"Gene Wars" - screen shot
by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

It wasn't a good week for America. The killing in Iraq continued. American bodies were dragged through the streets and strung up on a bridge like bloody slabs of beef. Mogadishu all over again, they said. I thought Il Duce. Elsewhere, our military people seemed to be sitting ducks to an ever more confident and effective Iraqi resistance. The Iraqis now have move than 600 American notches on their guns. There'll be more. Maybe a lot more.

Many Iraqis, and most of the rest of the world look at us as the bad guys. The equation is simple. Iraq didn't attack the U.S. The U.S. attacked Iraq. Therefore, the U.S. is the aggressor. The neocons with their neoconspeak try to spin the Iraq mess as though we're doing something noble. They say we're bringing freedom and liberty to the Iraqis. More and more Americans aren't buying it. In fact, the neocons maniuplated Bush into this war which is really about Israel's interests not America's.

One has to believe that even some of the Stepfordized among us must be wondering about the disparity between neocon propaganda that says we're loved by the Iraqis, and pictures of a ten year old kid gleefully mutilating American bodies. Which is it? Are we loved or are we hated? As I've written before about this Bush neocon crowd, ignore their words and trust your eyes. The truth (something that isn't very common in the White House) is that the Iraqis are treating us as though we are invaders who attacked their nation for no good reason. Don't they know we're bringing them freedom? Maybe not. We closed down one of their newspapers this week because we didn't like what the newspaper was printing. Maybe that is keeping the Iraqis from reading that we're bringing them freedom.

We're caught on a merry go round of history. Our troops have become the Red Coats to the Iraqi Minutemen. The Iraqis strike and melt away. President George plays the part of King George. I predicted this would happen. I claim no prescience, just common sense. That, like truth, is something that seems to be missing in Washington.

Some think that Fallujah may become the Lexington and Concord of Iraq. The big mouth neocon shills on the Bush News Network and neocon talk radio--you know the ones, the soft skinned, manicured fingernails, styled hair guys who never served in the military--are talking tough again and saying that we should move into Fallujah and hit the Iraqis hard. Bad advice, but attractive to the knee jerk crowd. If we do that, we'll just make the situation worse. Fallujah is a city. It is not a military base. It is full of women and children. Even hitting a civilian population easy brings many atrocities that are hard to hide and lie about. Hitting them hard is the stuff of Time magazine covers and world condemnation. Our military needs to handle this right.

This Iraq nonsense may be increasing the quiet but subtle despair and sickness of the soul that seems to have taken hold in post-American America. We are not an ebullient nation anymore. We have become the empty eyed unsmiling people seen in Great Depression photos. Most Americans probably know that we're in the wrong in Iraq, but most don't want to admit it yet. They just shuffle their feet and look at the ground. It's that old propaganda line about not criticizing the president when we're at war. Of course, Bush's war looks as though it's going to be forever, so I guess no one will ever be able to criticize him.

Whether most Americans admit it or not, we are the aggressors. We have no moral foundation for that aggression. There was no Peal Harbor. No Alamo. No Maine. The 9/11 attack in New York isn't the same thing. The Iraqis weren't the Japanese, the Mexicans, or the Spanish. It wasn't Iraqis who flew those planes into those towers, and most Americans know that.The Iraqis did nothing to us. Nevertheless, the neocon shills pushed us to war and are now trying to convince Americans that we're in the right. Call it the present Big Lie. But, it's not flying. Listen to the silly Bush News Network just about any night and you'll hear one of the shallow hosts say something like this: "We may not have found any weapons of mass destruction, but Saddam was a bad guy and the world is a better place without him." This opiate-like line is supposed to assuage our collective guilt and make us feel good as a nation and make us think we did the right thing. But, most of us know right from wrong. And, we know that we're wrong no matter what the phony neocon propagandists say.

Noble cause? We're ants. There's much more to this Iraq mess and all similar messes. The war in Iraq and all other wars and conflicts past and present aren't ultimately about ideology or religion or nations or terrorism. They're not about right and wrong, good and bad. Those are just some of the reasons humans think there are wars and conflicts. All of these concepts are too small.

Wars and conflicts are about one thing and one thing only: Gene dominance.

Iraq is a gene war. All wars are gene wars. Most humans may never be able to really understand this, because humans are as blind as ants to the gene directed actions we take. Humans are also philosophically blinded by the false belief that they have an almost unfettered ability to chose what they do. Few humans realize that they are manipulated seven ways from Sunday every day of their lives, and that much of the manipulation comes from their genes.

Some adults will smile that smug knowing smile when they see children acting and speaking in the same manner as their parents. These adults know that the children have been influenced into the things they do and say by the parents, but the children are often unaware of this fact. The adults needn't be smug. They too are as children and are being influenced not only by their own genetic programming but also by external propaganda. All the while, these humans--these ants with two legs--are thinking that they are making choices based on their reason alone.

Twin studies tend to offer evidence of this. The literature is full of seemingly odd but real life stories of identical twins separated at birth and raised by different adults, who end up later in life making the same choices right down to some of the smallest details. Some of these twins, many of whom didn't even know they had a twin, end up buying the same makes and colors of cars, wear the same types and color clothes, cut their hair the same way, take the same types of jobs, give their kids the same names, vacation at the same places and much more. Where did all of these decisions come from? Their free will? A psychic connection? Nonsense. It came from their genes. They were programmed with certain likes and dislikes and their so-called "free will" choices simply did what the genes had influenced them to do. Now, they could have made different choices--free will--but when left to their own devices, they didn't. "They" chose what they chose because they liked this or that. If asked, they would probably tell you that they made conscious decisions to do whatever they did. Sure they did. In fact, their genes influenced them in their choices and they only thought that they had used unencumbered free will.

The Bush administration keeps saying that most Iraqis welcome us and that we're wining. We heard that same sort of talk during the Vietnam war. In fact, such lies kept coming right up to the end when we jumped on helicopters and planes and got out of that country. The real result of the Vietnam gene war is that it helped make America less white.

Approximately 50,000 white Americans died in Vietnam. This is a far higher number than for any other race in our armed forces, and represents more than 80% of all Americans killed in that war. What did they die for? Nothing. Actually, less than nothing. Their deaths diminished the white gene pool. Today, we're friends with our former enemies in Vietnam. Wouldn't it have been better to have let the Vietnamese handle their own squabble? What about all the white children who weren't born because their white fathers died before they became fathers? Suppose, just to speak in generalities, that those 50,000 dead white Americans hadn't died. Further suppose that each had two children apiece. That would mean 100,000 more white Americans in addition to the 50,000. Many of those 100,000 children of the 50,000 would now be having their own children. This would mean another 200,000 white Americans in addition to the 100,000 and the 50,000 who would be in our cities and towns. And, the 350,000 would grow and grow.

When you kill someone, you kill their genes--their very unique combination of genes--and this removes some cards from the hand of the Cosmic Shuffler. When you kill the best and healthiest among us--usually young military personnel--you may limit our future as a people and you may help with our extinction.

So, the brave, young, active white youths went and died. They became dead ends in their family lines. Those who got various deferments, or who otherwise didn't serve, were left behind to breed. It's almost as though we had taken 50,000 fit race horses from a herd and turned them into glue while leaving a bunch of broken down lame horses behind to breed. What would the herd look like with such a plan? Look around you at the human herd for a clue.

But, there's more. Because of the Vietnam war, there are now approximately 990,000 Vietnamese in the U.S. who have entered the gene pool. With fewer whites and more Vietnamese there are fewer white breeding choices left to white Americans.

Thanks to Bush, get ready for trillions of Iraqi genes to be resettled in the U.S. once that war is over. Add in the millions and millions of Mexican mestizos and their trillions of genes and the Africans with theirs and the Chinese and Koreans and all the other people coming to America with their genes and you begin to see that the gene wars aren't just over there anymore. They're right here at home in post-American America. The gene pool is getting murky.

Will the gene wars ever end? Nope. Genes are programmed to struggle to dominate. They even struggle against each other in our own bodies. To understand that struggle is eternal is to find peace in the chaos of existence.

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