"GOP Slaughter" - (c) 2003 by NNN
( McClintock has become a Judas Goat
and is leading some dumb "conservatives" to slaughter)
by H. Millard (c) 2003

CALIFORNIA (posted 10/5/03)--I've talked to a lot of conservatives and rightists over the past week. Many say they're against abortion, gun control, open borders, homosexual marriage, and many other hot button issues that seem to be the badges of many conservatives these days.

Most also say that they're going to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger on October 7.

Cruz BustamanteTom McClintockArnold SchwarzeneggerWhat? Don't they know that Arnold is squishy on some of the things they're for, or is even against them? Yup. They know that. Don't they know that Tom McClintock isn't squishy and is pretty much, as far as anyone can tell, in favor of many of the things that they're for? Yup. They know that. So, why are they voting for Schwarzenegger? The answer is simple. They're realists. They know this isn't McClintock's time. They also know that creepy, former MEChA member Cruz Bustamante can win if the vote is split between McClintock and Schwarzenegger, and that McClintock is a potential spoiler in this race. They are aware that if it were just Bustamante against McClintock, McClintock would lose. They figure that Schwarzenegger may not be the second coming of Ronald Reagan (May God Ever Smile Upon Him), but he's a lot better than Bustamante.

Most conservatives think Schwarzenegger is pragmatic, has an open mind, and has the internal qualities to make him a great governor who can truly fix what's wrong with California. And, he can win and McClintock can't. Smart people who would prefer steak, would rather eat hamburger than starve. In other words, in this election, smart conservatives will take a guy who will do some of what they want and who can win over a guy who may do all of what they want. but who can't win.

Call it real politics or guerilla politics or incremental politics or pragmatic politics. Call it what you want, but most conservatives can live with Schwarzenegger and they know they can't live with Bustamante--that's because most of these conservatives are the wrong ethnicity for that guy. And, that's really the choice--Bustamante or Schwarzenegger--no matter how many dumb talk-show-calling-conservatives (TSCCs) call into conservative talk shows and make it appear that all conservatives or rightists are for McClintock. They're wrong. Most smart conservatives are for Schwarzenegger. McClintock is this year's version of all the losing conservative Republicans who the TSCCs got behind in years past.

California didn't get screwed up overnight. It took time. It took many elections where dumb TSCCs voted for their principles and lost. Now they want to do it again by voting for McClintock and by knocking off Arnold. Count me out and count me with the people on the right who are voting for Schwarzenegger. I'm voting for a winner not a whiner. I'll take half a loaf instead of no loaf, thank you very much. It's time to be clever and it's time to vote smart. California's political graveyards are full of principled (but bloodless) conservatives who thought they could win partly because the TSCCs in the choir pumped them up.

I think Schwarzenegger has that spark inside him that Ronald Reagan (May God Ever Smile Upon Him) had. I know, many of the TSCCs say that Arnold isn't Ronald (MGESUH), but I think there's more in common about these two than the fact that they both have sissy names. I think the TSCCs are missing the fact that Reagan (MGESUH) was Reagan (MGESUH) because of what he had inside, and I think Arnold has the same "something" inside. I'm not sure we have a good word for what this something is in the English language. It has aspects of guts, nerve, life force, spark, gonads, leadership, electricity, will, sparkle, charisma, boldness, political star quality. Most politicians don't have this quality, and have the souls of bookkeepers (no offense to bookkeepers). These politicians get elected to some offices but they are never shining leaders. They may do a good job, but there's something missing. You shake hands with them and you feel like you just held a wet fish in your hand.

As far as Arnold's lack of experience goes; it doesn't bother me. If he does have the right stuff inside, everything will fall into place. He doesn't have to know everything about government, because he can hire those who do. In fact, once the election dust settles down and Arnold wins this thing, Tom McClintock can become one of those who stand behind the throne and help advise Arnold on some issues where he is a little sketchy.

Political campaigns are a little like military campaigns. For some reason, many TSCCs seem to have the mentality of the old Red Coat British Army and think the way to win is to stand there and be shot rather than fighting smart. That's not the way to win. It doesn't demonstrate courage or principles. It's the way to lose. It also demonstrates stupidity.

Let the epitaphs of the TSCCs read, "Here lie the bodies of principled conservatives. They were too stupid to know how to win. Their enemies, who were smarter, are now dancing on their graves and having their way with the world."

Comic Book guyI've been around the block a few times and I understand how these things work. There is a very outspoken core group of TSCCs who constantly talk to each other and who hold poorly attended meetings where they all get shrill and mouth off about this or that, and who pump themselves up on various hot button issues and who seem to forget that very few of the actual voters in the state are wonks who know all the ins and outs of every little nuance of every issue. Some of these TSCCs remind me of the Comic Book guy on The Simpsons, cartoon TV show.

Alan KeyesI remember looking at certain non-scientific internet polls when Alan Keyes was running for president. To read the polls you would have thought that Keyes was going to be president by a wide margin. Of course, it was utter nonsense, yet the TSCCs pumped up the polls and called into the radio talk shows and that's all you would hear on the right side of the radio dial. I even wrote to one of the internet polls--one that was being run by a big name political pundit, who's on TV all the time--that showed Keyes way out in front of everyone else. I told the pollsters that they were losing credibility and were providing a real world demonstration of how easy it is to screw up such polls in order to try to give a particular candidate the appearance that he can win. The TSCCs are doing the same thing with McClintock. That's why one poll has him at 18%. It's nonsense.

Again, I'm voting for Schwarzenegger because I think he can win and I think he fix broken California. I'm not buying that "Hey kids let's all put on a play in my uncle's barn," level of crap that says that if conservatives get behind McClintock, he can win. He can't. The math doesn't work right now in California. Schwarzenegger will, once he wins, and even if he doesn't intend to, start making the math work better for those on the right in the future if they play their cards right and start acting as if they have any brains.

Some of the TSCCs are saying that if Schwarzenegger were out of the race, McClintock would win. This is nonsense. McClintock doesn't have the horsepower. He'd lose to Bustamante by many points. Anyone with any genuine political instincts, who is honest, knows that.

Pat BuchananIn the past, I've voted for those who took strong conservative or rightist positions--Buchanan, notably. But those were different situations. They were national campaigns and I knew Buchanan wouldn't win, but I wanted him to get as many votes as possible and hopefully give impetus to a third party movement so that we could reform our political system. That's not what's happening in California now. The recall election is a state election, and McClintock isn't an outsider. He's not trying to build a third party movement as an alternative to the two party scam. He's a dyed in the wool professional politician who is appearing more and more like a spoiled brat who would rather have fellow political insider Bustamante win, than a political outsider like Schwarzenegger. One imagines that McClintock may be angry because after all the years he's been in the Republican trenches most Republicans aren't backing him. He's reminding me more and more of a guy who's been with a business for many years and suddenly learns that a new employee is being made his boss, and who then sabotages the business because of his pique.

No mater where you live, keep your eyes on California on October 7. Something big and historic is going to happen that may change politics all across this country for many years to come. Here's a preview:

Governor Gray Davis will be recalled. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the new governor. You can take that to the bank.

The success of this recall and of Arnold may help bring other recalls and eventually something of a parliamentary system of government into being in the U.S. In my view this is a good thing because as things now stand, politicians can put on the dog and get elected and then immediately go against what got them elected and prove to be total incompetents, and citizens can't do much about it until the next election.

Recalls (and a parliamentary form of government) keep the power in the hands of the people.

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