by H. Millard (c) 2003

The voice said...

Dancing in the darkness"For many years, whites have been fleeing (but denying it) the encroaching darkness that promises to swallow up their genes and plunge the earth into a brown twilight. The idols of the brown masses demand sacrifices of white people on the streets of once white nations. The land is made grim, dangerous, and dark by the walking invasion of millions of dark people.

"The modern world has become a primitive world. It is a world plunging headlong into the past. The Dark Ages have returned, but this time the darkness comes in on feet...millions and millions of brown feet...a tidal wave of feet carrying fleshly bags of genes that are being dumped into the gene pool upon which we must rely to propagate. And, the gene pool is becoming ever less a replicating broth for producing Us. Instead, it is a broth for changing Us into Them. When we partake of this gene pool, what emerges from our loins is not always Our children. Instead, what comes forth is a being that is not Us, but which illicitly bears our name. A rose by any other name is still a rose, but something that is not a rose is not a rose even if it is called a rose. Not Us is not made Us by having our name.

Triumph of Darkness"Instead of Us rising above Us, partly through a process of gene pool distillation, we are seeing Us falling below Us as the gene pool fills with Them and not with Us. Genes of light are being replaced by genes of darkness. The uncommon genes of those who were on their way to being a new species, are being replaced by the common genes of mankind. No longer are We separating out and up. Instead, We are being pulled back in and down. We were on the verge of reaching genetic escape velocity to go higher. Then came wrong thinking and mass immigration to most of our lands. Now we are being mixed back in with Them from whom we once parted. Genes of white skin are being replaced by genes of dark skin. Genes of blond hair are being replaced by genes of dark hair. Genes of blue eyes are being replaced by genes of brown eyes. Genes of thin lips are being replaced by genes of thick lips. Genes of long heads are being replaced by genes of round heads. Genes of this and genes of that are being replaced. What is emerging is not Us, though it may have our family name. We are becoming Them.

Good vs. Evil"Is it not more than empty metaphor that dark is seen as evil and light as good? Are we not playing out the cosmic game on a smaller scale right here on Earth? Have we not seen in the cosmos the rise of light from out of darkness and have we not seen the same thing here on Earth? But, are we so foolish as to think that light doesn't take struggle, effort, and energy to maintain? Are we so stupid as to think that we need do nothing and we will continue to exist? The flame that we are will be snuffed out if we do not struggle to Be. Darkness takes no energy to maintain. It is what exists when there is no struggle.

Dark Castle"The blessed isolation that protected and set us upon the path that would eventually have led us to become a new species, has now disappeared from Earth. We have used our minds to create things that now doom us. We have outsmarted Ourselves. We have developed medicines to save Them. Now, They live longer and breed more to destroy Us. We have invented giant airplanes that They use to get to our once isolated lands. We have become the victims of our own intelligence and our own inventions. How did this happen? I'll tell you. We forgot who and what we are. We've let the weak seeds among us dictate weak philosophies and religions that eschew the flesh and sex and which perversely teach that controlling our mating instincts is somehow holy. We've become sterile and self-indulgent. We have become lifeless husks. We have become old and decrepit. We have believed false things about the nature of God, the universe and man.

Tar pit"Now, we frail bubbles who rose from the pool of life to become more, are sinking back into that mass of humanity from which we were beginning to separate. And that isolation that would have saved us from the many, and which in time would have made Them and Us incapable of cross breeding, just as it is now impossible for man and chimp to breed, is no more.

"There are no walls. There are no borders. There are no defenses to protect those who are different from the mass of humanity, especially when those who are different no longer see any value in their difference. Such people are dispirited and their souls are sick and empty. They seek not awareness, but sleep. They seek not struggle, but contentment. They seek not challenges, but the easy way. They seek not to be more, but to be less. They seek not differences but sameness. They seek a fuzzy warm conformity of genes. So, they lie down as a man in a blizzard and they go to sleep and they do not awaken. Ever. The light is out. The darkness rushes back in, for the darkness is what is, when all effort stops. It takes no effort and no energy to maintain the darkness. It is resignation. It is finality. It is the nothing and the non-being that was once struggled against. The darkness is the compost heap of the universe.

Desert ruins"Will we become extinct, we few upon the Earth? Will the lights go out completely? Yes, to both of these questions if the life force that now seems so frail within the collective body of our people does not find a rebirth and a wild and tumultuous youth lusting for life. For even when we are young we are now as elderly people sitting on deck chairs in the warm sun. Even in the warmth, we are cold. So, we pull our blankets close over us to keep our frail sprits and bodies warm. And should spittle drool from our lips, there are dark people around to wipe our chins. And, we smile at them who are here to replace us, and we close our eyes and we disappear from existence. This is our fate if we do not throw off the false beliefs, that are helping to keep us from lusting for life and breeding. We will fade away and die as a people and we will deserve it, for by not breeding, by not loving life, by not being lusty, we will have demonstrated that we do not deserve life. We will have shown that we are born old and decrepit and that we are afraid of sex and of things of the flesh. Even now in city after city, the schools are full of non-white children being taught by childless white teachers. And, in old age homes, childless elderly whites are being cared for by their replacements--young non-whites.

"Will whites finally start fighting the empty darkness that is all around, instead of fleeing? My guess is that they will, but it'll only be after many innocent whites are killed before the general consciousness of whites is raised high enough to overcome the conditioning that they've been receiving since birth.

"Shadow Savior""My guess; maybe it's a hope, is that there will be a white hero who will emerge to lead whites back to the healthy path of survival, knowledge, and life. I base this not on any inkling that there is such a person in the wings right now, but upon history, myth and a belief in a true religion that is mostly unnamed. I base it upon the knowledge that most major changes in human direction have been propelled or at least are identified with a particular person who becomes the repository of the hopes of his people. This time, maybe for the first time in our existence, it is the true savior of an entire people--a whole race--that is awaited.

"We wonder, in our quiet moments, if we wonder at all, whether such a true savior also seeks us, and if so, will he come in time? So we look at our new born children looking for the Sacred Signs cast in flesh by the genes within. Is this the one, we wonder? Have we mated properly to bring him forth? We know not for sure, but we know that we are commanded to birth many more, for it only through our hoped for teeming masses that we will survive. The few shall die, the many shall survive. When the word was given to multiply, it did not mean with unlike beings, for this is not multiplication, it is subtraction.

"We also wonder about a God, and whether such a God, if God exists, is Our God, or if He is an impersonal force who doesn't care if We live or die. Is God rooting for Us? Does He want Us to survive? If so, He needs to wake up Our people and tell them that they are a people. They have forgotten.

Awakening"There is hope aborning that white people will survive. I sense that white people are starting to awaken. I see it in small things. More whites are speaking out as whites. More whites are boldly asserting their right to Be. More whites are joining together in organizations that promote white interests. It is becoming acceptable once again to be white and to know that one is white. More whites are telling the anti-white bigots, who often disguise their hatred of white people with noble sounding "anti-racism" talk, that they are wrong and that they will be ignored."

With that, the voice was silent.

#  #  #


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