other reasons.  It doesn't matter what their reasons are. That should be their own business and should be no concern of the state or of others who are trying to repress these people.

Martin HohmannLast month in Germany,  Martin Hohmann, a Christian Democrat lawmaker, fed up with the constant ragging that Germans have been taken by Jewish interests and supporters, equated Jews in the Russian Revolution to Nazis.  He said "With certain justification one could ask in view of the millions killed in the first phase of the revolution about the guilt of the Jews. Jews were active in large numbers in the leadership [of execution squads and] "one could with some justification describe Jews as a race of perpetrators."  Herr Hohmann is now under criminal investigation for "anti-Semitic" speech.  He is being repressed.

Brigadier General Reinhard Guenzel This week, Reinhard Guenzel, a top German General, was fired because he sent a letter to Hohmann saying that Hohmann was right and that what Hohmann had said just expressed the feelings of a majority of Germans.

When you start forcing people to speak or not speak in certain ways, and when you let a group of people who are not your people tell you what is proper and not proper,  you soon enter the Alice in Wonderland world of present day Germany with repression so bad that dogs can't raise their paws in a certain way.

How about America, the land of the free? Some public schools in California are now banning clothing worn by surfers and skateboarders that bear Maltese and formee crosses and which are produced by some major clothing manufacturers.  Why?  Well, it appears that some so-called neurotic  "hate experts" from some so-called "anti-hate" groups that don't want non-Jewish white kids expressing themselves are telling the schools that these are hate symbols.

Instead of fighting the intolerance of these so called nutcase hate experts by  pointing out the religious, social, political and cultural bias of those screaming that other peoples' words, beliefs and symbols are something to be restrained, too may white people simply give in to the real haters.  And, when this happens it just emboldens the real haters to ever more repression.

You never win by going on defense against the real haters. You may be able to stop them from directly attacking you by doing what they demand, but if you do this, they win against freedom and you lessen yourself as a free human being.  You, in effect, become their intellectual slave.

The way to win your freedom is by telling the truth about their bigoted attitudes and biases and by fighting for the right to read what you want, say what you want, use the symbols you want,  and express yourself to others as you choose as a free human being.  In our modern world, one becomes a slave to others and to governments less by physical chains and more by mental chains.  Break those chains and be free.  Speak out as a free human being even if some others don't like it. Display the symbols that mean something to you even if others don't like them.  Worship as you see fit. Read what you want.  Tell your ideas to others in words that you find appropriate.

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