"GOP wimps" - (c) 2003 by NNN
(Stalking Barbara Boxer)
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Barbara BoxerArnold SchwarzeneggerWith the election of Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California, some GOP strategists in the state figure they now have a chance to knock liberal Democrat Barbara Boxer out of the Senate seat she's held for twelve years.

Forgive me for being blunt, but these GOP strategists seem to be walking in front of a pane of glass and on the other side is Schwarzenegger. Fools that they are, they think they're walking in front of a mirror.

Unless the GOP elites get their heads straight and understand the real dynamics at work in the state and the nation, they'll flame out in a big way as they did many times before. It's as though these guys have had one too many cervezas and think they're stronger than they really are. Boxer is a formidable opponent. She's no Gray Davis. If the GOP takes her on with the usual nobodies who they seem to cough up like hairballs, she'll bitch slap the whole pansy lot of them. Such a loss might stop the GOP parade started by the recall and Schwarzenegger.

Tony StricklandOne of the Republicans who wants to take on Boxer is Assemblyman Tony Strickland. Forget it. He backs Bush's stupid attack on Iraq, and he voted for AB60--the bill to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Hasta la vista, Tony. You're a non-starter so don't waste your or our time in trying to unseat Boxer. In fact, the law to give illegal aliens driver's licenses is so unpopular, and Schwarzenegger's victory so great, that even many liberal Democratic lawmakers in the state are now saying they want to repeal the law--that they passed. It's as though they're trying to set political backfires to keep from giving the wildfire that is Schwarzenegger any fuel to keep moving forward. These libs apparently now realize that this recall election brought in a sea change in politics in California and that Schwarzenegger has the popularity to go into most of their districts and help Republicans--and at this level of politics, even Republican hairballs--beat them. If Schwarzenegger doesn't fizzle out, and if the GOP bigs don't screw up by constantly misreading the election results, the state may be on its way back up. California--illegal alien central--may also, if Schwarzenegger handles things right, be the first state to stop the obscene invasion of this nation by illegal aliens.

Call me an optimist, but here's why I think Schwarzenegger may do something about illegal immigration. First, he says he wants to fix the state. I believe him. Second, he's not a professional politician, and he doesn't need the job of Governor, so he can step on toes to do the right thing. Third, his life history shows, at least to me, that he is focused and that he has a strong drive to succeed. Fourth, he doesn't have many ways to fix the state except by stopping illegal aliens from bleeding citizens dry.

California is falling apart. Roads, schools, cities, quality of life, you name it; just about everything is sinking ever lower--and anyone with half a brain realizes there's a relation between the destruction of the state and the number of illegal aliens in the state. They're bankrupting California. Governor Davis tried to sop up the red ink by tripling the car tax. Schwarzenegger says he will repeal that tax. Of course, this will result in a huge revenue loss to the state. He's also said that he won't raise taxes. And, he's said that he believes governments should balance their budgets just like private citizens must. In other words, Schwarzenegger has pretty much painted himself into a corner where he's limited in what he can do to fix things. To my lights, this means that he will have to cut services to illegal aliens. Remember, also, that Schwarzenegger has said that he voted for Prop. 187, which would have cut off most social services to illegal aliens. To me, this all adds up to dumping illegal aliens. Unfortunately, that's a hard thing for a governor to do, because immigration is a federal issue. In addition, our national "leader," President Bush--perhaps because his brother Jeb is married to a Mexican--is soft on illegal immigration.

Still, Bush is in big trouble nationally (no matter what the sycophantic neo-cons try to tell you) and may be a one termer unless he can hitch a ride on a passing star. In other words, Schwarzenegger may be able to save Bush, but Bush has to first help Schwarzenegger, because if Schwarzenegger fails to deliver the goods in California he won't be able to help anyone. Call it political symbiosis in action or just call it time for some heavy lifting.

flag-draped casketWhy is Bush in trouble? Simple. Except for the usual war mongering neo-cons, the young Republican suits, and the Talk Show Calling Conservatives (TSCCs) most people in California and the nation aren't buying the Bush administration's line on the phony war in Iraq that is filling body bags with young working class Americans. And, as time goes on--and the election nears--even more Americans will come to understand that Bush and company have been misleading the American public. It hasn't been the blood of the elites that has been shed on desert sand thousands of miles away from the U.S. and it's not those in the foo foo class in D.C. that have been handed red, white, and blue pieces of cloth in exchange for the lives of sons and daughters. And, by the way, Bush, where the hell are those weapons of mass destruction?

"George W. Bush talks to supporter Rosario Marin at La Raza's conference in San Diego"But, there's more in the mix in California. Another Bushpublican mentioned by some GOP bigs to take on Barbara Boxer is Rosario Marin, former U.S. Treasurer and former mayor of Huntington Park. Now, in case you don't know this, Huntington Park is one of the most illegal alien infested cities in all of California. Senora Marin's Web site states it this way: "99% Hispanic". It was once a mostly white city, but the whites have been run out of town by brown illegal aliens who have turned the city into a dump. Marin is an immigrant from Mexico and one of those browns that the elite Bush family tries to put in the front window to show that they're pro-Latino. So, Bush let Senora Marin sign our money for a few years. Marin doesn't have a ghost of a chance to unseat Boxer, but the fact that some GOP bigs in California are pushing her indicates just how out of touch some of these guys are. Hopefully, these numb nuts will be put out to pasture when Schwarzenegger takes office.

Despite the recall election voter numbers showing that it was mainly white voters who booted Davis out of office and put Schwarzenegger in, the GOP phonies still think they can insult and disrespect white voters and pursue a brown policy and that the browns will rush in and put a GOP candidate in office so long as she or he is Latino. They're wrong. Forget Marin. We seem to already have passed the day when browns can be pandered to at the expense of whites.

Tom McClintockRemember Tom McClintock, the "principled" conservative Republican who refused to pull out of the recall election and who took votes from Schwarzenegger? He says he's not going to run for Boxer's seat but will try to win reelection to the State Senate. Given his stupid actions in the recall campaign, that's probably a good idea.

McClintock, it seems, fell victim to his own press releases and the shrill but meaningless noise of the TSCCs. Showing that they're often louder than they are bright, some TSCCs were calling into their favorite conservative radio programs even on election day and saying that there was going to be a big upset and McClintock would win. Stupid. The problem with many of these folks is that they live in a very small universe of like minded people. After squeezing into a double wide for one of their rallies they figure that there must be a lot of them because they're so crowded. Then, they pump each other up about this or that, and figure they're going to win. And, of course, they lose.

So, what we seem to have in the GOP are some noisy losers at the mansion end of things and some noisy losers at the trailer park end both trying to push candidates who most people won't vote for.

If the GOP wants to win against Boxer, they're going to have to bubble up someone who has the kind of appeal that Schwarzenegger has. But first, they have to understand exactly what that appeal is so they can know who has it and who doesn't. And, being out of touch, most of them don't have a clue about why Schwarzenegger appealed to so many people of all political stripes.

Dennis MillerWhat about comedian Dennis Miller, whose name some in the GOP are floating for a run against Boxer? It's too early to tell, but at the present time he seems to be mostly flippant rather than substantive. We'll have to wait to see if he has any ideas, and if he does, if those ideas redound with the public.

Here's what will lose in California: Pro-illegal alien positions and pro-Bush war positions. Anyone who is half-bright among the GOP bigs should realize this. The general problem for candidates is how to distance themselves from Bush's war while not appearing disloyal and how to capitalize on the anti-illegal alien sentiment without being painted as too extreme.

Boxer - (c) 2003 by NNNThe specific problem in going after Boxer is a lack of major screwups that make her look as bad and incompetent as Davis. Unless the GOP can convince voters that Boxer is like Davis in drag, and unless they offer a larger than politics replacement, Boxer is a shoo in.

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