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by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

Several years ago I wrote a column calling Bill Clinton our first black president. Then, a few months after my column appeared, black writer Toni Morrison wrote a similar column and it suddenly became big news. It was an idea whose time had come.

I may not be the first to call George W. Bush our first Mexican president, but that's what this guy is. Saying it, is an idea whose time has come. I figure he probably has White House meals catered by a roach coach that plays La Cucaracha on it's horn as it lurches up Pennsylvania Avenue. Maybe the presidential portrait will be done on black velvet.

With the above in mind, it didn't surprise me to hear that Bush wants to cheapen U.S. citizenship by giving some sort of amnesty to millions of his illegal alien amigos. It's the familia thing to do. He's a transparent one, this Bush. He hides the harmful things he is doing to this nation in plain sight. Maybe he figures, as do some thieves, that if you're going to steal something, just do it openly and brazenly enough and maybe no one will notice. Huevos. What Bush is getting ready to steal is our nation and our birthright. He's helping turn European America into Latin America. That's not what the founders of this nation had in mind for this country, and it's not what most Americans have in mind either. Even many people who hesitate to speak harshly of the president will agree that at the very least it appears that Bush doesn't mind screwing up our nation just so long as he gets some Latino votes. Frankly, I think Bush and his pals are miscalculating and may end up on the outside looking in if they pursue this Latino pandering policy much more. Unfortunately, the evil that Bush does will remain even if he's defeated in '04.

The miscalculation among the Bushpublicans may be coming from the pimple faced adenoidal neo-cons who have screwy ideas. These guys with their one world, anti-nation views read reports of millions of illegal aliens invading this nation and don't see a problem since they don't believe in borders to begin with. So, instead of working to enforce our laws and boot them out, they try to figure ways to get votes from these criminals to offset the numerical advantage Democrats have with minorities. They figure that if they pander enough, millions of Latino votes will come their way. Thus do we come to amnesty. However, in order to make amnesty palatable, the Bushpublicans first have to soften up Republicans who want our immigration laws enforced so they'll get behind the move. They've been doing this by trying to convince elected Republicans that if they don't get the Latino vote, then the Democrats will get it, and this will make many Republicans lose elections. And, what about ordinary Republicans who polls show are against any sort of amnesty? Why, the answer is to distract them with talk about how Bush is saving America from terrorists and that the Democrats could never do that. This puffery is as hollow and loco as the phony claims that we had to attack Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. While it sells with the brain pithed Bushpublicans and neo-cons, principled Republicans who put nation before party aren't buying it.

It's become one of those urban myths and an article of faith to the Bushpublicans that they must pander to Latinos. And, what about white voters? The GOP elites take them for granted. With only two viable national political parties in this nation, and with one claiming to be conservative and the other mostly liberal, there aren't any real choices. This is more about marketing and psychological manipulation than it is about politics. So what if Bush has increased our deficit, increased the size of our government, is getting young Americans killed in Iraq, and is about to give amnesty to illegal aliens? "Hey, forget it, Bush is our guy because he sure got Saddam and that's what was really important. Why, that Saddam had tons of weapons of mass destruction that were all aimed right at America. And, we're sure to find them any day now. God Bless George W. Bush."

A few more words of explanation are in order here about why the GOP bigs are ignoring white voters. Many politicians (even if they don't formulate the thought this way) subconsciously believe whites are so fragmented as a people and so afraid of being called racists that they long ago lost the ability to know that their self and group interests are not necessarily synonymous with generic American interests. Some of these empty serapes also believe that whites have been effectively conditioned (read, brainwashed) to be aracial (they'd better check, because the conditioning is wearing off). These are the underlying thoughts of much that has come from the GOP leaders in their various strategies over the past several years. They cynically market themselves as patriots to what they believe is an aracial white demographic of low brow conservatives who can be easily manipulated. These politicians then lard up their message with phony outrage and political opiates about those "damn liberals" denying Americans the right to pray in school and similar meaningless trivialities.

At the same time as these GOP politicians are trying to appeal to whites, not as whites, but as plain wrap raceless human drones, they are taking the opposite tack with blacks and Latinos who they try to appeal to as ethnic groups and voting blocs. Actually, they've stopped trying to appeal to blacks as much as they used to. There are four reasons for this. First, it didn't work with blacks. No matter how many blacks wearing young Republican suits the GOP trotted out, blacks kept voting Democrat. Second, by having some high profile blacks in the administration, the GOP bigs probably figure they've neutralized any black gripes about being ignored by the administration. Third, the days of intense political heat due to the black civil rights era is over. Fourth, there aren't that many of them who vote. Thus, blacks, like whites, can be ignored by the GOP. Latinos, though, are a different story. They are presenting the new civil rights opportunity. What better way to get lots of votes than to give amnesty to Latinos and make it seem as though this is the new equivalent of black integration?

Unfortunately for the GOP phonies, there's a change happening among whites in this country. I don't have the statistics on this, but my instincts tell me that whites are becoming white again. And, they're doing it without apologies. While there are still many whites who don't really see a white person looking back in the mirror and instead see a plain wrap aracial American, many others, due to massive Third World immigration, are now starting to understand that it is whites who are the minority on this planet, and that they'd better start acting together to protect their interests. The GOP hasn't yet caught on to this fact, and that's why the Bush administration may be doomed as it blindly pursues a Latino pandering strategy and may fall off the cliff next November. One indication of this new white consciousness on the part of whites is that many whites now just laugh or mock the name callers, when they're called racists.

I don't care what the polls say right now. They're just skimming the surface and aren't measuring intensity. My guess (and, I've been right more often than not) is that Bush is in trouble politically and that he's going to make it much worse when he grants some sort of amnesty. By granting amnesty--no matter what he calls it or how he tricks it up--Bush will alienate millions of the most active of the active white voters in this country who should, but who won't, be a large part of his voter base. These folks have a passion for stopping unbridled Third World immigration that is so strong that they are, in sociological terms, opinion molders who will endlessly talk up their disgust over Bush to many others in their towns and cities in an anti-Bush whisper campaign that may boot him out of the Casa Blanca. And, remember, many of these people are no longer being restrained by fears of being called racist or xenophobe, or hater, or intolerant. They now see the name calling for what it really is: an attempt to brow beat them into silence. And, they're not going to let themselves be silenced.

I suspect there will be no amnesty for George Bush if he gives amnesty to illegal aliens.

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